Track And Field Is A Contact Sport

A long jumper gets hit by a javelin thrown from a gazillion yards away? And lives? Holy crap. (It's a short clip and they don't speak English or Mexican.)

I Declare War On Toro

You want to know what that is? That's a piece of junk. You know where I found it? Inside the gas tank of my Toro Weed Trimmer.

How did I find it? Well, I spent the last 12 hours or so of my life trying to start the dang thing. Which is odd because for the first four months that I've owned it (read that again, four freakin' months!) it has worked like a charm. So finally exasperated, I decided to drain the gas tank and put some fresh gas in it. No need. I found this thing - the gas line that takes the gas to, uh, the engine - floating around inside of it. After taking the gas tank apart (that was easy - thanks so much Toro), I discovered that the cheap plastic gas line hadn't disconnected. It had broken. How does that happen?

So don't buy anything from Toro. Ever.

I Got A Haircut

A serious haircut. (Yep, that's mine.)


Speaking of Wes Hardy Videos

The Messenger had done a heck of job.

YouTube Wes Hardy Video

Thanks so much for a reader for calling this to my attention.

Pics From The Funeral Procession As It Went By The Sheriff's Office

I guess it goes without saying that there were more cops in Wise County yesterday than at any other time in history.

This vending machine ...

... In the jail lobby looks good if I weren't on nutrisystem.

Baseball Is Riveting

The only thing I know about this 10 second clip is that a camera directly in front of this guy (not the angle you see) is broadcasting his image on the Jumbotron. The crowd sees the guy's head drifting to his right and then hilarity ensues.

Now This Is Interesting

I just got a report that Bridgeport has been kicked out of a 7 on 7 tournament due to a fight after a game that erupted after a racial slur by a Bridgeport player.

The tip directed me to this thread on a message board. (You have to muddle through lots of posts by people who really care about the 7 on 7 tourney.) I don't know if it is true. Edit: The disqualification part is definitely true.

More documentation here. ("The tournament was marred by a fight between Athens and Bridgeport at the end of their second game, the fight was quickly broken up and per the rules set forth by the State Board of Directors both teams were disqualified from the tournament and will not be allowed to play in any SQT’s in 2008.") Heck, this looks like it took place at some "state" tournament at Texas A&M. But what's a SQT?

Edit: Here's a comment I received but I redacted a kid's name since I can't verify it: "
The Athens kid used a racial slur to [a Bridgeport player], then got one thrown back his way. The Athens boy could not take it [that] a white boy 80 pounds lighter than him didn’t back down so he threw a punch at [the Bridgeport player] and then worlds collided."


It's Friday the 13th, the skies darken, a chill is in the air, and the Wrath of God nears Wise County. Or, it may just be about to rain.

Kelly Clarkson says,

"Whenever I'm in Runaway Bay, I swing by One Stop to grab me a hot dog. You know, me loves me some hot dog."

Edit: And, sir, the comment submitted where you tricked up the lyrics to the Oscar Meyer Weiner song was totally inappropriate. Funny. But inappropriate for posting.

Wise County Alert. It's . . .


Headed This Way

Just got word that the funeral procession for Officer Wes Hardy is in Denton and headed this way. It is said to be a dramatic sight. I-35 was shut down for the motorcade and on every overpass a firetruck(s), with ladders extended, could be seen as well as fireman standing shoulder to shoulder.

Edit: Should roll into Decatur at around 2:20 I'm told.

The Running Of The Bulls

I love this stuff. Well, not so much the blood, but the event. A few years back ESPN or someone would show the event live (which meant I had to TIVO it in the middle of the night). I learned that it happens for like seven days in a row (maybe more) and the entire "running" takes about five minutes. Good times.

I'm not sure why Bridgeport has never used the "Running With The Bulls" theme. Or maybe they have.

New Jersey Blackmail Photos . . .

. . . were released on The Today Show this morning by the beauty queen herself. Don't have time to upload them (and I'm sure they will be online any moment), but this will be a fascinating debate. The worst two photos show her (1) being spread legged with jeans on in the back of a limo and (2) a guy kissing her breast over the clothes. In both she was "posing" and clearly being silly.

Heck, cut the kid a break. I'd be surprised if she were stripped of her title (the pageant is voting on that issue today.)

Edit: Video is here.


Twin Towers Of Terror?

People accuse me of having a radar for certain types of comments. Man, it went off tonight when Steve Eagar introduced a segment on high heeled shoes. (And is that fake nervous laugh from Heather Hays?)

Legal Stuff

The State's district and county attorney message board has gone crazy today over a situation in Dallas. For some reason, a newly elected (yep, Democrat) judge has been watching too much TV and set a trial date two weeks after a defendant bonded out and, to make it more interesting, doesn't tell the D.A.'s office about it. Now the D.A. has learned about the trial date, but it is set for tomorrow morning. The prosecutor isn't ready (and there is no way to expect him to be ready.) The D.A. can always dismiss a case at this stage of the proceedings and refile it later, but it requires the judge's signature. The judge says "nope, I'm not going to sign it. If you don't call any witnesses tomorrow, I'll tell the jury to find the defendant not guilty." (Paraphrased, but that is exactly what is going on.)

