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LSU Taking You Into The Weekend

One Last Baylor Note: The Most Chaotic Moments Of The Game

Some OU player almost got killed. That bench reaction made you think he might have been killed. The Baylor player was assessed a personal foul and was ejected.  And then Baylor's immediate angry outburst led to two more fifteen yard penalties. Then we had the ejection overturned but the three personal fouls were allowed to stand.

The line of scrimmage went from the Baylor 47 to the Baylor 7 after the penalties were assessed (and half the distance to the goal was calculated). Then OU turned it over on downs.

Afternoon Rural Texas News Of The Day

The "Daddy" of "Daddy's Baby Girl" Is Dead

What a crazy life.  Story.

Good Thing I Didn't See That "60 Minutes" Report on Benghazi After All

Because it wasn't true.

We Spend A Year Establishing Credibility . . .

. . . and this guy is recreating an episode of Glee or something in the stands.

(And check out the guy on the far right. Doing his own little dance, turns to Mr. Born Showman, and then gives that little head nod of approval.)

Random Friday Morning Thoughts

. . . Will be delayed.

A great night at Baylor/OU. Stuck around after the game to soak it all up. And found myself in a jam packed I-35 on the way back.

Edit: And I'm back

  • Even when I think about sleeping a couple of hours later when I have the freedom to do it, I can't.
  • Some Baylor game thoughts upcoming since it pretty much consumed my afternoon and evening yesterday. 
  • I hadn't planned on going but sports talk kept telling me what I already knew: It would be the biggest game in Baylor's history. And I never dreamed I'd have to spend $100 for an end zone ticket at Baylor
  • It was fantastic. Packed stadium. Raucous crowd. I actually yelled. I'm hoarse this morning. And I spent so much time just taking pictures and looking around thinking "I never believed I would see this."
  • Student seats are general admission. There have been many games in the past when they didn't have to worry about getting a decent seat. Not last night. There were easily 8,000 (maybe more) lined up for the gates to open at 5:00 and all were in their seats at least an hour before the game. And all wearing black. 
  • I'm not an AC/DC fan but even I had to smile when the audio system blared the lyrics of "It's been too long I'm glad to be back." 
  • But I still fear this will all come crashing down over the next four weeks. 
  • One lady, probably about 30, brought a hastily written "We Want 'Bama" sign to the game with the ESPN logo written on it. Unfortunately, the game was on Fox Sports One. Doubt if she got any TV time.
  • Man, I sat really close to a nice elderly guy but he was Loud And An Over-talker. It was like a guy doing color commentary who had nothing to say. 
  • I also sat next to a young girl who had a heck of a football IQ. She tipped me off to the position of the safety seconds before the snap of a play. (I'm still not sure what she trying to tell me.)
  • I-35 seems to have been under construction my entire life. 
  • Callback funny: Baylor's Ahmad Dixon was asked before the season if Baylor could win the Big 12. His response was, "Can God save a hooker?"
  • Driving home late at night it occurred to me I rarely drive after midnight anymore. 
  • I got a Subway sandwich in some off the road convenience store on the way to Waco. I think my Sandwich Specialist might have also been a Meth Specialist. 
  • Another earthquake last night near Springtown. 



I couldn't resist

From Last Night


Random Thursday Morning Thoughts

  • Watched Dennis Miller on The O'Relly Factor last night. He is so bitter that the segment was awkward. (He also just turned 60 which might explain is "angry old white man" issues.")
  • I'm not sure about the mental capacity of a lady on trial for murder who was removed from the courtroom yesterday in Fort Worth. 
  • Protesters at the President's appearance in Dallas yesterday. Sheesh. 
  • Today is the tenth anniversary of the release of Love, Actually. Still one of my favorite movies.
  • Time heals most things it just doesn't seem fair to have to wait.
  • I had a four minute message left for me yesterday about my Jerry Jones/Tom Landry statement. 
  • Sen. John Cornyn was borderline vicious yesterday when asking questions of HHS Secretary Kathleen Sebelius. That is 100% due to the influence of Ted Cruz. 
  • The Pope embracing a disfigured man should melt your heart. 
  • We've got a regular Bush v. Gore race going on at Paradise ISD. It's too close to call per the Update
  • Is the Blockbuster in Decatur still open? If so, it won't be for long


I Love Russian Dashcams

Tuesday Morning Pick Me Up

From the Dallas Observer.

