It's Friday. Let's Get Out Of Here.

That looks like it hurt. 
Pure marriage material. 

In surprised most kids make it to adulthood 

Show off.

Once again, people don't quite think things through. 

I could truly watch this all day. 

Random Friday Morning Thoughts

  • We dropped the Mother of All Bombs on Afghanistan yesterday.  It took $314 million to develop and has a unit cost of $16 million. We've used one. 
  • If we keep lobbing bombs left and right in the middle east, we are going to get hard on our soil in the next four years. 
  • There was a running bit over the last few days about "New United Mottos". This was the funniest: 

  • There was a big effort yesterday to express outrage about a guy on Survivor who outed another guy as transgendered. Come on. The show is taped and edited and packaged. It's not like he blurted it out on live TV. This was all calculated.
  • An officer in Georgia was fired after walking up and kicking a handcuffed African-American who was on the ground in the head. (Video) Edit: Link fixed.
  • Former Decatur standout Grayson Muehlstein is listed as third string quarterback at TCU after Spring practice. The bad news is that incoming freshman Shawn Robinson is at #2 and that kid is great. He'll replace the spare Kenny Hill by game three.  
  • Canada took the first steps yesterday to legalize weed. For the whole country.
  • Bob Simpson, co-owner of the Texas Rangers, has put his 24,000 square foot Fort Worth house on the market for $7 million. It's in a development called Montserrat which is just outside the west 820 loop just south of the I-30 exit. I had no idea it was there. And there are some monster houses in it. (Satellite view). 
  • Does Trump ever see son Barron?
  • I'll admit, I don't know what "currency manipulator" means. At least I'm not the only one: 
  • A loyal reader sent me a link to TMZ obtaining pictures of the Official Liberally Lean Girl on the beach in Hawaii. 
  • Pretty big fire to an extension of the Bellagio hotel in Vegas last night. (Video)
  • The U.S. screwed up yesterday and killed 18 friendly Syrian soldiers who were fighting ISIS.


"Don't Go Chasing Waterfalls"

RB Coach Used To Be Backup Dancer For MC Hammer

Decides to prove it.

Random Thursday Morning Thoughts

  • I've have never seen such horrible reporting regarding Dallas' new "cite and release" policy for misdemeanor marijuana. So many news agencies say that Dallas has reduced the punishment for those crimes to nothing more than a Class C offense like speeding or jaywalking. That's completely 100% wrong.
  • Here's what's the change is: Currently, Dallas PD arrest someone found in possession of a misdemeanor amount of marijuana. They are taken to jail. In a few hours they post bond, released, and are told to wait for a notice to appear before a court for either a Class B or Class A misdemeanor (depending on the amount possessed.) The new policy requires the officer to not arrest the defendant but to release him on his own personal recognizance on the spot, and tell the defendant to wait for notice to appear before a court for either a Class B or Class A misdemeanor. The only thing that has changed is that you are no longer initially taken to jail and have to bond out. 
  • The Texas legislature approved "cite and release" 10 years ago. A trooper in Wise County (or any officer) can legally "cited and release" any misdemeanor marijuana defendant.  The only reason that doesn't happen is because of policies of the agencies. 
  • The local media has been horrible. KXAS Channel 5 does not have a clue about the meaning of "cite and release". WFAA equally doesn't understand. The Answer's Mark Davis went on a 20 minute rant this morning about how the City of Dallas had "reduced" the penalty for marijuana to the equivalent of jay-walking. Fox 4 is interesting. They have had guests on which have been deadly accurate on what the "change" in Dallas PD police means. Then last night their graphics department proved they hadn't been watching Fox 4 news: 
    No, they didn't. 
  • Nerdy legal point about how the new Dallas policy is probably unconstitutional: The new policy only allows Dallas residents to get the benefit of "cite and release." If you live out of county but are caught in Dallas, you go to jail and have to make bond. That probably violates the Equal Protection Clause. 
  • I did miss the fact yesterday that Bill O'Reilly has taken an immediate and mysterious "two week vacation." It begins. 
  • One of the first thing Trump did was institute a federal hiring freeze. Yesterday he reversed his own decision.
  • Speaking of Trump, he's saber-rattling again on Twitter -- the perfect place to develop foreign policy. We're all gonna die. 
  • "Secret A.T.F. Account Paid for $21,000 Nascar Suite and Las Vegas Trip." WBAP's Hal Jay this morning said he didn't care about the theft of taxpayer money and considered it just a bonus for "working hard and risking their lives." His co-workers, as they are doing more and more often, expressed shock at his position.
  • The Bridgeport Bulls will be going to the state championship in soccer. How many state championships were left on the table over the last 10 to 15 years because the school refused to have a soccer program? 
  • I don't know anything about Decatur High School, but I saw that Macy and Mallory Downe finished first and second in the 100 meter dash at the district meet. Are they twins? Sisters finishing first and second at district is beyond cool. 

