It's Friday. Let's Get Out Of Here.

I'm not laughing at the miss. I'm concerned about a kid that bid wearing a Spiderman outfit.
Just when you thought the guy was a moron, he went and got his Doctorate in Idiocy at the end.
These bags are the hottest thing on Fifth Avenue.
Uh, sir, you might want to think about that Risk vs. Reward thingy.

Upon further review, the runner's knee did not touch the ground because
those back legs have no knees. 

Coming To FBC of Decatur

Edit: And Jeffress, look what your boy did right before the election according to the Wall Street Journal.

This Truly Is Amazing

It's like a Six Flags ride where you don't know if you'll live.

Random Friday Morning Thoiughts

  • Just when you thought Trump couldn't embarrass us more than he already has, he did so yesterday in the Oval Office in front of a group of bi-partisan lawmakers.  In referring to Haiti, El Salvador and African countries, he said, “Why are we having all these people from s---hole countries come here?” He then asked why can't we get people from Norway.
  • Add that comment to his litany of shocking statements about people of color and his jaw-dropping, "There are good people on both sides" after Charlotte, and it is clear that he is a racist. If you are not white, he wants nothing to do with you. (Of course, his base of 33% won't care.)
  • Oh, and remember this?
  • And I haven't even mentioned that he said the U.S. delivered several F-52s to Norway. A plane that doesn't exist with the exception of in the video game Call Of Duty.
  • I watched the first episode of Ozark, the Netflix series, and I like the premise. The Cartel. Money Laundering. Family Man. Secretly re-locating from Chicago to The Ozarks after things went horribly wrong. 
  • A Dallas district judge got kicked off the ballot because, in collecting signatures in lieu of paying the filing fee, the petition for signatures had the date of the election in the place of where party designation was required -- which would be "Republican." She didn't want those signing the petition to know she was a Republican. Here's a tip: You make well north of $100k a year. Just pay the filing fee. Edit: Someone wrote she was actually a Democrat. This makes it even weirder. It would be easier to collect signatures in Dallas County as a Democrat than a Republican.
  • There were several Sam's Clubs that closed yesterday, thousands laid off,  and no one knows why. 
  • This guy went missing a few weeks ago in the gulf. The Coast Guard has called off the search. Now the son had created a Go Fund Me page to "help me find my dad." I don't want to question the guy's motives but . . . .
  • That was the thinnest, weakest, and fastest moving snow cloud yesterday that I have ever seen.
  • That new indoor water park in Grand Prairie is owned by the city. That seems odd.
  • If you think criminal law is easy, just look at the sentencing of the case in Decatur yesterday as summarized in the Update. A lady was charged with a second degree felony (jury would choose between 2 to 20 years)  but the jury found her guilty of the lesser included offense which was a State Jail Felony (180 days to 2 years). However, because they found a "deadly weapon" was used (her hands), it got bumped up to a third degree (2 to 10 years). She received four years. And that's not all. I had heard she was offered two years for a plea bargain offer (I assume that included a deadly weapon admission but I'm not sure). The rule for a deadly weapon finding is that a person is not eligible for parole until the expiration of 1/2 of the sentence BUT a person cannot serve less than two years. So a four year sentence means you are eligible for parole in two years and a two year sentence also means you are eligible in two years. This will be on your final exam. 
  • One of my favorite moments in New York was walking by a huge law firm building full of lawyers with incredible billable hour requirements that make it basically a high tone sweat shop and thinking, "You poor suckers."


This List Made Me Laugh

Normally capitol protests involve a bunch of people (typically female) yelling. 

Heck, this list is better suited for a neo-nazi rally in the streets. 

Look Who Is Coming To Decatur!

The First Baptist Church has invited my nemesis! Any insider want to tell me how much they are paying him?

Random Thursday Morning Thoughts

  • And end has come to one of the most tragic stories in Decatur history: Jackie Murphree has died. 
  • A Denton JP closed his courtroom because he was discussing "sensitive" financial information with someone appearing before him. You can't do that. A long time Denton lawyer, who got kicked out, was not pleased. 
  • He has no idea how the law works. And there is a 100% chance he has never heard of New York Times v. Sullivan which set the parameters on libel laws.
  • Why is ICE picking on 7-11? Aren't there hundreds of thousands of other businesses in America?
  • Robert Mueller has hired a "cyber prosecutor."  Uh, oh.
  • If the National Weather Service is correct, Wise County is ground zero for potential snow this afternoon. 
  • Based upon the Liberally Lean Snow Projection laboratory, which I've been in all night, I predict the front will hit at 10:22 a.m. 
  • With changing demographics, conservatives will finally understand why separation of church and state is important and will begin to invoke it more and more. 
  • Oh, my!
  • Baylor's second year coach interviewed for the head coaching job for the Baltimore Colts. He better do damage control today. Unless he was sure he was going to get it (He won't: He has a $16 million buyout), that's a dumb move. The fan base now thinks he's not loyal. And if I'm a recruit -- with signing day just a few weeks away -- I'd be seriously reconsidering. [Edit: As a reader pointed out, I seriously dated myself on the "Baltimore" reference.]


