Strangest Sign Ever In Bridgeport Window

(Stolen from Facebook. Thanks, Mike.) Edit: Not photoshopped. Spotted in window of Eastside Grocery.

Friday Night Lights

Millsap (5-0) 12 Alvord (3-2) 20 Bridgeport (1-2) 50 Burkburnett (3-2) 23 Chico (0-5) 0 Boyd (1-4) 58 Iowa Park (2-3) 34 Decatur (0-4) 28 Paradise (0-5) 27 Jacksboro (2-3) 39



Decatur DPS Fail

Thanks emailer.

We Need A Car Chase Channel

Apparently, all the local DFW Channels have been covering a two hour chase today. Edit: He ended up in the drink.

Lindsay Lohan At The Beach Pick Me Up

Somebody Crashed In Front Of The Decatur Lowe's This Morning

- Submitted by the Double Fake Tammy Dombek

Obama's One Word Twitter Post

Random Friday Morning Thoughts

  • I'm assuming everyone hasn't floated away. Good grief.
  • While you were sleeping, the 2009 Nobel Peace Prize was awarded to President Barack Obama. After nine months in office, he leads George W. 1-0, in that category.
  • And did you know he gets $1.4 million for winning that?
  • Nebraska and Missouri played last night in the monsoon that would eventually blow through here. I went to bed after seeing Nebraska not being able to score through three quarters. I woke up this morning to see they won 27-12. What happened?
  • I saw where Gov. Perry appointed the first Hispanic to the Texas Supreme Court yesterday. I'm sure race played no role in his decision.
  • And she's hawt. Here's a picture of her right before she started making out with Perry. (Trust me, click on that.)
  • What does the Governor do all day? That'd be a good gig.
  • Ever present TV car salesman Clay Cooley reminds me of Rick Perry.
  • We can launch a couple of missiles into the moon this morning, but we can't keep 114 from flooding near Texas Stadium?
  • I wonder if Jarhead and AnObiter are still blogging since they shut out the unwashed masses and made their blogs a protected gated community?
  • Nancy Grace vs. That Jon Guy, Round 2. If I had been Jon, I'd jump out of my chair and launch myself at her like a spider monkey.
  • I haven't been to a Friday night high school football game in forever, but tonight is the perfect weather for it.
  • Does The Home Depot have a new policy where every employee must say "hi" to you? I was almost greeted to death yesterday.
  • And they had Christmas trees up.
  • I haven't heard an update on Kendall Hill who was hurt in the plane crash this week.


State Bar Of Hubba Hubba

The story of the Grand Prairie, Texas lawyer who tricked up her State Bar profile is here.

Secret Footage Of Neighbor Confronting Me About My Loud Music

Everybody On The Dance Floor

Random Thursday Morning Thoughts

  • Term I'm not familiar with but should be: "Skinny jeans". Edit: Someone sent me a pic.
  • Band I'm not familiar with but apparently should be: "Kings of Leon."
  • Funny show I was slow to find: "The Soup" on the E! Channel.
  • I get forwarded a lot of emails which are so obviously fake that I've given up trying to convince the sender to wisen up.
  • I like saying stuff in the office like "The Swine Flu can't touch me" just to watch my co-workers freak out.
  • Are there baseball playoffs going on?
  • How long do you think it'll be until every DVD player is Blu-Ray? Five years?
  • On Wednesday night, a flash flood watch was issued for Thursday evening through Friday night. I'm not sure I've ever seen one issued that early before.
  • Grace Baptist Church in Decatur installed some stained glass windows last week. (Those windows had been covered up with plywood for months.)
  • Worst. Mortician. Ever.
  • Local news: The Update reports that Justice of the Peace Mark Autry won't seek another term. I know another JP that needs to follow his lead.
  • I've lent (I think "loaned" is incorrect) out my DVD set of the British version of The Office three times. Each time my friends have kept it for months. Each time they never watched it.
  • I can't tell if Zombieland looks good or awful.
  • I saw that one of my friends on Facebook posted that she went to a Dallas Mavericks preseason game the last week. Who would possibly do that?
  • The new Fox 4 morning show gal needs to loosen up. Please.
  • Baby Daddy Levi Johnston, last seen being exhibited at the Republican National Convention as the poster child for family values, will pose for Playgirl.
  • Incredibly obscure song that I like: ELO's "Mr. Blue Sky."
  • Yesterday's Viral Video: I only watched a couple minutes of it, but it was pretty amazing to see Jennifer Aniston and Matthew Perry in an infomercial promoting Windows 95. Yep, Windows 95.
  • That awful looking 2012 movie is directed by the same guy that directed Independence Day. Now it all makes sense.


New Federal Nominees Revealed For Positions in Texas

  • U.S. Magistrate Judge Diana Saldaña for U.S. district judge in the Laredo Division of the Southern District of Texas;
  • Marina Garcia Marmolejo, a partner in Austin’s Diamond McCarthy, for U.S. district judge in the Laredo Division of the Southern District of Texas;
  • El Paso County Court-at-Law No. 3 Judge Javier Álvarez for U.S. district judge in the El Paso Division of the Western District of Texas;
  • 144th District Judge Catherine Torres-Stahl of Bexar County for U.S. district judge in the San Antonio Division of the Western District of Texas;
  • Michael W. McCrum, of counsel in the San Antonio office of Thompson & Knight, for U.S. attorney in the Western District of Texas; and
  • Jefferson County Criminal District Court Judge John B. Stevens Jr. for U.S. attorney in the Eastern District of Texas.
Hey, am I seeing a pattern here? Oddly, there was no nominee presented for the United States Attorney for the Northern District of Texas (which includes Wise County.) And we haven't had anyone formally hold that position since the first of the year. (Note to Obama: waive that FBI background check and I'm available.) Source.

Nerdy Post: PDF Revolution

Google announced today something that I'll love. You will now be able to view PDF files from a Google search right in your browser without having to download it and read it with some PDF viewer. (If you understand that, you're happy right now. If you don't, move along.) Take a look for yourself which is a Google search for an IRS form.

Slow News Day, So Here's A Flashback To Last Night

Random Wednesday Morning Thoughts

  • The blog site is hosted free by Google and normally works like a charm. But this comment bug is getting a little annoying. (It's working sporadically now.)
  • I flew past the Dallas Stars last night and saw the silly "throw the gloves down and fight" while the refs look on. Just dumb.
  • The owner of the Messenger wrote a pretty interesting column today about historic football scores in Wise County. But, perhaps more importantly, he mentioned at the end of the column that they've finally hired someone to replace Robert Morgan.
  • The Star Telegram was updated last yesterday to report that "Kendal Hill" was in the plane crash yesterday. I'm pretty sure that's Wise County attorney Kendall Hill. Edit: Channel 8 refers to him as a "Tarrant County attorney."
  • The Messenger was on the plane crash story pretty quick. Channel 8 was lightening fast. Fox 4 was about 30 minutes behind.
  • Bridgeport and Decatur got caught in two strange horizontal bands of thunderstorms yesterday. One around noon and another yesterday evening.
  • Aubrey ISD shut down for the rest of the week due to the Swine flu. I wonder if that will start a trend? (But they will play football on Friday. You have to do that.)
  • I've didn't watch the twilight movie but here's the female star in a bikini for all of those contemplating whether to catch the sequel.
  • I've always been confused by yellow speed limit signs. They are advisory and not mandatory? I should know this.
  • While you were sleeping: Former Tech receiver Michael Crabtree is no longer an idiot.
  • Do you know who Nancy Grace is? Do you know who Jon of "Jon and Kate Plus 8" is? Would you like to see her go after him face to face. Prayers answered.
  • I use Google all the time but never go to google.com. I simply use a a google search box at the top of my browser. (I use Firefox, by the way.)
  • I watched the end of the Tigers/Twins one game playoff to get in the playoffs last night (an extra inning thriller.) But it's amazing that the winning Twins have to play the Yankees in New York today at 5:00 p.m.


Possible News

Small plane crash in Wise County? Since the comments don't work, any info at blog2@wisecounty.com . Edit: Wow. Story. (Comments still are the blink.) Edit: A faithful reader who wishes to remain anonymous emails: Around 2:40 I actually saw the plane flying very low and slightly out of control heading west of Rhome ( not Ft. Worth bound). I had a gut feeling something was very wrong. I heard a pop - not a crash. I called 911 and later met up with county sheriffs and found the plane had hit a small stock tank. (the pop I bet) and slid onto land. There were 4 older men ( from ft worth) all were alive. 2 careflighted and 2 ground. Thank the Lord they were alive. Major Edit: The following is not yet comfirmed. Got word that Wise County attorney Kendall Hill might have been injured in the crash. Edit: Fox 4 says the plane was registered to Fort Worth "oil man" Robert Schumacher who was one of the passengers. No other names were mentioned.

