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Random Tuesday Morning Thoughts

  • I just left my Liberally Lean Certified Weather Genius Lab: The rain becomes widespread in Wise County at 9:25 p.m. You'll hear it pummel your house between midnight and 3:00 a.m., and it will continue, but not quite as hard, throughout Wednesday. The chance of snow or ice is less that 0%. We won't even sniff freezing temperatures. 
  • This morning there was an "officer involved shooting" at an apartment complex in Denton which primarily houses UNT students. Here's how the Executive Director of Combined Law Enforcement Associations of Texas (CLEAT) just described it: 
    Scripture? Now I'm picturing the "Your read the Bible, Brett?" scene
  • The Tarrant County Young Republicans issued a pseudo-apology for the White Power gesture being thrown up during the MLK Day Parade yesterday. The group just wrote it off as just "kid stuff" and promised to give him a good talking to.

  • A faithful reader told me yesterday that the lady with the "unnaturally perfect teeth" is Tavia Shackles Hunt who is a former Miss Teen Missouri and former Miss Kansas. Her daughter (below), who also has perfect teeth, goes to SMU.
  • "I wasn't wrong, I am just far more correct now than I was then."  - Alan Dershowitz defending his different positions over the years on what it takes to impeach a president. I may use that.
  • One of the most conservative and gun loving guys I know (and a Wise County native), thinks you're a nut if you open carry. 
    This guy had his 15 minutes of fame yesterday
    at the Virginia gun rally
  • In case you ever thought it would be a good idea to ride a moped on Central Expressway at 1:30 in the morning . . . .
  • The Runaway Bay City Council will vote tonight on support for the Second Amendment.  Rumor has it that Lee Greenwood and a bald eagle will be seated at the council table. But I'm not sure if voicing support for the 4th Amendment, which is supposed to prevent illegal search and seizure of persons and vehicles on highway 380 which splits the town, is also on the agenda.
  • My favorite sign while I was in D.C. (It was in the Newseum.) 
  • "Universe."
  • I lived over a half of century before crimping a coaxial cable. The streak ended yesterday. I'll have to put that on my bragging montage. 


Random Monday Morning Thoughts

  • So the apartment complex murdered him? I thought the family supported the DA's position that there was "no excuse" for the shooting? And nothing relieves your grief like asking for a big bag of money.
  • Rob Lowe wore an NFL cap yesterday. An. NFL. Cap.  Sheesh.  (Side note: The fact that any version of 911 is popular is proof positive that some people will watch anything. Side note #2: How much did they have to pay Lowe to get him to do 911: Lone Star?)
  • After the Chiefs won the AFC Championship, I was fascinated to learn that the lady on the left, the widow of Lamar Hunt, is 81 years old. And I was equally fascinated by the other lady's mouth. It was unnaturally perfect. 
  • There was a shooting at a "River Walk" club in San Antonio, but I had my graphics department prepare an expensive visual aid to show that the river walk is a lot longer than you might think.

    "Circled" portion is the well known area. The shooting
    was on the 1000 block of Avenue B.
  • It's a little hard to explain that these are the stats for the winning quarterback in an NFC Championship game. And it's a little hard to explain the look that Aaron Rodgers threw down yesterday.
  • Compare and contrast: Look at these two college quarterbacks, especially Mahomes, in a bizarre game in October of 2016.
  • It's Martin Luther King, Jr. Day. 
  • There's a gun rally in Virginia today, and in anticipation of it, six neo-Nazis who are a part of a group called "The Base" have been arrested. While briefly listening to WBAP this morning, Brian Estridge caused me to raise my eyebrows when he questioned the arrests and asked "Why?" they were arrested and pointing out the right to free assembly.  Maybe I'm wrong, but it sounds like it was an imminent threat to kill anti-fascists.  (Hal Jay then caused a major stop down when he decided to defend the Virginia governor for banning guns in the capitol building by challenging his co-hosts to "Name me a capitol where guns are allowed!")
  • Edit: Here are the Open Carry guys showing up this morning. Video. (They keep coming.)
  • Now Trump's lawyer for the Impeachment Trial is taking the position I thought Trump should have taken all along. Instead, back then, they called honorable men and women who testified in front of the House committee liars. 
  • I've seen more pictures of Trump and Lev Parnas together than Trump and Barron. 
  • This story was getting a lot of attention over the weekend. A bold future is coming. Combine data mining of everything about you (which you've already freely given up online for a couple of decades) coupled with a third person being able to link that data by simply capturing an image of your face, and that's where we are headed. It's an episode of Black Mirror where you put on a pair of high tech classes and people are named and "ranked" as you scan a room. And you will set the "ranking" parameters -- things you want to be alerted to -- with scores for items like criminal history, religion, number of marriages, credit ranking, health risk, a Twitter online bully score, etc.  And, of course, law enforcement will have it before the rest of us.
  • Perfect fit. The guy who advocated impeaching a President for lying about sex will now defend the most epic liar in presidential history.  (Trump called Starr a "lunatic" in 1999.)
  • Uh, you boys are wearing camouflage in space?
  • The National Archives -- which I'm an expert on because I was just there -- has apologized for this and will remedy the "error."  This is a little North Koreay™. 
  • Messenger: Above the Fold

They don't have color ink in Kansas City? 


