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Tennis Shoes Taking You Into The Weekend

Three Posts In One

Since I'm torn as to whether they deserve their own:

  • Dang it, Britney is getting married! (But what is she wearing above?)
  • The fancy West 7th area in Fort Worth has two patrons robbed and a bar owner going after the crooks ala Charles Bronson and exchanges gunfire
  • Worst high school pep rally prank ever (if you think kissing your parents is wrong)
  • In cat humor . . . 

For You Political Types: Texas Will Have No Influence Over Republican Presidential Primary


Random Friday Morning Thoughts

  • I've seen on TV a lot of folks who have had lower leg amputations being able to run with those high tech J-shaped foot replacements. But I have never seen one in real life despite the the ten half marathons I have run in. 
  • I watched the first half of the Fox Republican Debate last night, and I actually felt the frustration experienced by the conservatives. That group will drive you insane.  (And I've never seen so many candidates simply ignore a question completely and begin with "What we really should be talking about is . . . . ")
  • And for those that watched it, wasn't that the longest and most confusing question ever thrown at Rick Perry -- the one concerning something that happened when he was Agricultural Commissioner? 
  • I heard that the infant abuse investigation in Boyd is going no where and that it would be surprising if charges were filed. 
  • This morning I looked down at the Family Cat's water bowl and saw a Christmas ball floating in it. That feline has upped her game. It's gone to Taunting Level. 
  • The Feds are after Sheriff Joe in Arizona for discrimination. I'm torn on this one. I'm certainly inclined to believe the charges are true, but I also thinks the Feds are picking on him for being a conservative outspoken redneck.
  • That was a pretty genius comment that first appeared under the Boyd  car vs. train wreck blog post yesterday -- something like, "I didn't even know my momma got out of prison."  (At least it is if you get it.) 
  • There's a chance this "I want to be Tony Montana" drug case against Sam Hurd implicates a bunch of NFL players as well. This could be really, really big. 
  • I got a letter from DPS telling me my license is up for renewal but that I've got to renew it in person and bring my social security card.  And to think I almost got away with being an illegal alien after all of these years. 
  • I would think a miscarriage would be so emotionally devastating that it could cause serious long term issues if not dealt with properly. But society doesn't even seem to give it the same level of sympathy as even a divorce.  
  • An acquaintance of mine posted a "I hate the holidays" post on Facebook. I replied underneath it with some of my world renowned comedy gold. Then I got an email from a close friend of his saying, "Call me and I'll tell you what is going on between he and his wife. You'll freak."  Uh. Oh. 
  • I think this is the aspiring Paradise, Texas model.
  • Sports Idiot?: I love ESPN's 30 for 30 documentaries and had been seeing quick promos for the new one about Todd Marinovich. It wasn't until this morning that I learned that I had mistakenly thought the documentary was about Tony Mandarich.
  • Current Events Idiot?: Seeing lots of remarks about the death of Christopher Hitchens this morning. I'm thinking, "Who?"
  • The Update has been referring to former Cowboy Walt Garrison making an appearance around here and kept mentioning he was named one of "The Top 50 Dallas Cowboys Of All Time" in 2009.  I figured that was probably true, but I wondered what list they were talking about. The only one I could find was one from the Dallas Morning News. Garrison came in at #47.
  • The Update also has a funeral listing for a 23 year old out of Mineral Wells. Turns out she was a shooting victim. What's the Wise County connection?


Calling All Restaurant Accountants

From the Update:

If my meal at Pizza Hut is, say, $8.00.  How much is the "per meal profit" of which 20% goes to the "Eagle Dolls."  And what do you think the average daily sales are for a Thursday?

Breaking: Car Just Got Hit By A Train In Boyd

That's all I know. (Thanks emailer, Shawn.)

Developing . . . .

War On Drugs Horsecollars Ex-Dallas Cowboy

Sam Hurd Being Pursued By Undercover Agent

The Feds have nabbed Sam Hurd: 
According to the complaint, Hurd told an undercover operative that he wanted up to 10 kilograms of cocaine and a half ton of marijuana per week "for distribution in the Chicago area."
 Hurd told the undercover that he was willing to pay $25,000 per kilo of cocaine and $450 per pound for the marijuana, the document states.
Well, if you gotta go. Go large.

Very Quiet Political Season In Wise County

Today is the deadline for filing.
DA - Greg Lowery. I haven't heard of an opponent.
CA - James Stainton. Ditto.
Constable in Decatur - Tom Bishop.  I think Dennis Hudson has filed for the position he once held.
County Court at Law #2 - Stephen Wren.  There was news that Marilyn Belew was going to file but I'm not sure that has happened. Edit: Ms. Belew has filed.

