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Sic 'Em Taking You Into The Weekend

The Final Countdown

Ok, this is besides the point, but is anyone else confused about that rope set up? That ain't a bungee cord. That's a rope. For 90% of this video I was saying to myself, "She's going to jump and swing on a rope that is tied to a cliff on the other side? Won't that just swing her into the side of the cliff? " I'm stunned this didn't turnout to be a Wyle E. Coyote stunt gone wrong.

Paradise, Texas Pastor Fears New Athletic Director Might Fire Coaches

Secondly, I am inviting all concerned people to a Sunday afternoon, March 3rd, Community Rally for our coaches at the new high school gymnasium at 5:00 p.m. Many community leaders will have the opportunity to speak words of testimony and affirmation for our coaches and their families. The evening will climax with a time of prayer. If you care I urge you make attending this rally a priority. I know this is short notice but I felt holding such a meeting going into Spring Break would be pointless. We will hear from athletes, booster club members, parents, along with others. Mainly we will pray and support our coaching families.

From Facebook.

And Another - Alabama

And 2013 comes out of the corner in March and throws a haymaker!


Screaming Goats And Bon Jovi

So very dumb. So very funny.

Random Friday Morning Thoughts

  • The "sequester" (what a weird word) may only impact 2% to 3% of the budget, but that will lead to a huge impact on tens of thousands of families who either have a job loss or a pay cut. The percentage may be small but the whole is large. For example, if you only had to walk across 2% of the country today, you'd have to walk over 50 miles.
  • I haven't followed much of the Jody Arias trial, but she's now been on the stand for over 13 days. How is that possible? And I hope for an acquittal because I think Nancy Grace's head would actually explode, and I want to watch.
  • A Texas attorney about to be sentenced to federal prison for cutting deals with a judge for money (among other things) took a taxi in the middle of the night to the middle of the bridge which connects Port Isabel and South Padre Island. He then jumped off of it
  • I went to a Fourth Grade talent show last night -- might have been one of the cutest things I've ever seen.
  • A major Republican leader in Wise County opined the other day that churches should teach more on the book of Leviticus because it has more quotes directly from God than any other book of the Bible. 
  • Great hypothetical on The Ticket this morning: Would you rat out the Highland Park High School threat making guy for the $7,500 reward even though you would always be known as the guy who ratted by your high school peers?
  • My internet connection in Decatur this morning is slower than dial-up. Seriously.
  • "Florida man swallowed by sinkhole." That headline will get your attention. 
  • From the Update -- Wise County guys competing in the bullriding event at Cowboys Stadium: Silvano Alves, Valdiron de Oliveira, Renato Nunes, Marco Eguchi. Is bullriding big with those from Mexico or Latin America?
  • Viral pictures of the back of some hot girl who leads her man around the world. 
  • I think Pastor Robert Jeffress could actually run the First Baptist of Dallas into the ground. That is, if anyone could, he could. 
  • I'm very impressed with the guy who memorized the names and ranks of every soldier who died in Afghanistan. I'm also impressed with his handwriting and its neatness.


Might Want To Tap The Brakes On Arming Those School Teachers/Employees

They Thought The Smelled Something

Adidas Has Designed New . . .

. . . uniforms for the upcoming conference tournaments for a handful of teams. Sheesh. What are those? Zubaz pants?  And look at that team in that awful yellow. I would hate to be a fan who had to look . . . oh . . . no.

Good Grief

Random Thursday Morning Thoughts

  • I use Google 99% of the time, but I can't remember the last time I began a search from Google's home page. 
  • A new Texas Supreme Court judge, appointed by Rick Perry, says “The governor didn’t send me up here to accomplish a particular political agenda.” If he believes that statement he is shockingly naive.
  • Oh, one more of his quotes on the cost of litigation: “I couldn’t afford myself as a lawyer.” And who bears the responsibility for that? 
  • From the Update: "The Chico School Board did not take any action on the contract of middle school principal Maury Martin." That's pretty much the same thing as voting not to renew the contract, right? 
  • I think the Highland Park High School terror scare is just a prank. But one thing bugs me: High school kids can't keep their mouth shut so it's stunning the perpetrator(s) haven't been caught yet. So could it be one disturbed kid?
  • I guessing the South doesn't care much about the "there will be a new Pope" news.
  • "FORT WORTH -- A motorist who suffered serious injuries in a single-car wreck Tuesday night had derogatory words written on his body." Get drunk in a room full of buddies armed with Sharpies?
  • Mrs. LL went all day yesterday just drinking "homemade" vegetable drinks. She wants to go for 10 straight days. 
  • Ranger Elvis Andrus new tattoo: Oh, my. (Facebook.)
  • You guys are right. I did misuse the word "propensity" yesterday.
  • The Mavs blew a 25 point lead last night (or so I've heard.) You're about to see a decade of bad basketball. 
  • Van Cliburn once played before a NASCAR event at the Texas Motor Speedway, right? What an odd match.


