Pretty Funny

Larry King wasn't exactly sure if Seinfeld was canceled or whether Jerry decided to call it quits.

While Browsing Yahoo! Headlines . . .

. . . I just had to stop down for a second.

Edit: That story was just one-upped with . . .


Bear On Bear Violence

Hey, you Baylor folks out there: What the heck is this about? Something about an "eternal flame" and freshmen and the Chamber? Video was from the "Fall of 2007." Although I appreciate the slow motion replay of the kick, isn't it a bit dangerous for a bunch of kids to rush a flame in a crowded auditorium?

We've Gone . . .

. . . over a week without a motorcycle death.

Edit: One of the comments mentioned two motorcycle deaths and then a faithful reader emailed a link to the Tarrant County ME's office that confirmed it.

It's Your Money

And after all of your taxpayer $400,000 is gone, people will still be using meth in Parker County.

Say What?

I stole this from a site I always steal from. It's a picture from inside the Boston Red Sox team plane after winning the World Series. Are those, uh, players that play that game called baseball?

You Know You're In Jacksboro . . .

. . . when the convenience store is almost blocked by deer corn.


Great Moments In Broadcasting

http://view.break.com/387130 - Watch more free videos

Green Bay Packer Themed Wedding

I'm tearing up.

Link (with more pics).

Mother Of The Year

Kate Beckinsale. Halloween is quickly becoming my favorite holiday of the year.

By Request

Rapper Ice T and CoCo arrive at the Roberto Cavalli Halloween party to benefit Children in Crisis and The Happy Hearts Fund at Cipriani's 42nd street, Wednesday, Oct. 31, 2007 in New York. (AP Photo/Peter Kramer)

And the "dress" has no back to it. But, hey, it's all for the kids.

Thursday Afternoon Pick Me Up

Warning In . . .

. . . men's room at the Bridgeport Country Club (and, yes, I was the only one in there.) Heck, I was scared to turn it on.

Your Wallet Was Safe During Lunch

The Wise County Bar Association held a lunch reception for the visiting appellate court judges at the Bridgeport Country Club today. However, no one was smart enough to bring a real camera so we had to settle for a camera phone pic.

Edit: More pics.

Edit: People, play nice. I will note that ADA Kevin Henry has a huge fan (although the comment was buried in a comment I didn't post.)

It Just Might Happen

(Language warning.) This is the first three minutes of Idiocracy, a movie about a normal guy who ends up in the future and automatically becomes the "smartest man in the world" - simply because the rest of society had been dumbed down. (The president of the United States is a former ultimate fighting champion, and the House of Representatives has been renamed The House of Representin'. Oh yeah, the #1 television show is a program that constantly shows men being hit in the crotch.) Anyway, the first three minutes shows how it could happen. Ever since I first saw it, I can't get it out of my mind. It's supposed to be a comedy, but most of my friends who have seen it believe it's not that far fetched. Interestingly, a study came out in London last week saying it will happen.

Favorite Name Of Big 12 Basketball Player


Mildly Interesting

The Fort Worth Court of Appeals went traveling today and is using the district courtroom in Decatur to hear oral arguments. I'm 99% sure that hasn't happened before. The three judge panel in Decatur this morning consists of Justices Terrie Livingston, Bob McCoy, and Sue Walker.

I listened to a little bit of the proceedings this morning but it got pretty boring pretty quick. Something about whether the Attorney General was a party to a child support proceeding and another case involving a failed property development near a private landing strip.

(Photo taken from outside the courtroom through a window in the door.)

As We Wrap Up Halloween


Trinity Lateral-Fest 2.0

Here's a better angle of the crazy touchdown play involving Trinity University last weekend. It's worth another watch for one reason: In addition to the amazing laterals, check out the Millsaps player (dark jersey) who just squats down around the 50 yard line while the play nears its end. And I think he is still there during the celebration.

Happy Halloween

Trivia: This girl (I think) is now 39 years old.

Prepare For More Wells

In other news, gold hit $800 an ounce and Google hit $700 a share. So, in summary, we can't afford natural gas, gold, or Google.

Halloween Giggle

I assume it's real.

And Another


(Submitted by email. Thanks!)

A Tow Truck Is Never A Good Sign

If you folks in Wise County are wondering where your Fed Ex package is, it might be a little late.

The Today Show . . .

. . . cast always dresses up for Halloween. This year they went with the Munsters theme. That's Matt and Meredith.


I'm Soooo Trying To Figure Out What Position He Was In


Reader Submitted

Black Creek Lake from last night. Ya know, I've never been to Black Creek Lake.

We All Need To Be Reminded Every Now And Then

For the heck of it, I googled the name of a girlfriend of over 20 years ago. Just a handful of hits came up, but within those small number of hit I quickly learned that she was a schoolteacher near Houston (which is exactly where she expected to be.)

But the only information about her came on a post she had made on a blog. A blog about a family that struggles with a newborn diagnosed with leukemia. Heck, I spent more time reading about the baby than what she wrote. It puts life in perspective. As I say so often, "I can't imagine . . . . "

The home page of that blog is here. The first post, the moving one that I first stumbled upon, is here.

Halloween Brit

And I forgot about Paris from one year ago. And Lindsay. Or, eek, Ann Curry.

