Happy 45th Birthday to George Clooney

(I got tired of getting yelled at for posting pics of scantily glad [edit:] clad females).

Little Late . . .

. . . on this one, but it was pretty good stuff when Secretary of Defense Rumsfeld was called on the carpet during a public speaking engagement on Thursday. This site has the audio clip as well as some supporting documentation. Two interesting facts: (1) the guy hammering on Rumsfeld was being escorted out but Rumsfeld stopped that and allowed him to stay, (2) the guy quoted Rumsfeld about saying he knew where weapons of mass destruction were, but Rumsfeld denied ever making that statement. The link above has Rumsfled statements from 2003 on This Week With George Stephanopoulos where he in fact did say it. A little Tired Head worthy, but good stuff.

We Will Be Met As Liberators

A British military helicopter crashed in Basra on Saturday [probably killing four], and Iraqis hurled stones at British troops and set fire to three armored vehicles that rushed to the scene. Clashes broke out between British troops and Shiite militias, police and witnesses said . . . . British forces backed by armored vehicles rushed to the area but were met by a hail of stones from the crowd of at least 250 people, who jumped for joy and raised their fists as a plume of thick smoke rose into the air from the crash site. The crowd set three British armored vehicles on fire, apparently with gasoline bombs and a rocket-propelled grenade, but the soldiers inside escaped unhurt, witnesses said. Yahoo Source


I Think I First Heard This In "Die Hard With A Vengeance"

As I was going to St Ives I met a man with seven wives And every wife had seven sacks And every sack had seven cats And every cat had seven kits Kits, cats, sacks, wives How many were going to St Ives? I never knew there were so many possible answers.

Mark Cuban

The gossip page that is Page Six has a brief article on Mark Cuban clubbing in Manhatten. Check out the sentence near the end of the article where Cuban makes a very odd reference to the relationship of his billions to his ....er...."unit." Edit: The link has already changed but here's one that describes it. Edit: And I moved the period inside the " - a sin I am constantly guilty of.

Gay Or Not Gay?

This conversation came up at the courthouse, and it's not a hypothetical. Is it gay for a guy to have two watches, one with a black leather band and the other with a brown leather band, and for him to decide which one he wears based upon the color of his shoes? Edit: Comment that made me laugh out loud: "It's only gay if you coordinate your watch band with the shoes of the man you're having sex with. "

Lunch Time Thoughts

- I wonder why the CIA director, Porter Goss, just announced his resignation. - I wonder why the lady in front of me at Quizno's got so frustrated with her purse that she had to exclaim "fiddlesticks!!!" - I wonder why I giggled at the term "fiddlesticks" - Didn't a lot of high school girls softball teams play a game in the playoffs last night? I wonder why I haven't heard the scores. - House Rep. Patrick Kennedy may or may not have been drunk two nights ago in Washington, but I'm amazed we can all look at the police report in less than 48 hours. - I hate the sound of Harley's (but here's a funny Harley v. Honda page). - Time Waste: Drive a car on the autobahn. Change lanes by using the forward/backward arrow keys on your keyboard. Hiliarity ensues.

Take Two Minutes . . .

. . . and giggle at the genius that is Gordon Keith of KTCK, The Ticket.

A Reason For Single Women To Reach For The Paxil

The Today Show a moment ago flashed this woman's picture on the screen and advised that she may be charged with being married to as many as 15 men at the same time. This woman?

Cinco De Mayo

It was about 20 years ago when I didn't know a single word of spanish - I turned to my co-workers at lunch and asked "When is cinco de mayo?" I was met by stares that haunt me to this day.

There's No Crying In Baseball

Nor do we need to. Don't look now, but your Texas Rangers are in first place having gone 15-5 over the last 20 games. And Kevin Millwood pitched a complete game last night.


Kinda Interesting

Channel 8 did a story on Decatur PD's capture of a bunch of, eek, illegal immigrants last week. It was shown on Monday. If you are entertainment deprived, you can watch it on the station's web site here. (If it requires registration, you can use passwords found here).

That "http://" Probably Isn't Necessary on UPS Trucks

Karl Rove Busts A Move




We Have Short Memories

Of all the hubbub about the jury giving a life sentence to Zacarias Moussaoui, I haven't seen a single story about an incident that was all over the news three months ago. As you may recall, government lawyer Carla Martin emailed trial transcripts to potential witnesses in violation of the trial judge orders. "To repair the damage, [Judge] Brinkema excluded six witnesses from the trial and barred testimony about aviation security, virtually gutting half of the prosecution's case," as CNN put it. I don't know if those witnesses would have impacted the jury's decision, but it's worth discussing. Or not.


