Game Day "Hey, Now"

Random Game Day Pics

Oh my

I'll never bad mouth my Bears again.

Baylor 36 Kansas 35

Random thoights at halftime

- It is really hot - Baylor may be the worst team in America - I just saw a black guy get arrested by The Man - On the way down, I saw a billboard that read 'Alvarado - one city under God' - Some Baylor students were holding a banner over I-35 that read 'Honk for impeachment!'

So I Did

As I Seriously . . .

. . . think about driving to Waco for Baylor/Kansas on a beautiful Saturday afternoon.


Country Grammer

So I'm reading about the exploding population in northern Tarrant County and come across this sentence: A significant number of houses is also being built in southwest Fort Worth, as well as in the central city, including in and around downtown. I feel like an idiot. It seems like that should be "are" but I think it has something to do with a prepositional phrase. But I have no idea. I'm spending the rest of the night diagramming sentences while smoking marihoochie and playing bongo drums.

Geek Talk

I abandon Microsoft's IE browser a few months ago and started using Firefox. I love it. You can get it here for free.

Me Loves Me Some Kate Hudson

Smells Like

If you ever wanted to see Nirvana's Kurt Cobain smash someone over the head with a guitar and then get his arse kicked, check out this. (The good stuff on the youtube.com clip comes at the 3:00 minute mark.) It occurred in Deep Ellum 15 years ago.

"She just didn't understand me."

Thank you. I'll be here all week. Edit: And I'm talking about his big brain, not his speech. Although an explanation can truly ruin the timing of a joke.

Riding Dirty

What's up with the crappy "paving" job done on some of the streets in Decatur? This street (right off the courthouse square) is two weeks post having it done and it creates more dust than a back road in Cottondale.

Dog Pile

Now the relatively famous "Pink Dome" political blog in Austin has jumped on the "AE" controvery.

Decatur Gang Land

I can never really picture gangs at Decatur High School. Maybe a West Side Story kind of gang, but not gangsta gangs. (Blurb from Update.)


Hey Batttttaaaaa

I never watch baseball but I finally get interested in the 7th inning of a championship series. It's 10:36 and I'm dialed in to Mets/Cardinals. But I can't concentrate due to the music being played over the Shea Stadium public address system. I just heard Naughty By Nature's "O.P.P."

Hey, Now......Uh.....(Tapping Brakes).... Uh

I Don't Know


I Keep Telling You . . .

. . . the Republicans govern by the Politics of Fear. And now they are at it again.

Friday Night Lights

The TV show by that name looks pretty good (I've spent a few minutes with it), but I'm afraid it won't be around for long. The households in DFW viewing it and its competition from Tuesday: Friday Night Lights: 73,700 homes Dancing with the Stars: 307,020 homes NCIS: 176,120 homes Gilmore Girls: 85,680 homes Source.

Oh, My

The couple on the left were featured in a couple of stories last year (when this photo was taken) after they decided to stick it out in post-Katrina New Orleans. Their relationship did not turn out very well.


Circa 1960 television commercial.

Wig what?

Dear Republican Women,

I've found a Democrat you can support.

Less Than 18 Hours Before The Scheduled Execution

Source. Isn't that crazy? Edit: These people will not be happy.


Let's Bring Down The Lights For A Moment

Those that know me the best know that I have a sappy side. It can take a little work to get there but, yeah, that side of me exists. And tonight I got reminded of that. Someone sends me by email of an article written by Sports Illustrated's Rick Reilly and a link to a youtube video to view after I read it. No way I'm wasting my time on that, I thought. Anyway, the skeptical side of me figured it was a hoax anyway so I went to snopes.com to verify my suspicions. It wasn't a hoax. You can read the article here (where I went to verify the story.) Although there is a youtube.com link located there, the video my buddy sent me is here. Yeah, it will take you a couple of minutes to read and a couple of minutes to view, but you sappy ones out there will thank me.

Hey, Now

A Washington State fan from last weekend. (Although this guy almost took her place.)


. . . is the price for this home in Denton. I hope it is not a fixer-upper. (If I was smart enough to compute the annual property taxes, I would. But I know there are a couple of you out there with real big brains.)

Worst Halloween Outfit . . .

. . . in the history of ever.

Unfortunate Choice Of Words

The DMN had a front page story today on a motion filed by convicted murderer Michael Blair claiming a new DNA test had exonerated his client in the death of 7-year-old Ashley Estell in 1993. A poor choice of words by his attorney (as the excerpt, above, shows). (For what it is worth, that case had a greater impact on the revision of our criminal laws in Texas than any other case. )

The Forgotten War

October may be the bloodiest yet.

Wants a Do Over

- See the weird painting? - It's famous - painted by Pablo Picasso and called 'Le Reve' ('The Dream') - It is owned by Las Vegas rich guy Steve Wynn - Wynn agreed to sell it to another collector for $139 million - Then Wynn accidentally "poked a finger-sized hole in the artwork while showing it to friends at his Las Vegas office a couple of weeks ago."

I Found A Contest Baylor Will Win

Hottest female dean or associate dean of a law school. The contest.

Channel 8 . . .

. . . is on to the Photo/Speeding-Ticket-In-The-Mail idea of Rhome.

