It's Friday. Let's Get Out Of Here.

"Welp, see ya later" (Side note: Nice shoes. Bad tattoo.)
Get me this dog!
I've been telling you to keep your eye out for the drivers of big trucks.
It's new. It is called "The Worm Face Plant Dance."

Opening in December: "The Blindside 2"

Is there such a thing as "accidental suicide?"
I don't like sushi, either.

Whatever Happened To The The Original "And Another"?

Debra LaVave.

People Magazine tracked her down.

Random Friday Morning Thoughts

  • The future of the Colonial Golf Tournament may be in doubt.
  • George W. went after Trump yesterday: "We’ve seen our discourse degraded by casual cruelty . . . . Bullying and prejudice in our public life sets a national tone and provides permission for cruelty and bigotry. The only way to pass along civic values is to first live up to them. . . . Bigotry or white supremacy in any form is blasphemy against the American creed.” 
  • Did Love Field have a movie theater back in the day? I know my church took us to see Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid once and we all took a bus, and I could swear it was at Love Field. Did it have a roller rink? An ice rink? 
  • I think I've mentioned this before, but there used to be a light rail that went from a parking lot into the Tandy Center in downtown Fort Worth. I was on a double date in high school and as we were leaving the guy conducting one of the trains (which was empty) yelled at us as we were getting into our car, "Can you tell me my speed?" He wanted us to drive along side him in the empty parking lot because he wanted to see how fast he could get the train to go. I did it. He got it up to somewhere in the 30s. He was an idiot. I was an idiot. But it was fun. 
  • There was a comment yesterday that said Tarrant County DA Sharen Wilson is letting associates in a big law firm (Kelly, Hart) come in and try DWI cases (for experience I suppose.) Is that true? That cannot possibly be true. 
  • White Supremacist Richard Spencer spoke at the University of Florida and it wasn't pretty.  A handful of people showed up to support him wearing white shirts. Even if you support him, which is their right, why show up at public event to be photographed? It will have life long consequences. They actually raised their hands when Spencer asked, "Raise your hand if you identify with the alt-right." 
  • I'd pay big money to have him speak at the Decatur Convention Center just so Joe Duty could take photographs of who shows up.
  • Let me rethink that.  I'd love to be on stage with him for a debate.  I bet it would be a packed house, and I would pay Spencer to show up. I would do it for free. The Messenger could promote it: Alt-Right vs. Liberally Lean: The Thrilla on 380. How fun would that be? Edit: Thanks to a commentor for the suggestion: We would make it The Thrilla In Dacat-Ah.
  • Crazy Conspiracy theory: Any chance Big Tex burned because Dickies gets free promotion every year? He had the logo on his shirt which is shown time and time again. (Dickies was sold recently.) 
  • Nooooo! Not the goofy Texas Supreme Court justice! (This is from a reporter of the great Texas Tribune.)
  • What a weird case: A law firm files a lawsuit against the State Fair of Texas for violating the Open Records Act, the judge rules they aren't subject to the law, and now the law firm has to pay $178,000 the State Fair's legal fees. (And for the life of me, how the fees can be that high on an Open Records fight is beyond comprehension.)


Heck, Maybe He Is Making America Great Again

A Huge Question Mark Has Formed Over My Head

These boys were soliciting money on 377 and Western Center Boulevard in Fort Worth yesterday.

Utility department?

Am I Wrong Not To Be Offended By This?

Random Thursday Morning Thoughts

  • There's a stock market crash coming and a real estate crash coming. It's cyclical. It always happens. I've seen two real estate crashes in my lifetime already. Off the top of my head, one was around 1991 and the other around 2004 or so. They last for an average of seven years before property values return to where they were. 
  • The "Drews" mentioned below is the SWAT team leader involved in the Waco Twin Peaks Biker case. It might be a system by system basis, but if what he said is generally true, there is about to be a big shakeup in criminal cases. (Witherspoon is a reporter covering the trial.)
  • Did Trump provide proof yesterday that he didn't say what the Congressman claims he did say to the widow of the Green Beret? No. 
  • The U.S. Senate approved Newt Gringich's (third) wife as Ambassador to the Vatican. (Newt left his wife dying of cancer for this woman.) You simply can't make this stuff up. The party of Family Values.
  • On the radio the other day I heard a Radney Foster reference. Haven't thought about him in years. But I've always loved his song Nobody Wins. The lyrics are so true. Every  marriage counselor should make his clients print out the lyrics and make the couple read them to each other and talk about it. 
  • Very obscure music trivia: At the end of the song you hear a woman's voice for just a few seconds. It's Trisha Yearwood. Edit: A commentor says it is Mary Chapin-Carpenter. He is right. I stand corrected. 
  • There's a commercial on the radio that for some reason references Lawn Darts. I remember seeing a commercial for them when I was a kid. The next time I was reminded of them was in a Torts class in law school. Parents let there kids play with them in the 1970s. What could go wrong?
  • A 100 year old time capsule buried at Love Field will be opened today. I'm very interested if it survived. 
  • I proclaim this National Irony Week:
  • I need to start a "Favorite Comment From Yesterday's Random Thoughts" bullet point. Below is my favorite from yesterday.  Like I've said, I got the smartest and dumbest readers in the world. And there is no way he/she will understand why they fall in the latter category after they read this. 
  • The NFL draft will be held at Cowboys Stadium. Heck, I might go watch the first ten picks if I don't have to pay. I'm not paying for parking, and I'm not paying for admission. That means I probably won't go. 
  • I turned over to WBAP this morning and the boys were ranting about something Jane Fonda said. Hal Jay said he would never forgive her for the photograph in a war "that left 50,000 men dead for no reason whatsoever." Gold. 
  • When I click on any Messenger link this morning I get a 404 error. Uh, oh. Edit; Seems to be fixed by 8:45.
  • I find it very odd that the security guard in the Las Vegas mass shooting case who was allegedly shot first decided to give his first interview on Ellen. Everyone wants to be famous. 


