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Random Friday Morning Thoughts

  • Once again proving I'm a legal genius, I told you the TRO on the Robert E. Lee statue would be dissolved by the federal judge in Dallas. It was. I don't know why it was even granted in the first place. 
  • The statue controversy is not about "owning slaves", it is about being a leader of an insurrection against the United States of America. 
  • Former Ranger Derek Holland has been released by the White Sox. I've thought he was moron ever since he did his (horrible) Harry Caray impersonation in the dugout during a World Series game. Any team can assume his contract if they are willing to pay to White Sox $1. Yep, $1. There will be no takers.
  • If you want to see some folks at Winstar almost die, you've got to check out this from BagOfNothing. Good, lord. 
  • On NBC Nightly News they'll bring in Al Roker to talk about the hurricane. Does anyone truly believe Roker knows the first thing about the weather? He's a cartoon character. 
  • There's a crazy story of a Dallas criminal defense lawyer awaiting trial for a sex crime and soliciting clients. The story says he has 650 "active clients" (insane) and that he was witnessed soliciting a new client in the courthouse hallway for $800. 
  • I've never seen so many lawyers about to go bankrupt.  And I've never seen so much incompetence and client indifference in the profession in my life. There is a correlation. 
  • The tweet below is from the wife of the Aggies' head coach. Who would believe there would by anonymous racist cowards in Texas? Oh, wait. Let me check the comments. 
  • Did you know in Texas you have the right to recuse a visiting judge if you are a party in a civil case (about money) but don't have that right in a criminal case (about freedom)? Equal Protection Clause, anyone?
  • Ever since Fox 4's Dan Godwin has changed his hair style, all I see is Michael McKean once he comes on the screen. 
    Dan or Michael?
  • There was an 8.1 earthquake in Mexico last night. Sheesh. Hurricanes, wild fires, earthquakes. And "wars and rumors of war."
  • All I see is a guy who couldn't figure out how to put flip flops in a backpack.
  • See that headline below of "Made in Russia"? That is what is meant by "hacking" which is not the appropriate term for what happened. I followed some "lady" on Twitter for months coming up to the election because "she" would post nothing but fake stories about Clinton. (i.e. "Former Clinton Computer Tech Found Murdered!"). It finally dawned on me that she wasn't real. She was a bot. 


Decatur School Athletic Pay

In response to my bullet point about how much coaches in Wise County make, a Faithful Reader sent me this. (Source.)

And here are the stipends:

(Credit: Not DF Decatur Penny Mom.)

Oh, My! Steve Bannon Going All Steve Bannon!

And Trump does a 180 this morning:

Random Thursday Morning Thoughts

  • Trump agreeing with Democrats to raise the debt ceiling for three months, and praising Schumer and Pelosi in the process, is sooooo Trump. Oh, and how about this flashback from 2013!:
  • Texas high school head football coach salary database for 5A and 6A schools. Does anyone know the highest paid coach in Wise County? It has to be either Decatur or Bridgeport, and I'd bet on Decatur. 
  • The city council in Dallas agreed, 13-1, to immediately remove the Robert E. Lee statue. As crews were doing it, a TRO was granted by a federal judge. That's almost bizarre. A hearing is scheduled for today. Prediction: It will be dissolved and the statue comes down. (I didn't know Sidney Fitzwater, a Baylor grad, was still a district judge. I thought he would have been on an appeals court by now.)
  • There was a guy who spoke at the Dallas city council meeting with an incredibly funny cartoon voice who ended it saying, "the wrong side won" the Civil War. I'm desperately trying to find it so I can post it. It's gold. 
  • I had forgotten about the Austin PD officer who faked his death in May. He resigned yesterday. 
  • Pete Delkus made a marijuana joke yesterday.
  • I'm trying to get Mrs. LL, who is scared to death of the "Scary Clown", to go see It with me. I think I'd watch her more than the movie during it. 
  • This lady has successfully impersonated herself as a police office in order to steal a guy's wallet in Dallas.
  • The West is on fire but I thought this photo from Oregon was photoshopped. It's not. 
  • WFAA, Fox 4, and the Star-Telegram have all tweeted this morning about a new Blue Bell flavor using the same photo. WFAA denied to me it was a paid ad. That's a lie. They should at least give us some information if this ice cream flavor will kill you like some of the others did. 


Let's Go Back To That College Football Game

Language warning.

Traffic Ticket Warrant = Death. Ok, Got It.

Has everyone gone insane?

"Y'know what we got here . . . Charlie Bronson."

Houdini Girl!

Mo Money Mo Problems?

Above The Fold

Random Wednesday Morning Thoughts

  • "Severed head leads to two bodies in Arlington." That's disturbing. 
  • "Boston Red Sox Used Apple Watches to Steal Signs Against Yankees." That headline is a little dramatic. It wasn't the batter looking at his watch during the pitcher's windup to get the stolen sign. 
  • Trump has canceled his Dallas fundraising trip for September. Uh, oh. When has he ever turned down money?
  • I completely missed this story last week: " Watauga woman left her home upset Tuesday. Minutes later, police fatally shot her." 
  • It looks like the overly medaled Sheriff Clarke wanted a job in the White House but Chief of Staff John Kelly said that was not going to happen
  • We've got another military plane accident. This time a F-16.
  • Let's check in on who supports Trump's decision to overturn DACA:
  • Sports: Frank Gore is still a running back in the NFL?
  • The federal judge in the Zeke Elliott case graduated from Baylor Law School four years after I did. I'm old. 
  • I'm not making this up: Mrs. LL and someone else went over to a murder (or suicide) scene yesterday near North Richland Hills after the cops left and investigated the blood splatter evidence. (The girl ain't right.) I still haven't seen a story on it. 


Let's Check In On College Football

Is This Bad?

Random Tuesday Morning Thoughs

  • Payten Tynsky, 16, of Decatur High was killed in a car wreck yesterday. Upon learning of the news, I suddenly felt stupid for my grief over losing Family Pup #2. I cannot fathom the pain of losing a child. And it reminds you that tomorrow is no guarantee. 
  • I was disturbed by the injuries I saw in college football this weekend. And the NFL is worse. Everyone needs to be aware that Cowboys TE Rico Gathers has been put on Injured Reserve due to a concussion
  • I finally watched Jackie starring Natalie Portman. It was fantastic. She was a nominee for an Academy Award for her role, and I'm not sure she shouldn't have won it. 
  • I also ended up watching Hell or High Water again. It needs to be a training film for every young cop. Focus on the old Texas Ranger. And by that I mean, his attitude and how he treats the public. 
  • I've said this before but I'll say it again, every employer needs to go online and try to figure out if you have an employee who is a self-proclaimed "Proud Boy." And it you are a "Proud Boy", prove it by telling your employer.
  • It looks like the Trump Administration is taking steps to repeal DACA and end the protection for the Dreamers. I'll pay any reporter $100 to ask Trump during a press conference what "DACA" stands for.
  • There are many, many "illegals" who came forward under DACA because our government promised them protection. Now the United States will go back on its word. 
  • He is Darth Vadar. 
  • Football thought from high school to college: Does no one care about special teams? 
  • I somehow managed to stumble on the Longhorn Network and saw Tom Herman's press conference yesterday. He looked horrible. He sounded horrible. He made odd statements and paused for many seconds before answering questions. I'm worried about the guy. And I've got nothing against him. 
  • It looks like we've got a fight for Justice of the Peace, Precinct 2, in Wise County. 
  • Mrs. LL won an electric guitar in a raffle. I need your thoughts and prayers. 


That Aggie Loss Was Amazing

 From a sheer logistical standpoint it should not have been possible. Literally, there wasn’t enough time: The Aggies kicked a field goal to extend their lead to 44-10 with 4:08 remaining in the third quarter. That left UCLA with 19 minutes of game time to make up a five-score deficit.

