It's Friday - Let's Get Out Of Here

I give up on trying to upload and convert these videos. Here are the links:

(1) Dog revenge
(2) Old but still funny: Reporter gets crushed by a sledder.
(3) Hot girl with long hair and I have no idea of the meaning of it. 

That Crane I Mentioned This Morning In Random Thoughts . . .

Random Friday Morning Thoughts

  • I don't know if the story told to WFAA by the girlfriend of Johnny Football is true but, regardless, he is done. The guy is a moron. When he made the "money sign" after being drafted (late) in the first round should of told us everything.
  • Johnny's ordeal started at Hotel ZaZa in Uptown. I was in that place once and saw a lady with a high tone purse that looked like a Yorkie.  I've never been back. 
  • Recent Denton County book in photos of people who almost qualify as Random Thought Girls: One. Two
  • Crystal City, Texas: "A grand jury indictment alleges City Manager and City Attorney William James Jonas III; Mayor Ricardo Lopez; Mayor Pro-Tem Rogelio Mata; Councilman Roel Mata and former Councilman Gilbert Urrabazo accepted more than $12,000 in bribes from a contractor wanting to do business with the city." Government vs. Government = Your Tax Dollars at work. 
  • Breaking Unemployment Rate News: It is now down to 4.9%. (Wordkyle in 3 . . . 2. . . 1)
  • The water is now safe to drink in the North Fort Worth / Haslet area? How does it go from dangerous to safe within 24 hours? Considering the water in pipelines, that is not possible.
  • The largest cross in the history of ever is about to be built in the state of Texas. 
  • I'm not saying it's my birthday (I almost forgot) but one of my photoshop friends reminded me of it with this today:
  • Comedic genius, sir. 
  • A massive, and I do mean massive, crane collapsed in NYC this morning.
  • Latest commercial scam: "You're not overweight. It's just water based bloating."
  • I mention this from time to time: Not too long ago the Messenger's Update would (legally) print who was admitted to the local hospital. That seems so insane now. But there was more than one occasion where I saw a name and picked up the phone to make sure someone was OK.
  • "He is a Muslim" - WBAP's Hal Jay yesterday talking about the President. Even goofy sidekick Brian Estridge said, "You can't say that." Jay's response: "I just did." 


A Potential Scumbag May Be My New Hero

Congressional hearings are for one purpose: They are for politicians to try and create sound bites that make the news. That's the only reason. It is not a court. There will be no verdict. There will be no end result. It's all about politics and nothing else.

And this guy and his lawyer (who is also great) understood this. He has no obligation to answer to them. They answer to the citizens. Somewhere along the way that concept got lost.

(Just to be clear: This post is not about what the guy did to get him "summoned" before Congress. He may be a miserable, fraudulent and awful guy. I have no idea. This post is about how he handled a Congressional panel full of people who may, while not miserable or awful, are most likely fraudulent.)

Oh, and then he fired off this afterwards:

Full throttle.

Get Me This Reporter!

Random Friday Thursday Morning Thoughts

  • The Longhorns had a heck of a recruiting class but it may be too little too late. If they have a bad year again next year, Charlie Strong will probably be gone. Probably not fair but that is reality.
  • One of the best lines I ever heard from a guy was: "My dad would mow the lawn in black socks and looked ridiculous. Then it dawned on me that it wasn't that he didn't know about fashion -- It was that he was old enough not to care anymore."
  • We still have the 22 pound cat in the house. I think I've entered that phase of my life where I just don't care anymore and just have fun. The Kids love him. Mrs. LL loves him. The Dogs don't know what to think about him. I've got to tell you, it's a pretty good feeling.
  • BagOfNothing sent my a birthday gift: An American flag lapel pin. Genius comedy.
  • Cruz about Trump: "He's losing it!"
  • The Republican presidential race is like watching an episode of The Bachlerotte. A bunch of guys acting nuts as the go after the Prize.
  • Ever since it was pointed out that Bernie Sanders sounds like Larry David I no longer can focus on what he is saying.
  • Megyn Kelly's new hair style is smokin' hot. Mrs. LL strongly disagrees. 
  • The boys from The Ticket are in San Francisco for the Super Bowl and most of them have taken a trip to Alcatraz. It sounds beyond fascinating.
  • I'm the last thing from being a "people person" but if I ever see anyone on the first floor of the courthouse absolutely confused as to where they should go, I cannot stop myself from asking if I can help. Hey, I'm no saint but there is something about understanding the potential intimidation of the courthouse that causes me to help. And they are always so thankful.
  • I watched the first episode of the O.J. Simpson mini-series last night. Verdict: Pretty, pretty, pretty good. 
  • Want to feel old? Janet Jackson's Control album came out 30 years ago today. I actually saw her with a girlfriend at Reunion Arena after buying scalper tickets in downtown Dallas as we were stuck in traffic. (They were awful seats.)
  • There seems to be a wreck every day on I-35 right before 820. I drive that road a lot because of driver's license hearings. I can tell you why there are wrecks: It is under construction and the lane markings which have been moved, removed, badly painted over, and faded make it almost impossible to tell if you are in a lane or not. 
  • Republican candidates withdrawing from the presidential race because they can't get 1% of the vote in conservative Iowa and then "endorsing" another candidate (See Rick Santorum quitting and endorsing Rubio yesterday) makes me think that the Republicans have no idea how politics works. Boys, you need to get your act together. The old days are gone. It's a new political world. Get ready.
  • Beginning sentence from a new article in Men's Journal: "Sentenced to life for a murder he did not commit, Chris Scott lost everything: the love of his life, his two young sons, a promising future. Exonerated in 2009, he and two other ex-cons are back on the street, fighting to win freedom for more victims of the bare-knuckled Texas justice system."

