Lake Dive Taking You Into The Weekend

Lady Yields The Hard Way To Bumper Of Squad Car

Ouch. But not near as bad as the motorcyclist run down by the Austin cop later in the video.

At the very end of the video, the station reports on the very ironic program going on in Austin to catch vehicles not yielding to pedestrians in a crosswalk. Yep, just cops in plain clothes walking back and forth across the street waiting for someone not to yield.

I'll be honest, I'm not really sure I fully understood this crosswalk law. A few blocks from our house is one which is not at an intersection controlled by traffic lights. Just white stripes going across a road where motorists wouldn't otherwise ever have to come to a stop. Mrs. LL and I walked up to it one day and she just starts walking through it although there was a car coming a couple of hundred yards away.  I told her to wait. She told me I was crazy because the car had to yield. And I'll be dang, the car came to a slow stop just like a red traffic light had suddenly appeared. I still think that's a good way to get killed.

Kind of what I'm talking about

Not Sure What This Is Either

Edit: Nevermind

I Have No Idea What Is Going On Here

But the glance over her shoulder while running couldn't have come at a more inopportune time.

Temple, Texas Temperature?

This link was just posted on Drudge. That can't be right.

A Taste Of Mexico

The new paint job on Fuzzy's Tacos on the square in Decatur sure is going to brighten up the place.

Random Friday Morning Thoughts

  • Regarding the suicide of the Highland Park man, is there not a decent photograph of him? The only one released is grainier than a Taliban video.
  • Of all ways to commit suicide, can there be anything harder than stabbing yourself? Pulling a trigger has to be hard enough but plunging a knife in you? Good grief.
  • And I'll rant and rave against the Medical Examiner's office again. They officially ruled the death a suicide. They can't possibly know that. All they can say is the death was caused, for example, by a severed artery. The cops may be able to piece things together, but the ME's examination of a body isn't enough. 
  • There's something not quite right about that case.
  • Mark Cuban's brother, Brian, was on Fox 4 last night discussing the Penn State scandal.  He was wearing an untucked polo button down shirt and jeans as the guy next to him was dressed in a suit. That's the Cuban way: Trying to be cool over substance. (Cuban even acted like his brother when he through out such things as "you don't know the definition of 'lack of institutional control'.  "You have to look at the NCAA defintition!")
  • Motorcyle chase death in near Saginaw.. 
  • I was talking to a family member about my dental work and the fact that I have a trip planned to Mexico. After mentioning the drug violence, he said, "At least it'll be easy to identify your body." Pretty funny.
  • A new poll has Cruz leading Dewhurst.  If I'm Dewhurst, I pull those Chinese ads now and fire my political consultant the day after the election. 
  • The Kids In The House will sometimes refer to a gecko as a geico.  I know who to blame.
  • Josh Hamilton is now selling Christian T-shirts.  As his wife said about his upcoming contract, "It's not about the money." 
  • Radio is a brutal business. Longtime Austin sports talk host Chip Brown (who covers the Longhorns probably better than anyone) walked into the building this week and was told by the new owners he was fired.


My Continuing Pet Peeve

I haven't brought this up in a while but it is still going on:  Ads disguised as news stories. There's no question that the news industry is struggling (the Star-Telegram had another round of layoffs yesterday) so they try to find a dime anywhere they can.  Check out the Dallas Morning News home page above. Is there any doubt that's a paid ad by Half Priced Books? The "story" is behind a paywall which gives you the impression that it's news. Not convinced?   You see that link of "More about Half Priced Books" which I'm pointing at with my high tech graphical arrow?  I takes you directly to their website.  That's a dead give away.

Drives me nuts. Not exactly sure why.

Paradise Girl Drowns In Eagle Mountain Lake


San Diego Fireworks Screw Up In HD

I mentioned this the day after it happened, but a better video has been posted.

If I had my way, every fireworks display would be this way. No need to drag it out. Let's get this thing rolling.

