"Well, So They Say."

This guy's voice made me stop down this morning as I was eating my low fat egg roll and skim milk. I put it on the YouTubes for your viewing pleasure. Good times.

He Without Sin Cast . . .

For about five years now, those convicted of DWI (even those first time offenders who are worthy of probation) have been subject to a DPS "surcharge" of $1,000 per year for three years. That's over and above any criminal punishment for DWI -- it's an "administrative fee" that the idiots at DPS impose. Your penalty for not paying? DPS will suspend your license.

So why my brief rant? Because the champion of that law, State Rep. Mike Krusee, a Republican from Williamson County, was arrested this week for DWI.

Funny Line

From a story about The Ticket v. ESPN Radio in the ratings:

More Injustice

I'd like to apologize to the more sensitive in the audience for the last three or four pics of scantily clad women. (How'd that Jacksboro one get in there?) I don't want to be the Larry Flynt of Wise County, but I've got to throw up another one because there's some more injustice in the world!

I've never been so much for women's rights as I am at this moment. Amen.

Edit: Emailer Brad sends in this revised pic for the John Ashcroft Types of the world. Gold, sir.

A Reader Submitted Friday Afternoon Pick Me Up

Jacksboro Morning

Edit: Not to get all 8 Country Reporter on ya, but the drive is truly beautiful this time of year. About as green as you can get. Probably not as cool as the drive in the Fall but it's close.


Random Friday Mornng Thoughts

- Heather Hays said, "Not!" as a joke last night on Fox 4. And reporter Krystle Gutierrez is one attractive pregnant woman.
- I have to replace a leaking "coil" on my air conditioning unit at home - the part of the unit that is in the attic. They tell me this is going to be expensive.
- But the repair guy was fascinated with my iPod Shuffle. He had a question as to whether or not the music you can get off the Internet is "free".
- More proof that the kid who tried to cash the $360 billion check offers more proof that he's not that bright: "Authorities said Fuller also had a gun and marijuana in his possession at the time of his arrest."
- Holy crap: Did you see the babies being dropped 50 feet into the sheet in India? Don't know why. Don't have video. It was on Fox 4 last night. Me watch lots of Fox 4. Edit: Thanks to commenter for pointing out the video is here.
- Dallas had a Double Double last night. Two separate murders where two people died in each incident. Some anchor on Channel 5 just said one of the situations was probably "a drug deal gon bad." Why don't they ever report on the good drug deals?
-Barbara Walters says she had an affair with the first black Senator in the 1970s - Edward Brooke. I don't want to think about Barbara Walters and sex. Unless I'm really lonely.
- The jury is deliberating in Fort Worth on the case that I wished I had followed more closely: Wife falsely yells, "I'm being raped" (or words to that effect) and the husband shoots and kills the guy. She lied. She wasn't being raped. So she is being tried on a manslaughter charge ("recklessly" causing the death of another.")
- Matt Lauer is in Praslin, Seychelles this morning. Maybe I do have a man crush on him.
- I think I finally fixed my computer problem at the office. After running every spyware fixer I could find, I finally found a an obscure fix on an obscure computer nerd message board: Copy and paste some computer script and run it. I'll be danged, it fixed it. But now my Outlook Calender is in military time. I can live with that.
- Bar exam passing rates for last February.
- The movie Ironman, opening today, is getting phenomenal reviews.

We've Got An Injustice In This Country Going On!!!

While the country is awash in female teachers crossing what some conservatives refer to as "boundaries recognized by a decent society", this fine educator has lost her job for simply having another job.

Don't worry, baby, daddy's coming!

Edit: A reader sends in this new teacher sex scandal. (Small pic at bottom)

From The High Sheriff

Bank robber in custody and enroute to the wc jail. Texas Ranger and wise county investigators arrested steven clinton ward. Born in 1957 at jps hospital in ft worth. More in a minute Sent via BlackBerry by AT&T

That Was Quick

I was offered free tickets to today's Ranger game, but I passed. (My baseball apathy has already kicked in.) Anyway, I checked in on it a second ago and was surprised to see it was already over. According to the box score, it took 2 hours and 10 minutes to play.

A Different Kind Of Pick Me Up

Trust me. (Fixed)


Thanks Emailer.

Random Thursday Morning Thoughts

- It seems Mark Cuban fired Avrey over the phone. Stay classy.
- Fox 4's Megan Henderson looks extremely hot this morning. (And there are new T-shirts with her image on them.)
- The trooper killed in East Texas (and who left behind a five month old baby) was shot (allegedly) by a former cop.
- The commercials for the ant killer, which try to recreate youtube videos of projects gone bad, are not funny and poorly produced.
- Fox 4 just told me there are now 40 million Hispanics in the country (or 15%). In Texas, they make up 36%. This will be the last day those numbers/percentages are that "small".
- Today is the five year anniversary of "Mission Accomplished." Uh, not so much.
- Speaking of W, did you see his Jessica Simpson joke yesterday as the NY Giants visited the White House? He had that weird smirk which we haven't seen in a while.
- I've begun to watch In The Valley of Elah. So far, it's great.
- I'm 80% through with the 30 hour audio book, The Fountainhead. I don't think I "get it."
- LBJ's presidential recordings from 1968 will be released today. If you've ever heard excerpts of some of the previous releases, give 'em try. He was smooth but, man, he could bear down on someone to get what he wanted.
- Saw a brief moment of Deal Or No Deal last night. That show is like a bullet to the brain.
- Matt Lauer is in Istanbul, Turkey. (But the intro of Meredith, Al, and Ann screaming "Where in the world is Matt Lauer?" is getting very irritating.)
- Don't see any updates in the Star Telegram about the bad wreck yesterday at the Devon Energy plant.
- I almost ran over lawyer Mike Simpson on the courthouse square this morning.


Shed A Tear For The Salad Wagon

An emailer writes: "they are knocking K-Bobs building down, where are the pics Barry?"

"Let's Hug It Out"

That agent-guy from Entourage has a hot girlfriend.

Kill Me

As my office computer got some virus again. Ugh. But . . . I got a call from Fox 4's Phil Alvarado (sp) who is in town doing a story on high diesel prices and some of the old pumps can handle the pricing. And . . . An emailer just told me that Avery Johnson has been booted as the Mav's coach. While . . . The Cotton Bowl will be played on January 2, 2008. (Edit: Uh, did I get that year wrong?) But I haven't gotten around to looking to see what day of the week that is. Good-bye 10:00 a.m. kickoff. Moreover . . . can anyone cash a check for $380,000,000,000 (And as they said on Channel 5 this morning "and zero zero slash one hundred.")

Very Uncomfirmed

"Rhome Wells Fargo Bank Robbery. 9:12 AM, Just heard on the scanner, the get-a-way vehicle is a Black Dodge P/u -2 occupants, heading S. on 287."

Probably in Update

WBAP reporting bad wreck in Bridgeport. Four air ambulances called. At
380 and CR 1658.

Barry (from mobile). Edit: Star Telegram story.

Wednesday Morning Random Thoughts

- Just saw a funny CarMax commercial. A guy is strapping a child seat to the top of a new Porsche with duct tape. He complains that "he doesn't have enough room for his dang baby" despite the fact "he's no bigger than a canned ham."
- Channel 5 traffic news where they tell you how long it will take you between destinations "21 minutes between 350 and I-35E" is silly.
- On whether or not Tarrant County needs a "crime integrity unit" to check for false convictions, here's what long-time DA Tim Curry said: "God forbid that we'd be like the Dallas County of the past with its Henry Wade syndrome of conviction at all costs." Wow.
- On Friday, Mav's player Josh Howard admitted on local radio that he used pot in the off-season. ESPN got so excited that it led with the story on it's evening sportscast. Fallout: No one cared.
- So confusing.
- Just saw a clip of Paula Abdul from last night's Idol. Does she stay high?
- Matt Lauer is in Laos this morning.
- A trooper was shot and killed last night in far East Texas.
- Take a look around. It's a green and as lush as you'll see for months.
- Saw a dead dog on College Street this morning. Big. Black. Green collar. Nice coat. Some owner is going to be very sad.


Random Weather Thought

As a kid, when the "tornado sirens" sounded, you were of the belief that those sounding the alarm were privy to more information than you were.

That's certainly not true anymore, is it? With Delkus and Finfrock giving us second by second coverage, those sounding the alarms don't have some "secret" info that we don't, right?

(But, as a kid, there was nothing more exciting than being pulled out of bed and heading to the neighbors storm/bomb shelter. "Exciting" as a kid. Probably "nerve-racking" for the parents.)

Double Take

Saw this picture in the Dallas Morning News' Business Section today accompanying a story about flying hassles. Just where is that guy going with all those duffel bags?

There's A Reason WalMart Makes Trainloads Of Cash

So when you get that free government your money back, you can turn it into green cash without paying a fee. And, while you're there, you just might pick up some fishing lures, Keystone Light, and some Pampers.


Random Tuesday Morning Thoughts

- Just saw an ad for a Braum's new Chili Cheese Frankfurter Burger. Then I saw a Jenny Craig ad.
- Northbound 360 through Arlington seems like an awful route to commute. Always a wreck.
- Now that was some circular rotation on the radar in Virginia.
- "A total of 53 girls ages 14 to 17 are in state custody after an April 3 raid at the YFZ (Yearning For Zion) Ranch near Eldorado. Thirty-one either have children or are pregnant, said Child Protective Services spokesman Darrell Azar." Uh . . . that ain't good.
- Another wrongfully convicted man will be released in Dallas today after DNA results. This guy, who just happens to be black, has been in prison since 1981. All these guys seem to be black. And you wonder why African-Americans don't trust "the system."
- Oh, and that guy's name is Kevin Woodard. My brother went to high school with a guy named Kevin Woodard at Bridgeport. I'm pretty sure that's a different Kevin Woodard.
- Matt Lauer is in Amsterdam this morning. Maybe he'll have a Royale With Cheese.
- I like mowing the lawn and edging in high winds so I don't have to sweep up.
- Grand Theft Auto IV is released today and nine million copies are expected to be sold. I've never seen it on a video screen in a room. I'm sure it has some good, wholesome moral lessons.
- I spent way too long trying to figure out a ratchet tie down last night.
- A new AP poll says that Hillary would beat McCain by 9 points. I don't know if I believe that. McCain and Obama would be basically tied.
- Why do they always schedule the State Track Meet on Mother's Day weekend?
- Want to see Kenny Chesney hurt his foot which caused a cancellation of his next concert in Austin? Sure ya do. (For a moment, we will have to live without beer and beach songs.)
- Edit: Bootleg Batman trailer with the dead Heath Ledger that won't be up for long.


Uncomfirmed News Via Email

"I saw the Texas Ranger and Deputies pick up [name redacted until I can get a confirmation] out at the Hanson pit in Chico. Are they charging him for murdering Bobina Beggly? Get the jump on this one man."

I Would Like To Alert The Authorities

There is a 100% chance this kid goes Medieval on his entire community once his current and future buddies find this YouTube gem. It will not be pretty. If we lived in a world like in "Minority Report", this kid would be arrested before the tragedy. In fact, those nymph-like pre-cogs would be going crazy. I hope he doesn't go to public school.

Creepy Breaky Heart

Other Than The Obvious Newsworthiness

Where is Oak Hill Motocross?

(Source: Update)


Random Monday Morning Thoughts

- Watched a little bit of the Mavs last night. Didn't realize the Mav's Dancers do an uncomfortable routine in school girl outfits. But the camera spent about a minute on them. But I was more entertained by the 60 year old guy who had expensive court side seats getting kicked out with four minutes left for saying something that the ref overheard. Odd.
- Speaking of school girls, it didn't take long for Hannah Montana to start getting, uh, well . . . take a look at her in the upcoming issue of Vanity Fair. And controversy will surely ensue. (But if she wan't a Marketing Machine before, she is now.) Edit: WBAP's Hal Jay said she "looked like a 25 year old floozy." Hal. Hal. Hal.
- Anybody seen a fake monkey at (the oddly named) Possum Kingdom Lake?
- I'm always looking for new and offbeat types of salsa at the store. If I see a label that looks close to being independent and/or pseudo home-made, I'll buy it. 99% of the time I'm disappointed.
- Somebody with half a brain has infilitrated the Rhome City Council and put the ka-bosh on the expected WWE like show on Saturday. That's not fair.
- After giving up on it, I finally relented and finished "Once." Verdict: It's a poor man's "Lost In Translation." The director/writer said the plot could be written on the back of a postage stamp. True that.
- Today starts "Where In The World Is Matt Lauer?" on The Today Show. I'd love to be Matt on weeks like this. Today he is in Buenos Aires, Argentina.
- Obama's pastor is not Obama.
- And 1 our of 8 American's still think Obama is a Muslim. Sheesh.
- There was a fishing tournament yesterday at Lake Bridgeport. Cold + Windy + White Caps = Beating.
- It was also $1 ice cream day at the Ballpark in Arlington.
- A criminal defense blog that I can't help but read is this guy. I don't know him, don't think I'd like him, is full of himself, but is a fairly entertaining writer.
- If you want to get burglarized, move to the metroplex, open up a convenience store, do not stay open for 24 hours, and have an ATM near a window.
- Back in the 1970s ,when he had our first gas price crisis, economy cars became all the rage. I think the public is too vain to do that now.
- Looking from Rhome this morning, it looked like Eagle Moutain Lake was on fire due to all of the smoke. Smoke that then drifted northwest towards Boyd. Very cool.
- Edit: Dale Hansen on Pacman (funny line about Bin Laden. Yep, Bin Laden.
- Edit: Umpire goes down this weekend.

The Tease Us, And Then Let Us Down

Looks like the Rhome City Council meeting was uneventful.