It's Friday. Let's Get Out Of Here.

Random Friday Morning Thoughts

  • Two men are dead in Fort Worth after their pickup went off the bridge on University Drive spanning the Trinity. 
  • What I Said on Last November vs. Fox News Last Night:

  • Whatever happened to Former Dallas DA Susan Hawk? (Shout out to my courthouse buddy who asked me this question yesterday.)
  • The Astros cheating story is nearing the level of the Black Sox Scandal of 1919 as proof plausibly shows that Jose Altuve might have been wearing a device which allowed him to be tipped off to pitches during home games.  Here's the alleged "Don't rip off my shirt" video.
  • He did that weird thing again yesterday. Video.
  • But, then again, he was stressed.
  • The impeachment trial will be the first trial ever that Chief Justice John Roberts has presided over. 
  • Odell Beckham Jr. has an arrest warrant out for him for slapping a cop on the butt in LSU's locker room during the celebration after winning the national championship. The Victim was telling players to put out their cigars or face arrest. Beckham was acting a fool, but this doesn't help the "Are there too many cops?" mantra. Video. EDIT: IT WAS A SECURITY GUARD which makes this even worse. 
  • Fox News vs. Washington Post this morning.

  • Another local news personality is leaving the business. Turnover in local affiliates isn't new -- here's a list of comings and goings from just last year --  but the number which are choosing a completely different profession is a growing trend. I think started locally when Fox 4's Lari Barager left to be the PR person for Duncanville ISD a few years back. (Which was a great loss, because no one's ears perked up more about a wheels off Wise County story than Barager.)
  • Baylor will officially announce on MLK Day that they have hired an Hispanic coach.
  • Actually discussed on the radio this morning which is absolutely correct: If criminal trials were resolved by "Trial by Combat", the State would be provided better weapons than the Defendant because the State has the burden of proof.  That is a shockingly true analogy, and I might use it during voir dire. (This is the current news story that prompted the discussion.)  
  • Oh, the humanity!:


Random Thursday Morning Thoughts

  • It just keeps coming: Last night indicted Les Parnas was on Rachel Maddow and implicated Trump, Barr, Pompeo, Nunes and Pence in the Ukraine scandal.  Part 2 of the interview is tonight, and Rick Perry's name has been previewed. 
    • Moments before it aired, Devin Nunes decided it was a good idea to admit on Fox News that he had met with Parnas.
    • Over on CNN, Kellyanne Conway was saying she had never met Parnas. Uh: 
    • Over at Fox News as well, Eric Trump was saying that he "had no idea who that guy [Robert Hyde] is."  Recall Hyde basically acted like a wanna-be hit man intermediary with Parnas based upon the texts released yesterday. Uh:
  • That was bad karma for Drew Pearson to throw a party of his Hall of Fame Induction announcement that never came. 
  • NBC 's Dateline contacted me again yesterday on a Wise County case, and I'm glad they are involved. 
  • Never expect an appellate court to bail you out. A trial court judge, who knows BS when he sees it, is justice's best friend. And if he doesn't see it, you are normally screwed.  Here's Colloff's story. 
  • This building will soon be gone. You'll either recognize it or you won't. 
  • The "House Managers" delivered the Articles of Impeachment to the Senate yesterday. I don't know why, but I think that's a bad look. I didn't like how it appeared when they did the same thing to Clinton, and I don't really like it now. (Side note: Hey, I was just in the room! That's not the actual main rotunda but kind of a mini-rotunda on the way to the House Chambers -- chambers that you can't even look at as a taxpayer even when Congress has all gone home for the holidays. There are a ton of statues just crammed next to the walls in it. I had been standing in the background of this photo and noticed Brigham Young's statue was shoved in the corner. He never served in Congress. I was confused.)
    See those statues in the background?
    My exclusive photo of Brigham Young which I took while
    I was stewing about how limited the tour was.
  • One last thing about the D.C. trip since I just saw it, this might have been the tastiest sandwich I've had in a couple of decades. (Actually from the Baltimore harbor.) 
  • Tarrant County Sheriff Bill Waybourn has endorsed the opponent of Congresswoman Kay Granger because he wants a "hungry, unapologetic, and conservative fighter." He even spoke on behalf Southern Wise County. (You may remember Wayborn for saying last year, "These drunks will run over your children and they will run over my children” in reference to illegal immigrants in the Tarrant County jail.)   Let me tell you something, the old-school Tarrant County politicians  -- District Clerk Tom Wilder and Congressman Ron Wright to name a couple -- are really way-out-there-hard-liners in a county which voted for Beto over Cruz.
  • Heard on the radio: "Is that the song she [Billie Eilish] sang on Saturday Night Live when she danced around the room? That was cool."  I have no idea why I googled it, but it wasn't what I was expecting at all. I thought it would be Ellen DeGeneres-like dancing around the room.
  • Nothing makes me want to pull my hair out more than to have a client say, "If you can get a plea bargain of [x], I'll take it!" You work forever on getting them x, you tell them you've got x, you set it for plea to finalize x, and then on the day of the plea they tell you, "I don't think [x] is a very good deal."  It really only happens about once a year, and that's a good thing because I really have to control myself when it does. 
  • I know that I over parenthesize. (I just can't help it.)