Civil v. Criminal

A lawyer friend of mine in Decatur who I refuse to name (Allen Williamson) sent me this video clip from youtube.com. It appears to involve a deposition of an expert witness being conducted by the very famous Texas lawyer named Joe Jamail (you can see his name on one end of the UT football field - which you, too, can get if you'll donate a ton of cash. But, based upon the photo, you won't have anything left over to buy some new shoes). But back to the video: If you thought civil law was more civil than criminal law, guess again. Hello, WWF. This is great stuff. And I hate guys like Jamail.

"I Promise You'll Get A Spanking - And I Really Mean It"

Fun fact: Bush has publicly threatened to veto legislation 134 times. He has never followed through.

What The Heck . . .

. . . is this dust storm that is going on?

Enjoy Your Weekend As All Hell Breaks Out In Iraq

BAGHDAD, Iraq (CNN) -- Three suicide bombers -- two of whom were disguised as Shiite women -- struck a Baghdad mosque affiliated with a major Shiite political party Friday, killing at least 74 people, according to the Iraqi Health Ministry. (Full story) That's a civil war to you and me. They are no longer interested in blowing up U.S. Troops - They are focused on blowing up each other.

Googled Out

Apparently you can send a text message to Google without the "e" (that's number 46645) on your cell phone and it will give you some informative responses. Google explains it here. I'll never use it, but it's kinda cool.

Schlosser Not Guilty

Just like I predicted here. (Dallas Morning News story here)

A Fellow Blogger

Suggested you look at some fake "Love Is" cartoons at your own risk due to their shocking content. Boy, she wasn't kidding. (And I'm insulated by linking only to her and not the actual site fake "Love Is" site - like she does. That makes me feel holier than her).

Scott Sams

The former WFAA anchor has a new gig. I'd be depressed.

Don't Look

Britney Spears Monument to Pro-Life: The Birth of Sean Preston sculpture on display in Brooklyn. This picture has been around for about two weeks. A different angle is now available. Don't look.


There is a NASCAR race this weekend at the Texas Motor Speedway. At the same time, there will be thousands of hispanics marching in downtown Dallas and Fort Worth. It truly is "race weekend". (Credit: The Ticket this morning)


I Feel Safer Now

Tom Delay had a concealed handgun license. Thank god it was suspended. And based upon the number of times he has uttered the phrase "liberal Democrat" in the last 48 hours, he doesn't need to be carrying a gun.

Fascinating News Today

I think things like this are amazing: There is a 1700 year old document which is believed to be a handwritten copy of the original "Gospel of Judas". It's text was released today (the copy was found 30 years ago in the Egyptian desert and scholars have spent the last five years translating it). That "gospel" did in fact exist in that it was first acknowledged in another document that was written in the year 180 A.D. No one knows who, whether Judas or someone else, wrote the gospel. It quotes Jesus as saying to Judas, "You will exceed all of them (the other disciples) for you will sacrifice the man who clothes me." That is, Judas understood Christ's purpose. (National Geographic is all over the story).

Ranger Observations

As I had the Ranger game on in the background, I just saw two very odd things: (1) Ranger pitcher R.A. Dickey was pulled in the fourth inning after giving up SIX home runs (that's what happens when a knuckle ball doesn't knuckle). (2) He was replaced by some first time major league pitcher Fabio Castro. Fabio (I wish I had that name) is 5'7" and 160 pounds. I've never seen a pitcher that small. And get this: He was born in 1985.

First Photo

The first picture of ABC News anchor Bob Woodward since he was injuried in Iraq was released today. Looking pretty good.

Fatality Accident

We have a fatality accident shortly after 1:30 p.m today at 380 and Rose Avenue in Decatur. (Between 287 and the sheriff's office). Developing.

This Beats "Don't Mess With Texas"

Wise County Messenger Declares War On Wal-Mart

Not really. But I bet they feel like it. Story: Wal-Mart Stores Inc. has decided against buying more advertisements in local newspapers after a test in two states showed the expense is not justified, the world's largest retailer said Wednesday.