I'll Give The Guy Credit For Staying Upright For As Long As He Did

Above The Fold

Full PDF here.

Random Wednesday Morning Thoughts

  • "Megachurch pastor Andy Savage gets standing ovation after admitting to sexually assaulting a 17-year-old high school student."
  • There was a Fourth Amendment case argued in the Supreme Court yesterday and the Chief Justice asked a question. Sport Spot his mistake:  [And, yes, I'll get killed for that error.]
  • I'm sure there's an explanation: 
  • The Rangers might use artificial turf in the new ballpark? Heresy.
  • The new indoor water park in Grand Prairie which has a retractable roof and is open year round actually sounds pretty cool. 
  • Chuck E. Cheese is replacing the animal band (or whatever you call it) with an "interactive light-up dance floor." 
  • I'm going to have to have hernia surgery. Is that a big deal? 
  • I watched Guess Who's Coming to Dinner again the other day. It is a timely then as it is now. 
  • I have a family member who has a friend whose father caught the flu last week and has now passed away. 
  • The only trial in the Waco Twin Peaks case ended in a mistrial. Now the attorney wants to withdraw.
  • Nick Saban winning five national titles in nine years is mind-boggling. And he'll add more. 
  • The freshman quarterback for Alabama is named  Tua Tagovailoa. Everyone struggles with the last name, but do you know what his full first name is?: Tuanigamanuolepola
  • One the Ticket boys this morning talked about seeing a UFO on vacation. He also found a video of something very similar to what he saw which occurred in Texas in December.  Weird.
  • After that live legislative negotiation session yesterday, I have no idea where Trump stands on DACA. He changes day to day. 


Oh, Florida

Heck of a way to kick of a legislative session. (And that was a nice "fun fact".)

Cowboy Cole Beasley Has Released A Single. Wait. What?

Random Tuesday Morning Thoughts

  • The local Decatur hospital had over 20 people with the flu waiting in ER yesterday as beds were trying to be located. 
  • Trump spoke at the American Farm Bureau Federation. Whenever he gets down depressed, he holds a campaign rally so he can be in front of people who adore him.
  • He was also at the beginning of the National Championship game last night for the National Anthem. We learned he doesn't know the words
  • So this guy emptied his chicken bucket and then filled it up with a soft drink? Sir!
  • I haven't followed the Farmers Branch officer, Ken Johnson, who was found guilty of murdering a 16 year old burglary suspect. The punishment phase ended yesterday. The odd thing was that both the prosecution and defense decided against giving closing arguments. I have never seen that before. 
  • And Another (Florida)
  • The National Championship game was insane. I thought Nick Saban was insane when he benched Jalen Hurts, who had led Alabama to a 26-2 record in his career and seconds away from a championship last year, for a true freshman. It turned out to be a genius move.
  • Want to see an Alabama player try to fight an assistant coach on the sideline?
  • Alabama trainer with a serious mustache:
  • I had forgotten that twenty years ago Oprah was sued by a Texas cattleman in Amarillo, there was a trial, and she won. 


"At The Red House!"

This Made Me Laugh

Above The Fold

Random Tuesday Monday Morning Thoughts

  • Trump tweeting on Saturday that he is “like, really smart” and “a very stable genius” gave me great joy. The man actually typed "like."  Later, at Camp David, he met with the press at Camp David and defended the tweets. So in essence, we have a President holding a press conference to say he is not stupid. 
  • The Raiders giving Jon Gruden a 10 year, $100 million contract is insane. Somewhere along the line, he got the reputation of a "great" football coach. Get this: Jason Garrett has a greater winning percentage than he does. 
  • This is shocking: Dallas Methodist Hospital is completely full with flu patients. All non-emergency patients are being sent elsewhere. 
  • Shocking story about a young female Aggie reporter. She had told a friend that a guy had followed her home, circled the parking lot, pulled up close to her, but left once she got out of her vehicle. Now she is missing.  Her phone, purse and wallet were all found in the Houston Galleria area. Edit: After I wrote this, she was found and "unharmed". There is a heck of a story here. 
  • Uh, this is not a horror movie despite the poster. 
  • I watched one episode of the new season of Black Mirror. I love that series. 
  • Kendal Briles, Art Briles son, has been hired as assistant coach and offensive coordinator at the University of Houston. Meanwhile, Art's appearance at the American Football Coaches Association has been canceled due to "concerns". 
  • And Another (Idaho):
  • Billionaire Ed Bass, 72, has married a 36 year old. 
  • Trump has said an $18 billion request to Congress for the first portion of "The Wall."  Wasn't someone else going to pay for it?