Trouble Brewing In Rhome Again

From the October 8th Agenda.

Tuesday Afternoon Pick Me Up: Comments Still Down Edition

A faithful reader sent these camera phone pics taken this afternoon from the Walmart across from the new stadium. (Thanks, Steve.)

Moving Back To Top

At least in the morning between 9:30 and 10:30 Edit: Make that until 11:30 Edit: National Weather Service issued a Severe Thunderstorm Warning for Wise County until 1:30 p.m. Edit: The way it looked earlier . . .

I Did The Exact Same Thing To A Guy That Cut Me Off Near CiCi's Pizza In Decatur

Good Grief


Random Tuesday Morning Thoughts

  • Still having problems seeing any new comments. Sorry. Refunds are in the mail.
  • My head nearly exploded last night when Fox 4 opened its newscast announcing it had a "panel of experts" available to answer Swine Flu questions. Cut to a bunch of serious looking folks at a phone bank answering questions (wait . . . the show started 15 seconds ago so how are they already fielding questions?)
  • Call me a wuss, but I'm not sure I'd let my kid play high school football. (This prompted after seeing a story of a 14 year old Pinkston player who is paralyzed from the waist down.)
  • I've been jogging outside almost exclusively lately completely abandoning my old treadmill.
  • I actually saw a TV ad for a better mouse trap this morning. Little sucker just crawls into a contraption and the door shuts behind him.
  • I know I'm in the minority with my eye rolling over the "Dallas Terrorist". The best line from the probable cause hearing yesterday, as reported by the Dallas Observer blog, was that FBI Special Agent Thomas Petrowski testified, "Mr. Smadi stood out because he indicated that he was on U.S. soil and wished to commit an act of terrorism here ... that the only thing he lacked was the tools." Hey, he was a bad guy. But he was a wannabe.
  • And Channel 5's Mike "I Love You Jane" Snider reported yesterday evening that "video has now been released" of the Dallas terrorist being stopped on a traffic stop about a month ago. Fox 4 had that video three weeks ago.
  • When radio guys say a particular lineman or defensive lineman (someone you normally don't pay attention to) "had a good game," I call BS. The only way you know that is if (1) you watched him every play and (2) you knew what his responsibility on each play.
  • I don't really know much about the Dallas City Council corruption trial other than to say Defendant Don Hill was way too cocky during the trial. (He was found guilty.)
  • Am I getting grumpier?
  • I looked at Google Trends last night and saw one of the top searches was "Steve Perry Journey Dead." A little searching discovered that Journey had appeared on Oprah that afternoon with the new Asian lead singer which prompted everyone to wonder if Steve Perry had died.
  • He hasn't.
  • That Asian guy sounds just like Steve Perry.
  • The Star Telegram's Clarence Hill says Fox 4 has a video proving that Tony Romo did not know it was 4th down on the last play of the game last Sunday. I'm trying to track down that video. Edit: They've posted it.
  • I always see a commercial for show with some chef yelling at everybody. Uh, why would I want to watch that?

Comment Issues

The blog has gone wonky in that it won't let me see pending comments. They've been working on the issues for over 12 hours.


Monday Afternoon Pick Me Up

This is some gal from 30 Rock -- a program that people tell me I should watch. I'm becoming convinced. Plus, that Baldwin guy is a good American.

Greatest. News. Ever.

Rowdy has been banned from Cowboys Stadium.

My Day Has Gone This Well

  • Well, not that bad.
  • Saw a lady who was out on bond enter a plea which required pen time. Always uncomfortable to see someone taken into custody.
  • Saw a lawyer who married one of my ex-girlfriends.
  • Had a female stranger come up and talk to me. She had a black eye.
  • Saw a guy enter a "guilty" plea when he was supposed to say "not guilty".

