I Saw What?

Sometimes I do a double-take when things appear on what I call a television.

From The AIr Show Today - Reader Submitted

I'm Desperately . . .

. . . working on a stay of execution. Although this will be cruel, it will not be unusual.

Edit: It's halftime and I hereby declare a Moral Victory over The Evil Empire. Sure, this will end up disastrous but for the moment the world is spinning off its axis.


Oh, My!

A faithful reader has advised that this girl used to work in a restaurant in Decatur, and has now made it to the big time by being Miss Apirl in a calender produced by the "Lex and Terry Show." Hence, her name, "Jamie aka The Pie Girl." She apparently was on the radio show this morning.

Edit: Yeah, I didn't post some of your comments. I believe in free speech unless if defames hot women. Look it up. It's in the constitution.

MTV Been To Town?

Somebody pimped the ride of the Deputy Chief Fire Marshal in Decatur!

And Another

Looks like we have another motorcycle death in Dallas. The news story said his condition was unknown. WBAP told me it was a fatality.

Death Can't Touch Us

A faithful reader points out that today's edition of the Update does not have a single funeral announcement in it. How are we supposed to begin our day without that little pick-me-up? And anyone remember when the Update used to print who had been admitted to the local hospital?

Random College Football Thought

For those that care, you probably know that #2 South Florida lost last night at Rutgers. They had previously defeated Auburn and West Virginia which makes this preseason prediction from my Sporting News a little eerie:

And for those that don't care:

Jack County's Jagged Edge

Some might remember the murder trial against Hardy Capps that occurred over in Jack County some time back.

The Fort Worth Court of Appeals affirmed the conviction yesterday.

The beginning of the court's opinion reads:

Lane Akin, the Texas Ranger who investigated the murder, testified that when he arrived at the scene, he discovered a pickup truck parked by the side of the road. The truck=s window was down, and the engine was still running. Inside the truck, he found a two-year-old child, unharmed, strapped into a car seat. In a ditch beside the truck, he found the body of Gina Capps. Akin observed both slash and cut wounds to the body. He concluded that there had been a struggle outside the truck and that a knife had been used to cause the wounds during the struggle. The medical examiner testified that the complainant was killed with a knife with a serrated edge.

He's Still An Idiot

But if you are familiar with the E-Bay auction regarding the letter from Harry Reid (and others) to Rush Limbaugh's "boss", you can watch the last couple of hours of it here.

Edit: The best part is that Rush promised to match the winning bid (all of which will go to some charity). He probably "misunderestimated" how high it would go.

Told You He Was Gone

Story. But since Baylor plays The Evil Empire this weekend, it was probably a smart decision. Only a 70 foot Texas Ranger will prevent the worst massacre since the FBI routed David Koresh.

Reader Submitted Pic From Last Night

Got a big bag of nothing so far this morning. I'll come up with something.


Hey, Now

Fashion Roadkill

Some guy does a stunt on a catwalk leaving a big hole. Next out comes a model. Hilarity ensues. Two observations: (1) not the best video taping going on there, and (2) I suspect the model's legs are worth a fortune to her - I'm stunned they weren't shredded by the fall. Edit: Someone has already called it "fake." Man, I don't think so. Plus, TMZ believes it is real, so it has to be.


I just visited with an elementary teacher from the Dallas ISD where she estimated that 90% of the students in her particular school were Hispanic. I asked her about language issues that she faced and was shocked to learn this: There are signs in the common areas of her school that proclaim Monday, Wednesday, and Friday as "Spanish Days" and Tuesday and Thursday and "English Days." That means that all students and teachers (when not in class - i.e. in the hallways or at lunch) should speak that designated language.

And To Think I Rarely Get My Wish

In December, I proclaimed presidential candidate Sam Brownback a right wing nut that I hoped didn't make it past the Iowa caucus. Well, I'll be, he is expected to call it quits this week.

275 What?

A story came out yesterday that the Dallas Cowboys had purchased the domain name of www.cowboys.com for $275,000 at auction. I almost posted the story because I thought that was kind of pricey especially since Jerry already own www.dallascowboys.com.

Comes news today that there apparently was a mistake. The Cowboys thought they were bidding $275 not $275,000. The name is now back on the market.

Yep. White People Are Definitely White People.

I'm not sure I'm familiar with Shelly Slater's fine work over at Channel 8. But if you want to see her dance to Billy Jean at her wedding, click here. I wonder if the groom was thinking "do over?"

Don't Do It, Brit. Don't Do It.


One Interstate. One Ranger.

A Baylor blog has pointed out that the Waco City Council has voted to erect a 70 foot statute of a Texas Ranger that will tower over I-35 at the Brazos River. (That's the location of the Texas Ranger Hall of Fame.)

The cost? Probably $650,000+

And the above graphic, and caption, was from that blog - which may be the only reason I posted this story.


Story here.

The video of her "interview" with the 70 year old is on youtube.com here.

Breaking Stop Sign News

On April 18, 2007, the lamp post was summarily run over.

Today, October 17, 2007, it is replaced.

The Wreck Of The John Fitzgerald

This portion of an email

So next time you meet a guy of my caliber, instead of trying to turn it around, just get to the gym! I will even give you one free training session, so you don't blow it with the next [guy like me who is] 8.9 on Hot or Not, Ivy League grad, Mensa member, can bench/squat/leg press over 1200 lbs., has had lunch with the secretary of defense, has an MBA from the top school in the country, lives in a Buckhead high rise, drives a Beemer convertible, has been in 14 major motion pictures, was in Jezebel's Best dressed, etc. Oh, that is right, there aren't any more of those!
Has caused this man a lot of pain.

Where it got posted. His explanation.

Moved To The Top - Just Noticed It's Kicking Up Outside


This is kinda long, but I thought it was interesting.

 I've written occasionally about "Jeterville." A guy came across my reference to it on the Internet and sent me this email yesterday:

[In] 1977, my parents . . . owned and operated this convenient store and Fina gas station called Jeters. We put up a sign and T-shirts that read "Jeterville, population 6 and 1 cat". Which described our family at the time. A promotional thing my Mom came up with, as I remember. When I came across your writing it took me back to that time in my life. I'm sure you could care less but maybe you'll find some interest in my e-mail. One summer evening, around that same time, I was at the store with Dad . . . when I saw a big tour bus pull up to the store, the gas pumps exactly. I stopped in my tracks at the front window when I saw the most beautiful woman I'd ever experienced. She had long thick flowing blond hair; the kind that when the Texas night wind grabbed it it didn't let go. She wore this long black tattered dress with white skin that was reflected by any light. As she approached the store I began to notice another blond, but her hair was darker, almost red, a tall man with short hair in black leather, and then lastly this tall, lanky man with a beard and long hair; the classic 70's look to me. As they approached the front glass door with me square in the middle of it, in a trance, I didn't move; the blond said " young man, you must have the biggest brown eyes I have ever seen", as she bent down to my level, she kissed me on the forehead. I was shocked. I'd never been kissed before, other than my mother. And as she kissed me she smelled funny to me. Later in life I learned about pot and that was her smell, I'll never forgot that scent. I stepped aside and waited until the lanky man passed through, as Dad pleaded, but lovingly, "Boy, stay out of the way". As if we were visited by royalty. Dad had an expression on his face I had never noticed before . . . . I remember walking out and getting into the tour bus; it was dark with that smell I mentioned before, and Dad and I listening to the women singing to guitar music. I remember the blond giving me another kiss before they left. A short time later Dad said "Boy," (and he never started a sentence to me without starting with boy), "Don't forget tonight, because you spent time with Mick Fleetwood." I really had no clue what he meant until years later. Way later. I, probably in high school, realized I spent time with Fleetwood Mac and was kissed by Stevie Nix, listened and experienced a small piece of their life on the road in the late 70's. I appreciate that experience I had, now, especially now that Mom passed in 1984, Dad passed in 1997 and sister Sammye passed in 1993. Only 3 left in the population of Jeterville, Texas; and no cat . . . Thanks for the memory . . .


Another Reader Submitted Pic

From the foggy Tuesday morning in Wise County. Not bad.

It's Your Money

I've never understood Economic Development Corporations which are nothing more than a governmental entity funded by sales tax that normally goes into the city coffers. Already this year, the Decatur EDC has received over $1 million of your money. Money that could be used to pave roads and improve a water system.

The curious thing about EDCs is that they give your money to private companies to entice them to "relocate", and I've yet to figure out the guidelines for their generosity. (The EDC in Bridgeport has been roundly criticized for its choice of monetary recipients.)

So why this mild rant?

Tomorrow the Messenger will run a story on page 9A that deserves to be above the fold. The first sentence will read, " The Decatur Economic Development board Tuesday approved an agreement whereby Twisted X Boot Company will refund $40,000 of a $150,000 grant given the company to locate in Decatur."

Uh, guess what? They didn't relocate here. The company ended up near Alliance Airport presumably either buying land or securing a lease with cash they got from, uh, can I say the EDC? Although the new agreement requires the company to keep its "executive offices" in Decatur for three years (that doesn't mean much - a desk and a phone would suffice, I suppose), I guess they still get to keep $110,000. And you know what else? The company was supposed to get $200,000 but the EDC hadn't paid the remaining $50,000 before they apparently figured out that something was wrong.

No one will raise a fuss because that's the way we are. But we should.

Ellen Crys Cries On Her Show Today . . .

. . . and this clip made the NBC Nightly News tonight. You know, as much as I wanted to make fun of this, I can't. You heart has to go out to her because she's so sincere.

Another Motorcycle Fatality Today


I've got to start keeping count.


There's been a little bit of news about "Baby Jessica" over the last couple of years as the former infant stuck in a pipe has graduated high school and started a family of her own.

But did you know that when she turns 25 she'll get "$1 million or more" from a trust fund that was created from all the money she received after she was rescued?

