Good Lord


Man In Trunk

I've not read anything about this, but the more I watch this the more I think the officer had just learned he was in the trunk. Still scary. And the initial attempt to slam the trunk back was a good idea.

Random Friday Morning Thoughts

  • It's Friday after Thanksgiving. #ImStillTheHardestWorkingManInShowBusiness
  • Below is a graphic from a couple of years back when a district court judge made the ruling. On Wednesday, Texas highest criminal court agreed and overturned the life in prison sentence.  I almost want to yell, "Lock her up! Lock her up!"
  • In other false conviction news, the court also set aside the convictions of the "San Antonio Four" -- an incredible case you've probably never hear of.
  • In other news that fell through the cracks, Greg Abbott paid no taxes in 2015. Think about that: The man, who has lived his entire life off of a lawsuit settlement (he was hit by a tree which fell because trees die) and has lived off of your tax dollars, paid no taxes. 
  • I should get a better accountant. 
  • In the end, Hillary will beat Trump by almost 2.1 million votes. 
  • I watched a little bit of Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade for the first time in a long time. It's more of a variety show than a parade. And one long advertisement. 
  • Florence Henderson ("Carol Brady") has died. 
  • Football thought: Terrence Williams TD catch yesterday confused me. I think I'm right in believing that it's not only if he had two feet in bounds but where the ball was when it happened. It was very probably a touchdown, but no one talked about that. (Let's use this example: If he had been standing in the end zone but had his hands extended back over the goal line into the playing field and catches the ball and then were to be tackled back into the playing field, that's not a touchdown. Right?)
  • There was a false start in the game as well and Mrs. LL immediately said, "Was he drawn offsides?" That scared me. 
  • The Frankenstein commercial was great in concept but poorly done. 
  • I watched Philadelphia a couple of days ago and was shocked about my perception of what I thought of it when it came out in theaters and now (And someone at the Ticket needs to pull Denzel Washington's cross examination of a guy as he yells, "Are you gay!!!???" with that Norm Hitzges drop.)
  • The loss of the Aggie/Longhorn game on Thursday night is a big loss. 
  • The media keeping government in check is the most important right/aspect of our society. And once the press goes away, which we are seeing with "fake news" and Trump's view that they are "not nice", we will end up in Idiocracy far more quickly than Mike Judge ever dreamed of. 
  • Mitt Romney is probably the most decent human being to ever to run for President. And if you oppose his potential appointment by Trump because he called out Trump for not being a decent human being, you need to check yourself. 
  • The California mom who went missing while jogging a month ago has been found safe. That is one weird story which makes no sense. 


Happy Thanksgiving (Part Two)

Longtime readers will understand the photo.

Happy Thanksgiving.

Signed, Your Human Pi├▒ata. ­čśŹ


Happy Thanksgiving!

Good lord, what have we done? The man is unhinged.

(Edit: That's not a fake account.)

Edit: He's a con man. (Wait for the tweet where he says "They're staying!" when they were never going to leave and he had nothing to do with any of it. Incredible.)

"See What I'm Dealing With?"

One of our fine commentors fires off a hot (and incredibly confusing) opinion at the same time  as Aggieland issues a press release about the Alt-Right nutcase coming to speak on campus.


Above The Fold*

*I don't know what else to call it.