Edit: The deadline has been extended to Monday because of a bunch of liberal judges who, no doubt, are trying to make law from the bench instead of interpret law have been meddling with Congressional redistricting.

And Another

Story. We've got a strong charge at the end of the year.

Random Thursday Morning Thoughts

  • Great lightning show this morning. (Hey, I spelled it correctly!)
  • More about it later, but the guy on trial in Wise County for a sex crime received probation yesterday. Absolutely the right and measured verdict in a case with unique facts.  Common sense lives.
  • I wonder how business is in the new CVS in Decatur?
  • I like high school football, but the "controversy" over the Southlake onside kick against Dallas Skyline gives me Tired Head. It's over. Let's move on. But I did laugh about Dallas City Councilman Dwaine Caraway calling for an investigation because of the "children". (Ticket callback joke.)
  • We are officially out of Iraq: Final U.S. Soldier death count is 4,487.  I'm proud to say I was against it from the start. (But on September 10, 2002 I wrote that I didn't think we would invade the country because the public support wasn't there.)
  • What would happen to a Poolville man who was on parole after a 25 year sentence for his fifth DWI conviction and then got arrested for DWI again in Parker County and had an alcohol concentration of .32? Mr. Foreperson of the jury, have you reached a verdict?
  • Bud Kennedy loves Boyd's Gogo Gumbo.
  • Wasn't "High School Musical" a big Christmas player just a couple of years ago? What happened? Everyone graduate?
  • What happened to the Boyd child death investigation from two days ago? I haven't heard a word. 
  • That wreck in Arlington (post below) was insane yesterday. And it really can't be classified as a wreck. More like a maniac on the loose.
  • One guy was killed in that incident while trying to be a Good Samaritan. The risk these days of coming in contact with a nutcase seems to be getting greater and greater, and I wouldn't blame anyone for keeping their distance and calling for help on a cell phone. 
  • Sports intensive: Tim Tebow is on the cover of Sports Illustrated, and if you haven't followed his story in the NFL this year you are missing some bizarre entertainment. I first pointed him out to Mrs. LL when he was in college. I knew she was locked into his story when, during the UT/Alabama Championship game, Colt McCoy went down with an injury. She laughed out loud when she read an immediate post-injury tweet of, "Maybe McCoy's shoulder can be cured with Tim Tebow's tears." 
  • Starting today, nine (!!!) Texas State Championship High School games will be played in Cowboys Stadium and all of them will be televised
  • Of all the kinds of death I fear, an Elevator Death had not been on the list . . . 


This sounds crazy in Arlington

Edit: Star-Telegram is doing updates.

Birthers Target Closed Stadium

From last weekend. Story.

Full Cover I Mentioned In Random Thoughts

My view at courthouse while waiting. I do a lot of waiting.

Random Wednesday Morning Thoughts

  • Stolen from Newsweek: "Every time I look at the economy I think President Obama can't win. And ever time I look at the Republican field I think he can't lose."
  • The Kids In The House accused me of having "frown smile."  That's when I try to express displeasure at their shenanigans but I can't suppress that I think a particular event was funny. "Your mouth goes frown-smile-frown-smile-frown-smile!"
  • Former SMU runningback and ESPN commentator Craig James is running for the U.S. Senate.  By doing so, he just proved he is living in a fantasy world because he's about to learn what the public thinks of his Helicopter Parenting techniques. (Back on March 7th he floated the idea of running on WBAP, and I wrote then about how he just got roasted by callers.)  Edit: The blow back has already begun.
  • A Bridgeport player, Trent Shuett, made the Associated Press 3A All-State High School Football Team. (That name reminds me of "Dwight Shrute.")
  • Maybe my favorite character in any movie is Gary Oldman brief appearance playing Drexl Spivey in True Romance (1993).  The movie, which has never received its due, was a precursor to Pulp Fiction.
  • I hate the word "gotten" when it is spoken. To see it in print makes me insane.
  • I attended a Christmas middle school band concert last night. And I'm still here. 
  • College football at the Division III level has a playoff. Sound good? This weekend the same two teams will play for the championship for the seventh year in a row.
  • Time announced its Person Of The Year this morning. Who is it? "The Protester".  How generic can you get?
  • When Hal Jay on WBAP learned of the Time announcement at 8:04 a.m. he said, "They are a bunch of nuts and low life scumbags that don't want to work."  I'm sure those protesters of the Arab Spring appreciate his characterization. (Have I asked "how does that man have a job?" enough?)
  • If you haven't heard about Jerry Sandusky's lawyer's "1-800-REALITY" gaffe yesterday, you've got to read about it. 
  • The Update will tell you today, I think for the seventh day in a row, that some changeover on highway 380 east of Decatur is again delayed. Hey, it's a road change. Not the opening of a bullet train to Denton. 