This Is Not Part Of The School's Mission Statement

Yeah, yeah, dear emailers, I heard about it.

An assistant football coach at Baylor was arrested for getting drunk and, uh, whizzing in and on a bar in Waco last weekend. This also happened in the early morning hours of what those in Waco refer to as "The Lord's Day."

Can I place a bet: That man is a gonner. We can handle being the worst football team in the nation, but public urination while all liquored up will not be tolerated.

Edit: I forgot to mention that the story was broken by the bartender who also works days as a reporter for the Waco Tribune Herald. Kind of makes me want to give up my journalism dreams.

If Only It Were Jane McGarry

Just heard this lady is leaving Channel 8. I really don't watch Channel 8 much anymore so I'm not sure if this is big news. (But I was interested to learn that she's married to a cop according to her bio.)

Now if Megan Henderson were leaving, that would be news. I mean curl-up-into-a-fetal-position kind of news.

Beaten Down With Ads

Is it just me, or are ads being shoehorned in everywhere? Case in point, when Fox would show a replay last night, they would flash up this graphic for a second or two.

And not to pick on Transformers, but when the Fox NFL pre-game show (which is a beating in general) started up two weekends ago, Kurt Menefee opened up with "Well the Transformers DVD will be released in two weeks but we've got some good games today." (Paraphrasing only slightly.)

And one of the strangest developments is that I'll swear some commercials are being disguised as news on the radio. It was either WBAP or KRLD that did a story a couple of months ago about the anniversary of 7-11's slurpee. But the story ended with "7-11 also has introduced new lasagne dishes in its delis." (Paraphrasing.) That wasn't news. That was a paid commercial.

Random Weather Report For Wise County

Sure was foggy this morning.


Is This True?

So I finally got around to reading Steve Blow's column in yesterday's Dallas Morning News (which I rarely do since it is typically just dribble), but he was on a topic that always has my interest: Who buys those multi-million dollar homes? Although he never answered the question that he asked, this excerpt got my attention:

At the moment, 38 homes in Dallas and the Park Cities are listed for sale at more than $5 million on Realtor.com.

(If we drop down to the shabby $2 million range, there are 1,793 such homes on the tax rolls and 213 for sale.)

So who buys these houses?

David [a relator] said it's hard to answer because wealth arrives in so many ways. One obvious candidate: anyone lucky enough to own oil and gas property.

"This has been a very good time in oil and gas," he said. "A lot of people are looking to trade up at this point."

A whole new influx of wealth has come from the nearby Barnett Shale natural gas discoveries. "There are a lot of people who weren't really well-off at all, but they happened to own 100 acres of the old family farm. Now, they are very well-off," David said.

Is that true? I know nothing about oil and gas, so someone answers me this. If I hold the mineral rights to a piece of property and a natural gas well hits, how much am I going to make under a standard contract?

"Are you a trigger happy kind of person? Is that what what you wanted to do? Shoot to kill?"

There's a story on the news tonight about a guy in Dallas who has killed two people on two separate occasions over the last couple of weeks after they broke into his shop.

Fox 4's Rebecca Aguilar kind of ambushed the 70 year old shooter today with an interview. I hate watching video on news sites as much as you do, this is probably worth it. I'm not sure what she is so hostile about.


Worst News Report Ever

Ok, I just heard the last part of a newscast on WBAP. I heard the words "Bridgeport Tank Trucks" and "smoke can be seen for miles."

That's all I know. Heck, I could be mistaken. It might be a wreck in the metroplex. It might be something else. I might be nothing.

Anyone clear this up?

Edit: It's the Bridgeport Tank Trucks plant in Keene. Channel 8 is all over it. (I didn't even know they had a plant down there).

Who Are These People?

Saw this ad in the Messenger this weekend and, although its hard to read, it promotes the new real estate development by Larry Cole near Boyd. The cheapest home listed was for $449,900. This subject has briefly come up on The Blog before, but who are all those people buying all those homes?

More on the development here with a map of the subdivision here.

As The Cowboys Fall To 5-1

A guy is running for Attorney General in Mississippi. Has a star on his website that looks very much like the star of your Dallas Cowboys.

Jerry calls a blitz on the campaign.

Candidate removes the star. (Although it still shows up if you look hard enough.)

Kendra Wilkinson . . .

. . . congratulates the Decatur Eagles for a fine win on Friday night.



I never have liked the floating overhead camera in NFL and NCAA games, but I never expected it to fall to the ground. I haven't seen the video of this yet, but I'll be looking for it.

Looking At My Watch Is Never A Good Sign

I went and saw Michael Clayton last night at the Movie Tavern in Bedford (which, by the way, is the only way I'll see a movie these days.)

I chose Clayton over other movies because of its 91% (remarkable) rating on Rotten Tomatoes.

Verdict: The biggest bag of nothing I've ever seen. It involves lawyers and corporations and greed. Trust me, watch a random Law and Order episode and you'll be more entertained.