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Worlds Collide

Just when I post about the image of the Southern Baptist Convention (below), this story breaks. Call it: When Brokeback Mountian and a hardline Southern Baptist preacher collide. This world is one crazy place. Next thing you'll know they'll be pouring Mimosas with the pre-Sunday School donuts.

I Wonder . . .

. . . if anyone has a talent for stacking plastic cups? Yep, and it's amazing: Google Video.

The Baptists Listen To Me

Six years ago I wrote this: "The Southern Baptist Convention desperately needs someone in charge of public relations who will simply tell the powers at be to shut up. Every time they have their annual meeting in June, they always take a position on an issue that gets them beaten to death in the press. Sometimes it is women submitting to husbands, sometimes its women and the clergy. You're free to believe whatever you wish, but do you have to grab hold of a lightening rod every time you meet?" Well, they took my advice. At least to the extent of trying to project a different image.

How Not To Start A Fight

Link to someone else's fine work. Kinda gives a new meaning to "I'm a lover, not a fighter."

Best Bush Impersonator



What A Coincidence

The same thing happened to me last night.

More Time Waste

Draw lines and curves to direct falling sand. Very cool. (But some computers don't have Java installed that will allow you to play it).

Time Waste

Use the up/down/left right arrow keys to control the fish. Try to have it bump into smaller fish to eat them, but avoid the bigger fish. Play.


I Have Never, Ever, Ever . . .

. . . understood the country's fascination with Howard Stern ("Hey, are your boobs real?" [Insert yuk monkey laughter here]". As you probably know, he has gone to satellite radio (which I'm still unsure about). But if I'm reading this article correctly (and it is very poorly written), I think he earns $100 million per year and was awarded stocks worth $220 million. (And for you proof readers, shouldn't the sentence in the article that references "windfall" utilize a figure of $110 million instead of $100 million?).

And 2006 Will Surely Be Different . . . Uh . . . No

Bombs in Iraq today: 125 civilians dead 5 U.S. soldiers dead

Hollywood, Hollywood

Vince Young, instead of returning to glory in Austin, taped tonight's episode of The Tonight Show.

The (British) Office

After hearing so much about it, I finally rented the first season of the original British comedy, "The Office". I've seen four episodes and it is laugh out loud funny.

OK, I'm Better Now

Final thoughts:

That may have been the greatest National Championship game ever

Vince Young is the greatest college player ever

I have no idea if Vince will be a great (or even good) NFL player, but he is out of his mind not to leave for the NFL. His stock will never be higher than it is right now. (But did you know if he wants to leave he must declare for the NFL draft before January 15th?)

Do you think Vince Young will ever have to pay for another meal in any restaurant in Austin for the rest of his life?


Random National Championship Thoughts (As I Watch The Game)

