Sometimes This Blogging Thing Is Just Too Easy

"NEW YORK (Reuters Health) - Among women with an unwanted pregnancy, those who carry the pregnancy to term are more likely to experience later depression than those who terminate the pregnancy with an abortion, new study findings suggest. " The story.

In Fort Worth Today

My Typical Saturday Night

Video. (Offending border material removed).

Always Gets My Attention


Indictment Day

I'm just amused that someone is actually named "Scooter Libby".

The Day After

We Have Names

"Three Wise County Deputies are placed on routine administrative leave following Monday night’s fatal shooting incident that resulted in the death of a suspect under pursuit.Although it’s unclear as to what extent they were involved in the shooting, the Deputies and DPS Troopers did exchange gunfire with the suspect, 32 year old Kevin Wood, following a high speed chase that began in Parker County. Wise County Sheriff David Walker says the three Officers, Debbie Gregg, Curtis Hamlin, and Charles Reynolds were placed on administrative leave to make time for debriefing and interviews with Investigators as well as time off to deal with the outcome. The Texas Rangers have been called in to lead an investigation into the events that led to Wood’s death." Source


Maybe I Don't Understand Politics At All

The Republicans control both houses of Congress. They have a president that is twice elected. The electorate is composed of a majority of conservatives. So, call me naive, but why doesn't Bush simply throw down the gauntlet: Nominate a person to the Supreme Court that will say he/she is conservative, is a strict constructionist and, without any qualification, say that Roe v. Wade was wrongly decided and, if presented with the same facts, would overturn the decision. The Republicans will not always be in power. Minorities are generally Democrats and, as the years pass, the minority population will dwarf white, conservative, and Republican America. Why doesn't W take charge while he has an opportunity?

No One Can Comprehend These Numbers

For the last three months, Microsoft had sales of $9.74 billion and a net income of $3.14 billion. What a monster. But just think, twenty years ago Bill Gates had this thought: "Every computer will need a software program that will allow it to launch other programs. Let's create one call Windows and sell it to every computer manufacturer on the planet." But who would have thought that computers would be part of our lives like they are. The Internet ratcheted up the stakes.

No Reason

I Hate Pop Up Ads

And two great tools to help you elimate them are: - Google's Toolbar, and - Yahoo's Toolbar. I actually keep both of them up and running all the time.

Stolen From Another Blog

Many believe it was Harriet Miers's Spring 1993 speech to the Executive Women of Dallas that was the straw that broke the camel's back. She said: "The ongoing debate continues surrounding the attempt to once again criminalize abortions or to once and for all guarantee the freedom of the individual women's [sic] right to decide for herself whether she will have an abortion." The use of the word "freedom", without qualifications, probably sent off sirens to the right wing crowd.

FYI: I Have No Decorations Up

"FREDERICA, Del. - The apparent suicide of a woman found hanging from a tree went unreported for hours because passers-by thought the body was a Halloween decoration, authorities said."

I'm Insane . . .

. . . now.

Careful Careful.

Air Force Head Coach Fisher DeBerry is in trouble for these remarks: "It's very obvious to me the other day that [TCU] had a lot more Afro-American players than we did. It just seems to be that way that Afro-American kids can run very, very well." My only problem is with the term Afro-American.

It Used To Be That A Pat On The Butt Was Sufficient

"Chicago White Sox manger Ozzie Guillen, left, gets a kiss from a well-wisher after the White Sox defeated the Houston Astros 1-0 in Game 4 to win the World Series for the first time since 1917, Wednesday, Oct. 26, 2005, in Houston. (AP Photo/Jeff Roberson) "

Going, Going . . .

Gone. If it is her decision, I understand it. If it is Bush's decision, I can't believe he backed down.

Is That Al Roker With A Wig?

I'm not surprised Sheryl Swoopes is gay. I'm surprised that's her partner (right, background).

Another Reason . . .

. . . not to go to a bar at....er...noon.


A Professional Female Basketball Player Is Gay?

Sheryl Swoopes, former Tech star and professional basketball player is ....what do you call it....er....gay. So is it genetic? She doesn't think so: "I didn't always know I was gay. I honestly didn't. Do I think I was born this way? No. And that's probably confusing to some, because I know a lot of people believe that you are. I've been married, and I have an 8-year-old son. Being with a man was what I wanted. When I got divorced in 1999, it wasn't because I'm gay. I'm three years older than my ex-husband, and I matured a lot faster than he did. "


Someone else is back on the market.

Liberal Media!!!

See this pic of Condi? Is she really that mean? Well, the photo ran today in the USA Today until someone called their attention to the fact that it had been altered. To see the new photo with USA Today's lame apology, click here.

Satellite View of Hurricane Wilma

Soooo Wrong

I'm Having Flashbacks

Did you see that the White Sox have adopted Journey's "Don't Stop Believin'" as their "theme song" and have gone so far as to make sure former lead singer Steve Perry has been at every game?

She Is 58 Today

And I wonder how many other shots were fired?

When you get a chance to see the Messenger today, count the number of bullet holes in the driver's side door of Kevin Wood's vehicle. (The paper reproduced the photo on its web site but it's very small and can't be enlarged).

Uh, Note To Conservatives: Someone Wants To Hang Out With You

"AUSTIN - The Ku Klux Klan has received permission to hold a rally in Austin in support of the proposal to outlaw same-sex marriage in the Texas Constitution."