AG Jeff Sessions Is Either A Liar or Senile or Incompetent

This happened today. Good lord man, just say, "Under the law, I cannot answer that question." Perhaps Texas AG Paxton could get the job since he has equal qualifications.

There's something crazy every single day with this Administration.

Above The Fold

Jerry Gets Confronted At Owners Meeting

Random Wednesday Morning Thoughts

  • The Ticket runs an ad where a company will give you six football gambling picks for $99. Is this real life?
  • Want to feel old: Baby Jessica was rescued 30 years ago this week.
  • Spurs coach Gregg Popovich called Trump a "soulless coward." Simpleton national radio host Dennis Prager asked, "Does Popovich have a history of deep thinking?" Oh, I don't know. Graduated from the United States Air Force Academy. Has a degree in Soviet Studies. Fluent in Russian. Has military intelligence training. And considered one of the greatest basketball minds of all time with five NBA titles. 
  • One of the greatest moments about Popovich was when I saw him coaching his team during a timeout in the fourth quarter of a game in the playoffs. He kept saying "Pound that rock! Pound that rock!" What he means is that if you hit the same rock over and over again, no matter how hard it is, at some point you'll find its weak spot and it will split. 
  • I don't know who NBA player Gordon Hayward is but apparantly he had an ankle injury last night that was so bad that Twitter put up something I had never seen before: A "graphic warning".  I haven't watched it. There is no way I'm going to watch it. But here's a GIF show the reaction of the other bench when it happened. Yep, it had to be bad. 
  • These Zeke court cases are bizarre. But it took the media about two hours yesterday to figure out the difference between a temporary injunction and permanent injunction. 
  • The Toddler-In-Chief got mad yesterday, and you know its a bad day for him when he does it in the afternoon instead of the morning. If he didn't have Fox News, he would have no friends at all. 
  • What an odd Bridgeport reference in a Rio Grande newspaper: 
  • UNT issued an alert of a scam which should basically should have said: "Don't be a moron."
  • The little kid in Richardson is still missing. Obviously, something is amiss. But it is unbelievable that radio folks like Mark Davis have called her dad a murderer and said he would "retract it" if he was wrong. Buddy, if you are wrong, you're bankrupt. 
  • A Congresswoman says she was present when Trump finally called the widow of one of the four Green Berets killed in Niger and says Trump said, ""he knew what he signed up for ...." Trump denied it this morning and says he has proof. I'm very interested in seeing it. 
  • Former Ranger Ron Washington from back in the day. Good lord.: 
  • I glanced in on the Dodgers/Cubs game last night because Yu Darvish was pitching. (Remember I told you he would be traded to the Dodgers since I'm a Sports Genius?) Anyway, I hadn't even thought about the fact that he has to bat since he's in the National League. That's entertaining. (And he drew a heck of a bases loaded walk in that game.) 
  • If you voted for Trump and have posted a #MeToo post, you need to check yourself.


You Gotta Respect That Flag And Anthem

This would be gold even if the T-shirt wasn't involved.

Brooklyn Cow On The Loose!

They decided to try and use nets.