Above The Fold


BagOfNothing Questioned God Is Pro Life vs The Passover . . .

. . . and this happens!

I hope God isn't turning him into a modern day Job.

Stay strong! But if they don't go away, you might get on The Today Show.

Get Me This Red Panda!

Came In A Little Hot

Random Wednesday Morning Thoughts

  • Note to White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer: Never leave! Yesterday he said Hitler did not use chemical weapons and then, when, he tried to clarify, acknowledged that gas was used in the "Holocaust Centers." 
  • The Mav's Tony Romo experiment was just as embarrassing as I thought it would be. And that's the exact word Romo used when he briefly addressed the crowd.
  • Cuban sold Tony Romo T-shirts for $25 and jerseys for $85 (kids' sizes at $70). Side note: As for NBA players, there is probably something in the collective bargaining agreement which allows teams to use a player's name on merchandise for profit. But what about using Romo's name for profit?
  • Another Texas "And Another":
  • New UT coach Tom Herman has had these signs installed above the toilets: 
  • Based upon scores yesterday, I think that in my prime I would have been an average golfer on Bridgeport or Decatur's high school girls golf team: 
  • I'm 1.5 episodes into S-Town -- the podcast presented by Serial and This American Life. So far, it is fantastic. 
  • Ken Paxton's criminal trial is being moved from Republican friendly Collin County to not Republican friendly Harris County on a change of venue. (Legal nerd note: Based upon a motion by Paxton yesterday, it looks like when there is a change of venue, the judge can only stay on the case with the consent of all parties. I'll admit I didn't know that. Then again, I've never seen a change of venue granted in Wise County since I arrived on the scene in 1993. In fact, I can't even remember hearing about one being filed.)
  • The federal judge keeps chewing out the U.S. Attorney's office in the John Wiley Price trial. I'm beginning to think there's a better than even chance they have screwed that trial up. 
  • BagOfNothing has an interesting take today after he saw a bumper sticker that said "God is Pro-Life" and then thought about the events of the Passover where God killed the firstborn of every Egyptian family. 


Trust Your Life To A Carnie

I Don't Think This Is Andy From Mayberry

I had seen the photos but didn't watch the video. Until now. Oh, my! What are these odds these guys don't violate the Fourth Amendment ten times a day?

And that coordinated walk off is comical.

Bird vs. Roller Coaster Rider

The slow motion is great.

It's Kind Of Like "Grandma Got Run Over By A Reindeer"