Pretty Good Story Today . . .

. . . in the Star Telegram about Kevin Wood, the guy who was shot and killed by police yesterday in Decatur.


It's Halloween And . . .

. . . I hate these things.

Bulls v. Eagles Pics

Others from the Decatur ISD web site.

I Wonder If Any One Could Afford To Super-Size It?

"WASHINGTON - President Bush gathered with his party faithful Tuesday night for a $15,000-a-couple dinner that the Republican National Committee reported raised at least $1 million. "

No Happy Ending

From the Star Telegram (although I'm not sure how it is "newsworthy"): "HURST - An unlicensed massage therapist was in the Hurst Jail today after she offered to perform a sex act on an undercover officer, police said. Police arrested Jiaoyan Cheng, 33, of Bedford on Monday afternoon. The arrest came after three undercover Hurst police officers visited the spa earlier this month. " Can I please have a say on how my tax dollars are spent?

Mein Cupcakes

These girls would be so precious . . . . if they weren't Nazis!!!! (This story actually appeared on ABC two weeks ago but is finally getting the buzz it deserves).


As of today, that is the number of deaths of U.S. military men in Iraq- many, if not most, who were in their twenties. Not one U.S. life was worth that god-forsaken place.

287 May Be Shut Down

Channel 5 is reporting that 287 is shut down - both ways - as you enter Tarrant County due to a wreck involving a chemical spill. (I actually saw them shutting down the northbound lanes around 12:15 p.m. this afternoon). Here is the "photo slideshow".

Al Roker . . .

. . . knocked down by a hurricane (video). Now that makes for a good morning. (And who is the poor sap that has the job of hanging on to Al's leg?)

Star Telegram's Story . . .

of this morning's shooting. (And a brief blurb on the WFAA web site).

Police Kill Second Man This Year . . .

in Decatur after a car chase......Developing. The KXAS Channel 5 report from this morning is here, but there's not much to it. Reports are that Decatur PD was not involved in the shooting but DPS trooper(s) were the officers firing.

James Carville Was On The Today Show . . .

. . . this morning and he always makes me laugh. Interestingly, however, both he and the right winger they had on opposite of him (I forgot her name), predicted that the Harriett Miers' supreme court nomination was dead in the water.

Coincidence, Part 2

As a follow-up to the name of secret daughter-to-be (posted yesterday), I couldn't help but notice this news broke over the wire last night.


One Of My Recurring Rants

Rosa Parks, the lady that refused to give up her seat to white man in 1955 in Alabama and was jailed because of it, has died. I'm still amazed at how much we have changed. Folks, that was only fifty years ago. Only fifty! Who knows what stupid injustices are being inflicted on mankind right now that fifty years from now society will consider barbaric. (Placing people in cages for private drug use is at the top of my list).

If It's Closed, Who Decides What To Set The Thermostat On?

It looked really cold in Chicago last night as the Houston Astros fell behind to the White Sox two games to none in the World Series. The game moves back to Houston tomorrow night where the Astros play in a stadium with a retractable roof. Here's an oddity: Because it is a playoff game, Major League Baseball, and not the Astros, will decide whether the roof is open or shut.

I Need A New Spiderman Outfit

The Dallas Morning News tells me that BuyCostumes.com is the largest costume site on the Internet.

How Hard Is It To Get About 100 Paxils?

The University of Texas has moved to #1 in the BCS poll.

A Dubya Extreme Makover


Thanks, But No Thanks

On week ago, Cowboy placekicker Jose Cortez kicks a field goal in overtime and is a hero. This week he misses a field goal and the Cowboys lose by three points. Today, he is cut by the team.


Hey, this was what I was going to name my future daughter.

It All Depends On Your Perspective

Steve Martin

In receiving the Mark Twain award last night (apparently the ultimate award in comedy), he said "I'd liked to thank my family, who is in the box seats up there, that has made my life so rich. [Camera cuts to family while audience applauds.] I'd also like to thank my secret family on the other side who my family knows nothing about."


Did You See Bill Parcells Hit An Assistant Coach?

Video is here. What a nut.

For Kids

Really. Carve your own pumpkin.

For Political Junkies

There is currently a special prosecutor investigation going on in Washington that's hard to follow. In any event, it looks like indictments may be handed down this week that will name at least one Republican in high places. Karl Rove, advisor of W, is in the cross hairs. So...... You have to listen to Texas Senator Kay Bailey Hutchison on Meet the Press this morning doing damage control. She stated that she hoped any indictment wasn't based upon the "perjury technicality". (Video, which is 2:45 long, in here) What? Republicans now say perjury is no big deal? But wait, didn't she vote to impeach Clinton for perjury in the Senate? Yep. This is what she said in 1998: "Willful, corrupt, and false sworn testimony before a Federal grand jury is a separate and distinct crime under applicable law and is material and perjurious if it is 'capable' of influencing the grand jury in any matter before it, including any collateral matters that it may consider." I vote `Guilty' on Article I, Perjury. I vote`Guilty' on Article II, Obstruction of Justice." Amazingly, she also said on Meet The Press that Clinton faced "more charges" in the Senate than just Perjury and Obstruction of Justice. That's a lie.