Baseball Team Payrolls

Top 3: 1. Yankees $198 million 2. Red Sox $120 million 3. Angels $103 million Bottom 3. 28. Rockies $41 million 29. Devil Rays $35 million 30. Marlins $14.9 million Your Rangers: 18th with $65 million

Cowboys Schedule Just Released

Sun., Sept. 10 at Jacksonville Sun., Sept. 17 vs. Washington Sun., Sept. 24 Bye week Sun., Oct. 1 at Tennessee Sun., Oct. 8 at Philadelphia Sun., Oct. 15 vs. Houston Mon., Oct. 23 vs. NY Giants Sun., Oct. 29 at Carolina Sun., Nov. 5 at Washington Sun., Nov. 12 at Arizona Sun., Nov. 19 vs. Indianapolis Thu., Nov. 23 vs. Tampa Bay Sun., Dec. 3 at NY Giants Sun., Dec. 10 vs. New Orleans Sat., Dec. 16 at Atlanta Mon., Dec. 25 vs. Philadelphia Sun., Dec. 31 vs. Detroit Edit: Times and network (and an easier to read schedule is here)

Just Because

That Was Quick

NEW YORK – A day after Katie Couric announced she was leaving for CBS, NBC has chosen Meredith Vieira as Matt Lauer's new partner on the "Today" show.


Courthouse News

A guy just got an 8 year prison sentence from a Wise County jury for Felony DWI. Kinda odd: He had been riding a motorcycle. It looks like he had two prior DWI convictions out of Wise County and three prior DWI arrests (out of other counties) that were reduced to something else. He also had a prior prison sentence for Burglary of a Habitation back in the 1980s when he was a teen. The range of punishment was 2 to 20 years. [No comments for now. You guys go crazy on criminal justice]

Fast Food Confusion

So I go through the McDonald's drive through at lunch to get a salad. (Yep, a salad). When I finally make it to the speaker I hear, "I'm sorry for the inconvience, but my manager has informed me that I can no longer take any orders. A bus has just arrived and we have to clear up all those orders first. I'm sorry." What the . . . ? I ain't lovin' it!

People Are Crazy

Get on a bike. Accelerate to high rate of speed by being pulled by a vehicle. Hit a huge ramp and launch yourself. Try to land on top of a two story house with a flat roof. The result? youtube.com video

Girl From "Will and Grace" Trying To Get Out Of Speeding Ticket

This Sounds Suspicious

From the Update: FINALIST PULLS OUT — The lone finalist for the Bridgeport school superintendent post has withdrawn his name for the job. Steve Williams, assistant superintendent for human resources/student services at Eagle Mountain-Saginaw school district, withdrew his name Monday because he did not think he had the full backing of the board. He wanted the job. The board voted unanimously to give him the job (with one board member absent). And now he's gone?


I just saw a promo from Fox 4's Dan Henry for the news tonight: "Find out what happens if a tornado were to hit the Texas Motor Speedway. Tonight at 10:00". Come on. We all know 160,000 white people would be killed by 1,000,000 flying beer cans.


I Think This Is On The News Every Day

Is half the male population trying to hook up with underage girls by the Internet? Link. (My homeland feels so much more secure now).

Minor Giggle

At the movies this weekend (which not many people go to anymore), the movie trailer for The Simpsons Movie made its debut. Youtube.com has it here.


I hated Dharma & Greg starring Jenna Elfman. Her new series, Courting Alex, has been cancelled. Serves her right for the damage she caused prime time TV.

$13 Million A Year

Katie Couric will announce tomorrow that she is leaving the Today Show to become anchor of the CBS Evening News. Random Thoughts: (1) The only person that watches any of the network evening news shows anymore is me because I, in my own nerd sort of way, TIVO one of them. (2) That's a lot of cash. (3) Whenever she does a "hard news" interview on the Today Show, she reads the questions like she has no idea what she is asking. (4) She is still hot. (5) I still feel sorry for her due to her husband dying several years ago. (6) I will switch to Good Morning America if Ann Curry takes her spot.


An aerial shot of 287 and 51 in Decatur as it appeared in 1995. The Super Walmart is under construction. Grandy's had not burned down yet. No Chili's. No Lowe's. (Click to enlarge)

The Antithesis Of The Hot Blond Sex Crazed Teacher

Teachers Gone Wild. Oh, my.