Random Tuesday Morning Thoughts

  • The apology from the head of United for dragging the passenger off the plane was a perfect example of what not to say. " "I apologize for having to re-accommodate these customers." First we have the phrase "having to." Uh, no you didn't. And then we have the tone deaf word of "re-accommodate." 
  • By the way, WBAP's Hal Jay supported United this morning much to the amazement of his co-workers. 
  • That flight wasn't "overbooked". They kicked four passengers off the plane to get four flight attendants on the flight for another gig at the flight's destination.
  • And Mike Huckabee made dads everywhere cringe with an "attempt" at comedy:
  • Others were very funny: 
  • Sad to see Tech's Spike Dikes passing away. I always liked the guy. He had a handwritten sign up in his office, "If you have to convince someone to come here, you're probably going to have to convince them to play hard." (And hard core Tech fans took note of the death of Byron Hanspard a couple of weeks ago. Edit: Eek! Make that James Hadnot. My apologies for killing Hanspard!)
  • Trump this morning. (Great, he got a taste of dropping bombs and he liked it):
  • Alabama's governor had to resign after having an affair with a staff member half his age and then using the power of the office to try and cover it up. One of the ways the scandal broke was when he texted his wife, "I love you, Rebekah." Uh, his wife ain't named Rebekah.
  • You know how when watching a golf tournament on TV they'll do that cool graphic off the T-box that shows where the ball is going? There's actually an app for that called "Shot Tracer." Here's a Ticket guy at the #1 on Colonial yesterday: 
  • A Wichita Falls woman pleaded guilty for her role in having her husband solicit and undercover officer to kill her daughter's boyfriend.  What they thought was a fair fee? $500.
  • In the middle of Lake Bridgeport, far under water, is the site of the former Cactus Hill Ranch and cemetery. When Wise County was beginning, and had less than 400 people, it served as a make shift way station for travelers and locals alike. When the lake was built, the graves were moved to East Bridgeport cemetery. Any chance they didn't get all of them? (Great history about the place here.)


Creative Way To Try To Put Out A Wildfire

"Heck, Bubba. Let's just blow it out like a candle!"

Get Me This Sugar Glider!

The Cutest Thing You'll See All Week

And turn on the volume.

Random Monday Morning Thoughts

  • A Hays County assistant DA was forced to resign after lying to a judge in court. The subject? Withholding evidence, of course. 
  • After looking at the "damage" to the Syrian air field, I think the U.S. should go back to the Acme Tomahawk Missile Store and ask for its money back. 
  • Seriously, what is going on there? We launch 59 missiles on an airfield and they are using it the next day and dropping bombs on the same place they used chemical weapons. 
  • It was the 75th anniversary of Bataan Death March. Faithful reader will remember me promoting a book on the event, Tears in The Darkness, a few years back. It told the story about of 18 year old farm boy Ben Steele who ended up smack dab in the middle of it. When I read the book, Mr. Steele was still alive. I googled him and learned he died last September. 
  • Y'all'd've" has to be the greatest Texas slang ever, and it is scary how often I utter it. ("Y'all would have")
  • The emergency sirens in Dallas were hacked on Friday night causing them to go off all night. In the 8:00 a.m. hour on Saturday, WFAA news had the Dallas City Spokesperson on via phone who said it "wasn't a malfunction" when every news outlet was calling it that. My ears perked up.  The anchor completely missed the remark and went on with his next question. And then around noon we had the "breaking news" of the hack. 
  • Florida Sheriff press conference or ISIS? 
  • Mark Cuban having Tony Romo suit up and sit on the bench tonight is one of the dumbest things I've ever seen. And why would Romo do it? From his "woe as me" speech during the season, to the goofy picture of him wearing the CBS jacket (with Phil Simms body not even cold), and now to this, Romo's beginning to wear me out. And he's proving he's tone deaf. 
  • And Jason Witten wrote an open letter to Romo. I think that's weird. If you feel that way, send him a handwritten letter. When you post it online you're really saying, "Look at me everyone! Aren't I great and sweet guy!"
  • Colorado cop body slams a sorority girl. 
  • There's a shocking video floating around this morning of United over booking a plane and dragging a random passenger off the plane. It appears to be legit. The airline offered up to $800 in ticket vouchers looking for volunteers but there were no takers. Hint: Go to $1,000 and then keep going in $200 increments next time until you find someone in order to avoid a PR disaster. 
  • Great result at The Masters: Rickie Fowler, with those horrible orange pants and orange Cobra cap, didn't get close to winning. That was a sin against fashion. 
  • The Bridgeport making it to state in soccer is really amazing. They will play Progreso (not the soup) on Wednesday.