A Look Back: The Crab Incident

Yet Another Reason Cheerleaders Need To Wear Skirts And Smile A Lot

The key line in this rant is "Joe Paterno is on his death bed" and "someone needs to find him a casket." For those not familiar with Paterno, he's the head coach of Penn State, the Aggies' opponent tonight. He's also 81 years old. I read today in the Morning News that the yell leader had been "sent home" by A&M officials. They were not pleased. Paterno, when asked about the comments, was pretty good natured: "Some young guy went up there, trying to be funny. Maybe he's accurate, I don't know."

A Discovery

Found a new, to me at least, Mexican restaurant call Oscar's located in a place I'd never expect to find: South of 820 in Fort Worth off 377.

- The main dining area was really nice.
- One of the side rooms, where I ended up eating, not so nice. The Christmas tree that had been tossed aside and was leaning against the wall was not a nice touch.
- Food was good. Salsa mucho good. Me loves me some salsa.
- They had "live entertainment" in the main dining area that I could have done without. I don't want to hear some guy sing "Margaritaville" during a meal. Heck, I don't ever want to hear any version of "Margaritaville" at any time.
- The outdoor dining area looks like it would be great when it's not freezing.
- Huge parking area.
- In the bar area, there were two huge screens that were showing a college football bowl game. TCU, which was playing at that moment, did not appear on either one of them.
- My waiter looked like a Hispanic A.C. Slater from "Saved By The Bell."

Blew, Blowned, Blow?

Kinda funny segment today where Emmitt had to speak. He has a tough time doing that sometimes.

Very Random News Thought

Channel 5 did a segment on Curves last night. Basically, it interviewed the owner of one of the franchises, spoke to women that had only had wonderful success, and mentioned the "new machines" that the fitness club was offering.

Man, it looked like a commercial disguised as a news story. I heard something similar on the radio a while back when there was a story on the anniversary of the Slurpee - but the segment also talked about the new products that were being introduced into 7-11.

I wonder if the stations are truly getting paid for these things?


Leelee Sobieski. . .

. . . wishes all of Wise County, and especially Newark, a safe weekend.

The Force Almost Got Them

If you saw this last night, you know you almost witnessed what could have been one of the craziest moments in Evil Empire history. (One sentence summary: Mack Brown's stepson - a coaching assistant or something - was charged with touching the ball after a backwards lateral pass came towards him on the sideline.)

Man, it took about 15 minutes to sort it all out - with tons of close ups of the guy who was the focus of all of the attention. And then the refs incorrectly ruled that he had touched the ball. No way. (The next play resulted in an Arizona State touchdown as everyone distanced from the guy on the UT sideline.) But as covered extensively here, the same penalty could have been called for being on the field even if he hadn't touched the ball.


Summary: Even though the law gives you the right to refuse a breath or blood sample, that doesn't prevent the cops from getting a search warrant for your blood. The normal obstacle is having a judge available to "review" a probable cause affidavit (which is nothing more than a checklist with the typical observations in a DWI arrest) and issue the warrant.

Wise County has been doing this over the last year but normally only in unusual cases.

However, Tarrant County, over the holiday weekend, will take the blood of every DWI arrestee who refuses to give a sample.

Sadly, no one will care about the government forcing the blood out of a person via a needle - even if the person really isn't guilty. Nor do they care of statements like this made by a MADD representative on WBAP this morning: "If you say you have had two drinks, officers are trained to know you have had an overflow of alcohol." Actual quote. I wrote it down while shaking my head.

Injustice Anywhere

We have a clear civil rights violation going on in France! (Assuming France has a constitution and assuming said constitution has some reference to civil rights.) Anyway, some hot French chick wins the title of Miss France this month (I don't know which one she is in the pic with the two girls because I don't read that fancy French stuff). Then some free speech loving magazine publishes a picture of her casually swimming in a pool and relaxing on two sticks of wood.

So what does that liberal sissified French pageant organizers do? They won't let her compete in the Miss World or Miss Universe pageants!