Random Tuesday Morning Thoughts

  • Random historical event I stumbled upon yesterday: I had never heard of the Tulsa Race Riots from back in the day.
  • There were reports yesterday that the UT QB was completely knocked out on the sideline and then sent back into the game a couple of plays later. A concussion could explain why he threw the ball away on fourth down. If that's true, someone on the staff needs to lose their job for endangering the kid. 
  • God help us:
  • Someone took issue with me about how an Amazon headquarters on 287 would be great advertising because "they don't need to advertise." Really? Tell that to Coke, Coors, Home Depot, McDonalds, etc. 
  • Weatherford College has to pay back $1.4 million to the State of Texas. They worked out a payment plan and tried to get it modified but had to appear before a state board last month for approval. Here's the video. The good part is at 43:11. It might only interest a handful of people in Wise County, but they'll be very interested. The request was denied. 
  • We are now past mid-October and have no appointment of a district judge for Wise and Jack Counties. 
  • Trump saying yesterday that no past president called the families of soldiers lost in the line of duty may be his biggest lie yet. (And that is saying something.) He has still not made contact with the families of four Green Berets killed in Niger. 
  • There is nothing more entertaining (and frightening) than when Trump goes Wheels Off during a news conference. The one he called yesterday was unscheduled. 
  • Ticket fans only: During college football talk yesterday, Mike Rhyner said he didn't know if Iowa State was on OU's schedule this year. 
  • Doing payroll taxes and income taxes for my tiniest of law firm (and I hire professionals to help me) can be mind boggling just to round up the information. I don't know how big companies do it. 
  • Hey, Wise County Courthouse, it's my one and only administrative assistant's birthday today.
  • I saw a big guy in a big truck (surprise!) speed threw a convenience store parking lot and then walk into the store right before me. He had a neck tattoo. After spending a minute looking in the aisle, he approached the clerk because he couldn't find what he was looking for: A particular type of breath mint in a particular color. "I've bought them at 7-11 before!" I wish you could have seen my face. And, by the way, he simply had overlooked them. 
  • Oh, my. It's the one at Basswood and I-35. 
  • I attend driver's license hearings all the time. The greatest part is the 10 minutes before the hearings start when a bunch of lawyers and cops are in the same room. The lawyers run their mouths and the cops sit and listen. I absolutely believe this: Cops are far more professional than this new batch of lawyers out there. 
  • In the ongoing Waco Biker Trial, the judge allowed the State to amend their witness list in the middle of trial in order to call a new witness. It's been 2.5 years. The judge might as well be a member of the DA's office. 


It Never Ends

This Will Make Your Day

Two Great Texas/OU Photos

I love sports photos which catch reactions of the crowd
Don't worry girl, OU will come back. 

Random Monday Morning Thoughts

  • With traffic being the nightmare that it is, what time do metroplex high school football teams leave to get on the road? For example, Denton Ryan played Lancaster earlier this year. 
  • There used to be a slots at the Bridgeport Post Office for "In Town" and "Out of Town" letters. 
  • The second episode of Curb Your Enthusiasm was funny but shocking.
  • I laughed when the Musers of The Ticket were talking about doing errands around the house and you deal with "dirt ladder": You've got a ladder in the garden on soil which is unstable but you do it anyway. I took a heck of a spill a year ago doing that. 
  • Sports: (1) The OU/Texas game was fantastic. (2) UT quaterback Sam Ehlinger is a tremendous gamer. But throwing the ball away on 4th down with two minutes left was beyond dumb. If your coach goes for it at that point, it's a message of "if we don't get this we'll lose". And he was right."(3) The color commentator on the UT game knows as much football strategy as The Family Pup. (4) UNT had a heck of comeback win. (5) TCU had a heck of a win. How did Kenny "Thrill" turn his career around? (6) In baseball, Yasiel Puig did one of the craziest things I've ever seen in a playoff game. He took the first pitch without even taking the bat off his shoulder and just glared down the pitcher. Two pitches later he homers. (7) Somehow I watched the last 20 laps of the NASCAR race yesterday which I think took an hour because of all of the wrecks. That's entertaining? I have a great appreciation for Tallegaheda Nights after listening to the driver interviews. (8) I turned in late to the Steelers/Chiefs game which was great except for Tony Romo's over-enthusiasm. Dude, tone it done. (9) The Aaron Rogers season ending injury was a border line dirty hit. He could have pulled up.
  • The Sheriff in Las Vegas is a Drama Queen. In a press conference on Friday he began it with "I'm obviously Sheriff Joseph Lombardo."
  • You know the perfect place for the new Amazon headquarters? A huge piece of property just south of Rhome owned by a Bridgeport oilman. It has a picturesque view and it would be an Amazon advertisement on a busy highway. There would have to be two nice homes that are given up, but I suspect Amazon would compensate them handsomely for it.
  • A judge has been appointed in the very rare "Court of Inquiry" about whether the Waco DA committed perjury in the Twin Peaks Biker cases.
  • Hillary Clinton has a great marriage test in her new book: “There were times that I was deeply unsure about whether our marriage could or should survive…But on those days, I asked myself the questions that mattered to me: Do I still love him? And can I still be in this marriage without becoming unrecognizable to myself . . . ." 
  • What you say?
  • Somehow on Sunday morning I stumbled on TV upon FBC Dallas pastor Robert Jefferess private enterpise called "Pathway to Victory." For a "generous" gift, I was told, you could get a copy of his new book. For a donation of at least $75, you could get a DVD set of the series. Snake Oil. No wonder he and Trump are best buddies. 
  • There was a police chase that went from Fort Worth to Dallas on Friday over a hot check. You kidding me? You want to potentially cause death over a hot check? You've got the license plate number and pulled up beside the person and can now ID them.