Messenger Above The Fold

Facebook and News

Rest of story.

Mother's facebook page. She has not been charged. Excerpt:


This Can't Be Real, Can It?

Oh, but it is. DPS is launching their own little Navy with six boats at a cost of $580,000.


Wise County Trial Ongoing

Pretty small jury panel but they had enough

As far as sex abuse cases go, this one seems pretty routine.  Allegation is inappropriate touching by a stepfather of (I think) a 14 years old stepdaughter while camping at the Grasslands.  The defendant has pled not guilty and is being represented by Paul Belew and David Singleton (who are doing a good job).  Prosecutors are Jay Lapham and Lindy Borchardt (ditto).

The defendant has pled not guilty and that phase of the trial is going on now.  If found guilty, the range of punishment would be 2 to 20 years but with probation as an option for the jury.

I did learn that the jury got a "don't read the blog" instruction from the judge. I suspect their reaction was, "What blog?"

Comments off. Once we have a final verdict, I'll turn them back on.

(For you legal types: I can't say that it's the most riveting trial in the world, but it was academically interesting with regard to the issue of the admissibility of the alleged victim's statements to a nurse when she was sent to the nurse by law enforcement. Does that prevent Rule Of Evidence 803(6) from being applicable?)

Related To The "No Body" Denton Murder Case?


My rant of the year had to be about the murder prosecution of Charles Stobaugh over in Denton when there was no evidence of a death, much less a murder, much less a murder by Stobaugh. He was convicted and given 25 years in prison. The case is on appeal.  I continue to believe that the case will be reversed for insufficient evidence (something that never happens) and an acquittal entered. It's still the silliest prosecution I've ever heard about and a horrible exercise of judgment by the DA's office.

And you know what? If these remains turn out to be the "victim" of Stobaugh (highly, highly unlikely) with Stobaugh's monogrammed knife, confession, and a gift wrapped vial of his DNA left at the scene, it doesn't matter anymore. The prosecution had one shot. And any evidence found in the future indicating guilt is absolutely irrelevant.

But I bet the news today is totally unrelated.

Lohan Making A Comeback! Wins "Afternoon Pick Me Up" For First Time In Years!

And to think you people wanted to see her in jail over the holidays.

Times Are Tough: Drunk Girl Cries Because She Has No Alcohol For Her Formal

I don't want to be a busybody, but you might want to ratchet back on the liquor. What's the line? "Drunk and stupid is no way to go through life, son."

But two parts of the video jump out at me. First is the wise guy behind her who tells her, "You can borrow some of mine. No. You can buy some of mine."  That's a business major right there. No need to help the needy when you can make an (inflated) buck on some chick whose concept of  "supply and demand" is undoubtedly out of whack at the moment.

The second line, uttered by the girl, almost made me come around and feel sorry for her.  Brown alcohol makes her sick. But, as she put it, "Brown makes my tummy sad."  You almost don't hate her after that. Almost.

Random Tuesday Morning Thoughts

  • Yesterday, the extremely conservative morning talk show host on KLIF was (surprisingly) criticising Rick Perry's anti-gay ad from last week when he opened up the phone lines for callers. The first one started out with, "Perry may say stuff like that but we all know he was down there in South Beach watching The Gays dance and paying for it with public funds." Jeff Bolton, the host, spinelessly did not slap the caller down.
  • That looks like a bad head on wreck (pic in Update), but I can't take my eyes off the Batman logo.
  • This is the first week of Fantasy Football playoffs, and I may fire my entire coaching staff after going 9-3 and then getting beat last night. But, then again, it's "a process" that we have to "learn from and get better."
  • Woke up in the middle of the night and couldn't get back to sleep. It was just me and the sound of The Family Cat playing a game of soccer with Christmas Balls.
  • The press was all packed and gathered in a courtroom this morning to hear most of the alleged Sandusky victims (the Penn State Scandal) testify in a preliminary hearing.  Then he waived the hearing. That is telling: He missed a tremendous opportunity to learn of the evidence against him but he gave up that chance to avoid embarrassment. Does he understand the stakes?
  • There should be a sexual assault of a child case firing up in the Wise County District Court this morning. I'll check it out. 
  • Funny: Tim Tebow Auto Tune Anthem (featuring Skip Bayless.)
  • Am I reading this correctly? Bridgeport Middle School and Chico High School students have the option to transfer due to poor performance of the schools as a whole? Someone help me out. 
  • Lowe's should be ashamed of itself and boycotted for pulling its ads off "All American Muslim" on TLC simply because a bunch of close-minded folks complained.  I'll never cease to be amazed how so many people fear anything different than themselves.
  • I will not mention that Mrs. LL served shrimp last night that were still frozen. 
  • I thought I heard on the radio that police in Ponder (do they have police?) were stopping motorist to give out gift cards. This sounds vaguely familiar. And this will happen: Police will discover evidence of a crime after one of those stops and won't be able to use it because the detention was illegal.  Edit: It was Proper, not Ponder. 
  • Message to The Family Cat. If every time you climb on the Christmas Tree you get blasted in the face with a water bottle, that means to stay out of the tree. To quote Antoine Dodson, "You are so dumb."
  • Maverick fans: Lamar Odom was a Laker last year and took a swing at Dirk and was thrown out of a playoff game. Now he's a Maverick. Throw in that two key Mavericks will play for other teams (Chandler and Barea), you truly are just cheering for the uniform. Makes no sense to me how you can do that. 