I Finally Found Some Guys I Wouldn't Want To Defend

All the college sports blogs have posted this youtube video from last weekend. (Extreme language warning, by the way.)

It shows a mob of Penn State fans taunting (and actually assaulting with beer cans) a couple of Ohio State fans. The guy holding the camera is a punk. The kid at the end is a huge punk. I rarely get mad, but this thing just drives me insane.

Edit: The Penn State student newspaper covers the incident.

Normal Looking Guy

But you do not want to know what he is accused of. At least it's close to Halloween.

Not Sure . . .

. . . what that plume of smoke was coming from the Bridgeport area (as taken from Decatur overlooking Lowe's). It just might be the energy plant burning off excess whatever, but I'm sure someone knows.

Patriot Cheerleaders Dress Up For Halloween

Let's see. Schoolgirl? Check. Uh, hooker? Check. Flapper? Check. Little Bo Peep? Check. Bumble Bee? Check.

"We're From The Hood!"

Curious story. Kid gets suspended for saying, "We're from the hood!" on the sideline and having a verbal confrontation with a coach. Kid then files complaint with NAACP.

In other news, the Mean Green are awful.

Capital Murder Trial

The Star-Telegram has an interesting story today on the first day of the capital murder trial regarding Hank Nava, a Fort Worth Police Officer.

The facts are tragic, but this isn't a slam dunk for the prosecution. If the defense lawyer is correct in his opening statements (and I bet he is, because he's good and knows that misstatements will come back to bite you), he says that Nava was not dressed in a police uniform before the shooting. And another officer was in TXU gear because they were "undercover." The lawyer also said the fatal shot was a ricochet - even shot in self defense since he didn't know the cops were cops. (And it looks like the defendant had a fairly checkered past - the kind of past that would make you fearful when strangers come into your house.)

Amazingly, police fired 34 times at the defendant - but didn't kill him.

The defendant will be convicted of something, but I'm not sure if it will be capital murder.


Shameless Plug

My mom is closing her store over in Bridgeport after being in business for about 20 years. As much as she has to put up with me, the least I could do is reproduce the ad that will run in the Bridgeport Index this week. (She doesn't know I'm doing this - yet.)

And the closing is kind of bittersweet. That retail space was previously occupied by Green's Dry Goods which was owned by my dad and, before him, his father. I remember selling shoes, jeans, and underwear in there as a teenager.

(And if you think I'll allow one negative comment, you're crazy!)

Motorcycle Death Update

We have another. (Although this one doesn't sound like the motorcyclist's fault.)

Hide The Kids

Doogie Howser aka Neil Patrick Harris dressed up for Halloween.

Speaking Of Tony

ESPN reports that Tony Romo has agreed to a six-year, $69 million extension with $31 million guaranteed.

That's a huge guarantee in a league that isn't fond of guaranteed money.

The Play Everyone Is Talking About Today

From Trinity (yep, in Texas) vs. Millsaps (a Mississippi college) this weekend.

So That's What It Was

I was watching some of the Giants/Dolphins from London yesterday when the crowd went wild. Apparently a streaker had run onto the field to the amusement of the crowd, but Fox Sports wasn't going to show it.

But now there's a photo of the guy here (which is probably safe enough to post, but I'll let you be the judge.)

Edit: Video here. The riverdance was a nice touch.

Fox 4 Should Hire The Video Editor Of This Clip

The guy knows how to please an audience,

Out Of Pocket

I bet I counted 24 inmates that were in felony court today on new cases. Sheesh. Off to Fort Worth for a driver's license hearing. And I'll drive by that church just over the county line that is advertising "Judgement House". (Which I think is misspelled, but I wouldn't want to pass judgment.) I think that church is of a Methodist affiliation - and I'm not sure this link is for the same type of event.

Red Sox Win World Championship

And this guy has a hot girlfriend and the MVP trophy. Talk about good times.

Edit: OK, I might have the facts screwed up on this one.

Monday Morning Pick Me Up

Nothing like Penn State girls dancing in a manner banned in Argyle and then one of them doing a nose dive over the side of a pick-up. Good times.

When $72 Million Is Not Enough


Former Ranger Alex Rodriguez could have played out the remaining three years of his contract with the Yankees and, by doing so, he would have been guaranteed $72 million. But his contract gives him the right to "opt out" and become a free agent in order to go to the highest bidder.

The man did it yesterday. Amazing.

But the champagne bottles you hear popping are from the home of Texas Rangers owner Tom Hicks who will no longer be responsible for $21 million that he would have had to pay to the Yankees if he had stayed. (Part of a screwed up trade.)

Uh, Oh


Edit: Here's some concrete evidence - Britney's cousin, Alli Sims, goes out the next night in a Tony Romo jersey.


Let's Get Artsy

MILAN, Italy - Can't get to Milan to see Leonardo Da Vinci's masterpiece "The Last Supper?" As of Saturday, all you need is an Internet connection. Officials put online an image of the "Last Supper" at 16 billion pixels — 1,600 times stronger than the images taken with the typical 10 million pixel digital camera.

Link (but patience and a high speed connection is required.)

Reader Submitted

A Wise County road. Not sure where it is, but I've come across a few that look like this before.

Random Political Tought

I'm no fan of Sen. John Cornyn, but it looks like he'll have just one opponent:

That's not the best political name, because all I do is think of this guy: