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Rush May Be The Democrats Greatest Weapon

Some Georgetown student testified before a Democratic panel regarding the need for insurance to cover the cost of contraception.  She said that obtaining it through her school was too costly.

So what does Rush Limbaugh, the leader of all things conservative, say?

"What does it say about the college co-ed [Sandra] Fluke who goes before a congressional committee and essentially says that she must be paid to have sex -- what does that make her? It makes her a slut, right? It makes her a prostitute. She wants to be paid to have sex. She's having so much sex she can't afford the contraception. She wants you and me and the taxpayers to pay her to have sex."

Democrats, Republicans, and dang near everyone else criticized him.  And President Obama (showing why he will win in the Fall) called Sandra Fluke this morning to offer words of support.

Limbaugh is at it again today, but there's no way he can win this.  It's a joy to watch a man filled with hate and lies finally squirm a little.

Edit: On Saturday, with advertisers bailing left and right, Rush apologized. Not because he's sorry but because he fears a loss of income. Pathetic.

Senior Citizens Whack Kid With Golf Ball Retriever -- Now With Video

NWF - Two 71-year-old men have been arrested and charged with child abuse after they were accused of striking a teenager with metal golf ball retrievers. Ronald E. Richardson and Donald E. Nieto were arrested after a video of them striking the 15-year-old was shown to law enforcement by the father of the teenager, according to the Okaloosa County Sheriff’s Office arrest reports. The incident, which took place early Saturday afternoon at Shalimar Pointe Country Club, began after a group of four teenagers blew an air horn at golfers teeing off at the ninth hole, the report stated. According to Richardson, he and Nieto went to approach the teenagers, but they ran off. The 15-year-old eventually returned because he had left his jacket behind. When he did, the two men “responded by striking (the teenager) with the golf ball finder to keep him from being able to pick up his jacket,” the report stated. Richardson said he hit the teen three or four times on “his back side area … and maybe on his arm.

These two events should cancel each other out, right? The old "airhorn during the backswing" trick has some solid comedy merit. Heck, the use of an airhorn in any practical joke normally makes it a pretty good practical joke. But if you're going to do it to a couple of 71 year olds, you know there's a chance they are going to play whack-a-mole with you if they catch you. It's a basic risk/reward analysis.

When I first read the story, I thought the kid had left the jacket and came back for it like an hour later -- all the while the golfers were hiding in some nearby bushes. That would've been awesome. 

And Another - Florida

The book-in photo was a little disappointing but she rallied strong in the black dress. Story.

Random Friday Morning Thoughts

  • Finally found Siri on my iPhone, and it is wildly fascinating. I speak "Tell my wife that I'm on my way home" and a text message appears of "I'm on my way home" with Siri now asking if I want to send it right away to Mrs. LL. I mean, it actually works.
  • I really didn't follow much of Andrew Breitbart but from what I saw yesterday, he wasn't exactly a kind soul.
  • Star-Telegram shuts down its Austin bureau (although I didn't know it had one.)
  • Shocking joke by a federal judge. Shocking story because the lady is kind of hot.
  • It's Texas Independence Day.  The signature page of the Declaration of Independence had a squiggly line down the middle of it like a doodle.
  • George Will says neither Romney or Santorum "seems likely to be elected" President this Fall. As of right now, I think he's right. 
  • Why is half of my DVR taken up with Dance Moms?
  • The Mav's emotionally crippled Lamar Odom will play on the team's "D-league" team in Frisco over the weekend "to get his legs back" before rejoining the team.  If the guy pouts like a third grader left for summer camp when he plays at the American Airlines Center, what's he going to feel playing in that spare league?
  • The Messenger has a lot of ticky-tacky rules about what they will put in obituaries, but I'm stunned that they print them for free. 
  • Shattered dreams: Records show 1,265 college football players have hired agents for the upcoming NFL draft. Approximately 255 will be drafted. 
  • Everyone else in my home to me: "Did you see the scary clown in Walmart who was hiding from gay guys?" Me: "No." Them: Uncontrollable knee-slapping laughter.   (There were so many things wrong with that moment, I can't begin to list them.)
  • I'm not sure I understand the bus drivers at Northwest (who work for Durham Transportation) taking a vote to unionize. If there are only 125 of them, it seems like Northwest could look for other alternatives to Durham if they try to get strong armed.


Sheriff Joe Is After The President


And I have probable cause to believe that Joe Arpario has a bed reserved with his name on it at Wichita Falls State Hospital.

