Belo Meltdown

I don't know what happened to all of the Dallas Morning News/Channel 8 web sites, but it had to be bad. They've not been able to update for over 24 hours (and have acknowledged the problem.) Radars are completely gone. Blogs aren't being updated. You'd think they have every engineer in the Southwest Proper working on it. And I think the technical problems are even creeping over into the newscasts. As showers were pounding Decatur this morning, Channel 8 showed a "current radar" which was at least an hour old.


TEA Ratings Released


Mom, A Motorcycle, and Granny

You've Probably Seen This

But it's funny when that kid makes a break for it.

Random Friday Morning Thoughts

  • The funky wedding procession video? I bring you the funky divorce entrance video.
  • I've heard of construction accidents but I've never heard of a 23 foot story fatal fall. (Dallas, yesterday.) Horrible.
  • Why weren't we put on alert?: The Dallas City Council just spent two days in Wise County!
  • The "Beer Summit" yesterday may be the silliest photo op in the history of ever. Obama is smarter than that.
  • Short new youtube video of man being tazered in court (with an old bailiff, a cool judge, and someone named 239 who won't answer the radio.)
  • Someone told me yesterday that receiving a text message that begins with your name creates a sense of urgency.
  • The "Cash For Clunkers" program has been suspended (or about to be) after four days because the money will run out. Maybe we do like socialism.
  • I have two buddies that meet for breakfast once a week at a restaurant. Gay or not gay?
  • The Star Telegram has a story today about how many veterans end up with drug and alcohol related charges due to mental health issues. And they use a 40 year old Decatur rancher as an example. (No name but there's a small picture.)
  • When I represent Iraqi war vets, they almost always suffer from some type of mental issues caused by the war. I think it's a bigger problem than we realize.
  • Regarding the old barbecue place that used to be next to Catfish O'Harlies but is now Bono's (or something like that): I ate there in the bar area for lunch about three weeks ago and the waitress was more scantily clad than a Hooter's waitress.
  • I never eat out at lunch. Other than office celebratory lunches, that was probably my first time in three years.
  • I'm going to a Legislative Update Seminar this afternoon in Fort Worth. I think, for the first time in a long time, there was very little change to Texas Criminal Law. (Normally, they do something stupid for the sake of Get Tough On Crime.)
  • I didn't know that the only "bar" in Decatur was closing: Fat Daddy's. I think that's the second ownership to give it a shot.
  • I had a dream last night that I was riding in a helicopter all over the place no bigger than a VW Beetle. And I was required to stand on the outside and hang on for dear life as we dodged around skyscrapers.
  • Sometimes I'm scared to go to sleep because of those crazy dreams.
  • I don't think I've ever seen a dog bury a bone.
  • You can watch someone's golf swing (and not the ball's path) and quickly determine if they are a good golfer. Saw Justin Timberlake swing at the ball over the weekend. Good golfer.
  • I'm happy I've never been considered for the nickname "Lumpy".


First "Beer Summit" Picture

Thursday Afternoon Pick Me Up

I Bet This Grand Jury Got Away From The Prosecutor

The girl is traveling southbound on 121 near Grapevine (with reportedly twice the legal limit of alcohol in her system) and hits a highway divider causing her vehicle to end up in the inside northbound lane. Moments later, a northbound motorcycle strikes the wreckage killing the rider. The Intoxication Manslaughter statute is applicable if the person "is intoxicated and by reason of that intoxication causes the death of another by accident or mistake." "Causes" is not defined. There is no way the DA's office in Tarrant County recommended a "no bill" (a refusal to indict) since they love to jump all over these kind of cases. I'm guessing the grand jury, in a moment of rebellion, decided to ignore the DA.

Renaissance Woman

A porn star, who is considering a run for the U.S. Senate, is arrested after a domestic disturbance against her husband "due to the state of the laundry." There's a little something for everybody to like about her.

