Friday Night Lights Reviewed With Saturday Daylight

Bridgeport 56
Iowa Park 7
WF Hirschi 18
Decatur 47
Boyd 29
Alvord 18
Chico 19
Paradise 61


Busy Work Day. Slow Day For Fun.

But you can watch the incredible Red Sox game last night in three minutes -or- a fat guy dancing in the stands with Charles Barkley's head superimposed.

Friday Photo Fun

Random Friday Morning Thoughts

  • Big win by TCU last night over BYU, and a huge comeback by the Red Sox over the not-devil Rays. And I didn't see either.
  • One more reference to "Joe the Plumber" and I'm going to off myself
  • And some plumber in Amarillo just happens to have a web site named www.joetheplumber.com . (And you can even join his mailing list to get "breaking news about our business.")
  • "I just lost $500 since now I won't get to prepare an occupational license" - what an overweight lawyer announced at a driver's license hearing in Fort Worth yesterday when an officer failed to show. That meant his client's driver's license would be saved from a suspension. I think (and hope) he could see the disgust in my eyes.
  • Want to see that "I Kissed A Girl" chick jump into a big old cake and then bust her arse? Sure you do.
  • Video of the day stolen from Silicone Alley here. And she had the funniest description: "fast forward to 2:15 and pray for the table."
  • Sometimes I pull up beside a flat bed truck on the highway and wonder if I could jump on it at full speed if I told my passenger to "grab the wheel."
  • When I said I had to mow my lawn one more time I should have added that I was going to hire a bunch of Chinese guys to do an orchestrated routine using grass recycling bags as part of the closing ceremony.
  • Phil King sure isn't worried about the general election.
  • I had almost forgotten about Spaghetti Cat.
  • I'm disturbed by the hunting shows on those obscure channels up in the 600s on DirecTV (which I probably can't get now anyway. Problem solved.)
  • I woke up in the middle of the night again last night. Then, with a bit of creepiness hanging in the room, I turned to look at the clock. Would it be 3:00 a.m. again? Nope: 2:56. Man, this is getting weird.
  • Fox 4 had another motorcycle death story this morning, but I don't see it on their web site yet. Edit: Here
  • Boss's Day was yesterday. It should be abandoned. And I also shouldn't force all our staff to put a crown on me while holding an offering of baked goods. It's just plain awkward.


Final Random OU/Texas Pics

End of game playing of school song. I raised the camera above my head and shot blindly: Very funny bit. Grandma Texas fan makes a visor out of a popcorn box and texts someone at halftime: Hot OU fan in the middle of the Texas fans. She schooled one hostile fan when he yelled at the OU placekicker coming onto the field for allegedly faking an injury on a previous punt. "That's not the same guy!!!" she said (and the idiot Texas fan should have known that.) And one final one that I provide only a link to because it involves an obscene gesture. The Evil Empire, indeed.

Best. Buy. Power. Down.

So for whatever reason, my DirecTV has been on the blink. I'm not getting about half the channels (which has been kind of refreshing since I'm watching stuff I've never seen before) but that joy came to an end a few hours ago when I realized I couldn't get the TCU/BYU game tonight. Unacceptable. I'm kind of weird because I went out five years ago and bought one of those fancy flat panel HD televisions. That's not the part that's weird. The fact that I've never subscribed to an HD provider is weird. But this technical glitch was the incentive I needed. So I went over to the new Best Buy off of Heritage Trail in north Fort Worth to sign up for HD DirectTV. First I looked at all the HD TVs just for fun and realized they were selling for about a 1/3 of what I paid a few years back. OK, I can deal with that. I was going high-tech. I was going to be a new man. But then I walk over to the "DirecTV HD" booth (yep, they've got one) only to find no one there. No biggie. I looked around and saw the above receivers (those are my pics) and instantly contracted a severe case of Confused Head. Yeah, I understand the DVR. I understand the dual DVR. But do I need one of those HD receivers for every television? What if one of my other televisions isn't HD? Do I really have to buy this equipment? Ugh. But a nice salesman showed up so I told him I wanted DirecTV HD but I had a question about this receiver business. "How's all this work?" I asked. He says, and I'm not making this up, "I'm not sure. Basically you buy the box from us and then go home and call them." I'm pretty sure you could you see the life force drain from me. I was there. I was ready to spend money. I just wanted someone to tell me what I needed to do. Heck, rip me off! Just give me some solid information that I could believe in. "Uh, OK, " I said - still not willing to give up. "Do I need a receiver for every TV?" He leans down and looks at the dual DVR (which I think means you can watch one channel while a different channel is recorded) and he says, "Naaa, I'm pretty sure you can hook two TVs up to this. " Not only did that not answer the question, I'm pretty sure that answer was flat out Crazy Talk. I was done. "OK, let me look around a little bit." And then I high tailed it out of there (Editor's note: That's what we call a Random Thoughts "call back joke.") Can anybody help a brother out?

