Swine Flu Confirmed In Chico Elementary?

Getting that report from a pretty good source. Developing . . .

From Last Night: Father Of The Year

Jury Verdict In Wise County Case: 25 Years

But that was the minimum they could give. Then we had sister hugging defendant: Sister passing out: Sister going to be ok:

While We Wait For The Verdict In The Sexual Assault Trial This Morning . . .

. . . I came across this opening sentence in an appellate opinion handed down late yesterday by the Fort Worth Court of Appeals:
Appellant Phyllis Dawn Harvey waived a jury and entered open pleas of guilt to nineteen charges of robbery, eighteen of which were aggravated and all of which were enhanced with habitual counts. She appeals her convictions and life sentences on each charge. We affirm.
19 robberies? 18 of them were "aggravated" which probably means she used or exhibited a deadly weapon? She decided to plead guilty even though she didn't have a plea bargain? And she was a "habitual" offender which means she had been to the pen, got out, went back to the pen, got out, and then committed the 19 robberies. Lordy.

Random Friday Morning Thoughts

  • I've watched that winning Michael Crabtree TD over Texas last year a million times (how can you miss it), but I always thought Brent Musberger had said, "Crabtree! Crabtree!" He actually said, "Crabtree! Pulls free!"
  • I don't care what a defendant has done to get himself convicted, I hate watching his family in the courtroom.
  • Trust me, our Wise County juries look extremely conservative. But they can surprise you.
  • I fear for Texas Tech against the Evil Empire tomorrow. (But the article in the most recent Texas Monthly about Tech Coach Mike Leach is great.)
  • I misjudge whether to make a post sometimes. I saw the clip of the little girl throwing back the foul ball two days ago but ignored it. Yeah, it was cute, but that was about it. Since then, everyone has been talking about it and the family ends up on the Today Show. (I blame it on not having kids.)
  • In this world of you-will-get-prosecuted-for-anything, a Kentucky high school coach was found not guilty yesterday in connection with the death of one of his players due to (or not due to) heat exhaustion. The crazy prosecutor is one of the most dangerous things known to man.
  • From the Update: "NO BIBLE COURSE - The Decatur School Board voted 4-2 to not implement a Bible course at the high school, following the recommendation of the administration." I can't believe that just happened in Wise County. Let the crazy outrage begin.
  • WBAP's getting-grumpier-by-the-day Mark Davis got into a debate with co-workers Hal Jay and Steve Lamb this week and retorted that he would re-explain his point with, "Ok, I'll use shorter sentences and one syllable words." Good grief. The arrogance.
  • I've always liked Eddie Gossage, the affable General Manager of the Texas Motor Speedway, but little did I know that he has kept it quiet that he is battling cancer.
  • Wow. Texas Stadium will be imploded! Good times.
  • Very Random High School Sports Note: Decatur's nemesis, Abilene Wylie, played the #9 4A team in the state last week, Wolfforth Frenship, and won 21-7.
  • More interesting note: That's exactly how you spell "Wolfforth Frenship."
  • Glenn Beck is nuts. Glenn Beck is on the cover of Time. Glenn Beck is about to become the next Rush Limbaugh. There will always be a market for crazy.
  • A nudist church in Tyler?


Worst Promotion Ever?

TFI Friday's will give away one order of "Crispy Green Bean Fries" (yuck) during the Cowboys' game if (1) you are in the bar, (2) the first punt hits the scoreboard. Big spenders, aren't they? But somehow this makes it on Fox 4 News tonight. Worst promotion? Let me rethink that. TGIF just got more free advertising than you can imagine. By the way, if you are mowing my lawn while the first punt hits the scoreboard, I'll brink you a free cup of Ranch Style Beans.