55 Year Old Trying Out For Dallas Cowboys Cheerleader Pick Me Up


Edit: Comparison pic added

And Another

Well, kind of.

(Thanks, Keith.)

Random Thursday Morning Thoughts

  • Breaking news which will floor political junkies: Andrew Breitbart is dead at age 41 43
  • Still not a single story about the success of the Traffic Ticket Warrant Roundup Weekend. And for clarification, I'm not advocating not paying your tickets. That's dumb. I am pointing out how your government will flat out lie to you. 
  • Received my new phone yesterday. Activation online failed, but a call to ATT had it working in a couple of minutes and I didn't even talk to a human. Bonus points for not having to talk to a human.
  • I haven't explored it yet, but if Siri is in there, I don't readily see her. Playing hard to get?
  • That was the mildest February I can ever remember, and I think I read that we tied a record for the fewest freeze days for a winter. I hope it's not a sign of what summer is going to be like.
  • George Jung, who Johnny Depp portrayed in the great movie Blow, is scheduled to be released from prison in 2014. He currently is incarcerated in Texas. 
  • The ring leader of the Texas Seven was executed last night. The lead prosecutor in the case, Toby Shook,  was in attendance -- giving even more credence to my "look at me" theory of prosecutors these days.  And Dallas DA Craig Watkins attended as well. Unless he was part of the defense team at the time, he had absolutely no business being there.
  • I'm a sucker for white blooms on trees. 
  • In 1967, the Monkees sold more albums than The Rollings Stones and The Beatles combined.  I would have lost a bet on that one. 
  • A Fort Worth police officer received 20 years in prison for an on-duty sexual assault in 2010. That's shocking enough, but not as shocking of the fact that there were four other victims who came forward. Talk about a bad cop. 
  • It looks like the Frisco teenage girl "kidnapping" story will fade silently into the night. 
  • It won't help criminal defense lawyers in Texas much, but finally there is one federal court of appeals which ruled searching a cell phone without a warrant is illegal. 
  • Tiger Woods staring down the reporter yesterday was more entertaining than watching golf. 
  • Edit: Is there about to be a one week window for new Texas candidates to file to be on the ballot in May?


That TCU Bust Just Got More Insane

The Police have released a report detailing the total amount of drugs "seized" during the arrest and search warrant executions during the Great TCU Drug Bust Of 2012.

The final total  found in the arrest and search of 23 people and some of their homes: 2.7 pounds of marijuana, 37 grams of prescription pills (Xanax, Hydrocodone, Soma, Ambien); 1.10 grams of cocaine and methamphetamines; and 5.3 grams of MDMA, also known generally as Ecstasy (in pill form) and molly (in crystal or powder form).

That's it.  There's more dope on the premises of a Dallas club on a slow night.

But I was even more shocked by one thing. The police decided to seize, in hopes of being forfeited to it for its own use, the vehicles of those arrested.  This includes 15 private vehicles worth $253,890!!!! At least that settled one thing for me: I finally found something that sounds like a serious crime that was committed during the investigation. And that was by law enforcement.


Real Or Fake?

After studying these annoying girls carefully (and reading what everyone else thinks), I'm going "fake".

1.  At the :43 second mark, her head is lifted up doesn't fall back into the cake when released.
2. There is a countdown before the singing which is something you really wouldn't do with a crowd of three
3. The kid eating the cake in the midst of the chaos is just something some scheming girls would script to give a video that extra viral factor.
4. A split second before the birthday girl has her face spiked into the cake, she takes a deep breath.

Oh, No!

Apparently died from a heart attack in Florida.  I'll hear Daydream Believer for the rest of the day.

This Lady's Emotions Are Going To Be A Wreck

This lady got 35 years for dope in Wise County. I wrote a (boring) post back in September when the Fort Worth Court of Appeals reversed her conviction and granted her a new trial. I wrote then that the case might go further up the appellate chain and it has.

Today the Court of Criminal Appeals (that's the highest criminal court in Texas since the Texas Supreme Court doesn't hear criminal cases) agreed to hear our local DA's claim that the Fort Worth court got it wrong. I'm guessing she's getting closer to getting that 35 year sentence back.