This Water Issue Is Weird and Disturbing


Above The Fold

Love This: He Won A Kid $25,000

And that green looked a little slick. But flat.

Arrest Everyone And Then Ask For Extra Money From The Taxpayer?

This is going to be a disaster for the DA when all is said and done.

Random Wednesday Morning Thoughts

  • Hey, I don't know what the heck is going on in that photo either. That's either the girl's boyfriend or one of the greatest photobombs in the history of ever.
  • It's National Signing Day which causes me to think: Whatever happen to Max Emfinger who used to be all over the radio on days like this. I looked him up and he's still going but he doesn't appear to be welcome on Dallas radio.
  • And those Letters of Intent are still faxed to the schools (or at least that is what everyone is saying this morning.) I'm guessing most 18 year olds don't know what a fax machine is.
  • There have been a series of robberies in North Dallas of the cash registers of hotels. How much money could possibly be in them? (It's possible the cops got the guys last night after another robbery.)
  • It might end up Rubio vs. Clinton and that would be the Republican's best chance. And Rubio might win. And Fox News is now in love with him. (After dogging him for years on his immigration policy.)
  • I've dogged troopers to no end over the last few months, but I watched a video yesterday of one dealing with a Hispanic and three kids and a wife on Old Base Road and he might have been as professional and courteous as anything I've ever seen. See what that does? If there were to be a trial, a jury would despise me for attacking anything about the guy's conduct even if he made mistakes.
  • Someone mentioned the movie The Ladykillers the other day which starred Tom Hanks in a crazy role with a crazy accent. How that movie is not a cult classic is beyond me because it is beyond funny. (You don't bring your girl to the Waffle Hut.)
  • All young men are still required to register for the military draft (this came up the other day.) Do any of them do it? I've written this before: I went down to the Bridgeport Post Office and registered post Vietnam once I turned 18 and handed my card to the postmaster and asked him, "Is that all there is?" His reply was, "You better hope so."
  • The Fort Worth Law Hawk, who I've dogged before for his crazy ads, might be a marketing genius. Taco Bell is incorporating him into a Super Bowl ad. Then again, it's not like he's running a blog with a bikini girl every morning.
  • I recorded the first episode of the O.J. Simpson "documentary" last night. But I'm not sure I can make it through 10 episodes! There is too much good TV, and I hardly get to watch any of it. How do people watch all of this and work and hang out with the family and keep up with news and get exercise and do yard work and commute?
  • And I'm not sure I knew about this: A Howard Stern disciple's crank call to ABC's Peter Jenning's in the middle of the most tense part of the O.J. standoff and Al Michaels getting on the line to tell him he just got scammed.
  • Yahoo will cut 1,700 jobs. There may never be a more missed opportunity in the history of American business than Yahoo standing idly by as Google took over the Internet in the early days. 
  • A brilliant LSU kid on the college edition of Jeopardy yesterday didn't know that this year's Heisman Trophy winner was from the University of Alabama.



I Would Not Want To Be A Tarrant County Lawyer Right Now

The Tarrant County Criminal Defense Lawyers Association might be in dire straits.

For years the only way you could get the files from the Tarrant DA's office electronically (the DA's office always had an in person open file policy) was to become a member of the association for a fee. That's insane. (I don't practice there so I never cared.)

But due to Texas prosecutorial corruption, the Michael Morton Act was passed requiring prosecutors to turn copies of their files over for a free. (Shocking! Shocking I tell you!) But that new law apparently has caused the membership in that Tarrant County association to plummet. (Go figure.) 

But this is what prompted this post: Check out this email that the association sent which was forwarded to me by more than one person: "You are receiving this email because our records indicate that you have not renewed your membership for 2016. Our association no longer has a monopoly on electronic discovery. However, there are many reasons why membership in TCCDLA is worth the cost. Over half of last year's membership have not renewed, so please take the time and go to our website and renew for the year. When you go to the website, do not log in the main login. Log in the TCCDLA store only. Once logged in, you should be able to renew. If you have any problems, call Storm's Edge at (817) 284-[xxxx]." (Emphasis added.)