Trial Update

I'd be a bad defendant. The guy in the above pic had an hour or so to kill some time while the jury deliberated his fate. The only question at this stage was whether he was guilty or not. But due to his history, a guilty verdict meant a minimum of 12 1/2 real years -- and it will probably be worse. But he was so calm. He talked to the sheriffs deputy about the military, politics, and technology. And he did so pretty intelligently for a guy who was locked up between 1993 and 2007. I'd be scared to death regardless of my guilt or innocence. Developing . . . Edit: No verdict as of 1:30 Edit: No verdict at of 2:40 Edit: Quick background (which might be wrong). This case is a little weird because the defendant is indicted as a habitual offender. That means he went to the pen (for theft), got out, and went back to the pen (for robbery). If he is convicted of the new offense of sexual assault, the jury will have to choose between 25 years and life. That is, he'll have to receive a minimum of 25 which means 12 1/2 real years before becoming eligible for parole. The incident he is on trial for involves an alleged drunken evening with a 16 year old where some sexual activity took place. I think the defendant is in his early thirties. (This crime used to be called statutory rape. Now it's called sexual assault) Edit @ 3:07: Guilt verdict. Punishment phase begins after a jury break. Defendant sitting with head on the table. Edit @ 5:10: A crying defendant, as well as his sister, testified in the punishment phase. Looks like the defendant has three felony convictions in his past --- we learned of a Burglary of a Motor Vehicle (which was a felony when he committed it but now is a misdemeanor.) Jury argument tomorrow morning --- the judge is giving each side about five minutes -- they better talk fast.

Actual Photo From Ipanema Beach in Rio

Random Thursday Morning Thoughts

  • I've never watched Bones, but I like the show's new commercials where the cast is dancing to the song "Dead Man's Party."
  • Ranger's note: They have only one run in the last 37 innings. That is an amazing stat. And it's the worst run production over four games in the history of the ball club. Wow.
  • The KXAS 5 morning news constantly shows clips of Jay Leno's show and ends the "news" story with, "Be sure to watch Jay tonight at 9:00". I hate commercials buried in newscasts (for the millionth time.)
  • There was another wrong way accident on the Dallas tollway last night. I understand wrong way drivers but why only on the tollway?
  • Every time I refer to the helicopter ambulance in Decatur as "Careflight", I have some angrily inform me that the correct name is "Texas Lifestar."
  • Yeah, Obama called Kayne West a jackass, but now there's a video of it. (Did his lips move?) But that whole incident helped him a heck of a lot more than it hurt him.
  • John Krakauer, author of Into Thin Air and Into The Wild, has written a book about Pat Tillman. I love Krakauer.
  • The defendant currently on trial in Decatur for sexual assault looks like he would be one difficult guy to deal with. He keeps telling his lawyer what to do which is fine so long as you know what to do.
  • There was a lot of news about a new proposed health care bill released yesterday by some Congressional committee. Note: It's a bad sign when only one Senator comes out to announce its release in a press conference.
  • There's talk about Cowboys Stadium having the roof open for Sunday night's opening game. I thought it would have been cool to start it out closed and then open it at halftime, then I learned you can't change it during a game. (But I can't find the link where I read that.)
  • The Today Show is going to be in Dallas tomorrow morning. I wonder if Ann Curry is going to come as well?
  • I thought there was going to be a replacement for Megan Henderson on Fox 4's Good Day? Dan Godwin isn't doing it for me.
  • Texas Justice: Judge and DA are secretly sleeping together. DA's office prosecutes guy in judge's court and gets death penalty. Judge goes on to get elected to Texas highest criminal appellate court. Judge retires after a few years. Everyone finds about affair. Texas highest court now refuses to decide whether there is anything wrong with their former colleague sleeping with the DA during the trial. There's a term for that: Appearance of impropriety.
  • Yesterday I wrote that I hated the "Oh, yeah, what about you" argument. Then someone pointed out I did the same thing with my ACORN comment. You know, I was busted. Big time.
  • The girl posing as the hooker when they are secretly taping ACORN reps is hot. (Here name is Hanna Giles but it's hard to find a pic of her.) The guy, who showed up on Fox and Friends in a pimp outfit while proclaiming "I'm very white", looks like a whip. (And I did mean "whip" instead of "wimp").
  • F Bomb blooper yesterday by a Fox affiliate (not ours). I'm not sure what that phrase means, but you have to love the female anchor's expression. (Uh: Language warning.) Thanks, Alice.


Trial News

I really haven't followed the sexual assault trial in the district court that's been going on this week, but I did watch the Defendant testify this afternoon. Note: It's always a bad start when you have to admit to being released from prison for robbery in December of 2007 after having spent 15 real years locked up. Anyway, the guy had written a couple of incriminating notes that had managed to end up in front of the jury with "State's Exhibit #" stitckers on them -- also a bad sign. But I got confused when he briefly explained that one of them, entitled "Angel", was written because of the movie 88 Minutes. Or, as the Defendant said, "The movie 88 Minutes starring Al Pacino and LeeLee Sobieski." I still don't understand. Closing arguments begin tomorrow at 8:45 a.m.