Add Another Potentially Big Case



There's Something Wrong With The Fox News Unemployment Graph This Morning

That 8.6% figure is just a little hard for them to accept.


Wall Street Journal Profiles Texas "Vampire Weekends"

Get this: "And often, lawyers say, defendants faced with blood evidence admit their guilt and don't bother with a trial. 'If it bleeds, it pleads,' said Fort Worth prosecutor Richard Alpert."  

At least the government has a cute phrase for the process of prosecuting someone with blood taken against their will. 

Monday Morning Pick Me Up

Britney wrapped up her latest tour over the weekend in a strong way in an effort to keep her place among official Liberally Lean girls. Attagirl.

Death and Death

Many years ago, I joined the Tarrant County's DA Office. Being new, I received such fine perks as sharing an office with two other prosecutors. There were two desks. They got them. I got a chair. Yep, a chair. Good times.

But the two prosecutors who I was court partners with were Mitch Poe and Robert "Bob" Ford. Mitch, who was younger than me, was a 100% prosecutor and was expected to be a career man in the office. It turned out that way. He died suddenly about five years ago.

Bob was a civil libertarian who didn't stick around the DA's office very long. He became a defense lawyer and was known to give the most non politically correct quotes to the press. He was also brilliant. But he, like Mitch, died suddenly last week.

It's just a weird feeling. Three guys stuck in a little office. And now only I remain.

Random Monday Morning Thoughts

  • Dallas motorcycle death over the weekend.  This one involved an off-duty police officer and, as we see all the time, it happened by wrecking and falling from an overpass.
  • If you are a Cowboys fan and an Aggie fan, you've experienced a lifetime of last second collapses this season.
  • Did Cowboys defensive cooridinator Rod Ryan swallow another beach ball?
  • Heard this morning that when Jerry Jones is shown in his suite, everyone is focusing on his over-reacting grandkid.  He's been named "Spalding" by the Twitterworld in honor of the Caddyshack character. (Here's an image of them.)
  • Jones almost opened the roof last night but decided against it due to the threat of rain. It's been opened twice for games in its history -- both night games. Someone has speculated that it will never be opened during the day because the sun and big screen don't mix. I believe that.
  • A howling dog ruined any chance of sleep for me last night.
  • The Star-Telegram reported on Friday that the EPA planned to designate Wise County as "a nonattainment area for failing to meet federal ozone."  I've yet to see anyone explain what the consequences of that designation are. 
  • Joe Paterno broke his pelvis over the weekend. There has been lots of speculation that he continued to coach because he feared his health would deteriorate if he didn't.  He remembers Bear Bryant dying four weeks after announcing his retirement in the early 1980s. 
  • I was really "off the grid" this weekend. 
  • I woke up one morning to find a long note from Mrs. LL that she was testing a project to protect the Christmas tree from the cat. I then noticed long strips of tape, placed upside down, around the base of the tree. Then the note said it didn't work and, "The cat is in the garage."  I then looked up and saw the cat walk past me toward the tree. That girl ain't right. 
  • Conservatives have been attacking the declining unemployment rate claiming "It doesn't include people that have given up looking for work." True, but that's the way it always has been calculated so the number is what the number is.
  • The Third Grader In The House has taken up "Cup Stacking" complete with a mat with a built in timer. 
  • The Republican contenders all ganged up on Newt during Saturday's debate.  They could be a science project of how they all devour whoever amongst them rises to the top.

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