Rare Footage Of Me As A Child On The Mean Streets Of Bridgeport

Hey, Honey. Let's Take The Family Unit Out To The Ball Game

Random Thursday Morning Thoughts

  • Dead Michael Jackson and Dead Taco Bell Dog tribute. Oh, my.
  • Yesterday morning I saw a prank of a pickup truck wrapped completely in cellophane. That took some effort.
  • More proof that the world has gone crazy: "A fetus cut from the womb of a woman found dead [on Monday] in Worcester has been found alive in New Hampshire."
  • A line of storms blew through DFW during the 5:00 a.m. hour this morning and the local TV stations went nuts. Even Channel 8's Pete Delkus showed up to ratchet up the panic level.
  • When I see a lightening strike, I have the weird feeling I'm the only one that saw it.
  • I won my DWI trial but the video of him performing the field sobriety tests was really good. It's always about the video.
  • My client, who was 49 and had never been in trouble before, was incredibly nervous. I felt pretty good about the case, put him on the stand for insurance, and ended up almost losing the thing because of it.
  • The word "multi-tasking" beats me down.
  • The funeral for the father of our Sheriff is today.
  • The Beer Summit today with the President, Gates, and the officer is silly.
  • And a Boston officer's mass email about the Obama/Gates situation indicates he could be one of the commenters here on Liberally Lean.
  • Somebody printed out the story from yesterday about how tanning beds can increase the risk of cancer by 75% and left it on my desk.
  • Drag racing death in Fort Worth last night and there wasn't much left of the car. And the guy was 17 and a back seat passenger.
  • The highway signs over Lake Bridgeport call if "Bridgeport Lake" but I don't know anyone who refers to it that way.
  • Random question: What exactly are the purpose of our troops in Afghanistan? It's not the possession of territory, is it? Do we plan on killing every member of the Taliban? When will we know we won?
  • With the new Cowboys' stadium, one change that needs to occur is the firing of Rowdy.
  • WBAP's Steve Lamb this morning, while reporting on Jessica Simpson's use of the phrase "Indian Giver", wouldn't use the phrase. Instead he said, "Blank Giver."
  • And today's Update will certainly cause a little person uprising: "CAR WASH - The Chico Midget and PeeWee cheerleaders will have a car wash and bake sale from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. Saturday at Chico Mart."


Completely Missed This

And just when she gained a little fame.

What's The Purpose Of These Things

I'm seeing more and more of these markings all over Decatur (this one is by the courthouse). And you'll see them all over Fort Worth. I'm pretty sure it has something to do with Oncor or some other company and underground lines, but why?

Replacement of Fox 4's Megan Henderson Confirmed

And she has one tricked up name: Lauren Przybyl. Source.

Note To Self: Don't Lick Drugs Off Jail Floor

Happened in Sherman.

Trial Over

Now if I can get my blogging mojo back. Edit: And to answer the question in the comments, I'm happy with the verdict.

Random Wednesday Morning Thoughts

  • How far was Reagan into his first presidency when he was shot? Wow: 2 months.
  • Watched a little of the No Spin Zone last night. Bill O'Reilly trying to have a couple of "care free" segments is forced awkwardness's. One thing that man is not is "fun."
  • Thinking back to the youtube church procession dance video, does it make anyone uncomfortable that it occurred in a church?
  • Jessica Simpson is in trouble for saying she is not an "Indian giver" when asked if she was going to ask for the boat back that she gave to Tony Romo as a gift. Puhlleeze.
  • According to today's Messenger, property values within Decatur ISD increased almost 10% last year. Which is believable unless you tried to sell real estate within Decatur ISD.
  • I'm told that most people sleep all night -- that the next thing that happens after they go to sleep is that they hear the alarm clock the next morning. That hasn't happened to me in years. I normally wake up two or three times.
  • My DWI trial will wrap up this morning -- it could go either way -- which is normally all I can ask for.
  • Any one else get powered down by seeing Wade Phillips at the opening press conference for the Dallas Cowboys training camp?
  • The story of the mentally ill man who stabbed the female UPS driver is bizarre. I wonder if she'll give up the job?
  • The more we here of Michael Jackson's drug use the more he seems like Elvis.
  • Goofy Glenn Beck called Obama a racist on Fox's Fox and Friends? I know he's trying to call attention to himself, but he might want to back off the throttle.
  • The Ticket's Craig Miller called I-35 the "Trail of Tears" today: Dallas (JFK assassination) to Waco (Branch Davidians) to Killeen (the Luby's mass murder) to Jarrell (tornado) to San Antonio (the Alamo.) Edit: He also mentioned Austin (the UT Tower shooting). A reader mentioned Oklahoma City (the bombing). And wasn't it the I-35 bridge that collapsed in Minnesota a couple of years ago?


If I'm Going To Ignore The B log . . .

. . . I'd much rather do it because I'm at the beach instead of being in trial. Sorry about today, kids. But every now and then I've got to go up to the courthouse to fight The Man.

Random Tuesday Morning Thoughts

  • The most over-hyped legislation ever was the "Castle Doctrine." It eliminated the duty to retreat before deadly self defense is used in your own home. But before the change, there was not a grand jury that would indict or a jury would convict if a homeowner failed to retreat.
  • The smokin' hot Fiona Gorostiza of Fox 4 has a chance to co-host Regis and Kelly. Go vote here. Me loves me some Fiona.
  • Fox 4's Lari Barager has a birthday today. I wonder how old she is?
  • The Fort Worth Weekly finally changed it's worst web site in the history of ever.
  • I have a DWI trial this morning, but it may only last one day.
  • Tony Romo reportedly put out a Red Alert to keep Jessica out. Hang tough, big guy.
  • Reality shows really don't do it for me.
  • I once saw a couple get engaged on top of the Hoover Dam. And it was the smallest diamond I had ever seen.
  • I never worry about putting making a bank deposit through the mail.
  • I started it about a year ago, but I use my debit card for everything. I never go to the ATM any more.
  • Do you really need to arrest a 12 year old for sexual assault?
  • A rain filled week in the middle of summer should be mandatory.
  • Michael Jackson's doctor will be indicted by the time all is said and done.
  • "He said the contact allegation involved a nurse wearing a jacket that said either God or Jesus 'wants us to sing.' Grant said he held his thumb over the g in sing — without touching her — to make it appear that the jacket said God or Jesus 'wants us to sin.'" --- That got a Tarrant County doctor officially disciplined.
  • Is that a piece of tape on that girl in the pic?


