Abbreviated Random Friday Morning Thoughts

. . . Because I'm mostly off the grid.  No girl. No front page. No links. Google is your friend.

  • Decatur's Tuf Cooper disqualified for mistreatment of a horse? Strange Canada standard especially when you consider the end result in calf roping from the calf's perspective.
  • A scandal in the Tarrant County DA's office.
  • This is the official tenth year anniversary of Liberally Lean?
  • Enterprise car rental gave me the greatest/easiest car rental experience today. Kiosks!
  • Finally read the two part series on Silk Road online at Wired. Beyond fantastic. It is soon to be a book and would make a movie which would seem unbelievable if not true.
  • A ten foot gator in the Trinity River?  If the bodies weren't enough to scare you off . . . .
  • A cop is the grand jury foreman in the Waco Twin Hills Biker cases?


Random Thursday ... . Uh . . . Past Post Generator? Yep, It's My Vacation Time

I've tried to create a random post generator which you should see over to the right. Man, some of those are gold. Some are awful. And a lot of the formatting has been lost to the ages.

I think it will grab old posts which number over 1600. (Sheesh). The formatting in the old ones are gone. But it's funny to reflect and see the old comments.

I'll update later.

Comment review will be very delayed.

Am I To Understand The Mavericks Lost A "Committed" Free Agent?

Even Brian Cuban got involved yesterday.


Let's Check In On Management/Employee Relations At Panera

"Oh, snap!" indeed.

(There sure is a lot of hitting going on these days.)

Source: Gawker.

Ex-Texas Judge Allegedly Places Hooker Ads For Ex-Girlfriends

He even included real photos and their phone numbers. And to post the ads, he used  the name "Don Tequila". I can picture him trying to post the ad and looking around for help to come up with a fake name only for his eyes to stop on an empty tequila bottle beside him. (He would have had better luck using "Keyser Söze".)

More. (Including search warrant affidavit.)

I was wondering why he was a former judge: "Dupuy pleaded guilty in September 2013 to two misdemeanor charges, abuse of office and perjury, and was sentenced to two years deferred adjudication. He was barred from running for office during that time."

The justice system is not his friend.

And Let The Panic Begin


And it's all fun and games until I can't logon to my bank account . . . and I can't!!! I will presume this is all a coincidence.

Random Wednesday Morning Thoughts

  • Saw in the Update that Wise County has had one same sex marriage license issued. 
  • Wise County's Walmart made Fox 4 News last night with an incident of "improper photography".   (And a personal trainer at JRobs got a big interview.)
  • The Improper Photography law was struck down a year ago since it was so poorly written, but the legislature passed another one this summer to try to fix its flaws. Most media reports were telling me it was already in effect which caused me to yell at the screen because new laws take effect on September 1st. (Then I looked it up and found out Senate Bill 1317 was a rarity and became effective on June 18, 2015 when the governor signed it.) 
  • So let me back off some of my past criticism of Gov. Abbott for "signing" bills in public when they all take effect so long as he doesn't veto them. There are a few laws, like the new Improper Photography law, which take effect immediately upon his signing. If he didn't sign them, they would take effect on September 1, but at least the signing has some purpose.
  • And while Fox 4 was in Decatur, the Whataburger got some press as it was used in the background for a story on how they will not allow open carry. (That chain won't be the only one to ban open carry, right?) 
  • I think that slow moving storm that drenched Abilene might have parked over the Lake Bridgeport watershed last night. 
  • The City of Aurora has a public service message about your junk flying out of your pickup on 114. (And, man, I love the alien on their Facebook page banner.)
  • There are reports that the gun used in the killing of the San Fransisco woman by an illegal immigrant "belonged to" a federal agent.  (The Fast and Furious crowd got incredibly interested until they learned it had been taken in a simple burglary.) 
  • Weird: The Tarrant County District Clerk's Office has stopped issuing passports because of an "investigation into a 'possible infraction' is completed by the U.S. State Department." (Side note: Wise County voluntarily got out of the passport business about 10 years ago.)  