On This Thanksgiving, Give Thanks You Don't Live In LA

Speaking Of Idiocracy

Random Wednesday Morning Thoughts

  • Man, that Medal of Freedom ceremony at the White House yesterday was like the Golden Globes for old guys like me: Tom Hanks, Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, Michael Jordan, Vin Scully,  Ellen DeGeneres, Lorne Michaels, Bill and Melinda Gates, Diana Ross and Bruce Springsteen were honored. 
  • Tom Hanks being in the background at the ceremony looked like a scene out of Forrest Gump.
  • My head is still spinning about Trump's day yesterday after his fight and make up session with the New York Times. I don't know if his election is like "Dog catches car" or "Cat finally gets outside and doesn't know what to do."
  • I get sucked into Urban Cowboy every time. It is so Texas. And one scene I had never noticed is Uncle Bob talking to Bud, played by John Travolta, about pride. Years later, Pulp Fiction would revive Travolta's career and he would be in the background in a bar in one scene when Marsellus Wallace talks to Butch (Bruce Willis) about pride.
  • I love those who tell me to "get over it" when it comes to this election. And my friends have checked on me wondering if I'm OK. Uh, no. After the Idiocracy of yesterday, I'm far from OK.
    Nice segue, no?
  • Wow: Fort Worth's Shannon, Gracey law firm is shutting down. I interviewed with them in 1985. They didn't hire me. (Love this sentence from the story: "Shannon Gracey, which lists offices in Fort Worth, Dallas, Arlington, Austin, Houston and Rhome . . . ."
  • Trump may end up being the most moderate President ever. Heck, he might be a liberal. He conned Bubba into thinking he was a right winger. He conned me into thinking he was a right winger. His goal might be simply to make money. And if that's true, I hope the authors of Game Change and Double Down name their book about this election The Big Con? (It a nice name play off of the title The Big Short about how we were all conned during the mortgage crisis.)
  • The Eighth Grader in the House got a Polaroid camera for her birthday.  She and her friends thought is was the craziest technology they had ever seen. Reaction: You can take a picture and it gets printed out? Right away? On paper? You kidding me?
  • Dalai Lama news:

  • Right wing talk radio shows were in an absolute disarray yesterday trying to defend Trump. "We weren't lied to when he said he would prosecute Hillary," they said. "He's just being Presidential." How's that "drain the swamp" workin' out for you? 
  • That leader of the alt-right meeting where the Nazi salute was made after Trump's election (that I posted yesterday) will speak at Aggieland. (The guy's also a graduate of Dallas' high tone St. Mark's.) And to think the Dennis Pragers of the world thought public institutions of higher learning were nothing but a bastion of liberalism.
  • I'm about to go in Thanksgiving mode, and will abandon politic talks for a while. (A promise to myself which I will break in no time flat.)
  • There's is no bigger fake news than local reporters going to DFW or Love Field to report on today being "the busiest traffic day of the year." 
  • Another long time prosecutor in the Tarrant County DA's office was either fired or left. Who was it? 

Oh, My

"Brad Collins, 32, told WFAA.com that he was helping neighbors with a 25-year-old tradition of passing out Bible verses to children on Halloween night in Boyd, a city about 30 miles northwest of Fort Worth, when he wanted to do something more."


Is This The Most Unfunny Woman Of All Time?

(And that sounds like a horrible sandwich.)

What Happened To The Good Old Days When We All Hated Nazis*

*Especially Illinois Nazis.

Random Tuesday Morning Thoughts

  • What a horrible bus accident in Tennessee. But the bus driver has been arrested? For what? And does anyone want to wait for an investigation to figure out what happened? There has been a mindset develop over the last twenty years that every traffic accident involving a death must be a crime.
  • I think I heard this morning that every school bus in Dallas ISD is equipped with seat belts. Is that right?
  • College Football: (1) Amongst all the Charlie Strong talk and the loss to Kansas, everyone is overlooking that UT's star running back carried the ball fifty-one times on Saturday. Talk about what should be a crime. (2) Things that don't make sense: SMU beating Houston, Baylor beating Oklahoma State, and Iowa State destroying Tech. (3) TCU still needs to win one more game to be bowl eligible. (4) Told ya there was a chance OU could get into the Final Four. 
  • This has to be fake news, right? "In a statement released later Monday, the Trump transition team said the president-elect and [Rick] Perry 'had an in-depth discussion on homeland security, border control, and illegal immigration."
  • I did not know that Rick Perry posted on Instagram after the election: "Just got a call to #makeamericagreatagain Saddle up & ride, bro!! #godblessamerica". Good grief. And he threw in a confusing photo. 
  • And the soon to be leader of the free world was at it again this morning. This is right out of Idiocracy:
  • The press is "not nice." I'm dumbfounded.  I wonder if that was ever considered as an alternative title to All The President's Men.
  • The Eighth Grader in the House is painting her room today. What could go wrong?
  • Those are screenshots of the opening of the old Wide World Of Sports. I never new a guy by the ramp ducked.
  • An Azle teen is making news by coming up with the "Trump Challenge" game: You run when someone says "Trump is coming!"  (I wonder if she has seen The Wire?)
  •  Wait. What?
  • This morning: "Trump administration will not pursue further investigations of Hillary Clinton, according to aide Kellyanne Conway." So much for that "lock her up" promise. (And since when is the President making the decisions of the Attorney General?)
  • You've got to see the "video showing an alt-right crowd celebrating Trump’s win with Nazi salutes." The leader of the group was heard referring 'to the mainstream media as 'L├╝genpresse,' a term he said he was borrowing from 'the original German'”; the Nazis used the word to attack their critics in the press." Not nice. 
  • The holidays can't get here soon enough.