The thread is here. Trust me, they don't teach that in law school. And no one really knows what to do. Interestingly, one prosecutor essentially says "Call the Dallas Morning News and have a reporter there tomorrow." Probably the best advice.


I find it amazing that she outlived her former president husband by 34 years.

Back in 1974, when I was just a kid, an (edit: one of my dad's) employees went to LBJ's funeral and picked up a fallen pecan from the cemetary. He gave it to me upon his return. I still have it (although it's at my parent's house.)

Meet David J. Owen

He will be your personal assistant for a year for only $150,000. Says so right here on E-Bay. I'm going to bid on the condition that he give me that fancy shirt and tie combo.

History Revision: Today Baylor Beat Oklahoma Two Years Ago

OKLAHOMA CITY - The Oklahoma football program must forfeit its wins from the 2005 season and will lose two scholarships for the 2008-09 and 2009-10 school years.The penalties, announced Wednesday by the NCAA, stem from a case involving two players, including the Sooners' starting quarterback, who were kicked off the team for being paid for work they had not performed at a Norman car dealership.

The Sooners went 8-4 and beat Oregon in the Holiday Bowl to end the 2005 season. Records from that season involving quarterback Rhett Bomar [pictured] and offensive lineman J.D. Quinn must be vacated, the NCAA said, and coach Bob Stoops' career record will be amended to reflect the forfeitures, dropping it from 86-19 in eight seasons to 78-27.

That's crazy.

That's The Same Person?

Fox 4 story at top. Denton Record Chronicle story on the bottom.

You Tell 'Em Chuck!

I could watch stuff like this all night.

Shakira Says,

"When I'm out at TXI near Chico looking at the rock quarries, I'm reminded of my rock hard abs."

Baby On X?

Link to news story (which has a link to raw video.)

Prime Time

Deon Sanders was on The Ticket a second ago and spoke briefly about how he has 14 kids in his home. Two of his own and 12 that he was taken in because "they were in bad situations."

And at least someone says this is Deon's house, but I'm not sure.


Chicken Of The Sea

I almost forgot to mention that Jessica Simpson turned 27 today. That, my friends, is not a hard 27.

Shout Out To A Stranger

I don't know the guy, but I "figured" some of you Decatur residents might find it interesting. From an email:

I've noticed you referenced a few "readers" for kudos to Wise County alumni and their accomplishments. Since (again) your blog is so popular with so many of us, I thought I would send you a tidbit of info about a former DHS graduate making it "big" in Hollywood.

Sean Smith graduated DHS in 1993, and has been living in LA as a TV writer. This summer his original show, GREEK, was picked up by ABCfamily. The premiere was last night, and very 90210-and I mean that as a compliment coming from another 1993 graduate. His name was listed as creator, co-producer, writer...everything! There is going to be an encore presentation this Friday on ABC Proper. If it suits, I'd love you to plug the show for him. We're all so very proud.

Here's the website for the show:
Here's a resume-type website for Sean:

Thanks so much!
Danielle Miller Scroggins

Miss New Jersey Update

In an interview with the kinda-blackmailed Miss New Jersey, Bill O'Reilly throws out all sorts of scenerios about what the unseen pictures might look like. You can actually see him thinking "Hey, Now!" after every question. Heck, he is more entertaining than her - although her answers, complete with pauses, aren't bad. Man, can we just see the pictures!

It's Hard Out Here For A . . . . Defense Lawyer

For and Against the Defendant

The Supreme Court heard 22 criminal cases during the just-ending term, ruling eight times for and 14 times against the defendant. Individually Justice Stevens voted 16 times for the defendant, more than any other Justice, followed by Justice Souter (15), Justice Ginsburg (14), Justice Breyer (12), Justice Kennedy (7), Justice Scalia (6), Justice Roberts (4), Justice Thomas (4) and Justice Alito (3).


"For and Against the Defendant" could be read as "For and Against Civil Rights." Those Bush appointees didn't disappoint.

Side note: I actually got to peek into the the court's chamber depicted in the picture a few years back. The courtroom was empty but it was really and incredible experience.

Tort Reform Works?

Story. And is it just me, but are we seeing more and more advertisements by doctors in the local paper? There seems to be a ton of them these days.

The Pussycat Dolls Say,

"When we're in Bridgeport, we get our groove on in the parking lot of IGA! Except we get some dirty looks from some people that don't understand our art form."

John Edwards . . .

. . . is in love. With his hair. And you know, after all that trouble, it still looks bad.