  • UT stops USC on the first three downs and then fumbles the punt. USC scores in a handful of plays. (That may change the tempo of the game for the rest of the way)
  • Cingular is genius for buying that space on the coaches' headsets
  • I'm already tired of seeing Matthew Mcconaughey
  • Texas went for it on 4th and 1 at the 50 yard line with 9 minutes left in the first quarter. They didn't make it. I'm surprised at how fast the USC defense is.
  • I was at the Rose Bowl last year. It is the most beautiful setting I've ever seen for a football stadium (although it is a bear to get into and the parking is a long way away)
  • Play by play man Keith Jackson is great (although I'm sure I saw him retire 5 years ago)
  • At the beginning of the second quarter, USC's Reggie Bush made a huge run and then fumbled it when he tried to lateral it. Bonehead.
  • Vince Young is great. Reggie Bush is great.
  • Midway through the second quarter: UT might win this thing if they would stop fumbling.
  • The commercial with the guy singing the Dukes of Hazzard theme song is funny.
  • At 6:50 left in the second, that was one heck of an interception at the goal line by Texas. (And instant replay is a good thing).
  • I wonder why Mack Brown doesn't play more of freshman RB Jamaal Charles who looked great at the first part of the season?
  • OMG! Texas just stole a TD with 5:00 minutes left in the second quarter when Vince Young pitched the ball after his knee went down. I think I'm sick. But God punished Texas by making them miss the extra point. I think I heard God say "I will strike thee down with great vengeance and furious anger."
  • Triple OMG!!! Texas just went up 16-7 right before halftime. Where are my dress blues and shotgun shells?
  • Maybe God got mad at me for using the acronym "OMG"
  • Dear God, as halftime nears, I promise I will never post another Brokeback Mountain topic on The Blog if you let USC come back and win.
  • I just heard Keith Jackson say "They have two times out remaining"
  • By they way, LeAnn Rimes sang the National Anthem. I thought she was dead. And didn't she used to have jacked up teeth?
  • Dear God, if you let USC win I won't make fun of people like LeAnn Rimes ever again. Promise.
  • Field Goal by USC!!!! Thank you, God. (But, upon reflection, I may have promised to much with that LeAnn Rimes thing).
  • Halftime
  • Ok, USC has scored. They now lead 17-16. I'm putting my shotgun away now.
  • Ok, Texas has scored. They now lead 23-16. I've got a bottle of Paxil in my hands. I'm so tempted.
  • Ok, USC just took the lead. 24-23. God Loves California. God Loves Liberals.
  • Texas just missed a Field Goal at the top of the 4th Quarter. (But the ability of Vince Young to take off an run has me a little nervous).
  • Just saw a commercial for Heather Graham's new series "Emily's Reasons Why Not". Heather is hot. I'm glad that shocked me back into reality so that I could get my priorities in order.
  • Let me say this: As much hype as this game has had, it has lived up to all. And as much hell as the BCS catches, it did its job this year. In the old days, Texas and USC would not be playing right now.
  • I hate Texas, but their uniforms are the coolest in college football.
  • Why do college football games take FOREVER but an NFL game takes three hours?
  • Dear God, if you let USC win I will vote in the Republican Primary. Honest. And I also won't post any more pictures of Lindsey Lohan or college cheerleaders.
  • Uh, God, you understood that I didn't promise not to look at those pictures. I don't think it's a sin, despite what Jimmy Carter said.
  • And one more thing, God, I'm sorry I kept replaying that part of Boogie Nights involving the aforementioned Heather Graham. I'm pretty sure that was a sin.
  • I think my new nickname shall be "LenDale". He is my new hero based upon what I'm seeing right now.
  • Holy Crap!!!! Reggie Bush just scored to put USC up 31-23. Reggie Bush may be the fastest man I've ever seen in the history of ever. (I wonder if God really heard my promises earlier?).
  • Sheesh. 11:10 left in the fourth. Jamaal Charles (didn't I say earlier he should never play?) caught the ball and fumbled. The refs blew the call. Instant replay didn't bail them out.
  • Field Goal by Texas at 8:46. USC 31, Texas 26. Tense. (I think I'm going to go read a passage from II Chronicles during the commercial break).
  • Touchdown USC at 6:42 in the 4th!!!! What a catch. What an effort. What a game. (I tried to read II Chronicles but didn't understand it).
  • I think I'll go to bed now.
  • Just kidding.
  • So here we are. 6:00 left in the 4th. USC ahead 38-26. You know, Texas has been a little tight all night long. I hope they don't decide to loosen up. That's when they are at their best.
  • I wonder if there are any new Internet pics of Lindsay Lohan or Heather Graham I need to see right now?
  • I hope God is big on the "forgiveness" thing.
  • Holy Crap!!! Texas just scored. USC 38, Texas 33. (I would like to point out that my earlier comment that Texas needs to "loosen up" might make me a sports genius).
  • Ok, I'm taking another shot at II Chronicles.
  • I didn't see anything about a "ring" representing "continuous love". I'm watching the game.
  • Holy crap. USC ball. 4th down. 2 yard to go. 2:13 left. On the Texas 45......What will they do?
  • OH NOOOOOOOOOOO! They went for it and didn't get it!
  • Ok, Texas ball. They have their chance. TENSE. So TENSE.
  • OMG (Sorry God). On third down, Texas throws a pass but is short of the first down. BUT a face mask call gives Texas a first down.
  • Crap. Another first down. My cow heart might give out on me.
  • Keith Jackson just said "Times Out" again.
  • 46 Seconds left. Texas is down to the 14. Let me say this: This may be the greatest National Championship game ever. Lord, please don't let Texas win.
  • OMG (God has not been answering my prayers, I might add)!! Texas is down to the 9 yard line.
  • Here we go. Fourth down. 26 seconds left. 5 yards to go from the 9 yard line.
  • OMG
  • No funeral

TV Gold

Bill O'Reilly on Letterman last night was gold. Link. (Contains transcript and video clips)

Federal Plea

It seems like a pretty big story, but I'm not particularly interested in the plea of guilty to corruption charges by former Washington lobbyist Jack Abramoff. (Although members of Congress are apparently getting a little nervous). I was more amused of this outfit that he showed up for court in. Uh, can you try not to look like a gangsta?

It's Time

Texas. USC. I've got my Baylor pennant out and sitting on the couch. I'll make my super-sports-brain prediction (which I promise not to remove if I'm ridiculously wrong). USC 32, Texas 17


If you were up after 11:00 p.m. last night, you were bombarded with news accounts that all of the trapped West Virginia miners were found alive. Apparantly, that is the headline of the USA Today and various other newspapers this morning. At around 2:00 a.m., the news broke that all were dead. An account of the media bungle is here. To see the turn of events last night on The Blog, look here.


Team 88

As a high school kid, I hated to watch Pittsburgh Steeler receiver Lynn Swann catch passes against my beloved Cowboys in the Super Bowl. A heck of a receiver. So that makes him qualified to be . . . uh . . . oh, no.