And To Think I Was Going To Grow My Hair Out

As For Me, I've Got Tired Head

If you can't get enough of the Wise Republican / European American controversy, you can always: -Read here where the former chair of the Dallas County Democratic Party said -A blurb about it on the blog of the Dallas Observer -Or more from a local perspective here [Spelling errors fixed - hey, I was in a hurry]


I Don't Know Why I Love Moments Like This So Much

So Mike Synder is beating me down tonight on the 10:00 p.m. newscast. He introduces a story about some Watuaga police officer named Jason Reddick who had (briefly) got his job back after posting inappropriate pictures on MySpace.com. But for some reason, NBC 5 shows me a picture of rookie NBA player Jonathan Clay "J.J." Redick. KXAS is comical. Edit: OMG! Mike Synder comes back later to apologize for the error and the whole thing gets worse. YouTube.clip of the whole incident is here. I love this stuff.

But What If My Addiction Is To Old Time Nazi Meth?

Link. (I actually found this while browsing the Dallas Observer's "Best Of" edition - which I love. It was in the category of "Best Place to Unwired". Those Dallas people are funny.)

Salma (Do Over)

And you conservatives want to lock down the borders?

This One Means Something To Me

As a kid, I think my love of news (even to this day) was created by the 2 and 1/2 minute "In The News" broadcasts that Christopher Glenn would narrate every Saturday morning in between brain dead cartoons. They would always end with something like, "I'm Christopher Glenn with The People of Skylab [or any other subject]. . . In The News." (I realize the "skylab" reference dates me terribly.) And I remember being in law school listening to KRLD when the space shuttle blew up in 1986. He was anchoring the CBS coverage of the launch when I heard him say (and I'm 99% sure of this), "There's something definitely wrong here" in the first few seconds of the tragedy. I remember picking up the phone and calling home. (Story here.)

Oh, My

Fox 4 News' Jeff Crilley: The Older Days

Footage here. (PG-13 rating for some inadvertent "evidence" coming into view.)

"If you are going to work, work. If you are going to train, train. And if you are going to dance, dance."

Some poor sap name Aleksey Vayner creates a "video resume" to send out to potential employers while he is a student at Yale. It was bad. Very bad. So someone copied it and off into Internet Fame he went. It was so comical that you just have to see it. Wikipeida has an entry on him, and this morning the Today Show even threw him under the bus.

I Hate Horror Movies . . .

. . . probably because I'm a big baby, but this list of the 20 Scariest Horror Movie Killers is pretty good.

Hey Soccer Moms, Teach Your Kids This Nifty Trick

Friendly Skies

With the progressive repeal of the Wright Amendment, Southwest Airlines announced today that it will offer one stop destinations to Las Vegas, Chicago, Los Angeles and Orlando, Fla. I just can't figure out how much they'll charge - which is the important part. Both the Star Telegram and the DMN are running the same AP story despite the fact there was a press conference at 10:00 a.m. You'd think they could have someone in the newsroom do a little original work on the story. Edit: The airline, based at Love Field, will offer $99 one-way “introductory” fare on those routes. But Southwest did not disclose a specific end date for that promotion. The introductory fares are available with a 14-day advance purchase, for travel beginning Oct. 31.

KFED On WWE Last Night

What a knucklehead.

I Found A Democrat You Can Turn On

The Star Telegram has a story of how Democratic Comptroller candidate Fred Head is calling Republican opponent Susan Combs a "pornographer" based upon a steamy novel she wrote 26 years ago. Head's web site is here including excerpts from the book here. Fred. you look a little creepy yourself, and the pornography attack is silly. I wish failure upon you.


For Some Unexplained Reason . . .

. . . I have received two issues of Jane magazine in my mailbox.

Diet Update

As posted earlier, I decided I was fat during the first week of August. I then (as I tend to do) became obsessive and went on a crazed diet and exercise combo. As of this morning: I had lost 13.5 pounds. I've become a fan of brussel sprouts with no-fat butter. When you're hungry, you'll eat cardboard and like it.

I Feel Sleepy Tonight . . .

. . . but as I glance at Monday Night Football on that thing called television tonight: - the new stadium in Arizona looks like Texas Stadium at night with the roof open (I feel a road trip coming on) - And the stadium is awkwardly called the "University of Phoenix Stadium" after the online college paid a train load of cash for the naming rights. Confusingly, the stadium isn't in Phoenix and the University of Phoenix doesn't have a football team. - Why are they debuting a Jay-Z video at halftime? - Chris Berman drives me insane - Joe Theismann drives me insane - Tony Kornheiser is not funny - The 15 minute halftime is something every college game should adopt - Charles Barkley showed up in the broadcast booth in the second quarter and I'd vote for making him full time

I Heart You, OU!

Pic was actually taken during 2008 Texas/OU game after the controversial roughing the kicker call in the 4th quarter.

From Yahoo's Home Page

Hey, now.

I Get Lots Of Junk Mail . . .

. . . but that one from Christie Snow (in middle) really gets a guy's attention.

Why, Sheryl, Why

Speaking of John Mayer, I'm sure there is a good reason that Sheryl Crow appears on stage with him in a bikini this weekend.