Friday Night Lights

  • Bridgeport 56, Boyd 48 (4 overtimes! And get this:  Per Richard Greene at the Messenger, Boyd's Qualynn Wells rushed for more 420 yards in the loss. That's insane.)
  • Grapevine Faith 56, Alvord 21 (You gotta have faith.)
  • Era 60, Chico 30
  • Henrietta 20, Paradise 13

And there were three games at Cowboys Stadium which were crazy. Southlake won in overtime on a gamble. #1 Allen won in the final seconds and scored 58, as did Skyline who scored 53 (and had a 484 yard rusher!). The last game didn't wrap up until after midnight.  Edit: Man, there were four games there. Argyle played as well.


Above The Fold


Wash's full statement.  "I deeply regret that I've let down Rangers organization and our great fans."  That's an odd statement if he's not talking about this season's performance -- and I'm not sure he is.

Edit: GM Jon Daniels said at a hastily called 3:30 p.m. press conference that the decision to resign was "not drug related." (Washington tested positive for cocaine a few years ago.)

How Inept Is The Frisco PD?

They held a news conference this afternoon on the death of the Frisco couple. The female in the pool had no trauma to her body. The father, found inside the home, had "trauma" to the head and a hand fracture. There was also a note -- which they won't release. And the Chief is already throwing up his hands and saying, "We may never know" what happened? Yet they pursued the child's death as a murder case even when the ME ruled  he died of undetermined causes but stated, “Natural disease is most likely” the cause of death.

In Dallas Yesterday



Two great notes:

  • Hospital wars with the one in Bridgeport thriving and the one in Decatur in some trouble.
  • We had a real life Footloose situation going on. 

Random Friday Morning Thoughts

  • Someone asked me yesterday why had I turned on Wendy Davis since I used to "love her." I don't think I've ever said I supported Wendy Davis. After the filibuster, I dedicated a whole Random Thoughts to what a goofball David Dewhurst was for letting the Texas Senate get out of control, but that's about it. People believe the weirdest things. 
  • Regarding the Frisco couple death, there were all sorts of reports yesterday that Frisco police had never even referred their investigation to the DA's office. But there were also reports that a grand jury had been convened and the Morning News today says that the husband "recently spent more than three hours testifying before a Collin County grand jury." How did it get to the grand jury without going through the DA's office? It's legally possible but practically impossible. 
  • I watched that Joan Rivers documentary a couple of years ago, and it was really good. I wasn't a big fan nor did I dislike her. 
  • Small school football crazy notes: (1) "The aTm-Commerce football team opened the 2014 season in record breaking fashion beating East Texas Baptist in a 98-20 rout setting a new NCAA Division II record for total offense with 986 yards Thursday night at Memorial Stadium." (2) Division-II Tusculum allowed minus-100 total yards and minus-124 yards rushing (both NCAA single-game records) in 71-0 win over College of Faith.
  • Conspiracy theorists are going nuts over confirmed fake cell phone towers that have gone up all over the country (including DFW). But there is no mistaking those towers are a little weird. 
  • The Rangers need 13 more losses to become a 100 loss team. They have 22 more to play. 
  • WBAP's Hal Jay didn't know what "being catfished" means. 
  • Another thing about Bridgeport Index issues from the 1960s: This county loved the beauty pageant. 
  • My dad and the Bridgeport ISD superintendent once accidentally and innocently caused a lot of chaos when they were in charge of tallying the votes of the judges in one of those pageants. There was confusion when it was not clear what the 1 to 5 scale actually meant when it got down to five finalists. That is, if a judge's vote gave someone a "1" in talent, did that mean just one point or first place? My dad and the superintendent interpreted the ballots the opposite of what the judges' had intended. The error wasn't noticed until the master of ceremonies announced the five finalists in order of finish and crowned the winner. Of course, that was the reverse order. The judges stopped the pageant and corrected the error right there and then. I was a little kid, but I remember that loud buzz in the Bridgeport High School auditorium.  
  • I hadn't listened to Dennis Prager in a while but yesterday he said he never feared a USSR missile strike but that he is extremely concerned about a current attack by terrorists on "the American electrical grid." That guy is an expert on everything. 
  • There's a lawyer who shows up from time to time at driver's license hearings who will question a witness like it's the O.J. Simpson murder trial. Loud. Flamboyant. Dude, it's an administrative hearing with no jury. Who are you trying to impress because no one in that room is. 
  • Football helmets have safety ratings and Justin Northwest uses a ton of the lowest rated ones. 