Your Job Could Be Worse

I think I'd power down just walking to the truck.

(Spotted by Mrs. LL today.)

Down Goes Croatian! Down Goes Croatian!

Yesterday The Fourth Threatening Note Was Found And Now This

This is why we can't have nice things. Except for in Highland Park where they have a lot of nice things.

Random Wednesday Morning Thoughts

  • I have no idea how you stop the propensity of bomb threats these days.
  • I suspect most of you have never heard of talk show host Dennis Prager, but I discovered him on 660-AM after Mark Davis moved there. I've never heard anyone who considers himself an expert on so many subjects when he is the poster boy for the opposite. He has a relationship hour every week (despite being on wife #3), and a happiness hour (although he never laughs and can't believe anyone could enjoy the Jon Stewart Show).
  • I don't think I've ever heard of more complaints about Bridgeport police being aggressive than I have in the last two years. And by "aggressive" I mean profiling people and stopping them on minor traffic violations in order to search their car. 
  • I agree, the Obama Administration is trying to play on the fears of the American public on this sequestration thing about as much as the Bush Administration did on the "War on Terror". Both are the Politics Of Fear.
  • From today's Update: "UNITED WAY CELEBRATES RECORD YEAR — For the first time in its history, the United Way of Wise County distributed more than half-a-million dollars to its member agencies. But donations will need to grow this year in order to keep up with the growing needs of the agencies, said UWWC Executive Director Martin Woodruff. The United Way’s budget will fall in 2013 by more than $108,000." What the heck does that mean? They need more money but have shrunk their budget?
  • I read a book in college called The Day Christ Died which has always stuck with me. It was written from an historical perspective instead of spiritual. That is, it focused on things like how fast Christ's trial was, how it occurred before dawn, and that crosses back in the day were actually "T" shaped (and about six feet tall) instead of "t" shaped.
  • And still a monstrous snake on the courthouse square from about five years ago is an amazing sight.
  • Miss Teen Delaware had a very embarrassing day yesterday. That is, if you think "sex tape" and "resigns" is part of an embarrassing day. 
  • We are headed to Destin, Florida on Spring Break, and I'm already thinking outside the box. I've never been to that part of the country. Road trip suggestions? Anything in Mississippi that is a must see? 
  • I'm a huge fan of Google Docs. I can't tell you how much stuff I keep "in the clouds."
  • Chuck Hagel is our new defense secretary. If I understand the Far Right correctly, Israel may be attacked by Iran today.
  • The craziest thing to get your head around is Dennis Rodman visiting North Korea and Kim Jong Un.
  • Sports: ESPN projects that no team from Texas will be in the March Madness tournament. Of all the schools, Baylor should be embarrassed. 
  • Baylor's football coach is finally on Twitter. His second tweet ever yesterday: "The Bears finished up winter conditioning with a big dance off this morning to the stanky leg!!" My head just exploded. 


Above The Fold

I Demand An Apology!

Wait a second! This morning, as I do every morning, I brought joy to millions with my daily Random Thoughts. Then someone called me out for admitting that I play online volleyball with the X-Box Kinect. Even questioned my manhood! Well, take a look what just broke on Twitter. I may not be out hunting 300 pound hogs, but I'm dang sure not playing Guitar Hero with a teenage girl!  Not me! No way. I'm doing spikes and sets and just absolutely crushing teenagers and getting a cardio workout to boot.

Yep, I'm more manly that Rick Perry. Heck, I'm basically Leonidas of Sparta.

I'm Not The Biggest Fan Of These Kind Of Things

But that one wasn't bad.

Rasslin' Is Doing a Tea Party Bit!

From The Dallas Observer: Pro wrestling and Glenn Beck are in a fight . . .  WWE has invented two "Tea Party" villain characters named Zeb Coulter and Jack Swagger. They wear safari vests, hate illegal immigrants, and are real bullish on President's Day . . . . 
It's all very subtle. Slate pretty much calls this one, terming it a blatant publicity stunt. As opposed to the stuff WWE does to promote literacy and fight world hunger. [BSG note: That was funny.]
Several people, probably the ones you'd expect, have taken the bait. Alex Jones and his InfoWars folks got pissed off about it first. Beck leapt on the bandwagon shortly thereafter, asking "Did George Soros buy the WWE?"

My head is spinning. I never watch the WWE (that's some wrestling acronym) so I had no idea this was going on.  I was expecting Zeb and Jack to be over the top, but they pretty much sound like Tea Partiers. Right? So why is Glenn Beck mad? Doesn't he pretty much preach the same message? Sheesh. Cats chasing dogs. The world is going crazy. 