A Public Service

This picture has been on Yahoo's Most Emailed Photos for days. I just wanted to let the public know about it as a public service. I think I saw her in the cheese section of Walmart on Tuesday.

I'd Marry David Finfrock For $40 Million

Katie Holmes and Tom Cruise have signed a 40 million dollar pre-nuptial agreement, clearing the way for their rumored wedding in July. The deal breaks down roughly like this: a 15 million dollar trust has already been set up for Holmes, whether she marries Cruise or not. If they marry and later divorce, Holmes will receive an additional 25 million from Cruise, who is said to be worth over 460 million dollars. This all comes as some comfort to Katie's family. (Source)

Country Grammar

As I watch my nemeses Lari Barager of Fox 4 News tonight, I noted she attempted to pronounce the plural of Texas. This has always confused me. In referring, for example, to the beaches of Texas . . . - If you spell it, I think it would be "Texas' beaches" and not "Texas's beaches." I feel pretty comfortable in thinking I'm right about that one. - If I pronounce it, do I say "Texas beaches" or "Texsuses beaches" (as Lari Barager did tonight)? I think you just simply say "Texas beaches." But I'm not sure. (Oh, how I so need a certain Blog loving Decatur English teacher to come through right now).

Joe's Crab Shack at Western Center Blvd

I like the atmosphere. (Until the wait staff goes on a singing binge). But the patio is cool . . . . There's something relaxing about watching the traffic on I-35 moving by that makes you glad you aren't in one of those cars.

United 93 (Encore)

I've had about five days to think about the movie. New conclusion: I may put it in my Top 10 of all time. There's just something so different about it. WBAP's Mark Davis put it quite well in his column in the Morning News: There is no . . . Hollywood star to be found in the cockpit or in any passenger seat. There is no hokey back story taking us to the night before as some passenger feeds his dog or jogs in Central Park. The brilliance of United 93 is that we as viewers don't know any more about these passengers than if we had been on the plane with them . . . . We are in the cabin when four hijackers – portrayed not as the cartoonish villains Hollywood usually fashions, but as nervous yet committed warriors for terror – storm the cockpit, killing the pilot and co-pilot. Go see it.

Double Take

There was a spare story in the Morning News today of a guy, currently a professor at two Christian colleges, who is currently running for the Dallas ISD board. When I saw that he'd pled no contest to shoplifting in 1997, my initial thought was "give the guy a break". Then I saw what he stole: Walter Lewis Price, president of the Dallas Council of PTAs, pleaded no contest to stealing four pairs of women's thong underwear and three bras from Neiman Marcus at NorthPark Center on Dec. 24, 1997, according to Dallas County court documents. Then I thought, "come on, give the guy a huge break!"

Speaking Of Hot Teachers

McMINNVILLE, Tenn. -- The former Warren County teacher who went to jail last year after a scandal involving sex with a 13-year-old student has sent naked photos and sexually explicit videos of herself to her victim via a cellphone, authorities said today. Pamela Rogers, 28, was arrested again on Monday on charges that she violated the terms of her probation by contacting the boy. She is being held without bail in McMinnville today following a court appearance. Various news organizations have posted one of the videos on their web sites with one of them saying: "[We've posted it] so you can understand what she's accused of, but we should warn you it may be too graphic for some. In the video, Rogers dances suggestively and is wearing little more than a thong-bikini outfit. " If they can post it, I wouln't get in trouble for posting it here, would I? People Are Crazy.

That Explains It

"A 17-year-old girl remains in serious condition in a St. Louis hospital after lying semi-conscious in pouring rain in some woods for 30 hours with a broken neck . . . . The St. Clair County, Illinois, Sheriff's Department is holding an acquaintance of the girl, 26-year-old driver's ed teacher Samson Shelton, who's charged with kidnapping and attempted murder . . . .Auhorities say Shelton is a wannabe pro wrestler and country line dancer at night." (Source).

Kissing Cousins . . . er....Something Like That

So you are a 30 something year old woman who decides to have sex with your 14 year old stepson. Let's complicate matters and have the woman get pregnant and give birth. With all of the "hot teachers" in the news these days, what type of sentence do you think she would get in Tyler, Texas? The range is a maximum of 20 years and a minimum of probation. Let's have her represented by famous East Texas lawyer "Scrappy" Holmes. Answer.

75 Cents!!!

The Messenger has gone up to 75 cents a copy!!! (But it's worth it to read the very kind words about The Blog in today's Inside Wise section).