I was mad at France when they wouldn't let our jets fly over its airspace when Reagan showed Libya's Muammar al-Gaddaf the business end of a couple of bombs in 1986. But this crosses the line.

Friday Dance Off With Only One Competitor

I looked everywhere to find a video to go up against these Packer fans partying "like a rock star" but without decent results. So we'll crown them champions on this special Friday which really isn't that special.


Oh, The Memories

I need to do a better job of keeping track of all the Wise County moments throughout the year. A faithful reader reminded me of this guy who went on a rant about the McDonald's inside the Decatur Walmart. Bless you sir, for the gold that you provided.

Goof. Ball.


Edit: And the Houston DA wanted to kiss his secretary "behind" her "right ear."

Yeah, But Can She Play "Dust In The Wind?"

If my parents would have told me that one day I could have become a little Japanese girl who could play "Carry On My Wayward Son" by Kansas, I would have taken piano lessons. Wait. I think I screwed that up.

Two Girls That Want A Do-Over

Mischa Barton arrested for DWI (mugshot) VS. Girl who might not be as sexy as she thinks.

Going Postal

Haven't seen anything in the paper about it, but it looks like we had a high speed chase on Friday night starting close to Bridgeport and ending when the guy crashed into the post office in downtown Paradise. DWI arrest followed.

A Political Year In Pictures

"I Don't Recall My Own Name, Sometimes"

"4,207 Soldiers Dead In Iraq And Counting"

"Family Values Sometimes Means Being A Little Gay"

Edit: The joy of Christmas is flowing through some of the comments today:

These Girls Want To Remind You . . .

- There is no chance of a tiger escaping from that sanctuary in Boyd. But we need some media coverage to confirm it.
- Call 911 and ask, "Is this call really being routed to Bridgeport? Eeewwwww."
- "Freezing fog" can't touch you this morning
- Tonight is the last game of the year for The Evil Empire (and the 1st hasn't even arrived yet)
- Some important lady in Pakistan just got killed. Chaos ensues. Some local convenience stores may have spotty service today.
- That NFL game between New England and the Giants will be broadcast simultaneously on Saturday night on the NFL Network, NBC, and CBS. But these girls will be watching a Rock Of Love marathon. And it will be more entertaining.
- They are all potentially better wives than that lady in the Lexus commercial who hangs up on her husband right before he gives her a new car

Bridgeport PD Becomes NORAD

Channel 5 News just reported that 911 service for Wise County "went down" yesterday afternoon and that all calls are being funneled through Bridgeport.

WCSO released this yesterday:

Wise County 911 service went down about 2:00p.m. today. Immediately the emergency service was transferred to Bridgeport Police Department, so that all 911 calls would be answered. Communications Supervisor Susan Gomez worked throughout the day with Sprint to locate the cause of the problem. As of tonight, 911 service at the County has not been restored. It will possibly be Friday before Sprint can repair a failing part in the computer system.

911 Service is WORKING and will be answered in Bridgeport. Please do not be alarmed if you call 911 and it is answered "BRIDGEPORT 911." Other than Decatur Police Department, Bridgeport will answer all County 911 calls until the service can be repaired.

We do not wish to alarm anyone and will respond to all 911 calls. The only difference is where the calls are being answered.


Fox 4 Screenshots On Bell Family Tragedy


Getting lots of reports that both Fox 4 and KXAS (Channel 5) will have segments tonight on the tragic wreck on New Year's Christmas Eve that involved the Bell family.

He's Having The Best Week Ever

The Cowboys just cut fullback Zack Crockett, who they picked up off waivers last week when Roy Williams was suspended. Williams is back so Crockett is gone.

Crockett arrived at Valley Ranch on Thursday. He participated in Thursday's practice, Friday's walk-through and went on the trip to Carolina but was inactive for the game.

For all that hard work, Crockett pocketed $48,235, which is one-seventeenth of his $820,000 salary.


Found Puppy Dog

How's this for a kind heart? From an email:
I was hoping you could help me. We have a dog that showed up Christmas day and she sure acts like she's somebody's dog since she's great with the kids, and very friendly. We are 1 mile north of 380 on 51. We would like to find her owner since I'm sure her family misses her. Could you please post her picture on the blog with our area? Her markings are fairly unique.

Let The Panic Begin!

One Of Time Magazine's Photos Of The Year

A member of the military accompanies Rachel Guy-Latham at a viewing of the body of her husband, Sergeant Thomas Lee Latham, 23, who was killed by an IED in Baghdad, Iraq in March.

Post Christmas Pick Me Up

In other news, a guy gets killed by an escaped tiger, a little girl gets killed while riding her new bike, a 19 year old gets drunk and dies after falling off of a roof, and a guy drives into the home of Pete Geren in Fort Worth and then commits suicide two blocks away. Triple sheesh. Can we just cancel the rest of the year and move onto 2008.

I Just Learned . . .

. . . that Paris Hilton has a 16 year old brother named, get this, "Barron." I'm suffering from so much post-Christmas depression that it made me smile.


That Good Kid Stuff

Brittany Higgins of Paradise made it as Dale Hanson's Scholar Athlete of the Week on Sunday.

Not Everyone Was Off

As I went home to Bridgeport today, I was surprised to see some folks working on a construction site (I'm not sure what the building is, but it's kind of close to where the new hospital will be.)

Actually Came Across This Last Night

It was horrible looking. (See Update or this ST story.) And the fact that it was on Christmas Eve makes it even worse (if that's possible.)

That left hand turn off of Business 287 to go south on 287 is quickly becoming one of the most dangerous places in the county.


Before I Forget . . .

. . . Merry Christmas. To the lurkers, to the posters, to the haterz, and to those that often look at this silly blog with a question mark forming over their heads. Thanks for reading. Enjoy these days.

At Least I Didn't Hear, "Come With Me, Sir."

I walked in and out of Macy's at Northeast mall a couple of times yesterday after making a clothing purchase. I noticed the security alarm seemed to correspond with my entry/exit but didn't think much about. At least until I pulled out the purchase today and noticed the security doohickey was still attached. (Yeah, I paid for the clothes - don't get the search warrant.)

But I didn't really experience the joy of Christmas Eve a moment ago as I tried to remove thing. Sheesh. I finally had to take a hammer to dang thing. (Above.)


Maybe That Christmas Thing Got To Me

Back Story: Someone posted a comment on youtube regarding the crazy coach video (see below) I posted yesterday. He said something about "you must have never played the game" so, having irritated me a bit, I clicked on his username. From there, I found this video he had posted that had been viewed a whopping 13 times. I was ready to roll my eyes but, I'll be dang, it kind of sucked me in.

Random Tnoughts

- I saw a record four troopers between Decatur and Jeterville yesterday (and a Rhome cop.)
- For the love of all things sweet and clean, can I please walk through Northeast Mall without being accosted by salespeople from the kiosks. I felt like I was in Matamoras surrounded by kids selling Chicklets.
- Man, it looks cold at the Chicago/Green Bay game right now.
- People are driving like idiots. Slow down.
- The Waitress is like a bad high school one act play. (Although I remember why I rented it: the co-star/director/producer was murdered before the movie was released.)
- I saw Walk Hard: The Dewey Cox Story the other night. Funny. But I probably need to watch it again to fully appreciate it.
- And what a pile-up in the Panhandle: "We're not really sure how many cars, probably in excess of 40 cars and in excess of 20 semi-trailers."
- Field Of Dreams was on today, and everyone always thinks it is so touching. But the basic theme is this: "If you have a magical place where baseball players from the past appear, you can make a buck off of it by charging $20 a person." Yep, people will come Ray. People will come.
America at its finest.

Edit: Lest I remind you of this quote from the movie. . . .
"Ray, people will come Ray. They'll come to Iowa for reasons they can't even fathom. They'll turn up your driveway not knowing for sure why they're doing it. They'll arrive at your door as innocent as children, longing for the past. Of course, we won't mind if you look around, you'll say. It's only $20 per person. They'll pass over the money without even thinking about it."