Random Thursday Morning Thoughts

  • I had some significant cosmetic dental work done yesterday which was brought about because of one half part vanity and one half part necessity. Twenty-five years ago I had the same thing basically done. Now it is ten times more technologically advanced but only four times as expensive. Although almost four intense hours in a dental chair ain't fun.
  • How it all started?: Tetracycline.
  • Shout out to my local dentist: I've not turned on you. 
  • The greatest hillbillies-seeing-a-shark video you will see all day. (Or ever.)
  • I can't say I've listened to Jay-Z's 99 Problems more than ten times but each time my mind started racing about the search and seizure issues in the lyrics. I felt like a law nerd. I feel vindicated (academically at least)  because a law professor has written a scholarly law review article analyzing the song line by line.
  • I only saw a little bit of it but Robert Blake being interviewed by Piers Morgan last night was golden because of the tenseness. Who would have seen that coming?
  • Haven't had a Big Mac in over a decade. I love Big Macs. (Referenced only because of a story yesterday that the recipe behind the "secret sauce" had been revealed.)
  • A Wise County jury convicted and sentenced a man to 30 years in prison for five grams of meth yesterday.  That's only five years above the minimum - a minimum that was so high because he had two prior trips to the pen.  They didn't find him guilty right away (deliberated well over two hours on guilt/not guilt) despite the stuff being found in his pocket.  The vibe in the courthouse was that they were a little hesitant of finding him guilty knowing that it meant at least a 25 year sentence for a small amount of dope.  The jury even sent out a note wanting to know what his prior convictions were for. 
  • More: There was no evidence during the first portion of the trial that he had previously been convicted of felonies.  So how did the jury know? Crazy Texas law allows the prosecution during the jury selection process to ask the potential jurors: "Hypothetically, if a person has twice been sent to the penitentiary for felony convictions and is subsequently found guilty of the offense the defendant is charged with, the minimum sentence is 25 years in prison. Now, knowing that, is there anyone on the panel . . . ."
  • I watch a little bit of the ESPYs last night. You know, that show has a good concept but the writing is horrible.
  • A child was accidentally shot by her father a couple of months ago in far North Fort Worth and now he has been charged with Manslaughter.  That charge requires the State to prove he "recklessly" (not intentionally) caused the death of the child.  I promise you, 90% of the prosecutors have no idea what an almost insurmountable burden it is to prove "recklessly" under Texas law. "Mere lack of foresight, stupidity, irresponsibility, thoughtlessness, ordinary carelessness, however serious the consequences may happen to be do not suffice to constitute . . . criminal recklessness."
  • Mitt Romney didn't go speak to the NAACP yesterday he went so he could be seen speaking to the NAACP.
  • The cops have released the 911 calls in the Highland Park presumed suicide (that we originally thought was a murder.)  This is one of the weirdest cases I've ever seen. He stabbed himself to death after trying to attack his wife?
  • A very insightful line from Bob Sturm of The Ticket regarding the current state of the NBA: When a fan is told he has to read the collective bargaining agreement to understand why his team is losing players then you have a league that has gone horribly wrong. 
  • There were six females that slept in my house last night. Are slumber parties that common? I feel like I'm running a hostel. 


That Police Chase Did Not End Quietly

I think I saw that in Road House last weekend.

Football Brawl Last Weekend -- Cops Called

Uh, these are . . . .girls. [Link fixed]

I'll never move to the Northeast.

Random Wednesday Morning Thoughts

  • The more you look at the presidential election the more that it is clear that it's an election of For Obama or Against Obama vote. Mitt Romney is just a potted plant.
  • This will be huge news by the end of the night: There was a murder in Highland Park last night, and from the looks of it, it's in a house that is even upscale for Highland Park standards. 
  • The dead guy's name is John Rodman Steele. In 2010, he requested a variance from the city council to combine the lots at 3217 and 3219 Cornell into one building site. Each lot, without improvements, was worth over $650,000 each.  It looks like that is where the murder occurred. They think it is domestic violence. Severe domestic violence.
  • Rhome police had pretty much vanished from patrolling 287 for a long while. Over the last few months, however, they are back out there in full force. (And doing lots of hiding under bridges and behind hills.)
  • I'm guessing Jane McGarry didn't resign from Channel 5 -- they used the DWI as an excuse to force her out. 
  • Once again, in Texas it is DWI not DUI.
  • From the criminal side of it, pleading "No Contest" has absolutely no legal distinction from a guilty plea.
  • You'll begin to start hearing news of some guy who was jailed in Arizona for holding a bible study in his home.   You might want to tap the brakes on your outrage. He's a convicted felon who is a nutcase. There's a long, long history. Use the Google
  • Been hearing lots of grumbling this morning that the American League's loss in the All Star Game last night has cost the Rangers home field in the World Series. Let's not get ahead of ourselves. I've got a sports prediction brewing.
  • I think I'm right about this: England is technically not a country but is allowed to compete in the Olympics as "England." 
  • Kidd Kraddick in trouble over date rape? More accurately, what he said about date rape.
  • No matter how confident you are, that moment when you see "Processing Transaction" after you swipe a debit or credit card is always a little tense. And if a perfectly valid card is rejected, there is nothing you can say that would make the clerk believe you (not that that matters.)
  • There's a felony trial going on in the Wise County courthouse. I noticed that Paul Belew was involved so I'll get the scoop on it. (But I don't think it is particularly exciting.) 
  • 7/11 is giving away free Slurpies today.  I guess that's a good promotion, but if I'm looking for a convenience store and I see one overflowing with people, I ain't stopping. 


Jane Speaks!

But what about the your gig at Channel 5? Edit: Answer.

I'd Like To See Her Birth Certificate

There's no more of a time waste than Fox 4 having Clarice Tinsley read the Facebook screen in studio for viewer reaction.  You know they have to delete all objectionable content, but I keep waiting for something to slip by.  So far it hasn't happened. But at least Shunetria had some shtick.

Jumping Jackie Flash

I'm so sure why Mr. Filmmaker is so worked up over this. What was it? Twenty feet into sand?