Which One Is Meeting With Trump Today?

Above The Fold And More

The Messenger finally changed the way online subscribers view the paper.  Nice, nice change.

Get Me This Dog!


The audio isn't good but you'll get the gist.

I was channel surfing between the Big 12 and SEC on Saturday and came across this. That's Jimmy Swaggart's son. That Jimmy Swaggart. He is mocking Muslims in, I suppose, Christian love.

Edit: I will revise this. He isn't necessarily making fun of just Muslims. He's making fun of any religion which is different.

Random Monday Morning Thoughts

  • My new mantra for Trump may be: "If you voted for him you own him." No more "What about Hillary" justifications. You own him.
  • Charlie Strong will be fired as the head coach at Texas. Hot Sports Opinion: He would be perfect for Baylor. He's a "character first" guy, and it would be two redemption projects. 
  • I'm officially old when during the great (justifiable) Cowboy hysteria I really perk up when I see an old clip of Tony Dorsett. 
  • Have the Cowboy cheerleader shorts gotten shorten? They look like bikini bottoms.
  • Here's an advertising twist: We have a Geico commercial with the lizard who references Helzberg Diamonds. 
  • I hate restaurants. But with the College Freshman In The House home for the holidays, we went to one last night. I basically recreated a scene from Pulp Fiction when I looked at the menu and, using my best  John Travolta voice, said, "$10 for a hamburger? $10? Let me get this straight. It's meat between two pieces of bread, right? And it's $10. Ok."
  • Talking to the College Freshman about "where do you get your news?" was horrifying. She's a smart and wonderful kid, but it was horrifying. 
  • The clip of Dak Prescott missing the trash can while throwing away a water bottle and picking it up is golden. I think that means a lot. It is very similar to my belief that you should always make your bed every morning.
  • Someone alerted to me on Friday to a show which was basically Cops but was "live." It was like the Red Zone channel for cops. From a Fourth Amendment standpoint, it needs to be shown in law schools.
  • The killing of the San Antonio officer during a traffic stop is sickening. And make no mistake about it: It had to have been captured on video. 
  • "Pope Francis says abortion can be forgiven by ordinary priests instead of requiring the intervention of a bishop." If I started writing a bullet point about this, I would never stop. 
  • Trump will spend more time at Trump Tower than the White House? Practically, it makes no difference. But how in the world would you not want to live in the White House?  
  • Trump settled the lawsuit against Trump University for $25 million. The President of the United States - Elect has just paid $25 million for conning dumb people who trusted him. 
  • I watched another episode (an old one) of Black Mirror last night. Man, I love that stuff. Mrs. LL and I would hit pause and discuss what we thought was going on. 


The President Elect Is Thin Skinned

And he will have the nuclear codes.

(Side note: Him saying he  has heard that the cast of Hamilton "is highly overrated" sounds like something that Alec Baldwin would say in a Saturday Night Live skit.)