Joan Rivers Has Died . . . .

. . .  and a very, very 1980s picture of her is floating around.

Good News For Republicans

And the guy behind the numbers knows exactly what he is doing: Nate Silver who is deadly accurate in almost anything he predicts.

Get Me This Pug In A Ball Pit!!

That's some crazy production value on this video. Crazy music. Different camera angles. And then we have silence and stillness from the pup. I was certain that the music with the dog going crazy was going to fire up again.

And I'd pay money to see this dog unleashed about thirty feet from a huge ball pit. The little thing would take a huge flying leap into the middle of it. It'd probably take thirty minutes to find him at the bottom of it.

A Very Bridgeport Kind Of Post

These are cheerleaders for the Pee Wee teams in 1972.  And this is right in my wheelhouse. I know a lot of them, but some of them I can no longer place. If any of you Bridgeport old-timers want to try naming them, have had it.  Many of them are still in the area. 
 Corner Drug Indians
 Runaway Bay Cowboys
 George Mitchell Jets
TXI Mustangs


  • Like how all the guys checking out the pool are wearing ties.
  • That deep end was (is) deep. Maybe 12' or more. And that high diving board was a spring board.
  • Check out those pool rules. No one under six allowed without an adult!!!!!
  • What's that "P.C." reference for the ordinance?
And this is what the pool looks like on opening day:

Random Thursday Morning Thoughts

  • Wendy Davis' interview on The Ticket is getting widely panned. And she did sound like she was just going through the motions. Maybe she is. 
  • Matt Lauer now gets free helicopter rides to and from his gig at The Today Show from his house in The Hamptons. Now that literally is high tone. 
  • UT coach Charlie Strong suspended two starting linemen yesterday for "violating team rules." . His reign is either going to be an absolute success or an absolute disaster. 
  • If Google Maps was correct yesterday, traffic was at a standstill from 114 in Boyd all the way to 287 in Decatur after traffic was diverted. 
  • That was a big wreck on 287, but earlier in the day another truck wreck on 287 near Bowie left one man dead. 
  • There has to be some Klan members who post in the comment section. Heck, maybe even a Grand Dragon. 
  • Joe Biden got a lot of press yesterday after saying we will track ISIS down "to the gates of Hell."  I thought that sounded familiar and, sure enough, he used it in the VP debate in 2012.
  • Ticket Fans: The morning Ticket Ticker guy got fired.  
  • As of yesterday, Lake Bridgeport officially crossed the 23 feet low level. 
  • If the now dead Frisco woman was innocent (and all evidence indicates she was) and the stress of the criminal investigation that unfairly would not end caused one of them to snap and kill the other, Frisco police have blood on their hands. 


Wow!!!!!! And Horrible!!!!

 BREAKING: 2 bodies found at the Frisco home of Arnav Dhawan- the 10 yr old found dead in March.

This is the case I've been mentioning from time to time.

Not A Real Easy Way Around That


Normally you could get around it by taking Business 81/287 to the east of Decatur but the access to 287 has been blocked due to ongoing construction. Traffic at 4:48 p.m.:

Edit: 5:17 traffic rerouted to Boyd which backed up FM 730:

Get Me This Dog Who Loves The Water!


Man, we've got another Shootin' Blind shocker.

Fox News Guest

Any one else think that description is just a little crazy?

Edit: Someone sent this along to me . . .

Random Index TV Ad

Greatness. Not only will the TV serve as a babysitter for your kids, it only costs you 14.5 cents an hour (not sure I've ever heard of justifying the cost of a TV in that manner.)