Let's Support The Barnett Shale?

Oil prices topped out at $147.27 on July 11. Stupid question: They are pumping natural gas out of the Barnett Shale, right? Do low oil prices also mean lower natural gas prices? And, if so, is this the beginning of the bust we all fear?

McCain Turns Into Zombie!

Just a funny pic via Yahoo News.

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Random Thursday Morning Thoughts

  • A recession? A depression? Dallas City Hall just installed a $70,000 television. Yep, a television.
  • Ok, I watched a little bit of the debate, but I can only remember "Joe, The Plumber."
  • Weird: Yesterday I reminisced about having a golf ball dropped onto my windshield while going down the road in Fort Worth. Today: The Star Telegram has a story about rash of those problems lately.
  • Tony Romo is thinking about playing on Saturday? Even Ricky Bobby couldn't drive with a broken arm after an unfortunate bar incident.
  • It's just a weird feeling seeing gas prices drop every time you turn around. I've never seen that before.
  • Somebody told me there were baseball playoffs going on. Go Rangers!!!
  • As I continue my contemplation about the demise of the Unites States, if a state voted to secede (which isn't a bad idea), would the U.S. actually bring in troops to take over the land like in the Civil War?
  • I roll my eyes at the "state's rights" argument over the cause of the Civil War. It's usually uttered by guys that dress up in Union uniforms and go out every chance they get to re-enact some bloody battle. Edit: Yep, should have said Confederate uniforms.
  • I don't know why I'm talking about the Civil War.
  • I normally vote Republican in appellate judicial races for civil courts but Democratic for state appellate edit: criminal courts. (And if I didn't practice law, I'd have no idea what to do.)
  • I need to mow my lawn one more time.
  • If the Cowboys lose two games in a row, I could actually envision Jerry firing Wade Phillips in the middle of the season.
  • For the last two nights I have awakened/awoke/woke up at 3:00 a.m. in the morning on the dot. And I mean exactly at 3:00 a.m. according to my bedside clock.
  • The DOW fell over 700 points last night and it really wasn't even the lead story on most of the newscasts.
  • I promise I heard this from the KLIF talk show host Jeff Bolton this morning, "Obama wouldn't want to debate a guy like me. I'm the kind of guy that wouldn't be interested in making 'debate points' and I'd demand questions to my answers."
  • Coming back from Fort Worth yesterday, it looked like a police state along 287 with all the cars stopped and cops on patrol. I've said it before: Cops are everywhere.
  • Farrah Fawcett was in bad health a couple of years ago. Haven't heard anything about that lately.
  • I thought this was very funny: If you're "old" enough to remember Aha's famous video of "Take On Me", you'll get a kick out of this new "literal version" (wait for the singing to start.)
  • How would you like to be a college senior looking for a job in this market?
  • I like pizza. I deprive myself of pizza.


Turkey Leg Redux

And although the pic could have been taken at the Texas State Fair last weekend, it was actually from the Wise County Swap Meet a few months earlier. (Thanks Tony)

For A DWI Defense Lawyer . . .

. . . I was a little taken aback when I walked out of my office. (Although the courthouse in the background is a nice touch.)

And Another

From Oklahoma. Not bad.

The Little Mexican Is Now Sarah Palin

There's some triple crazy behind these videos. (Thanks SA.)