Bomb Threat At Devon Gas Plant This Morning

Developing . . . . (although this is probably about as much as it develops.)

And  this gives rise to a flashback:

From Texas Monthly. Quick registration required.

Random Tuesday Morning Thoughts

  • This picture (Facebook) was making the rounds yesterday of tumbleweeds attacking a house in Midland due to the high winds. Pretty amazing. 
  • The wind! The cold! I think Puxatony Phil has some explaining to do.
  • This is Randy Galloway's column printed 24 years ago today and the day after Jerry Jones bought the Cowboys (at age 46!).  "Jerry, Jerry, Jerry. Key yourself down. The NFL oil patch just isn't that easy. And just because you own the Cowboys, and your pal Jimmy Johnson will coach your new team, that certainly doesn't translate into instant success and the glory days of old. 'Jimmy Johnson is worth five first-round draft picks,' Jones said. Jerry, you have so, so much to learn."
  • I played online beach volleyball on the X-Box this weekend and somehow I turned on a "chat feature" where I could hear the other people. It sounded like a little girl being coached by her dad to play. I let her win and she was so excited it was as if she won the lottery. I was almost teary eyed as I told the rest of the Family Unit about it, but they didn't seem as impressed.
  • And, yes, wise guys. I let the little girl win. 
  • A United States Assistant Attorney in open court: "You've got African Americans, you've got Hispanics, you've got a bag full of money. Does that tell you - a light bulb doesn't go off in your head and say, `This is a drug deal?'" A Supreme Court justice was none too pleased with the remark this week. 
  • I've got to update my blog list on the side since everyone is getting locked out. It's as private as the CIA over there. 
  • After one year in the Big 12, West Virginia is now complaining about the travel issues. Did they just pull out a United States map for the first time? ("Such as").
  • Yesterday The Hammer explained, kind of, why he was off The Fan for over a week. It was a "mental issue" and a "physical issue" that kept him locked in his room in seclusion for a week. And he never called anyone to tell them. He even said, "Honestly, I don't know if I'll be able to keep doing this job." That is one tormented soul.
  • That's the best picture the Amarillo paper could come up with ? . . . 


Semi vs. Loves In Rhome Today

Britney Spears Killing It At Oscar Party Last Night


Third Grade Basketball Game

I can't believe the Internet is buzzing about this video.  A "half court shot for the win" some have said. Hardly. Those little sissies aren't even running up and down the whole court. Come on! Kind of like they made up their own rules. On the mean streets of Bridgeport back in the day, this was simply unacceptable.

And doesn't anyone care that the kid traveled? It looked like the NBA. Somebody should have blown the whistle and broken little Mason's heart. He's going to need to start getting used to it after he graduates from the All White League.

And what up with this chick celebrating? It's a bunch of spare third-graders. Nothing to be proud of there. We need some guys to step up and have a little scene control in that gym. That place is sports chaos!

The American Pasttime

You know, I thought this was just an average and boring baseball fight until they showed us how it started. Now that was a serious punch. That's how you know these are college teams. Ain't no one doing that in the major league.

Amarillo By (This) Morning

Amarillo By (This) Morning

Random Monday Morning Thoughts

  • I watched only a small portion of the Oscars last night. Seth MacFarlane was funny but a little stiff. And, man, he looks younger than thought..
  • No "sport" cheapens itself more than NASCAR. The "start your engines" by actor James Franco was sponsored by his upcoming movie.
  • The Family Unit bet on which lap would be the one with the first wreck. Felt a little morbid yet funny. Mrs. LL won. 
  • Those ATT commercials with the guy sitting around with a group of kids are funny.
  • Mrs. LL is now obsessed with going on a diet based upon nothing but vegetables blended into a drink. She even made me watch a documentary about it. 
  • I watched most of a documentary on Showtime about The Eagles this weekend. As cool as their background is, they produced the most generic music in the history of ever. 
  • After almost 20 years, I've stopped running. I've substituted it with a an Xbox Nike fitness routine which has introduced me to burpees and mountain climbing. Running is easier. 
  • That being said, I had the craziest slow-motion-old-man-fall into a lawn chair in the back yard as I was catching a football on Saturday. 
  • The Ticket's Junior Miller's wife was on Shark Tank on Friday. She was hot but not as hot as I thought she would be. (But, man, that show is awful.)
  • The Wise County "shoot a hog" contest now has a new leader as 399 pounds of bacon has now been killed. 
  • DPS will get $2.6 million to fund their silly Rio Grande gun boats next year. 
  • Airplane was on TV on Saturday morning, and it still makes me laugh out loud. And now Mrs. LL understands why I've told for years, "Good luck. We're all counting on you," whenever she leaves the house.