Random Wednesday Morning Thoughts

  • I had to "babysit" the Junior In The House last night because she had a root canal and, according to Mrs. LL who had to go to a softball game, "She's all doped up on valium." Ummkay. Before I got home I got the report that, "She put your reading glasses on and, in a Southern drawl, announced, 'I do declare!!!!'"  I was very nervous, but all went well. 
  • Although she got to control the TV, so I had to watch about four episodes of some show about a family with nineteen kids. (Not bad by the way.)
  • Given the choice of two dead journalists vs. 3,500 dead U.S. soldiers, I'll take the former. 
  • Deion Sander's home in Prosper finally sold after being on the market forever.  The purchaser plans to turn the property into a subdivision -- a subdivision with, I guess, one huge house right in the middle of it. 
  • I watched the scene of Breaking Bad last night where the Mexican brothers ambush Hank in the parking lot. Man, that show was so well done. 
  • Denver Bronco Wes Welker was suspended four games for amphetamine use. Just like Cowboy Orlando Scandrick, he took X but it was laced with amphetamine.  The Dallas Observer did a post on this problem a couple of years back entitled  "Don't Panic, But There's Probably Meth in Your Ecstasy". (But at least we know why Welker looked high and was handing out $100 at the Kentucky Derby.)
  • It's been a while (and it's up in Denison), but we have a parked squad car hit this morning. Pic
  • We've done everything we can to find the owners of Family Pup #2. Flyers. Every possible message board and web site. And we got nothing. This is a well groomed and well trained dog. I actually caught the thing when some sweet gal stopped and got out of her car and the pup jumped in her car like she was going for a ride. It just seems odd we can't find the owner. Mrs. LL thinks the little thing was dumped. I don't know what to think. 
  • Wendy Davis was on The Ticket this morning. It was funny because, as politicians do, once you ask them a question they will talk and talk and talk. Gordon Keith interrupted her by saying, "This sounds like a filibuster." I'll be dang, she stopped talking. They ended the interview asking her what she thought about the pics of Jerry Jones with the strippers and what she thought the Cowboys' record would be. She was very uncomfortable. 
  • Is there any question that George P. Bush looked in the mirror as a teenager and thought, "Hey, my last name is Bush!!"


Above The Fold

Random Post Just To Torment The Anti-GIF Guy

Always support the bulls

So insane. So funny.

I've Never Been So Confused

Wait for it.

Atta' Boy, Jerry. He May Be Gay But Your Defensive Line Is In A World Of Hurt

Got My Attention

So I did a little research . . .

I think this is the place . . .

And Another -- Private New York Catholic School


The Index Was Doing Random Thought Girls Before Random Thought Girls Were Cool!

Random Tuesday Morning Thoughts

  • Rick Perry's official Twitter account had an offensive post this weekend which was taken down. I'm guessing some intern and Young Republican Club President got fired. 
  • When New Family Pup #2 met The Family Cat they got nose to nose and stared at each other. And then both walked away. No violence. (Yep, still have the new dog.)
  • I posted that "Game Warden Harassment" pic (below) on a Baylor message board. I forgot that most Baylor fans are Sean Hannity clones. I got killed with replies like, "I'm glad they were there to protect us." Sheesh.  I almost went out and bought a burnt orange shirt in protest. 
  • "You wouldn't think that it it happened to one of your family members" is a dumb argument.
  • That ESPN commercial with Kenny Chesney is funny.  
  • Over 10 years ago I tore my right Achilles. It's been fine ever since surgery. Except over the last two weeks it has begun to hurt. I had to walk back to the house at the halfway point in my jog yesterday. 
  • Sports: (1) UT quarterback David Ash won't play this weekend because of a concussion. I hate it for the guy, but he is done. And I also hate to break it to the Evil Empire, but you are about to find out how horrible Tyrone Swoopes is. (2) I'm extremely worried about Baylor's Bryce Petty. How do you have two broken vertebrae and be considered "day to day? If Art Briles doesn't sit him this weekend then I'm worried about Art Briles sanity. (3) Hey, you parents want your little Johnny to be a football star? Jackson Jeffcoat, Lache Seastrunk and Ahmad Dixon were all cut this weekend. (4) While I was at Game Day, I ran into an older Baylor fan who was there with his granddaughter. We started talking and for some reason I asked him, "Do you remember that California game?" He replies with, "I was there." I'm now interested beyond belief. But then he wanders off. People wander off on me a lot. (5) I thought UNT would hang with UT this weekend, but I didn't know UNT didn't have an offense. 
  • It took me forever to find a scalper at the Baylor game on Sunday (there were only eight tickets left on Stubhub at outrageous prices.) I negotiated with the guy and he knocked $10 off. He then said he would accept a $10 tip. Funny. All of a sudden we hit it off and I ended up tipping him $20. Weirdest business transaction ever. 
  • How did I miss this nude celebrity pic scandal?
  • The concept (from the Update) that Bridgeport's class of 1994 having its twenty year reunion is mind boggling. 
  • Whenever someone posts a lot of Bible verses or inspirational quotes on Facebook or Twitter, it's a pretty good bet they are in a crisis. 
  • Chuck Canterbury of the "National Fraternal Order Of Police" was on WBAP this morning and said, "You know, police have a privacy right under the Fourth Amendment, too."  He might want to read that text again. (And that 6:50 WBAP segment where Hal Jay and Brian Estridge try to do an interview is a daily Dumb and Dumber segment.)
  • Gregg Abbott backed out of his statewide televised debate with Wendy Davis and made the announcement on a Friday before Labor Day weekend. That has coward written all over it. 
  • "DWI arrests grow 40 percent in six years in Odessa." Police officer Paul Hurley, with his two years of experience, might want to rethink that "automatic" blood draw. 
  • I'm in a good mood. Promise. 