Wednesday Afternoon Pick Me Up


Random Wednesday Morning Thoughts

  • In the Messenger today: A letter to the editor proclaims Obama as the antiChrist. Really.You have to see it. (I'll link to it once it is online) Edit: Here it is.
  • And yet another letter refers to Obama as "B. Hussein Obama." Puhleeeze.
  • The Bridgeport Bulls are (finally) #10 in the AP Poll. If someone has a good link to that poll that can be accessed every week in the same place, let me know. I think I know The Google pretty well, but I can't seem to find it.
  • There's no way I'm watching the presidential debate tonight. Two of them, which brought a big bag of nothing, were enough.
  • I just thought about chicken pot pie.
  • I know I don't have enough information to try to place blame for the federal bailout.
  • Nicolette Sheridan is still prancing around in Malibu in a bikini. Mercy.
  • I noticed the Methodist church on 287 that I referred to yesterday (the one that had the "hell house" last year) now has a banner up that reads "Fall Festival" (or something like that.) I bet there was a little turmoil in that church. Then again, pick any church.
  • The only reason I want Oklahoma State to fail is because I want a tear to roll down the cheek of T. Boone Pickens (he gave $165 million to the athletic program in 2006).
  • But the OSU coach's rant of "I'm A Man, I'm 40!" from last season is by for my favorite post-game press conference ever. It never gets old.
  • I was smart enough to use sunscreen on my face during the Texas/OU game this weekend. But I was dumb enough to leave uncovered a one inch strip on my forehead next to my hairline.
  • Most phone calls are unnecessary. And most unnecessary phone calls seem to be longer than the necessary ones.
  • I bought a razor that has a ridiculous four blades. I don't think its any better than the double bladed razor.
  • Many years ago, I had what looked like a golf ball hit my windshield after presumably being dropped from an overpass in Fort Worth. That will get your attention.
  • They sure have a lot of wildfires in California. Cool photo.
  • What exactly does "hightail" in the phrase "I'm gonna hightail it out of here" mean?
  • The best part of my job is that I never have in "company meetings" where everyone gathers around a conference table. That would drive me insane.
  • Man, in addition to that silly fried stuff at the State Fair, there is some pretty good stuff you typically never see. Saw some folks walking away from a German food stand with some a couple of items that looked pretty good. (Later learned one was a Reuben sandwich.)
  • I would never walk around holding a turkey leg.

"Let The Cowboys Ride!" - Wade Phillips

Story. Not only do the Cowboys no longer have a passing game, they no longer have a passing defense. Just another example of the White Man keeping the Black Man down. Edit: And the commentors alerted me to the news that former Evil Empire great Roy Williams has been traded to Dallas from Detroit. It cost a first round draft pick and more.

Tuesday Afternoon Pick Me Up

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Random Tuesday Morning Thoughts

  • Stumbled across Boston Legal last night. I know it's not a drama, but those courtroom scenes were gawd awful.
  • Whatever happen to the Adkins Diet?
  • When I jog, I always cross the street when I approach a person walking a dog. I just don't trust those mutts not to take a bite out of my leg.
  • I have my own self-defined "censor level" as to what pics or subjects I'll post. Then I watch network TV and realize they have much worse stuff on there at 7:00 p.m. than I do at any time
  • Can I say again what a fan of GPS I am?
  • On the Ticket this morning on why Obama may not win the election because of hidden racism that will only come to light with a secret ballot: "Texas still has that option: Straight Democrat. Straight Republican. Or Straight White."
  • In less than 10 years, everyone of us will voluntarily carry some device that will track our global position on the Internet. At first we'll be able to designate who has that information (that loving spouse or girlfriend, or both). Twenty years later, our driver's license will be the GPS tracking device. (And you won't have to carry it, but the federal government will not provide highway funds to any state that doesn't make it a criminal offense to not carry a driver's license.)
  • Apple is to announce a new/updated line of notebooks today. I'm seriously considering a Mac.
  • Temporary Cowboy QB Brad Johnson is about to become the business end of a Sack Machine.
  • Christina Aguilera is about back to full Hawt Mode. That's been a long wait since she had a baby in her belly. (But I think the "fishnet stocking" headline is misleading. I'm suing.)
  • I haven't seen a Three Stooges episode in forever.
  • My satellite box just went on the blink. I can't get half the stations.
  • I'm going to work the term "no cavorting" into a a conversation. (Saw Johnny Drama use it on Entourage this weekend.)
  • In this day and time, isn't there a better way to trade stocks than a bunch of guy's yelling at each other on the floor of the stock exchange?
  • I don't have my screen shot capture device set up, but Channel 5's lead story last night was about a 12 year old who had gathered 300 names opposing Six Flags' request to sell beer at the amusement park. A video close-up of the petition showed she spelled alcohol as "alchol" in the title.
  • I was surprised to learn that this week is the first time in 24 years that the Texas Longhorns have been ranked #1 in the regular season polls.
  • I said that the OU/Texas fans seemed respectful outside of the stadium. Inside the stadium it was F Bomb city.
  • Remember the presumption of innocence while you read this story about a former Boyd High School football star.
  • Edit: I won't miss him, but John Madden is taking the day off next Sunday. That will break his streak of 476 games.