Random Wednesday Morning Thoughts

  • An Arlington teacher is arrested after having an Improper Relationship with two eighteen year old students. That was "two."
  • Dang it, Romney won Michigan. But it was close enough for Santorum to keep the pressure on.
  • And if  conservative Texas Republicans hadn't gotten greedy when redrawing Congressional maps, Santorum would have easily won our state's primary next week and received a ton of momentum. But those maps led to lawsuits (and a new map yesterday) which pushed the Texas primary back to May. 
  • The ring leader of the famed Texas Seven - escapees from TDC which led to the murder of an Arlington Irving, Texas police officer - will be executed tonight. One interesting note is that a reporter for WFAA Channel 8 will watch the execution.
  • I was completely insensitive to not thinking of bagofnothing.com and his new baby when I asked about "whatever happened to SIDS" the other day. He knows.
  • I finally ordered an iPhone 4S.  I've had a 3GS for about three years but it now won't hold a charge for more than 15 minutes if I'm using it. I know Apple will announce a new iPad in a few days, but I haven't heard about the imminent release of a new phone.
  • Mrs. LL swears up and down the Android phone operating system is better.
  • The atmosphere in the Montague County courthouse is just odd. Not particularly friendly but not particularly intimidating. My biggest complaint about the judicial system is when government officials have a work pattern that is based first on foremost on their convenience. Wise County has always been good about avoiding that flaw.
  • Is there any significant historical event that happened on Leap Year's Day?
  • Me to Mrs. LL after watching a portion of a school band recital last night and enthusiastically applauding: "Well, I'm going to go to the bathroom and keep on walking." Her: "You're kidding." Me: "Well, is the Eighth Grader in the House going to play in any other segment?" Her: "Her group hasn't played yet."
  • In 2010, less that 2% of all felony cases in Texas resulted in a jury trial. The remainder were disposed of by plea bargain or dismissal. 
  • Another reason I think the Ticket Warrant Roundup Weekend is a bluff.  Since they announce the specific two days of the roundup, people with warrants just wouldn't open the door if the cops came knocking. There isn't an officer in the world who is going to break down a door to execute a Class C traffic ticket warrant. 
  • The Mav's Lamar Odom is like the pilot opposite Tom Cruise in the opening of Top Gun.  He was fantastic (as a Laker) until the MIG  almost got him (being traded) but after that he couldn't even land a plane (shoot a basket) because he's traumatized.


Messenger Above The Fold

I Wonder If It Has Turf?

At first I was kind of hacked off, but then I started thinking. If we are going to detain those people for over 10 years without giving them a trial because we can't prove they were terrorists, we might as well give them something to pass the time.


Rhome Wreck

Taken by me while driving on 287 on a slick road. Joe Duty ever do that?

Edit: This really was a lucky shot. I just held the phone out at a 90 degree angle and pushed what I hoped was the shutter button as I glanced to my right for a second.

The Morality Police Are Protecting You Again

Bodog.com was a big one. Now the government wants its assets, procured from people having fun on sports betting, for itself.

P.S. Don't forget to buy your lottery tickets.  And when does Lone Star Park open?

I Bring You Culture From Around The World

Well, if this kid ever has to absolutely, positively go under a car instead of walk around it, he's in great shape.

Random Tuesday Morning Thoughts

  • President Obama has got to get rid of his Press Secretary. He is awful. (He had a chance to hit a homerun yesterday with Santorum's comment calling the President a "snob" because he wanted all kids to go to college. Instead he spoke like he'd never been to middle school."
  • Decided to take out the Round Up and kill all the weeds in an empty flower bed in the back yard yesterday evening. As I soaked it, I noticed a strange plant about four inches tall. Then it dawned on me: Mrs. LL planted tulip buds there last Fall. 
  • I scared her when I came in the house and sadly told her, "We need to talk. I need to tell you something." I felt awful. 
  • I know next to nothing about the Mavericks and the NBA, but even I realize Lamar Odom is a spare.
  • I turned over to the Daytona 500 right when the flames of that crazy fire during a caution were at their peak. That was a very confusing moment as I tried to figure out what happen and got even more confusing when I only heard the words "helicopter engine". 
  • "Help me Tom Cruise. Help me Oprah Winfrey"
  • The Daytona 500 should move to prime time. Isn't that good for the sport?
  • Baylor women went to 30-0 last night after beating the Lady Aggies. But it was way too close for a moment.
  • The Tarrant County PR gal posted a pic (bottom of page) yesterday but I kind of giggled by the slight photo bomb of the defense lawyer in the background. 
  • We sure haven't heard much (if anything) about the results of the Traffic Ticket Warrant Roundup from this weekend.  I'm convinced that the program is a bluff. 
  • Is that "America's Deadliest Sniper" guy selling T-shirts? The Fan's Greg Williams wore this yesterday. First a book and now this? Has that crossed the line? 
  • For some crazy reason, I've got to be in court in Montague County this morning. I never go to Montague County.