Monopoly? Good lord. Words have meaning. Why didn't they just say we can no longer rob you because you had no other option? Then throw in the "many reasons" why membership is important without listing what they are causes a question mark to form over every reader's head. And, just for fun, let's make it complicated to renew online. And, finally, use the the very seductive phrase of "half of last year's membership have not renewed", and this causes me to think the email needs to be taught in every marketing class in America. 

(Side note: Storm's Edge is some for-profit IT company. It will also be the name of my next dog. But then that would make my dog sound like a stripper.)

Who Amongst Us Would Not Film Ourselves Post Being Shot?

Everyone Is A Star In His Own Movie

Random Tuesday Morning Thoughts

  • I watched mostly CNN last night during the Iowa Caucuses.  It was so ramped up. So over the top. They had a reporter watching the handwritten ballots being put into baskets and you would think he was watching a last second Super Bowl field goal.
  • Why does Iowa go first?
  • And who wins Iowa often doesn't matter. But I'd be a little concerned it I was Hillary. But I can't imagine Sanders winning in the South. 
  • It's Groundhog Day which only makes me think of Bill Murray.
  • Mike Huckabee dropped out of the political race today. A guy who had a Fox News program with all that exposure never gained any traction. 
  • "I normally think poles are for strippers and cross country skiers." - Sarah Palin regarding political polls. 
  • Crazy ex-Cowboy Joseph Randle may have bet on games while a Cowboy.


Get Me These Pants!

Cam Newton arriving in San Francisco for Super Bowl

Edit: Apparently this is Cam leaving for San Francisco. The Liberally Lean editorial board regrets this error that offended a couple of you. His location was obviously the focus of this post. 

Very Random UIL Re-Alignment Thought

How would you like to be Abilene? Good lord. The travel.

I'm looking for Bridgeport and Decatur.

Edit: Oh, my! Bridgeport and Decatur have divorced again.

Random Monday Morning Thoughts

  • Ted Cruz was called an "anchor baby born in Canada" by Donald Trump. That's a goofy line but kind of funny. 
  • I've been interested in the "legal" gambling of Draft Kings and Fan Duel and how states have tried to shut them down. But the fatal blow may just have happened: The leading payment processor for them said they will walk away. 
  • Two Plano East girls commit a double suicide?
  • New theory out there: O.J. Simpson's problems were caused by brain injuries from football. You know, I won't outright dismiss that all. Lack of judgment and impulse control are factors.
  • I'll say it again: If you have license plates from the southern states driving southbound on 287, either the DPS or Sheriff's Office will look for a way to stop you. And if they do and tell you that you are coming from Colorado, get ready to be detained -- most of the time illegally based upon a strong Supreme Court case from last year.
  • There is a new trick that law enforcement is using. If they suspect drugs during a traffic stop where the passengers are traveling, they ask them to identify their luggage and put it beside them and then ask consent to search the luggage. That way there won't be an issue as to whose luggage belonged to whom. (Not a bad trick, by the way.) Here's a trick if you get stopped: Shut up. There is no deaf, dumb and blind man in prison.
  • Along those lines, I was reviewing a video of a marijuana traffic stop this weekend and heard an officer say this to a person who was being detained: “Marijuana is still illegal in Texas and we don’t recognize any kind of cars or nothing like that.” Riiiiiiggghhhhtttt.
  • Our goofy tweeting Texas Supreme Court justice outdid himself on Friday. He decided to offer a concurring opinion in a rather complicated procedural issue regarding the "Texas Cheerleaders Religious Football Banner" case. The concurrence was not necessary, he sent a strong message on how he would rule in favor of the cheerleaders (inappropriate since the issue was not before the court), and started out with a reference to The Lion King
  • I went and dropped off a flower at my mother's grave yesterday since it was her birthday. It was hard but went much better than I thought it would. From there, Mrs. LL and I walked around Bridgeport Cemetery, and I begin to say time and time again, "This man worked as a . . . " "This lady was . . ." "This man lived on . . . " I went on and on as I recognized names. She finally said (in a very loving way), "This is not possible unless you grew up in a small town."
  • For some reason I stumbled upon Charlie Sheen in the old movie The Chase this weekend. That movie was way before its time and almost a bit of Idiocracy. Cops over the top. The media over the top. Politicians over the top. (And with a very hot Kristy Swanson in the film as well.)
  • Yes, I know Baylor was the focus of ESPN's Outside The Lines yesterday.
  • I have to stop watching "pastor" Keith Craft. I don't know what gets me more worked up: His horrible preaching, his ramped up style, his begging for money, or the empty seats in the congregation. 


Wise County Connection

His Facebook page
Edit: The more I read about this and the more I see my mutual friends who know this guy, I'm almost obsessed with wondering what the hell happened here. 

Wise County Connection

SAGINAW - A man attacked a woman, an elderly couple and two police officers in a residential neighborhood late Saturday before one of the officers shot and killed him, police and neighbors said.

The man was identified as Michael Brown, 25, according to the Tarrant County medical examiner’s website Sunday. More.

His Facebook page.