Stripling & Cox Is Closing

Which really isn't that big of a deal except for the most sentimental amongst us. But was the first Stripling's store in Alvord? The first Stripling's Department Store in Fort Worth was opened in 1893 by W.C. Stripling. He first settled in Alvord, then relocated to Bowie before opening a branch in downtown Fort Worth. Stripling's later opened stores at Seminary South Shopping Center, now La Gran Plaza, and North Hills Mall. Dunlap's moved its headquarters from Lubbock after acquiring Stripling's. If "settled" means opens a store. I guess the answer is yes. (Story)


Just Got My Attention

Seen in Decatur. The bench ad (if you can see the fine print) is by the Wise County Domestic Violence Task Force. Do female victims often buy beer and wine? What if she is beating up on him? I feel discriminated against.

They Grow Up So Fast

Basic story: Baby gets into some meth so mom and grandmom are going to get arrested for not, uh, keeping the meth in a child-proof container.

This is posted only to note that:
(1) The grandmother is 48. Make that a hard 48.
(2) Mom is only 21. But police are holding off arresting her because she about to give birth to her third child. Make that a hard 21.

Fox 4 News Screenshots On Wes Hardy Tragedy

Edit: I'm told that the funeral procession that will go by the Wise County Sheriff's Office will be composed of approximately "200 motorcycles and about 300 to 500 patrol units."

Good Stuff

I'm a little into the second hour of the five hour documentary from National Geographic called Inside 9/11: Commemorative Edition. It's a two DVD set.

This thing is great. It never gets slow and provides (so far) the background of how 9/11 came to be. From Osama gaining his fame by being a soldier in the Soviet-Afghanistan war (did you know Al Qaeda basically whipped the Soviets with American provided ground-to-air missles?), to Saudi Arabia turning down Al-Qaeda's request to fight back Iraq after Iraq had invaded Kuwait (they turned to the U.S. instead which angered Osama to no end), to President Clinton turning down a chance to capture Osama (because Osama, at the time, was on a hunting trip with the prince of the United Arab Emirates.) Great stuff.

A Criminal Mastermind of Biblical Proportions

Saw this on the news this morning. Some guy robs a bank by "hiding" his identity with a disguise of tree limbs and duct tape. Yep, he dressed up as a tree. I think I saw this in Ocean's 11 when George Clooney turned to Brad Pitt and said, "We'll tape a hackberry limb to your forehead and then you'll just sneak past the guards down into the vault at the Bellagio. It's genius."

Nutrisystem Update

Ok, I've been on this freakin' Nutrisystem diet for three weeks (week four starts today.) Observations:

1. I've lost six pounds which some people don't think is very much. But I think I'm an oddity because I was probably only 10 pounds overweight to start with. I can seriously feel the loss: I'm a millimeter from taking my belt up a notch and all my clothes feel better. I talked to a buddy last week who said he lost 20 pounds in his first month (then gave the program up.)
2. Is it hard to stay on the system? At first, I was starving. But now my belly pretty much has adjusted to what little food I put in it. And the convenience of having all the food in pantry makes it really helpful to stay the course (except I'm always running to the grocery store for lettuce and tomatoes.)
3. Are the portions small? You bet. The lunches are ridiculous.
4. Desserts? Yep. You get one a day and that stuff is great.
5. Overall, does it taste good? No problem with the taste whatsoever.
6. Any exercise that goes with it? I always jog for 39 minutes on the treadmill every other day.
7. Am I going to do it a second month? Yeah, but I'm trying to take a vacation later this month so that doesn't really fit into my plans.

"Hey, baby . . .

. . . don't pull momma's wig and hand me another cig. We've got to run down to Allsups to get some corn dogs."

Jack Nicholson, 70, aboard a speedboat off the South of France

He's a playa's playa.

Wes Hardy . . .

. . . page at this web site is here.

(Thanks for the email from a reader.)

License To Wed

looks gawd-awful. (And everyone else thinks so to - box office rankings here.) I have a love hate relationship with Robin Williams (and most people, for that matter.) He's great in serious rolls (see Good Will Hunting or One Hour Photo) but is horrible as a comedian or comedic actor. Check out RV on HBO this month and see if you aren't reaching for the nearest pistol.

And I saw a preview this morning that he will be appearing on Martha Stewart's show today. Watching that guy run around the kitchen, picking up utensils, and using that goofy voice makes a Wise County docket call a joy in comparison.

Miss New Jersey . . .

. . . is being blackmailed. Someone is threatening to release photos taken off of her private Facebook account. This is so weird. She said on The Today Show that the photos don't contain nudity or any illegal activity, and "the [photos] I do recall were meant to be private and could only be viewed by my close friend and family." Huh? Family?

I Just Keep Watching It

I hope you saw the video of the couple that went over the spillway at Lake Lewisville. They both survived (but were hurt), and the video is incredible. (Here.) But you don't get a good idea that they landed on concrete covered by very shallow water until the end of the video.

Edit: And I still find it very odd that someone just happened to be filming it.