"The lights are on, but nobody's home"

Florida State QB Has Been Dismissed From The Team

He's been "dismissed" from the team.

There are some folks trying to defend him because the girl was the initial aggressor.  He is allowed to use "reasonable force" under the "circumstances" to defend himself.  Good luck with that.

(Man, the similarities between this and a similar incident involving an Oklahoma running back last year are pretty amazing. That video wasn't released publicly but shown to the media who described it. He was dismissed from the team -- for one year.)

Random Tuesday Morning Thoughts

  • Subway built more than a decade long ad campaign around Jared.  The news this morning is now blowing up after a report that the feds raided his house in a child porn investigation.  If it is true, it's awful. If he's not guilty, this is the way reputations are destroyed.
  • The love interest in Can't Buy Me Love has died at the age of 43.  That movie was released in 1987. 
  • A Boyd man has been convicted of murder in Pennsylvania in connection with "a steel company worker’s 1968 death."
  • The illegal immigration warriors have themselves a poster boy in the guy who shot the young lady in San Francisco. Multiple felonies. Multiple deportations. In liberal San Francisco. Random murder. Tourist location. (I was going to write "Is this a Fox News False Flag?" but I'm afraid some of you nutcases would think I was serious.) 
  • The Rescued Dog In The House has crazy panic attacks at the sounds of fireworks. No barking, but the panting becomes crazy and she shakes violently. I finally tried wrapping her up in a blanket next to me and that seemed to help. There are some crazy "thunder jackets" out there for pets that do the same thing, and I've actually heard some good things about them. 
  • I can't help but watch Joel Olsteen when he's on because I love waiting for the equivalent of, "Maybe your marriage is in trouble or your job seems shaky or a dead end. Maybe you have a teenager that you fear is headed down the wrong path.  Maybe a good friend has wronged you recently."  He does it every time. And the camera will invariably cut to an audience member nodding his/her head as if to say, "He's talking to me." Heck, if you can't related to any of that I want to know your secret. 
  • Just watched the Florida State quarterback punching the girl in the bar. Oh, my. Will post in a second. 


Not A Scene From New Terminator Movie

Let's Check In On Race Relations

Language warning (I assume).

Random Monday Morning Thoughts

  • There are  about ten ducks that had been hanging out in the same place in a creek not far from my house for the past month. I got up early yesterday and took some bread to see if I could feed them. Sadly, there was only just one there. Happily, it walked about 30 yards right up to me. I'm guessing I'm not the first one to feed him.
  • Now there's news that the Denton County DA's office also keeps a list of police officers of questionable credibility.  Here's a question: What if there isn't a list but a prosecutor knows an officer involved in a case has lied before under oath? He has the same obligation to disclose that, right? There is no reason why that doesn't have to be disclosed simply because it hasn't been written down on paper.
  • Hot Opinion: Fireworks are the most overrated thing in the history of ever.
  • Whatever happened to Wimbledon always ending on the 4th of July? Or am I just dreaming that? It's still going on. 
  • Think about everyone you know who is a government employee. And if you live in the metroplex and they are employed by the county or the city, you can find out how much they make with this new database.  (Tarrant County has an assistant DA who makes $190,870.42?) If you are looking for Wise County data, we have been shunned.
  • A same-sex couple of 27 years who happen to be cowboys are suing  Hood County clerk Katie Lang for refusing to issue marriage license. Great picture of the confrontation.
  • Hypothetically, I had a Faithful Reader place a $100 bet to win $140 for me in Vegas this weekend on the total number of wins by TCU. The line is 10. I took the under.  They play 12. (Hey, they don't include bowl games do they? Probably should have thought of that.)
  • I'm not sure what the Soon To Be Seventh Grader In The House is doing with "service bell" (she says it has something to do with band), but all I could think about was how I'm going to use it to turn into Breaking Bad's Hector "Tio" Salamanca
  • You get that excited over women's soccer?: . . .

"All I want to do is race, daddy."

This is from last night (or so I've heard.)



Sports: C.J. Wilson On The Mound Tonight Against The Rangers


All of this is audio from The Ticket. If you want a treasure trove of more, go here.