This Was Called Intentional Grounding In The End Zone Last Night


Random Wednesday Morning Thoughts

  • She kind of looks like a happy Kellie Rasberry.
  • There was an editorial in the SMU student newspaper yesterday urging girls not to get drunk in order to avoid potential sexual assault. Fox 4 interviewed the author who didn't want to show her face on camera. That is so bizarre to me. 
  • I've never understood the criticism of Jerry Jones over the firing of Tom Landry. He flew down to Austin and told him face to face. What more could he have done? 
  • There was a small earthquake near Azle last night, and the news spread like wildfire. There was also one in North Richland Hills late Friday afternoon that no one heard about because no reporters were working. (That's why companies and politicians always release bad news late on a Friday.)
  • Chris Christie won the governorship of New Jersey again last night. There is speculation of a presidential run but he has absolutely no chance of winning. But he has a greater chance of winning than Ted Cruz, Sarah Palin, Michelle Bachmann or Rich Santorum. 
  • I didn't get one comment yesterday about my statement that verbal abuse is a very close second to mental abuse. Apparently, once in awhile I'm right.
  • It's specifically spelled out in the Texas Penal Code that it is not illegal to flash your headlights to warn oncoming motorists of a cop in his future. Edit: For the person who foolishly questioned my expertise, See Texas Penal Code § 38.15(c).
  • Houston voters decided last night not to save the Astrodome. I have a vague memory of being there as a child but also being carried to the car because I was sick. I was sick a lot as a kid. I'm rarely sick as an adult.
  • There are a lot of tormented souls in this world. 
  • The temperature in Decatur dropped 20 degrees between 2:00 a.m. and 4:00 a.m. last night. 
  • ESPN's Game Day had a live interview with Art Briles on Saturday where he disclosed he was in Marble Falls on a recruiting trip.  Quick research revealed that the only player worthy of recruiting in Marble Falls was a white boy receiver who had already committed to Texas. (At least I've heard he is white. I don't see color.)
  • By a 2-1 margin, Kaufman County voters rejected funding the "Hasse-McLelland Justice Center [which was] to be named after Mark Hasse, an assistant district attorney gunned down Jan. 31 near the courthouse, and District Attorney Mike McLelland who was shot in his home with his wife, Cynthia, on March 30."
  • I'm not sure about the details, but an 18 wheeler struck a bridge support in Big Spring on I-20 (possibly overnight). That's a crazy scene. Story. Facebook picture and picture.

Above The Fold


Fox News Finally Admits It Has Issues

Oh. Wait. They mean technical issues.

Am I The Only One Who Thinks This Bit Is Cruel and Vicious*?

*In the original title, "vicious" was misspelled. Liberally Lean regrets this error. 

And Another - Utah

Strong to quite strong.