American Idol

I never watch it, but a ton of people do. What I don't understand is why I always see a segment about what contestant got booted from this Fox show while I watch NBC's Today Show. It's like NBC giving Fox free advertising. What gives?


The number of people that showed up at Tampa Bay last night to see the Rangers play the Devil Rays. (Pic of a different game at Tropicana Field).




A Collision Of Thoughts

ALEXANDRIA, Va. - Jurors in the trial of Zacarias Moussaoui completed their sixth day of deliberations Tuesday without deciding whether the Sept. 11 conspirator should be executed or sentenced to life in prison. Even if you are pro-death penalty, I think this is a hard choice. The guy is a nut and, due to his many outbursts in the courtroom and outrageous testimony, he clearly wants to get the death penalty in order to be a martyr. I'd sentence him to life because it's exactly what he doesn't want. (Not to mention the fact that his execution would certainly fire up the radical Islamic faction).

So Wrong


Jockeys At Lone Star Park Look Young Enough To Be Boys

Wait. Is that a boy?

Anybody Got Any Clearasil?

I've got a pimple. And I'm having horrible flashbacks to my teenage years. Anybody want me to go back to posting pics of women?

But I Only Have 99 Cents Budgeted For Music

I like LL Cool J's (with J Lo) new song "Control Myself" primarily because it has an underlying beat that sounds like a club song from 15 years ago. But some things I don't understand: On MSN's music download page, you can't buy it individually - you have to buy the whole album for $9.99. What gives? (And there might be some suggestive pics of J Lo here. Don't look.)

I'm 75% Of The Way Through . . .

. . . the movie Jarhead. While I'll hold off on my much anticipated review, I will say this: - I would go insane in the military - Every young man should have to enlist in the military

Baby at Rest

Baby at Rest Originally uploaded by robertevans_com.

Grapevine's Gaylord Texan

. . . . is booming. From the Star Telegram: "[Last year] the 1,511-room hotel posted a double-digit gain in occupancy — from 69 percent to 82 percent. It also boosted the average daily rate from $168.96 to $172.19." Not exactly Motel 6.

D.A. prosecuting Duke athletes re-elected

Story. And get this quote: "My whole message was that the case has nothing to do with the campaign." His credibility might match his intellect.

Is This Thing Working?


I Found A Stripper . . .

. . . I could actually take home to mom. Story (with a very uncomfortable title from Yahoo).

Channel 5's Gridlock Buster . . .

Tammy Dombeck is kinda hot.

Now, I Get It

$100 Rebate

The very spare senator Bill Frist was on the Today Show this morning trying to defend the proposed measly $100 rebate of gasoline taxes. The normally timid Katie Couric really gave him the business. Sheesh, I can't stand that guy.


A-Rod Inappropriate Bat Cleaning

The youtube video is here. And the fact that someone called me a perv in the comments below will not deter me from providing childish and immature humor to those in Cottondale, Boonsville, Chico, and Newark.

This Guy Is A Genius


Not The Best Of PostSecret.Com But Still Good

Took This One A Couple Of Weeks Ago

Chelsea Reappears

Stolen From Another Blog

If you like popular music, you can find out what song best describes the year 2005 for you by taking a 30 second quiz here: Mine was:
Your 2005 Song Is
Beverly Hills by Weezer "My automobile is a piece of crap My fashion sense is a little whack And my friends are just as screwy as me" You breezed through 2005 in your own funky style!

Busy Day

But our sheriff David Walker did invite me into a conference room at the jail to watch him get tasered. (Camera phone pics)

Words Won't Do It Justice

But President Bush appearing beside a Bush impersonator at this weekend's White House Correspondents' Association's 92nd Awards Banquet was incredibly funny. At least he's kept is sense of humor.

It's A "Day Without Immigrants"

It will be interesting to see the effects of it.


The Business Section of the Dallas Morning News today had a story over the crazy prices for high rise condos in the Uptown section of Dallas. Most start at $500,000. For a condo!!!! The cover picture had this caption: "Attorney Michael Sandlin bought luxury condos in [two high rises] when faced with choosing between them." I went to law school with that guy. And I had better grades. Something has gone terribly wrong in the universe.

Random Cowboy Thought

It is so odd that Cowboy's coach Bill Parcells wouldn't talk to the media over the weekend - it is draft weekend, by the way. I bet that guy is insufferable.

Lone Star Park

I ran out there this afternoon (after deciding that "Dollar Day" at the races yesterday would be a beating). I lost money. But snapped a few cool pics.