It's Friday. Let's Get Out Of Here.

 "I've calculated all of this out and it will work perfectly."
 "So have I."
 And then the professional shows the amateurs the way it is done.
 Worst streamer placement ever. 
 "Hey, shorty, it's your birfday. Gonna party like . . . a closed head injury!"

That Guy Just Defamed A Horse

He that would jump in there to stop a snake murderer throw the first stone.

Let's Check In On "Fox and Friends" and Trump

Random Friday Morning Thoughts

  • I don't want to talk about Trump, but this Administration has had such a bizarre first week that it is impossible not to. And yesterday bordered on insanity.
  • Yesterday, his press secretary (who won't have that job for long) came out and casually told reporters that Trump would build the wall with a 20% tariff on any imports from Mexico. You know what that means? You would pay a tax on anything from Mexico so you, and not Mexico, would pay for the wall. And, if Congress funds it first, you get to pay for it twice. (Even the Trump Administration knew it was such a massive screw-up they had the Chief of Staff "walk the comments back" within a couple of hours.)  Incredible. Do they not talk? Do they not think? 
  • And Texas leaders Abbott and Patrick said nothing yesterday as they sat back in horror. 
  • It seems like tons of people I know were sick this week. And now Willie Nelson cancels some shows in Vegas due to a "cold."
  • Mexico's President's cancelled a meeting with Trump because of all of this recklessness. What's next? Putin calling Mexico and asking if they need some help with their economy in exchange for placing some nuclear missiles there? You laugh? You don't know October of 1962?
  • And then Stephen Bannon, Trump’s chief White House strategist, said the media is the "opposition party" and told them "it should keep its mouth shut." That should send chills down your collective spins.  Has that guy not grown up in a free society?
  • That Fort Worth cop's 10 day suspension is beginning to look like a slip slap on the wrist. The Fort Worth Chief of Police may now be in trouble as the story gets national traction. (It was on NBC, CNN and more last night. ) 
  • And it is very odd that the Chief was the one to say all charges would be dropped against everyone involved (except the very odd Class C against the guy who allegedly choked the kid). That's normally the DA's call. And it should be a crime it took that long to announce that all three women who were forced on the ground and cuffed would not be officially charged.
  • And why don't good cops go on camera and condemn the guy for the way he handled the situation on the street? Lawyers will call out lawyers. Doctors will call out doctors.  
  • Bill O'Reilly last night: "I have to be respectful. I can't interview President Trump like I did candidate Trump." God help us. Fox News is doing the rope-a-dope because they don't know how to defend him. 
  • Whenever DFW lawyer Pete Shulte appears on local media to provide criminal law commentary, I normally agree with almost everything he says. (I actually say him at a routine driver's license hearing in Denton on Monday and he was far more brash than I expected. He wasn't rude, just a little loud for the most boring of hearings there are.) 
  • If you submit a comment from infowars or gatewaypundit, I'm not posting it. We're already full up on crazy here. 
  • There's a Ted Cruz vs. Deadspin fight that I have to get caught up on. 
  • Texas executed a man last night after it was delayed for four hours before the Supreme Court said it was OK to kill him.  There has to be a better way.


A 10 Day Suspension

Random Thursday Morning Thoughts

  • Some kid allegedly brought edible weed to Seven Hills Elementary in Wise County.
  • I loved the Dick Van Dyke show with Mary Tyler Moore. I couldn't get enough of the re-runs as a kid. And it was a very smart comedy which still holds up. 
  • But I never really watched the Mary Tyler Moore Show. Side note: Does Fox 4's Steve Eagar have a little Ted Baxter in him? 
  • Any of my email addresses that end with wisecounty.com have been down for about a week. They got the website back up but not the email. Verio is a horrible hosting company.
  • Did you see the Fed Ex truck get hit by a train. It seems like Fed Ex trucks are always in wrecks -- especially in icy weather. 
  • If you think Trump is going to build a wall and Mexico is going to pay for it "one way or another", I feel very sorry for your naivety. (Heck, the government can't ever complete construction of I-35.)
  • I thought Republicans hated edicts via Executive Orders
  • A guy beat up his lawyer for losing a child custody case. And the lawyer seemed more concerned about his coffee. 
  • Radio talk show host and Trump apologist Mark Davis yesterday: "This should also be settled: waterboarding is not torture."  I've heard of people supporting torture in some situations but I've never heard anyone say waterboarding isn't torture. 
  • "The release of a Fort Worth police dash cam video of an officer-involved shooting was 'fully within the letter of the law,' Tarrant County District Attorney Sharen Wilson wrote Wednesday in a letter to Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton. Wilson was responding to a complaint filed with Paxton’s office Tuesday by the Combined Law Enforcement Associations of Texas . . . . " She's right. And it's amazing anyone would complain -- especially law enforcement. 
  • An aspiring actor from Fort Worth committed suicide on Facebook Live earlier this week?