I'll Scratch That Off My List Of Things To Do

The crazy and horrific sounding story. Followed by a crazy comment from Make Big Assumption Guy.

Emailer says sign changed and mass chaos ensued

Yep, I'm The Most Psychic Man Alive

Some of you may have heard that Tony Romo is out four weeks with a broken finger. The above blurb was a random thought of mine on August 26, 2008.

Random Monday Morning Thoughts

  • Nick Folk kicks a field goal to send the Cowboy game into overtime, and Tony Romo is sitting on the bench on the sideline looking like someone kicked his dog. There's something going on with him.
  • I ate lunch at the Icehouse in Fort Worth off Belknap over the weekend . Between the service and the loud music, it was not-a-good. Funny experience, but not-a-good.
  • "Texas has joined two other Southwest border states — California and Arizona — that require immigrants to prove their legal status before they can get a driver's license." Honestly, I thought that was the rule before the change.
  • When I wake up on a Monday, I just wish I could stay in bed all morning. When I wake up on a Saturday with nothing to do, I get up instead of staying in bed.
  • Two more short McCain videos are going around. First he gets booed by his own supporters for saying we don't have to be scared of an Obama presidency, and then he gets agitated when on woman calls Obama an "Arab." The other shows a supporter carrying a stuffed toy monkey with an Obama sign on its little monkey head.
  • McCain seems beaten down. I would be, too.
  • Haven't seen it on the net yet, but Fox 4 told me a car crashed last night on 121 near Grapevine and then a motorcyclist came along, hit the wreckage, and died. Edit: Link
  • That was the weirdest game ending play of the Cowboy game yesterday. On what would be the blocked punt, the left side of the line released and moved to the left as if it was going to be a fake. But that can't possibly be true.
  • Somebody forwarded me an email of a picture of Obama holding the book, "The Post-American World" and warning me that the book is "a Muslim's view". Puhleese. The author of the book (that made the New York Times best seller list) is a Newsweek editor, and can be seen every month on many talk shows. This propaganda has to hurt the anti-Obama crowd more than help them.
  • Someone mentioned sherbet to me yesterday. For some reason, I hadn't heard that term in years. And I wonder if I've always mispronounced it.
  • The OU and Texas fans, outside the stadium, were remarkably pleasant to one another. Although I did see one Texas fan walking behind a OU fan after game yelling, "Who's your daddy?"
  • Britney's new video debuted on 20/20 Friday night. I missed it, but it's online here. Oh, my. She's back to being hawt.
  • The army had a virtual war exhibit at the Airshow this weekend. Young men could get in a Humvee and fire automatic weapons as scenes of Iraq go by in the virtual world. Nice. See, kids, almost getting killed is fun.
  • That Methodist church on 287 going into Fort Worth was promoting a "hell house" last year during Halloween. It doesn't look they are going to do it this year.
  • The University of Texas has moved into the #1 position in both polls. Ugh. (But they've still got Missouri #11, Oklahoma State #8, Texas Tech #7 Kansas #16 left, and the Big 12 Championship game.)
  • Little tomatoes seem to go bad quicker than big tomatoes.
  • I get a little depressed picking up the Travel section in the weekend paper because it always shows these great and interesting places that I'll never go to.