Hey, Art Briles!!! Sign This Ball Boy!!!

Game Wardens Harrassing Boaters On The Brazos At Baylor Game

Your tax dollars at work.

Index - 10/23/64

  • What a heck of a fire and death. But what an odd note about the $400.
  • Shootin' Blind can even strong arm a Congressman.
  • I had a classmate with the same last name as the person in the truck accident. I wonder.
  • Take a look at those Bridgeport/Jacksboro football stats. Not exactly the spread offense back in the day. 

Hey, Anti GIF Guy!!!

The Bears beat the the Ponies!!!

Random Monday Morning Thoughts

  • It's Labor Day, there is no Messenger Update, but I'm here. Once again proving I'm the hardest working man in show business.
  • I went to the Baylor game yesterday. That stadium is a showplace. I had high expectations and they were exceeded. 
  • It's a weird world when Baylor is up 31-0 at halftime and the crowd is basically displeased with how the offense has played. (But I was pleased when "We Started From The Bottom Now Were Here" fired up over the sound system.)
  • I counted four Game Warden boats on the Brazos by the stadium, and they were stopping any boat that moved. As I watched them on the bridge, I might have gone on a rant about a Police State, and I so hope I didn't scare a young lady who was agreeing with me but then suddenly walked away.
  • I'm worried about Bryce Petty's back. I thought he just got hurt on a TD run but when I watched ESPN later, they showed him cringe on an earlier touchdown pass. If it's not structural, I sit him down next week. And maybe the next. We got a Romo Situation ongoing. 
  • George W. Bush was there and performed the opening coin toss. The crowd started chanting, "Four more years!" I wish I had a picture of me in the crowd at that moment. You'd be able to spot me. 
  • The funniest moment was "It's Getting Hot In Herre" blasting over the speakers but it was so Baptist edited it was dang near unrecognizable. 
  • On my Saturday jog I came across another lost dog. (Picture.) It was before 8:00 a.m., and I ended up standing in traffic with my arms up to stop oncoming cars to keep it from getting killed. About five or six drivers stopped -- all appreciative of what I was trying to do. That is, except one stupid bubba in a truck who had to gun it in anger despite the dog still running around in the street. I yelled at the idiot. (Hey, I was in my jogging gear. If he got out to kill me he would never have caught me.) 
  • A lost dog just stops me down. I turned the corner and saw the little thing with eyes that seemed so scared. It caused me to have immediate Slumped Shoulders, but I can no longer just ignore things like that. 
  • The dog is still in the house. No collar. No chip. The kids put up flyers but no response so far. (Ticket fans: I wanted to name it "Cornelius, The Moron Dog" but that was rejected.)
  • The Sixth Grader In The House told me that the vet (looking for a chip) told her that the pup was a Maltese. "Hey, she's a Maltese Falcon!" I said. The kid was confused. Heck, I was confused. I just referenced a 1941 Bogart film that I had never seen. 
  • Wow. Six people killed in a one car crash in Dallas last night. 
  • Michael Sam, the NFL player who just happens to gay, was cut and has yet to be claimed by any team off waivers. A guy who was the SEC Defensive Player of The Year and looked pretty good during the preseason can't get an NFL job?