Assistant DA In Waco Luckily Didn't Kill Someone


Random Tuesday Morning Thoughts

  • "UGH - it took half the newscast before someone told me my jacket wasn't buttoned!! Happy Monday!  :)" - Tweet from Fox 4's Heather Hayes (which would be so much better if there was a screenshot.)
  • Watched most of 2004 Tom Hanks' movie The Ladykillers last night. I greatly, greatly underrated comedy. 
  • I'm beyond anxious about the Baylor/Oklahoma game on Thursday, but I deal with it by expecting Baylor to lose. I'm a big fan of the concept of Low Expectations. That way I'm rarely disappointed.
  • There's a story today in the Star-Telegram about the restoration of a subway car that used to take passengers between a parking lot and what would eventually become the Tandy Center. When I was in high school, late one night, the kid conductor of an empty subway car had me drive alongside him because he wanted me to know how fast he could get it up to. I think the max speed was in the 30s.  
  • Tony Romo trying to scooch the ball up before a measurement on Sunday is funny.
  • Attorney Lisa Blue is always in the news (she's the widow of asbestos lawyer Fred Baron who paid the housing costs for John Edwards' paramour, and she was most recently embroiled in Dallas DA Craig Watkins contempt hearing). But I'll never get past the time I heard her speak to a bunch of criminal defense lawyers, mistakenly believed she was talking to prosecutors, and then referred to a hypothetical victim as the prosecutor's "client".   (For those of you that understand that, you'll appreciate it.)
  • I think I have a unique ability to spot a fraud. 
  • I can't say I'm informed about Prop 6 on today's ballot, but the Morning News, in a story about it,  ran a picture of a 1980s(?) boombox laying on the ever growing shores of Lake Bridgeport. 
  • Have they ever considered building a feeder lake for Lake Bridgeport? Wouldn't it be justified? 
  • I'd bet that the first stone being turned in the abolition of football will come from the Ivy League. I can absolutely see Yale or Harvard saying they will no longer participate in a sport that causes brain damage. 
  • Every time I see a sports reporter tweet or say he had a "nice chat with [insert athlete]" I'm convinced they are more interested in name-dropping than content. (Jean Jacques Taylor and Tim MacMahon are the worst.)
  • The bullying story regarding the Miami Dolphins which has caused one guy to quit the team and another to be suspended is both fascinating and infuriating. Mental abuse isn't far behind physical abuse. 
  • The sleep inducing Peter King used the word "pussification" on The Ticket this morning. 
  • And if you're not familiar with the Dolphins' bullying story, Richie Incognito bullied teammate Jonathan Martin into a mental breakdown. If that's all you know, that will still make this page out of the Dolphins game program shocking. 


Stuff I Didn't Know

Fire engulfed Neel Hall men’s dormitory at Decatur Baptist College on February 22, 1912. Named for college benefactor J.E. Neel of Boyd, the dormitory had been constructed 18 years before at a cost of about $7,500. The fire was probably sparked by coals dropping from a stove onto the floor of a sleeping room on the northeast corner of the second floor. Although the building was a total loss, the personal belongings of the residents were saved. Gov. Colquitt was petitioned for tents to house the students until other arrangements could be made. The forerunner of Dallas Baptist University, Decatur Baptist College opened in 1898 on the campus of the former Northwest Texas Baptist College. The junior college served as a preparatory school for Baylor University until it moved to Dallas in 1965. This hand-tinted photograph is nestled in the papers of Burleson native Robert Hanks Brister (1890-1965), a graduate of Decatur Baptist College (1912) and Baylor University (1917). Brister, a veteran of World War I, was superintendent of Taylor Public Schools (1922-1935) and Waco Public Schools (1935-1944).

The University of Texas at Arlington Library offers a diverse collection of materials on the history of Texas and the Southwest. Each week, readers get a glimpse of the past with an image from Special Collections. 817-272-3393, www.uta.edu/library/spco

Not The Feel Good Story Of The Year

Random Funny

And that oblivious glare:

From The Email Bag

Decatur gal with a dead deer.

"It was open season of deer season (with a rifle) this last weekend... just in case you were running low on things to post in your random thoughts this week. http://thehuntinggame.com/shots-of-the-week-11313/ "

Random Monday Morning Thoughts

  • I loved jogging this weekend as the trees have now begun to change colors. I even listened to music. And I even considered just shutting out all the noise for the rest of my life. 
  • I found a pretty leaf.
  • I got angry with a clerk this weekend which is something I never do. And then I spent the next five minutes apologizing to him for my outburst. 
  • I watched some of Presumed Innocent last night. As someone who thinks he knows a great deal about criminal law, that movie confuses me at points. 
  • Re the Adrian Peterson touchdown run yesterday: An offensive player can't pick up and carry a guy into the endzone, right? 
  • Early poll numbers show Greg Abbott a five point favorite over Wendy Davis. Make no mistake, he will win.  But that number is shockingly close for Red State Texas. And once Texas becomes Blue, the Democrats will control New York, California, and Texas. You will win every election if you control those three states.
  • How in the world did West Virginia beat Oklahoma State earlier in the year?
  • From the Update: "He ran several people off the road, Nodine said, and when he reached Rhome, he headed east toward Texas Motor Speedway in Denton County." Is it "toward" or "towards"?
  • When close friends give you a warning, you probably should listen.
  • I had 60 Minutes recorded from last week because it had a huge Benghazi segment. When I hit "play" this weekend, all I got was the fourth quarter of some some spare NFL game. 
  • They are hard to find, but I watch a couple of people on Facebook who just go scorched earth about their life and relationships. Big time entertainment.