Random Monday Morning Thoughts

  • Minor point about the Cowboy game: The Denver kickoff in the 4th quarter went out of the end zone? Yeah, thin air. But, mercy.
  • Jacksboro's new high school stadium has a video board that has instant replay.
  • I'm insane now.
  • The Star-Telegram ran a story about a 24 year old real estate guru who is supposed to be some self made man. The story reads like a fluff piece and make me wonder what's really going on. (Sentences like "In 2004, using financial aid and a $100,000 loan from a fraternity brother . . . . " make me roll my eyes.)
  • TCU is in the Top 10 for the first time in 50 years? (Per Fox 4 this morning.)
  • They didn't win, but Romo's 50+ throw to Sam Hurd in the 4th quarter was good stuff. That being said, Sam Hurd is a spare. As is Roy Williams. As is Patrick Crayton.
  • It's shocking how The Right celebrated Chicago not landing the Olympics (since it was a chance to bust on Obama). I thought Limbaugh and Hannity were going to have to smoke a cigarette.
  • Saw these signs everywhere this morning: DecaturSingles.org
  • ESPN's Fantasy Football went down on Sunday afternoon. For the World Wide Leader, that is ridiculously unacceptable.
  • Gas fuel pump issues made me go to three different ones this morning. Think that drove me insane?
  • I don't believe statements like, "All your dreams can come true if you have the courage to pursue them." I think that still makes me normal.
  • Remember when Montblanc pens were all the rage?
  • Entourage is pretty funny this season. Curb Your Enthusiasm is great.
  • Eight Ten U.S. soldiers dead in Afghanistan over the weekend. Let's get out of there.
  • Tech coach Mike Leach banned his player his players from using Twitter last week. Some say that's a violation of the First Amendment. You know, since Tech is the government and Leach is a government agent telling a citizen they can't speak, there may be something to it. I said "maybe."


I Owe 2012 Guy An Apology

Long time blog readers will undoubtedly recognize a commenter who, regardless of the topic, will make reference to 12/21/2012 when we will no longer need to be concerned with anything after that date because the world will end. Makes sense. Anyway, last week I noticed that a billboard went up outside of Decatur promoting the new 2012 movie and today I discovered the above footage of said movie. I mean, sheesh, if I had known that was going to happen, I wouldn't have ridiculed the guy so much. But in all honesty, this clip is everything I hate about movies today.

"Four Year Old Death In Bridgeport"

Getting lots of reports about this but no details. Anyone? Edit: Let me agree with one of the comments, how is this not on the DFW newscasts? Edit: Some posts have been deleted that were from or referred to a commenter who was pretending to be someone else.

Denton Arrest Of The Night

This kid might end up regretting the book-in photo. Compare this to this gal who looks none to happy to be arrested.

Football Thoughts

  • I was lucky enough to catch two great endings: LSU/Georgia (3 TDs in last 5 minutes) and Michigan/Michigan State (overtime loss by Michigan after a furious rally to tie it).
  • Texas Tech looked awful until halftime against New Mexico (which might be the worst team in Division I.) It all changed when they made a quarterback switch due to injury, and I bet there's now a quarterback controversy in Lubbock.
  • The Texas/OU game in two weeks has lost a ton of luster. OU falls to 2-2 after losing to Miami. But I'm not certain Texas will win that game because I don't know if they are any good- they've played no one and only have Colorado next week which is also not a challenge.
  • I don't know who is any good. This year's Cinderella, unbeaten Houston, gets beat by awful UTEP team, 58-41.
  • And everyone wondered if unbeaten A&M was for real. Uh, not so much: Arkansas takes them down 47-19. (The game was at JerryWorld and we learned the Razorback fans still travel like they always have.)
  • Obscure question: In the 4th quarter of the OU/Miami game, a Miami receiver catches the ball, makes a first, and then goes out of bounds. Color man Kirk Herbstreit says he should of stayed in bounds to use more clock. Normally, after a first down the clock is stopped but rolls again once the ball is set. But that's exactly what happened on the next play even though the receiver went out of bounds. Is that right?
  • I really like knowing all the rules so stuff like that bugs me.
  • Baylor played Kent State and won handily. But they looked awful. Absolutely awful. We go to OU next week and might not score a single point.
  • TCU remains unbeaten but will have to go to BYU later in the season. For them, it's just a matter of staying focused.
  • Miami is back to its old ways: The starting QB has "SWAG" as in "swagger" cut into his hair on the side.
  • Fun game next week: Unbeaten Florida goes to unbeaten LSU for a night game in what is probably the wildest stadium for a night game in America.
  • Today, I bet Denver beats Dallas.
  • Huh?: I just looked up and saw Channel 8's Debbie Denmon is interviewing one of the gay men getting a divorce in Dallas live and on the set. But they are referring to him only as "J.B." to protect him.