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Philosophy of Truth

It'll be a slow Saturday here since for some stupid reason I'll be hacking around a golf course beginning at 1:00 p.m. (Is it supposed to be hot today?) But, for what it's worth, I think the situation at Everman ISD is crazy. If you don't recall, the media got all over the prinicpal at Everman High School because on the first day of class she got on the PA system and dogged the African American kids for the school receiving an academically "unacceptable" rating due to low math and science scores. One thing that was always missing from the story: Did she have facts to back it up? Yep, she did. Only 32% of the blacks passed the match and science section. So what happens? The school board president resigns (someone explain that to me), the media continues to dog the school, and the superinendent has been crying (per the normally level headed Bud Kennedy who wrote a crazy column called "Don't blame kids for unacceptable rating."


Uh Oh! Wait Until Al Gore Hears About This!

Hey, Now

So Heather Locklear forgets to wear a slip one day this week. I'm so proud that my readers are mature enough not to be overcome with curiosity.

She Doesn't Come With It

The Richardson, TX childhood home of Jessica Simpson is for sale.

Check Out The Big Brain on Brad

As a follow-up to the very popular "drag and drop" a state game, try doing the same thing for the Middle East and the northern part of Africa. Eek.

Dallas' Daily

You'll have to be a pretty hard core Dallas Morning News reader to recognize these names, but here is a list of some of the folks who are taking a "voluntary buyout" by the paper in order to reduce its staff by 80 persons. It looks like the paper is being gutted. Doug Swanson (investigative reporter) Scott Burns (lead business columnist) Robert Dodge (Washington bureau chief) David McLemore (San Antonio bureau chief) Ed Bark and Manny Mendoza (both TV critics/writers) Lennox Samuels (Mexico City bureau chief) Arnold Hamilton (Oklahoma City bureau chief) Terry Blount (motorsports writer) Sue Smith (asst. managing editor/features) Philip Wuntch (film critic) Tom Huang (features editor) Alan Pusey (reporter) (Source)

"Silky Smooth Cocoa Butter Skin"

P. Diddy uses ProActive skin care. (And his youtube.com quick rant proves it.) I'm not sure why this makes me laugh.

This Is . . .

. . . supposed to be the face of Jesus in a shroud (yep, in an ultrasound picture). I'm leaning more towards E.T.

Incredibly Random Thought

I don't think I've ever hit this key.

Very Random "Deer In Headlights" Pic

Fancy Smancy At The Courthouse

Coaches Poll From DMN

Like UT, The Aggies Are Getting A New Screen, Too

So is this the wave of the future? Go to a game and look at the screen the entire time?

Easy, Easy

Headline generator here.


From DallasBlog.Com

$236k is peanuts? On behalf of every attorney I've ever met, that is a load of, uh, poop. (Source)

Poll Results

I'm kind of surprised to learn of the "mature" age of the people that read this silliness on a daily basis. Thanks to all.

Although I Tend To Be A Private Blogger . . .

. . . I feel compelled to reveal that I think I set an all time personal electric bill last month. I'd feel better if someone would admit to one-upping me.

I Would Like To Predict Failure



It's been released for about 10 years, but here's the JonBenet ransom note.

Not A Chance


Coker and Hawkins Are Scrambling Right Now


The Rapture . . .

. . . is on youtube.com.

Political Junkies Only

A couple of weeks ago, I caught some heat for saying that the Republican Administration intentionally threw out the term "al Qaeda" in connection with the alleged plot to blow up a bunch of jets heading from London to the U.S. when there was no evidence to support it. I called it the Culture of Fear - keep us scared so we won't question the President's actions. Well, here's a clip of exactly the same thing. Van Taylor is some Texas spare running for Congress who appeared on the Chris Matthew Show. He starts off by firing off a hot sports opinion that Al Queda is in Iraq and that's what the battle is about. Of course, that's a load of crap since all the bloodshed is due to the beginning of a civil war between the Shiites & Sunnis. Thankly Thankfully, Chris Matthews hands this guy his arse. Edit: Sheesh, you guys are tough.

"Uh.....Do You Like Chinese Food?"

This is Gisele Bundchen who, according to Forbes (the magazine, not the attorney) is the highest-paid supermodel in the industry by raking in $30 million last year.