Land Grab

The proposed route of the Trans-Texas Corridor toll road has been released. For now, it will swing up from Waco around the east side of Dallas. However, the first alternative route cuts right through southeast Wise County. A pdf map is here. The blue route is the proposed route. The light grey one is the alternative.

Very Unconfirmed Rumor

Somebody at the courthouse told me a 14 year old boy shot and killed a 17 year old girl in Jack County last night. Like I said, unconfirmed. Edit: The Wichita Falls paper has a story on it. (If you have to login, use "nobody@nowhere.net" as an email and "nada" as a password)


No one would collect pictures of people (1) who have died and (2) had a profile on myspace.com AND then post them on a web site called mydeathspace.com. Would they?

And You Thought There Could Be No News About Time

On Wednesday, at two minutes and three seconds after one in the morning, the time and date will be 01:02:03 04/05/06. On Tuesday, June 6th your clock will display: 06:06 06/06/06.


Political News

As the Republican Party begins to crumble (although it will take Wise County 20 years to realize it), former-Republican-Big-Dog Tom Delay (R - Texas) is calling it quits. What an embarrassment.


Rocker/Singer/Freak (I'm not sure what to call her) has tattoos on the back of her head. I can't wait to do that. (Click to enlarge).

The Benchwarmers

How much money can the studio spend on promoting this movie? A lot, apparently. A commercial for it shows up every five minutes. And it looks horrible.


Finished another movie while jogging tonight. The name: Derailed Star Factor: Huge (Clive Owen and Jennifer Aniston) Plot: Starts off like Unfaithful and then gets freaky and campy. Clive and Jennifer have an affair but get interrupted by a mugger who breaks into their hotel room. He keeps haunting Clive for $$$ because Clive can't go to the police because he doesn't want to reveal the affair. Need to suspend disbelief: Absolutely (the police aren't very smart in this movie). Enjoyable: Yeah, it was. Most Shocking Moment: Jennifer Aniston saying, "I want you to [deleted because it's wrong to say certain words] me." Random Thought: I don't remember this being in the theaters at all despite the fact it was released last year.

The South Rises Again In Wise County

In case you missed it, Channel 8 did a small piece on the Confederate Flag being displayed in the Wise County Courthouse. Commissioner Robert Rankin made an appearance as did attorney Bill Burdock. The clip is here. (My obsession with uploading to YouTube.com continues).

Linday Lohan Flashes Kids

Kinda surreal. This was at some Nickelodeon awards show over the weekend.

Friendly Prank

A bunch of golf balls, one SUV, and a guy who is late for work. Combine all that and hilarity ensues.


A streaker interrupted some on the spot reporting on Channel 8 last night. YouTube has the video here. Wait. There's a reporter up at the courthouse right now! I have a great idea! Be right back. Edit: The Dallas Morning News, on its web site, is asking the question: "Are you offended when something like this happens on live TV?" The results when I last checked were 699 voting "No" and 29 voting "Yes".

We're Gonna Be On The News!

It looks like a reporter and camera man are hanging around the courthouse looking for "man on the street" interviews. The subject: The fact that the confederate flag is on display in the courthouse beginning this morning. I think it's Jeff Crilley of Fox 4 News, but I'm not sure. (I didn't want to become one of the interviewees).

Montana Meth Project

I really don't know much about that group, but they have produced some really cool anti-meth ads that can be viewed here. Although they have a little bit of a "Reefer Madness" feel to them, they are pretty powerful. Remember kids, don't do drugs. Although locking people up is the wrong way for government to accomplish that end.

Weekly PostSecret.com Post

Publicity Denied

Youth Fair recap in the Update: "The grand champion steer, shown by Roger Meeks of Alvord FFA, sold for $10,700. " Since some person, business, or organization paid that sum of money primarily for publicity, it would be nice to know who it was. (Random photo).

Escalator Fun

Dumb kid. Dumb trick. Some blood. Video.

Opening Day

The Rangers open their season this afternoon with a game against the Red Sox. The weather looks perfect. I wish I was there. I won't be.

Kids Rule The World

Interesting numbers at the movie box office this weekend. 1. Ice Age: The Meltdown ($70.5 million) 9. Basic Instict 2 ($3.2 million) And $3.2 million is an awful, awful opening weekend.