Do the math on that. In other words, from that point on the Bruins’ only chance was to score a touchdown every 3 minutes, 48 seconds, including the time that the ball belonged to A&M. Offensively, the Aggies didn’t commit any turnovers down the stretch (or at any point in the game) and continued to earn first downs.

The Bruins didn’t attempt any sort of onside kick, double pass, hook-and-lateral, or Hail Mary. They didn’t benefit from a big punt or kickoff return, and started every possession in their own territory — the soon-to-be-legendary scoring drives in the third and fourth quarters covered 75, 85, 96, 74, and 66 yards, respectively. (More.)

Ruin A Band's Name With Just One Letter

Come on, that's funny.

Random Monday Morning Thoughts

  • It's Labor Day and once again I prove I'm the hardest working man in show business. 
  • I was in charge of school drop off and pick up last week. I felt like Michael Keaton in Mr. Mom every single time. It's so confusing. 
  • Hey, I dog Game Wardens and DPS Troopers all the time, but I'll give them props for wrangling this 12 foot alligator in South Texas during the flooding. There's no way I'm doing that.
  • Price gouging is a weird concept. Everyone hates it as do I, but isn't it the ultimate Supply and Demand concept? 
  • Robert Jeffress leading a prayer over Trump may be the sign that the end is near. 

  • A (an?) SMU football commit dies in his sleep
  • It's Labor Day. Remember, you can't wear White Supremacy beginning tomorrow. 
  • This is at least the third time he has done this.
  • Fox 4's Clarice Tinsley on Friday pronounced the town of Vidor as "VEE-door". Seriously, how do you live in Texas for that long and make that mistake?
  • I stumbled on a Star Trek movie this weekend which I had seen before but had no memory that Kim Cattrall, of Sex and the City fame, was in it. 
  • I flipped over to ESPN on Friday night to see if there was a college football game on but instead saw this from the USA/Costa Rica soccer game. (USA lost, by the way. # MAGA)
  • I've followed former Baylor wide receiver K.D. Cannon since he left school early after being a tremendous talent but a little bit of a nutcase. He didn't get drafted. The 49ers then signed him as a free agent and paid $45,000 only to be let go about a week later. The Jets then signed him but cut him after two months, and then he was signed by the Rams. They let him go this weekend. 
  • Someone explain this to me: It was announced this weekend that girl from Bedford who was found dead in a landfill in Arlington was killed with a hammer, allegedly by a "friend." So how on God's green earth can the police say all of this time, "The public is not in danger"? The friend was taken into custody. 
  • Sports note under the radar this weekend: I didn't know NFL teams could not trade a draft pick for cash. So what did the Cleveland Browns do over the off season? They acquired a second round pick from Houston and took on Brock Osweiler and his contract with no intent of keeping him on the team. They cut him on Saturday. The deal cost them $16 million which we now know is the value of a second round pick -- that's all they wanted. (And to put it in perspective as to how NFL players gets screwed, the Cowboys will pay their second round pick $4.2 million over four years assuming they don't cut him.) 
  • How much would you have bet in Vegas if you had been told beforehand the Longhorns would have a punt return for a TD, an interception return for a TD, and a blocked field goal return for a TD against Maryland? I would have bet the house.They lost.
  • But that loss wasn't as bad as Baylor losing to Liberty or the Aggies blowing a 34 point third quarter lead against UCLA. It's the geographical triangle of Sports Pain. (And check out the plaintiff's lawyer and Aggie board of regents member rant basically calling for Sumlin's head of a figurative stake.)
  • "I hear the Coast Guard saved ... almost 11,000 people by going into winds the media would not go into." - Donald Trump over the weekend (proving, once again, he is a moron.)
  • The Messenger's high school football special section had a "Game of Throws" theme. Fox 4 sports promoted a segment last night named, suspiciously, "Game of Throws."