New Dos Chiles In Bridgeport

A faithful reader sends along these pics. (Thanks Mike)

Nominee For Most Shocking Story Of The Year

Happened yesterday. Link.


He had his first court setting today.

Tony Romo's New Girlfriend

On the left. Or so they say.

Saw On Vacation

While walking along a pristine beach, this shows up.

Random Monday Morning Thoughts

  • Sometimes I can't decide which picture to post.
  • You wouldn't think an anteater could survive eating just ants. That would take a lot of ants.
  • I mentioned a couple of months ago that I had heard that the State had screwed up the appeal of the judge's decision to suppress the blood results in Tarrant County district judge Elizabeth Berry's DWI case. I completely missed last week that I was right.
  • You had to see it appreciate it, but I was watching one of the couples of the show 16 and Pregnant being interviewed. The child suffered from some type of condition (I don't remember what it was called) but my jaw dropped when the mother started crying as she said, "I'm sad because when he gets old enough to go to a party that he won't be able to drink like his friends."
  • The person next to me yelled at the screen, "Hey, you aren't even old enough to drink!"
  • The ceremonial stage of Tour de France (the last phase wihich is pretty much a parade) is 101 miles. I rode 40 miles once and almost died.
  • I watched Gran Torino while on vacation. It wasn't as bad as I thought it would be (the "Get off my lawn" line by Clint Eastwod in the previews made my head explode), but the script was extremely corny and cliched. Great concept. Poorly executed.
  • But not as bad as Eastwood''s "Million Dollar Baby." (Which I still despise to this day.)
  • Before I forget: The worst movie ever is "Death To Smoochy" (which has been showing up on the movie channels again.)
  • Sarah Palin gave her farewell speech yesterday. She might be crazy. “With this decision, now, I will be able to fight even harder for you, for what is right, and for truth." What the heck does that mean?
  • Obscure song I like: XTC's "Mayor Of Simpleton."
  • Obscure note: The "Fans Insider" column by David Thomas in the Sunday Star-Telegram has the worst jokes. Ever.
  • Motorcycle death over the weekend.
  • When I linked to the youtube video of the fantastic wedding entrance last week, the number of views was listed at around 80,000. On Sunday night, it was up to 7.5 million. (Just to let you that we were one of the first group of people to view it.)
  • With little fanfare, ESPN2 broadcast a soccer game from the new Cowboys' stadium last night. I guess it's the first television broadcast from the stadium ever (I TIVO'd it because I knew I'd forget about it but I could only stick with a soccer game for about five minutes.)
  • Something called "Comic Con" happened over the weekend. I'm not sure what it was, but it sure was all over the Internets.
  • WBAP's Mark Davis wrote in the Morning News that "the American health care system the envy of the world." A lot people call many things American "the best in the world" when they really haven't seen much of the world.
  • And Gov. Perry spoke again of "states rights" the other day suggesting Texas might refuse to be part of any national health care plan. I know what he means, but he sounds like a nutcase when he makes those statements.
  • And I agree with him from a Libertarian point of view, but I've given up any hope of seeing that form of government a long time ago.
  • I have a hard time going to a movie unless it's at a Movie Grill.
  • I watered my front lawn all night on Saturday. Unintentionally.
  • Obama always mentions "having a beer" with someone to resolve a conflict. I'd like to see a picture of that.


The Hangover

I finally broke down and saw "The Hangover" this weekend. Verdict: Very, very funny. It's along the lines of "Knocked Up" or "Super Bad" but, dare I say, better. The "guys go to Las Vegas" movies have been done time and time again, but this one has an interesting twist. The guys wake up after a night of partying, remember nothing, and spend the rest of the movie looking for a missing friend using a series of bizarre clues (a missing tooth, a baby in the closet, a tiger in the bathroom, one of them wearing a hospital wrist band.) And the movie raps up in a fantastic fashion. One of the guys finds a camera which contains the digital images that will explain the lost night. They agree to look at them one time and then delete them. From there, the images appear rapid fire on the screen as the credits roll to the side. The dialogue was witty, the audience constantly recoiled in shock or laughter, and I'm not sure I caught all the funny stuff that was going on. One commenter mentioned on IMDB that the actors, at one point of another, quoted lines from "Leaving Las Vegas", "Casino", and "Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas." And I didn't catch a single line. Joe Bob says check it out.

More On "Stupidly"

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Yeah, it's a slow weekend but I did catch this opening of the Jon Stewart Show. I'm basically posting it because of the bit about the President's "stupidly" comment which begins at the 6:00 minute mark. Funny. And call me crazy, but I think his show is as informative, if not more, than the mainstream media (both left and right).