Man, That Koran Burning Has Really Stirred Things Up Over There

Let's get out of there.


(And I'm putting the number of comments at four before a certain subject is brought up.)  Edit: Katy with the win in Comment #6.  You people need to step it up!

Monday Afternoon Pick Me Up

Illegitimacy Is The New Norm

I've been seeing references to a recent New York Times article about the current trend of births in the U.S. to women out of wedlock. Wow, now I know why: "More than half of births to American women under 30 occur outside marriage."

From a racial background, 73 percent of black children are born outside marriage, compared with 53 percent of Latinos and 29 percent of whites.

I learned about that NYT article today at lunch while skimming through the new Time.  Since we're talking about changing trends, look at this graphic about interracial marriage. 

It ain't Leave It To Beaver anymore. 

Wise County And Government Aid Received

"The share of Americans’ income that comes from government benefit programs, like Medicare, Medicaid and Social Security, more than doubled over the last four decades, rising from 8 percent in 1969 to 18 percent in 2009." 

Wise County is below the national average.
Pretty fancy NY Times interactive national graph here.

Random Monday Morning Thoughts

  • Whatever happened to SIDS - sudden infant death syndrome? I used to hear about it all the time, and now I haven't heard of a case in years.
  • I need to find out what happened, if anything, to the Palo Pinto County Sheriff who shot and killed a guy who was on a high (or low) speed chase. I'm guessing the answer is "nothing".
  • That super agent Leigh Steinberg alcohol-caused-his-fall-from-grace story is fishy.  I thinks there's something more to it. 
  • Some guy went to the Decatur Swap Meet over the weekend and took some pictures. I don't think I'd be interested in that. 
  • The again, I went to a "cup stacking" competition on Saturday. I took a video of this kid practicing whose mother thought he wasn't focused enough. 
  • I completed the Cowtown half marathon with a time of 02:03:13. My second fastest ever.  
  • Wise County attorney, Thomas Aaberg, finished 27th overall in the full marathon. He's 39 and ran with a 7:15 per mile pace.. Amazing. It was a few years ago (and he won't mind me saying this) that he was an overweight guy at the courthouse who decided to do something about it.
  • Mrs. LL took part in a "flash mob" this weekend.  It was the real deal put on by some organization called "Flashmob America" who required practices but even paid a small stipend.  Those who were the subject of the mob was a conference of 1,200 TGIF managers at the Gaylord Texan. 
  • Due to a mix up, I failed to register Mrs. LL for the half marathon like she thought I was going to do. I think she's still mad. 
  • I don't watch late night TV but stopped by Jimmy Kimmel Live the other day but he quickly went to break. I sat there wanting to see the next segment he teased but I had to wait through nine minutes of commercials. Never again. 
  • The Michigan Primary tomorrow is the biggest day of the year for Republicans. If Santorum wins in Romney's "home state", this will become high entertainment. But I don't think it will happen.
  • Danica Patrick must have consulted (or at least finally listened to) a PR agent. She actually smiles now. But, man, she dropped some F Bombs when she was crashing on the race on Saturday.
  • I took a break from Tosh.0 for a few months but watched it again over the weekend. Shockingly funny.
  • Modern Family may be smartest written show since Arrested Development.
  • Baylor Athletics was featured this week in a Sports Illustrated article entitled "Baylor Rising" and yesterday in The New York Times named "No Longer Defined By Futility and Death." Edit: And RG3 will be on the cover of EASports NCAA 2013.
  • How can anyone say the Academy Awards is entertaining? Who does it appeal to? Even more so this year, there seems to be a huge disconnect between the show and the public.
  • Someone tweeted last night: "When is the awards show for movies people actually saw?"
  • Wrong way driver killed two last night but this time it was in Fort Worth.
  • Mitt Romney tried to be the common man this weekend and went to the Daytona 500. Asked by the AP reporter if he follows NASCAR, Romney responded, "Not as closely as some of the most ardent fans. But I have some great friends who are NASCAR team owners." And he's the most "electable" against President Obama?
  • The President this weekend announced the forming of "African Americans for Obama."  Figured that would set you off.