But I guess that was a tough decision.  Try to ride out one nasty storm or jump back to the ground where those people who seem right out of Jersey Shore are hanging out. Pick your poison.

The New Miss Texas

She competed last week as "Miss Dallas."  In 2010 she was second runner up as "Miss Frisco" and she finished in the same slot in 2011 as "Miss Lake 'O The Pines." In 2009 she was first runner up as "Miss Carrollton." Gal has been married a lot.

Random Tuesday Morning Thoughts

  • I'm not sure if we would get along if you sat down to watch the Home Run Derby last night. I take that back. I am sure. 
  • One of the two guys that were killed because of a crane accident in Dallas over the weekend was named Terry Weaver. I was going to post about how that the name reminded me of Ruby Ridge and was curious as to who in the heck would know what I was talking about. But my memory failed me again because Ruby Ridge involved a Randy Weaver. 
  • Vikings running back Adrian Peterson was "arrested for resisting arrest" (the most confusing phrase ever which I've seen time and time again in reports about this story) in Houston over the weekend. He then hired Rusty Hardin who recently defended Roger Clements in the silly perjury prosecution.  Hardin is fantastic but I hope he doesn't commit his own crime by charging an outlandish fee for that misdemeanor case. It's going no where. I can see that from here. 
  • Re the Voter ID lawsuit: How many people who don't have an ID actually vote? Heck, the most responsible people in society don't vote in shockingly high numbers.
  • I probably use way too much salt.
  • On the radio yesterday afternoon (The Ticket's Hardline) one of the hosts said that cops are scrutinized so closely these days that if they make one false statement in a police report that it will cost them their job.  It must be Fantasy Month on the radio.
  • I appreciate simpler things in life as I get older.
  • I have no interest in the Cruise/Holmes divorce.
  • A federal judge was none too pleased with Lance Armstrong's lawsuit against a doping organization since his pleading might have had some extra "stuff" in it: "Contrary to Armstrong’s apparent belief, pleadings filed in the United States District Courts are not press releases, Internet blogs, or pieces of investigative journalism." Ouch.
  • Heck, I may go vote for Ted Cruz and then go eat Chinese food in a vote of ultimately protest against Dewhurst.
  • Funny Mark Cuban parody I heard yesterday about the current horrible state of the Mavericks' roster: "Why should I care? I've got a title and a TV show." You know, that may not be far from the truth.


Snapshot of America

This may not be the most exciting video in the history of the Internet, but I couldn't break away from it.  We've got a little bit of everything here: All races, young, old, people over-reacting, people trying to be level headed, cops, a guy with a cane, and some lady yapping over all the commotion. And  unlike your late night Denny's free for all fight where you cringe as you watch some guy or gal get beaten senseless by a bunch of punks, this was a classic middle-class / out-of-shape fight.

And, is it just me, or did that video have a weird feel to it. Kind of like Oliver Stone was at a little league game.


Gov. Perry Turns Back On $$$$

I'm not smart enough to know what this means but I fear it isn't good news for poor people who are sick.

Random Monday Morning Thoughts

  • I turned on Wimbledon for a second yesterday and caught Mrs. LL staring intently at the screen. Tennis fan? Nope.  She wanted to know why it was necessary for the ball boys to sprint to get the ball once play stopped. 
  • If you were interested in the Denton prosecutors-being-fired story, you have got to read this from the Record Chronicle from over the weekend. At least one of them got a raw deal. 
  • Here is Channel 8's coverage of the teenager killed by a train in Alvord on Saturday. Photos included.
  • Got caught in the weird rain storm when the sun was brightly shining yesterday. I've mentioned before that the weather oddity was referred to as "The Devil must be beating his wife" when I was a kid. 
  • I saw most of Road House for the first time yesterday.  It may be the greatest bad movie of all time. Never have so many fights broken out in so many places.
  • Chinese guy walking a tightrope backwards while blindfolded.What could go wrong?
  • My next yard project was to put limestone edging around a tree.  We're talking about a 10 foot by 10 foot square that is on a pretty good slope.  Let's just say that after working on it all day Saturday I discovered that I am not an engineer.
  • I've never seen players scramble off a baseball field like they did last night at the Ballpark in Arlington after the lightning strike. But it is funny to watch all the reactions. 
  • I may have lots of flaws but not being disciplined is not one of them. 
  • Mrs. LL will text one of the kids who is in another room from time to time. I guess it's better than yelling. 
  • Denton cops have now killed someone.  Do you kill someone for simply not dropping a rifle when ordered?


An Update

She and two guys were going to burglarize a home and she got shot when "gunfire was exchanged"?

And it's one of the few times I've seen the use of the "felony murder" rule: "A person commits the offense if he commits or attempts to commit a felony [i.e. burglary] and in the course of and in furtherance of the commission or attempt, or in immediate flight from the commission or attempt, he commits or attempts to commit an act clearly dangerous to human life [exchange gunfire with someone] that causes the death of an individual." The key to that law is that the person doesn't have to intend to cause a death.