Name Your Price

The Star Telegram had a story speculating about what company would eventually win the the bidding rights to the new Dallas Cowboys stadium. The players are (with annual revenues): D.R. Horton: $15.05 billion Exxon Mobil: $370.68 billion Southwest Airlines: $9.09 billion TXU Corp.: $10.44 billion Verizon: $75.11 billion XTO Energy: $3.52 billion Wells Fargo & Co.: $35.69 billion Capital One: $3.07 billion EDS:$19.76 billion Texas Instruments: $13.39 billion

Exxon seems like the natural choice. I actually drove by the new site of the stadium yesterday. I had not idea that it was so close to Collins Street (heck, it is on Collins Street.) And although there wasn't much to see, I've never seen so many cranes in one location in my life.