Slater's Publicity Pic For "Dancing With The Stars"

Springer here. Emmitt here. The very gay Tucker Carlson here.


The second coming of Troy Aikman isn't the second coming of Troy Aikman after all. (And to think I just criticized that blog for never having anything interesting on it.) Personally, I hope Henson hits it big with some other team so the New Jersey Con Man will be exposed.

Reggie Collier's Name Just Popped In My Head

(Click to ..... uh, you know) The mind-numbing DMN Matt Mosley Dallas Cowboy Blog had the above tidbit in it a couple of days ago after the preseason game with the Saints. If I'm the second string QB for the Cowboys who is allegedly battling for a starting job, I would hope that I would have more than 12 text messages. Mostly from college aged women, no doubt.

Odd Note Of The Day

Bernie Williams is a baseball player. He may be really good because I've heard his name before. Bernie Williams has a web site. Bernie's web site got hacked yesterday by . . . get this . . . a hacker claiming to be from Turkey. The above graphic is all you can find on Bernie's web site. Look at his hacked web site here. In light of this development, Liberally Lean has raised its Terror Warning to Red. We've heard rumors that there might be a Cottondale fundamentalist group that is launching an attack.

After Too Many Wordy Posts

I Hate Poddy Humor

(As always, click to enlarge). But the above paragraph from the current edition of U.S. News and World Report is turning heads.

Good News

Your federal government has so little to do that its focusing on small town Hispanic meth users. The "War On Drugs" must be in its last throes. The "Mission Accomplished" banner will be unveiled at any moment. (Graphic from WCM Update)

Your Name In Japanese

That's mine. Get yours here.


In an otherwise boring hearing on whether a state supreme court judge should be admonished for supporting former U.S. Supreme Court nominee Harriet Miers, came the above blurb. So Karl Rove calls the judge to have the judge call James Dobson? It's Bizarro World.


Baylor Fans Only - But It Made Me Laugh

Read this quote (from a Bear follower) on, of all places. a UT Blog: The true test is over the next three years; Can we win 8 or 9 games in a season and play in a bowl game? As the excellent documentary Kill Bill: Vol. 1 shows, coming out of a coma is easy, but regaining your motor skills is going to take persistence and struggle. We have just begun to wiggle our big toe.

Who Amongst Us Doesn't Want To Write A Bloody Message Every Now And Then?



(Source). Let me make a prediction that is completely without a factual basis: This jury cut a deal with each other - let's end these negotiations and find him guilty but let's give him probation. And now the punishment phase begins.

Well, That Certainly Was A Clear Cut Response

Uh, No. . .

. . . you cannot marry him. But it's better than him. (Warning, the latter contains a very bad word that people under 30 should not view without their parent's permission)

Great Way . . .

. . . to fight off the bed bugs.

The Hornbuckle Jury Must Have Passed Out

But in the meantime, the Star Telegram summarizes the length of jury deliberations in some high profile cases. (Click to enlarge)


Ex-School Teacher

He may have nothing to do with JonBenet, but he may be the creepiest guy in the history of ever. And I'm not sure I've ever seen a guy wear his pants quite that high.

It's Possible . . .

. . . that I might look better (in my mind, at least) than Mr. Britney Spears. Then again, maybe not.

I'm Insane . . .

. . . now.


Two nights ago, a guy was thrown (maybe) off of one of the High Five overpasses in Dallas to his death. The DMN has an interesting story about the guy but the blurb above really got my attention.


Reggie Bush BS

Watched some of the Cowboys-New Orleans game tonight. But what followed on ESPN SportsCenter made me roll my eyes: Announcer: "This man is bringing tremendous excitement to the Saints and he'll get a lot of touches this year." Announcer #2: "You hold your breath every time." All of that while this graphic was displayed. Heck, I could get 1.8 yards a carry.

Get Your Own Ticket Generator



I didn't know UT was only 1/19th African American.

Lest We Forget

In case anyone tries to tell you Iraq and 9/11 were related, please refer them to this.

Hulk Hogan vs. Matt Lauer

More Evidence Of The Devil's Influence

9 Angry Women, 3 Angry Men (Jury Composition)

How long can this go on? You're telling me a jury can deliberate for a week and then suddenly say, "Hey, he's guilty. We don't have any reasonable doubt"?

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