Who Is This Girl In The Oval Office?

Above The Fold

Random Wednesday Morning Thoughts

  • Funny:
  • George Dunham of The Ticket said this morning, with a voice sounding like mine did yesterday, that he was on his "third go round" with sinuses this Winter.  As many sick people as I've seen, I think we are experiencing Mountain Cedar's Revenge. 
  • This is a flashback to the great Wise County Courthouse Crab Scandal of 2007: 
  • Why does every "visiting judge" who comes to Wise County seem to be so pissed off?
  • When I was a kid and confused by the Watergate scandal my dad said to me, "If Nixon went on the air tonight and said 'The Russians are coming', no one would believe him." And you guys wonder why I am all over Trump's lies. (And I'm pretty sure he said that to me at the catfish restaurant at Wise County Park on Lake Bridgeport back in the day --- a great restaurant. El Chico Lodge was the name?)
  • Speaking of Wise County Park, when I was DA, for some unknown reason I went by the entrance to it with then Sheriff Phil Ryan. There was a sign that read, "No Alcohol By Order Of The Wise County Sheriff." I looked at him and asked, "Can you do that?" He laughed out loud and said, "I don't know. You tell me."
  • What a crazy "And Another out of Dallas." The kid extorted $28,000 out of her before she was busted. 
  • I've had the weirdest wake up tone for years: Fergie singing, "I hope you know, I hope you know, that this has nothing to do with you." I keep waiting for Mrs. LL to ask me, "Uh, you trying to tell me something?" But the Family Pups sure do like it. 
  • Good lord: 
  • And I take great comfort in the fact that the President's spelling is worse than mine.
  • (And no wall will be built.)


Well, After A Day, We Now Know Trump Isn't Concerned About The Crowd Reports

Oops. My bad.

And the date is even wrong.

(He is a gift that keeps on giving.)

Breaking: Ex-NFL Player Applying For Bridgeport AD Job

Just a rumor but I trust my sources.

Developing . . .

I Said Yesterday That Trump's Wife Wants Nothing To Do With The Presidency

Random Tuesday Morning Thoughts

  • Great. The Eighth Grader In The House has been diagnosed with strep throat, and I woke up with a sore throat sounding like Wolfman Jack. But I'm fighting through it because IATHWMISB. (Trademarked. All rights reserved.)
  • Presidential Press Secretary Sean Spicer actually showed respect for the press yesterday. Sadly, that is now news. 
  • Academy Award nominations this morning for Best Picture: “Arrival,” “Fences,” “Hacksaw Ridge,”“Hell or High Water” (the only one I'm interested in seeing), “Hidden Figures,” “La La Land” (Overrated?), “Lion,” “Manchester by the Sea,” and “Moonlight. ”
  • The commercials for "The Good Contractors List" make it sound like they are an insurance company which will be a huge shock to them once they understand they have to comply with a ton of insurance regulations. 
  • On the Dallas Morning News home page right now: 
  • Anyone else see the TV ad about a drug for constipation caused by opioids? The legal drugging of America has come so far that we need drugs for the side effects of the drugging?
  • Me to my dad this weekend. "Trump shouldn't tweet early in the morning. Everyone needs a filter." Mrs. LL: "Says the guy who fires off hot and crazy opinions every morning without anyone looking at them first."
  • TCU running back arrested for Public Intoxication. Side note: I'm guessing about 90% of all PI arrests could not be proven beyond a reasonable doubt. But since it is a "fine only" crime, people just pay it and go on their way. 
  • Uh, think "you can pour a drink while dancing and look good doing it?" And the bar is on the "hunt" for talent? That's an official Star-Telegram tweet. 
  • "Alternative facts" and George Orwell's 1984. I've got to go back and read it. 
  • Isn't it odd that Trump never laughs?
  • And Trump told a Congressional leaders yesterday in a private meeting that he believes up to 5 million illegal votes were cast against him. That wasn't just a political BS speech to a crowd of Trumpers, it was to high ranking elected officials behind closed doors. Does he believe that? 
  • I want everyone to read the post below.