Say Hello To The New Boss, Same As The Old Boss

Carole Keeton Strayhorn announced yesterday that she will run for Governor as an independent. Say hello to your next Governor (pictured). Maybe getting Kinky is a good idea.

Looking Bad

Not to be a pessimist (which I am), the situation of those miners trapped in West Virginia does not look good.

Want To Feel Old?

The top grossing movies . . .
  • 10 years ago are listed here
  • 20 years ago are here
  • and 30 years ago are here

Cotton Bowl Rehash

Random thoughts about yesterday:
  • Parking cost $15
  • The face value of the ticket was $80
  • I bought a ticket off of a nice Alabama guy for $60
  • The kickoff time was 10:00 a.m.
  • Beer sales started at 9:00 a.m.
  • The Cotton Bowl is old but the worst stadium I've ever been to is Neyland Stadium in Tennessee
  • Tech has come very far in a short period of time
  • Tech coach Mike Leach is one weird guy (random thought only - I didn't talk to him yesterday)
  • In 1981, I saw Baylor play Alabama in the Cotton Bowl. Baylor lost and has never been back

Orange Bowl

The halftime show at the Orange Bowl tonight featured Ciara. Me likes me some Ciara.


Hey, All You Conservatives . . .

. . . that claim you are "to the right of Ronald Reagan", I've found your candidate for Texas Governor. His biography sounds like a good old Wise County kind of guy. But then read his position on the issues. You support his positions, right?


New Year in lights : Bianca Sinchongco, writes 2006 with sparklers during New Year celebrations in Manila. (AFP/Jose Lapu)

I Know I'm Right

The Star Telegram is running a story about the death of an ex-stripper who was associated with Jack Ruby, the killer of Lee Harvey Oswald. Her name was "Candy Barr" (good name) and this is an actual photo. That aside, I was stuck by this sentence in the story: "Her career was derailed in 1959 when she was sentenced to 15 years in prison by a Dallas judge for possessing less than an ounce of marijuana." That was 47 years ago. Today, Possession of Marijuana under 2 ounces is a Class B misdemeanor and 99% of the time results in a probation and a fine. I wonder if 47 years from today the public will be equally shocked by reading a sentence of "Her career was derailed in 2006 when she was sentenced to 15 years in prison for possessing less than an ounce of methamphetamine." I bet they will.

So I Decided To Go To The Cotton Bowl

And took a few pictures: Elderly Alabama Fan Cody Hodges Short Pass Alabama RB on the Run Funny Tech T-Shirt Blocked Field Goal By Tech in First Quarter Incoming Almost TD Catch By Tech in First Quarter Tech Block of 'Bama kick (split second after the block) Right Before Big Collision (on 'Bama's game winning drive) Game Winning Field Goal Gutsy Guy Wearing Inflamatory T-Shirt If Bear Bryant Were A Girl Wonder What the Sky Cam Looks Like? Think She Knows I Took Her Pic? And some artsy ones: Cotton Bowl Deterioration Empty Seats And A Tuba Rangerettes Victory



Gettin' Silly

I went to "Pete's Dueling Piano Bar" in downtown Fort Worth on Friday night. It was really fun. But oddly, the crowd seemed more "into it" earlier in the evening when the dueling piano guys simple sang 70s and 80s crowd pleasers with the audience joining in with glee. I had a good time.

Cowboy Thought

Today the Panthers won and the Redskins won which means the Cowboys have no chance of making the playoffs. As I watch the Cowboys game tonight on ESPN, the atmosphere is equivalant to the "dance of the living dead".

Scott Sams

From Steve Blow's column in the Morning News today: Former Channel 8 anchor Scott Sams, who was fired over a year ago, is still unemployed.

Heck Of A Job

How would you like to have a job that simply involved photographing Lindsey Lohan at the beach in Miami over the last few days. See his handy work on this day, or this one, or this one. Is that Joe Duty I hear crying?


I went to a New Year's Eve party last night in a home in Trophy Club. The hostess was a gal I went out with, get this, fourteen years ago. She's now married, has three gorgeous kids, and lives in a wonderful house. She should thank me we broke up with one another. I could have screwed all that up for her.

Texan Of The Year

I had been following the Dallas Morning News' countdown to Texan Of The Year. Well, we finally have a winner and it was . . . "Houston". Yep, Houston. Houston is a "Texan". Sheesh.

Wheels Are Off

College football fans will remember former Ohio State running back Maurice Clarett. After a sensational freshman year, he was suspended for a year for criminal conduct. He then fought to enter the NFL draft as a sophomore - an attempt that led to protracted litigation. He was finally drafted last spring by the Denver Broncos only to be cut before the season began. And things haven't gotten any better.

I Finally Saw . . .

. . .Gods and Monsters, the fictional account of the last days of James Whale who directed Frankenstein and Bride of Frankenstein. Different, but good.

A Drop Kick?

I've never seen this: Doug Flutie of the New England Patriots kicked an extra point today via the "drop kick".