Wednesday Afternoon Pick Me Up

Random Wednesday Morning Thoughts

  • I swear in Fort Worth yesterday I saw a vehicle traveling the speed limit on I-30 west of downtown. So? It had three wheels and was shaped like a rocket! (It was headed the other direction and there's no way I could get a picture.)
  • I like Subway but I hate going through the line and answering so many questions. I just want to order. Once.
  • I think this country will turn into a group of race based regional provinces one day.
  • I don't know anything about the Twilight books/movies but I saw the newest trailer for the second movie. What I liked: The concept that you can only see someone at the peak of an adrenal rush. Ergo, you look for adrenal rushes.
  • I watched 30 minutes of More To Love last night. I felt like I was watching an overweight Days of Our Lives.
  • All this ACORN stuff Fox is salivating over doesn't do much for me. Any group of any size has reprehensible individuals within its walls. We have cops involved in child porn, judges disbarred for sexual harassment, military men killing innocent Iraqis, priests who are pedophiles, Governors with paramours in Argentina, and investment companies that steal billions off Ponzi schemes. Look out that window.
  • Speaking of Ponzi schemes, if you don't know who R. Allen Stanford is, go to the next bullet point. If you do, you'll be interested to know that the Caribbean Con Man (I'm going to copyright that by the way) now has a lawyer you are paying for.
  • Had the most tense moment ever in a driver's license hearing yesterday as a normally mild mannered administrative judge got royally pissed off at a DPS prosecutor. And I was just watching in the audience.
  • How much money does Northwest ISD have? First they build the gawdy Byron Nelson High School for the residents of Trophy Club and now all high school students are getting netbooks.
  • If you listen to any sports media at all, you can't avoid Dallas Cowboys TE Martellus Bennett doing his schtick everywhere. Here's an idea: Do something on the field first.
  • One Dallas County Commissioner to John Wiley Price yesterday at their weekly meeting: "I can explain it you, but I can't understand it for you." Wow. But not a bad line.
  • Rep. Joe Wilson was formally admonished by the House of Representatives yesterday for his "You lie" comment last week. Good. (But Jon Stewart on The Daily Show said he was surprised that Wilson didn't die on the spot due to Nancy Pelosi's angry glare.)
  • Things that bugged me in 2001, still do.
  • A 9:31 youtube video about the Tea Party in Washington last weekend. Interviews. Liberal slant. Fairly entertaining.
  • I hate the response in an argument of "Oh, yeah? What about what you did." You'll actually see it in political arguments on the talk shows.
Edit: A great faithful reader has seen the Rocket Car and sent a pic:


This Is All Over The Place This Afternoon

I don't remotely see how this is a big deal, but everyone else sure does: The President called Kayne West a "jack ass" for interrupting Taylor Swift's speech at the VMA's. Sheesh. Even the Republicans have to agree with that.

From The Comments

Seen Today In Fort Worth

Regardless of the nature of any strong political statement, I'd be afraid someone would bash out one of my windows. And on the side it said, "Had enough change yet?"

Tuesday Afternoon Pick Me Up

Craigslist Sting Operation

A Sheriff in Florida decided to run a sting operation for women advertising their wares on Craigslist. Result? Twenty-eight women were arrested. Which would only be mildly entertaining but we got pictures (and that changes everything.)

Child Sexual Assault Case Starting In Decatur

Looks like Paige McCormick and Lindy Borchardt representing the State, and Scott Brown out of Fort Worth for the defense. And see our two new big TV screens (that are operational yet)?

Random Tuesday Morning Thoughts

  • Patrick Swayze seemed like a good guy. And Dirty Dancing is both corny and great.
  • A Cowboy Stadium observation I forgot to make: All the urinals have flush handles -- meaning they aren't automatic. That's weird.
  • I was a liberal this morning: I helped a Hispanic guy with broken English jump start his truck at a convenience store. It'll probably be the best thing I do all day.
  • A child, with no previous health problems, died from the swine flu yesterday in Garland. Can you imagine if that would have happened last Spring? Every school in Dallas County would shut down and we would all go into panic mode.
  • I had the funniest new client yesterday. Most criminal defendants are stressed (and so was she) but she had just a perfect attitude on life.
  • This a complete news story on NBC 5 this morning: "Starting today, you will have to answer more questions when you buy a ticket on American Airlines. The Fort Worth based carrier is rolling out the government's Secured Flight Program which is designed to make flying safer. Passengers will now have to provide their full name as it appears on a government ID, their birth date, date of birth and gender." Really. That was the story. So what's new?
  • The Yale student murder is a sad story, but it filled up the first eight minutes of The Today Show yesterday. Not sure I understand that.
  • To the guy who keeps accusing me of "not being fair" on what comments go through: The problem is you keep making disparaging statements of fact coupled with being anonymous. I'm not going to post that.
  • I let 90% of the comments through.
  • Anyone else getting tired of the sign off of, "just sayin!'"
  • NFL Note: Has any team suffered more heartbreak than the Buffalo Bills? How in the world did they lose that game last night?
  • "Tractor Crushes Toddler On Texas Farm." Man, I just cringe when I see headlines like that.
  • You would think "cringe" would be spelled "cring."
  • The yellow first down line on football telecasts has been the greatest sports invention in the history of ever.
  • It was silly for Decatur to cancel the football game on Saturday. There wasn't any lightening just a swamp of a field. It would have been a great memory for the kids.



Lady GaGa is Crazy

She wore all of this last night at the VMA's. Mrs. Green #9?

Murder Over The Weekend??

I've got an uncomfirmed (repeat, unconfirmed) report that the alleged victim in this case died over the weekend as a result of the injuries. But there's nothing in the local papers about it so it might not be true. Any law enforcement folks know anything about this? Edit: Got word that the alleged victim is "recovering" and "may be able to communicate in a couple of days."

Close Game Of The Week

And who is the heck is Texas College? Box Score.

Random Monday Morning Thoughts

Exclusive Picture Of My Maid
  • Do Hispanics not go bald?
  • I went to ZestFest, basically a salsa/pepper convention, this weekend at the Will Rogers convention center because me loves me some salsa. And the place was absolutely packed!
  • The right wing is nuts. (Pics of the "Tea Party" in Washington this weekend.) Truly, the Wordkyle's of the world have to be embarrassed by that.
  • The History Channel had a 9/11 film called 102 Minutes That Changed The World. It was nothing but amateur footage with no narration. I was riveted.
  • Craziness of the Weekend: Serena Williams foot faults and then has to give up match point because of a tirade on a line judge. (Great pictures of it.)
  • I haven't seen the CW's Vampire Diaries, but I got a hand full of emails telling me about the female stars pulling a publicity stunt by getting arrested for flashing motorists. The "hey, now" book in photo are here.
  • We to El Paseo restaurant on Jacksboro highway and got to watch a little kid defy his dad time after time. "If I give you this chip you better not throw it." Then he would throw it.
  • And the couple next to us looked like they were having an affair. There was just something weird about it.
  • UVA played TCU on Saturday but the Grand Entrance of a guy on a horse didn't go so well.
  • For the millionth time: Just because I let a comment go through doesn't mean I condone the comment. Sometimes we just need to know the craziness, hatefulness, and the bitterness that surrounds us.
  • I'm too beaten down to even comment on Kayne West's interruption of Taylor Swift at the VMA's last night.
  • For Fantasy Football Fans: Would you feel comfortable if your opponent was starting a Cowboy heavy lineup of Tony Romo, Felix Jones, Patrick Crayton, and Roy Williams? I did. Then I got killed.
  • The line on the Texas/Wyoming game was 31 1/2. UT won by 31. That should drive Texas bettors crazy especially since Texas sleep walked through the first half.
  • I dreamed I had a black baby of Saturday night. And that's all because a few hours earlier I was watching a football game with someone who said, "Look, there you are" in reference to a player with "Green" on the back of his jersey.
  • Saw this tweet from a lawyer I just follow for fun: "Matt Skillern has Agg Asslt trial Monday n 230th Dist Ct. Husband-Wife n mutual knife fight. Good facts & he's well-prepared. Tons o' fun!" Huh? Even if you think you'll win, it's not fun. There's simply too much on the line.
  • The older I get, the more I appreciate the weekends.