It's Friday. Let's Get Out Of Here.

 So no one thought about the aftermath even if successful?
 I guess the answer is no.
 Me opening up new Random Thoughts comments every morning 
 After careful study, this may be the greatest faceplant of all time.
"Hey, look! A ball pit! I did this as a kid!"

It Just Kept Coming

Some 20,000 people are being evacuated after a series of explosions at a massive arms depot in eastern Ukraine described by officials as sabotage.


Random Friday Morning Thoughts

  • The Bridgeport Pre-Parole Transfer Facility might close
  • There are reports that the "Cash me outside" girl charges $30,000 to $40,000 per appearance. That cannot be possible. I hope. 
  • The healthcare vote today will be high drama. It should take place mid-afternoon.
  • Trump says that if they fail to pass the bill, he'll just drop the whole project and move onto something else. And we all know how much his words mean. 
  • Horrible news this morning with a disturbing photo: 
  • This is insane:
  • These are the nosiest places in the metroplex. I think I see a pattern: 
  • Trump in the 18 wheeler yesterday acting like he was driving it and honking the horn was very, very funny. He rarely puts him in situations where photos can be taken of him looking silly. 


Let's Go For A Motorcycle Ride

Well, This Isn't Going Well

By all accounts, TrumpCare is going down in flames and the House may not even take a vote as promised.

And in the meantime, the GOP can't get out of its own way:

He quickly realizes, "I made a big mistake."

This is him:

Random Thursday Morning Thoughts

  • Rick Perry, in a Houston Chronicle op-ed piece, questioned the legitimacy of the election that gave Aggieland its first openly gay student body president.  As new Energy Secretary, you'd think he'd spend his time learning about the Department of Energy instead. 
  • Texas Tech's new football practice facility, under construction, caught fire yesterday. It looked worse than it was. 
  • If you think  House Intelligence Chairman Devin Nunes said that Trump was intentionally spied on, you might want to read what he said
  • Jumping off Rufe Snow Drive bridge onto 820 sounds like a horrible way to commit suicide (not that there is any good way.)
  • Wow. The Baylor case that started the entire scandal.  
  • "The geographic size of a country means nothing." - Dennis Prager yesterday. Sheesh. I can think of a handful of reasons. 
  • Both Channel 8 and WBAP did quick stories about students "protesting" about the resignation of a coach in Cleburne. Neither report threw in a sentence to explain why he resigned
  • Trump gave an interview to Time magazine:
  • June Bugs are active little things once they get going. But it makes the Family Cat happy if one sneaks in. 
  • It looks like the Wise County Courthouse is getting a new Texas Historical Marker but it's covered up right now on the East lawn. Anyone know what it is about?


I'm So Confused

But suffice it to say, she does not have cat like reflexes.


Random Wednesday Morning Thoughts

  • "As opposed to the state having to take multiple rifle-shot approaches at overriding local regulations, I think a broad-based law by the state of Texas that says across the board, the state is going to pre-empt local regulations, is a superior approach." - Gov. Greg Abbott. That is a bizarre statement
  • Let's check in on the gallery at the legislature.
  • Supreme Court nominee Gorsuch handles himself very well. He's almost more like a politician than a judge. (I read yesterday that he would be the first Supreme Court Justice ever from a state that did not border the coast. True?)
  • Mrs. LL misplaced her car keys at a softball practice. The car was running and locked. 
  • No way TrumpCare passes.  How the GOP didn't have its ducks in a row is amazing. 
  • Good for TCU to get to the NIT Final Four. It's a stepping stone for a team that has been beyond awful in the Big 12.
  • The boys on The Ticket talked about this this morning: I-35 down to Austin has been under construction all our lives. 
  • WBAP's Brian Estridge claims in an ad to have lost 16 pounds in one week on a weight loss program. 
  • Chuck Barris of The Gong Show has died. As a kid I remember watching that show with the biggest smile on my face and the biggest question mark floating over my head. 
  • MADD posted on Twitter a Teddy Bear for $35 which would be donated to young victims. I asked them how much they made off of each unit. They replied they didn't know because they didn't know the cost of the Teddy Bear yet. Uh. Say what? 


I Can't Stop Laughing At This Photo

(He was actually lowered from the rafters at the Dallas Stars game last night.)

Spring Break At Port Aransas

Looks like a safe and healthy environment.

Random Tuesday Morning Thoughts

  • There was a police chase in Dallas this morning where they eventually fired tear case into his car and still didn't get out. 
  • And another:
  • I don't think that coat of green dust on my car is a good sign for my allergies.
  • Gas is cheap and has been cheap for a long time. 
  • "TEA PARTY – Bridgeport Parks and Recreation is having its third annual Mother-Daughter Tea Party 1-3 p.m. Sunday. The theme is 'The Candy Shop.'”  I hope that's not a 50 Cent theme.
  • Anyone seen Melania Trump lately?
  • This one is a little short today because, frankly, there doesn't seem to be that much going on. 


Get Ready

The conservative Fifth Circuit just disagreed with two other circuits as to whether school board meetings can begin with a prayer.

And the case is out of Birdville in the metroplex.

This has Supreme Court written all over it. (As the Trump nominee begins his confirmation hearings today.)

Cops vs. Light Post: Who Ya Got?


Don't Get Me This Giant Chicken!

The Leader Board

Random Monday Morning Thoughts

  • Satan is anti-bullying?:
  • Ken Paxton sending a letter to Frisco ISD about a "Muslim room" (a room which is open for all students for prayer) is beyond weird. 
  • UT not going to a bowl game in football and not even qualifying for the NCAA or NIT in basketball is truly amazing. 
  • Let's check in on the President this morning: 
  • What prompted that? CNN reporting about a Gallop poll:
  • I have no idea why I follow this guy on Twitter and I don't know who he is, but when I saw this last week I decided he is one miserable human being. Tough guy.
  • Chuck Berry has died and Back To The Future kept popping into my head.
  • Tom Brady's stolen Super Bowl jersey has been recovered from an unnamed media member. Our long national nightmare is over.