    Read more here: http://www.star-telegram.com/news/state/texas/article128332509.html#storylink=cpyTrump told a private meeting with Congressional leaders yesterday there were 3 to 5 million illegal votes cast against him. Is he insane? That's a bold face lie. Does he believe that? 


You Kidding Me?

Story is here.

His deleted post said this: “Just think about this. After just one day in office, Trump managed to achieve something that no one else has been able to do: he got a million fat women out walking.”

His name is Judge Bailey Moseley. The court can be contacted at debbie.autrey@txcourts.gov . Telephone: (903) 798-3046 and Fax: (903) 798-3034. Go get him. (And, by that, I mean verbally.)  (Edit: Here's a more direct, an ironic, email address moseleyforjustice@gmail.com )

But how can you turn on a guy who quotes the Old Testament to try an win an election?

He called a million women fat. On social media. He's that much of a pig. And that dumb.

New Issue Of Texas Monthly

We're doomed.

Been Bugging Me For Years - Now I Know

Troy Aikman and Jay-Z look exactly the same.

Random Monday Morning Thoughts

Mr. President, please don't deport her.
  • The Chambers of Commerce for  Bridgeport and Decatur have both named their directors of their Economic Development Boards as Citizens of the Year. 
  • Allergies and sinuses have attacked the Green Household. The Eighth Grader In The House is missing school today, and Mrs. LL managed to throw six sneezes together at 4:00 a.m. 
  • The granting of the right to have reserve constables in Wise County was not without some concern. The following excerpt from the Messenger can almost be interpreted to reinforce  my mantra of "Too many cops?" Our Sheriff, a good guy, said this about his knowledge of how a group of unpaid reserve officers can turn into their own renegade police force:
  • Man, that "another one" jumps out at you, doesn't it? 
  • Warning: I'm about to go Trump intensive . . . .
  • The crowd was small for the Inauguration. Everyone agrees on that.  On Saturday however, Trump gave a speech saying the crowd stretched all the way back to the Washington Monument. 
  • But the parade route was well attended . . .

  • But the most bizarre moment of the weekend was Trump's press secretary, Sean Spicer, calling an emergency press conference (the first of the Trump Administration) on Saturday for the sole purpose to say the reports of the small crowds were fake. He had to be ordered to do so by Trump. Folks, this is page right out of the propaganda machine of Joseph Goebbels. Never before in the history of our country do we have a greater need for the press and the media. 
  • And Spicer left the pressing room without taking a single question? You kidding me?
  • On Meet The Press, Kellyann Conway told host Chuck Todd that Spicer was offering "alternative facts" and not falsehoods. Alternative facts. 
  • If you weren't familiar with Spicer he had some hot opinions a few years back . . . 
  • And if Trump is upset by the small crowds, he can always spin it. (Side note: People stop to see a train wreck, too): 

  • Racey Burden of the Messenger is a good writer. I suspect people tell her, "You write just like you talk. I can hear your voice when I am reading." (Disclaimer: I might be partial and biased to that writing style.) 
  • In one of the most under-reported stories of Trump's political campaign is that of Chris Christie. Trump's most loyal foot soldier during the campaign is now completely ignored by the President. Why? Christie, as (amazingly) a U.S. Attorney, prosecuted the father of the the husband of Trump's beloved daughter, Ivanka. And his son-in-law may be Trump's most trusted friend. (Edit: Corrected from a very confusing mess when I first wrote it.)
  • Fox 4 must have hired a consultant which told them to do more "friendly and honest banter" between stories.
  • Start watching Trump's wife's expressions and attitude. She had everything -- a rich former supermodel living in a penthouse in Manhattan. I'm guessing she wants her life back. 
  • WBAP's Brian Estrigde scoffed on Friday at a guest who said there would be hundreds of thousands of people take part in the Women's March on Saturday. "This is breaking news," he sarcastically said to his guest who ended up being deadly accurate. 
  • Let's check in on Fox News' token African-American sheriff. I hope he is ok. (Uh, "riot" and "creeps" and "dared"?)
  • Did you the Messenger's owner has been the voice of the Fort Worth Stock Show for 50 years?