Friday Morning Thoughts

  • This blog has been temporarily taken over by Mrs. LL. He's on Wife Enforced Rest. Give him a couple of weeks and he'll be back. In the meantime, if you have any news tips, please send them to me at kat at wisecounty dot com. I'd love the help. But, seriously, how hard could this be?
  • (I can do this.) Barry basically blogs about Sports, Politics, and Local News with a mix of entertaining headlines to get you coming back the next day. Surely, it's not the barely dressed RTG you are focused on. At any rate - I promised to "not screw this up". (Generic promise.)
  • Some of you guys were pretty mean to Prince yesterday. Ok, I didn't admit this to my coworkers when the news broke, but I wasn't a Prince fan. I've always found him a bit too odd for my taste. Did you know he was only 5'2"? 
  • Sheesh, Bridgeport's park is under water. I was just at this park with the kids in the house.
  • I think I need to install number eight on this list in my shower. It would make me laugh and make Barry cringe.
  • I'm guessing Bacon doesn't like the pic, but anyone else that does can possibly adopt it through this group. Maybe I'll do better Monday with an actual RTG.
  • Mavericks lost yesterday. (Sports topics are going to be a little hard. I'm guessing you don't want softball updates everyday.
  • Politics. Go here.
  • Someone once commented that I'm not much of a blogger. This may be harder than I thought. 


Prince Has Died

Age: 57

Random Thursday Morning Thoughts

  • The Lake Bridgeport level is 4.88 above conservation level and I bet it will crest above 5' today with the runoff. Do they have the flood gates wide open? I bet not or Eagle Mountain Lake would flood.
  • Nevesta Jones of Bridgeport and Berry White of Runaway Bay were interviewed on Fox 4 last night (via tape) about the flooding.
  • You think MADD isn't in it for the money? They get paid $800,000 for a two year contract from "many" states to monitor and report how DWI cases are handled. In Texas, there's an official publication by the State every year which already does it 
  • The Supreme Court heard arguments yesterday whether a person arrested for DWI who refuses to give blood or breath can be charged with a crime for the refusal regardless of whether the person is eventually acquitted of DWI. In Texas, a refusal normally causes a driver's license suspension up front but in several states the refusal is an actual crime. Those were the cases before the Court. The defense argued, correctly, that some states were making it a crime to assert your constitutional right not to have your breath or blood searched. If the cop wants your blood, get a warrant. 
  • The trial next week of the assassination of a Cartel lawyer in the high tone Southlake Town Square sounds like it will be fascinating. 
  • The killing of the fitness instructor in Midlothian by a person dressed as a swat team member is equally fascinating.  That was a designated hit, right? 
  • I missed a Supreme Court case from March where, amazingly, prosecutors are still hiding evidence which cause cases to be reversed. The rule is simple: “[T]he suppression by  the  prosecution  of  evidence  favorable  to  an  accused  upon  request  violates  due  process  where  the  evidence  is material  either  to  guilt  or  to  punishment,  irrespective  of  the  good  faith  or  bad  faith  of  the  prosecution.”  And that has been the law since 1963. (And the rule was later modified that the evidence had to be disclosed even if the defense lawyer didn't request it.)
  • My health has improved dramatically but I've still got a ways to go until I get a full release. But this is the best I have felt in over a year or more. And I'll never again mock someone who is hospitalized due to stress/exhaustion. 
  • The Texas Hammer is now running commercials with his lawyer son who also yells at the camera. I cringe for my profession every time. 
  • Man, Amazon hires a lot of people in North Fort Worth and the explosion of businesses and restaurants in the area of 287 and 35 and North Tarrant Parkway has been nothing short of mind blowing.



Pic From 380 At Runaway Bay

I heard that the water had reached the One Stop convenience store but that's unconfirmed.

Edit: It's getting close.

I Hope That Happened During An Infield Pop Fly

380 Near Runaway Bay Bridge Over Lake Bridgeport CLOSED

The Messenger has a list of all road closings. And we've got more rain coming tonight.

Fan Picks Up Live Ball -- Immediately Considers Suicide

[Video would not embed but can be found here.]

Was that a security guard that got them out of their seats? I'm guessing they weren't getting kicked out but taking them somewhere safe just in case the crowd got rowdy,

Random Wednesday Morning Thoughts

  • In Houston, someone was indicted for creating,with intent to harm, a Twitter account where it was not identified as a parody account but a real account.
  • Trump crushed Cruz in NY last night but it'll be close if he can get enough delegates to seize the nomination. We may be headed for a brokered convention and it will be the most entertaining political event in history. 
  • You think Ted Cruz regrets his derogatory "New York values comment now?
  • Hillary destroyed Sanders. That race is over. 
  • Johnny Football's new agent quit on him. And yesterday Nike severed ties with him. What a moron.
  • Lake Bridgeport is 4.07 feet above conservation level this morning. Who would have believed that 2 years ago?
  • Gotta go. My physical therapist just showed up unannounced.
  • Edit: OK, I'm back. The therapy is about my left leg that I felt like I was "losing" -- so much so that I had developed a limp. But, I'll be, therapy has improved it. And I came up with a  genius idea: Put a two pound ankle weight around the "bad leg" only. That made me work it harder even when simply walking.
  • People Magazine has named Jennifer Aniston "The Most Beautiful Woman In The World." Did you know she is 47?


It's All Fun And Games Until A Rent-A-Cop Turns Into Rocky

You know, the security guard is getting some heat for this. I'm not sure that's fair. Ever seen a bunch of drunk girls at a bachlorette party? They are meaner and more aggressive than the Crips or the Bloods (except they wear makeup and have more tattoos.) The fact that he was able to take two of them down while trying to throw out "little Miss Innocent" is the equivalent of Frazier knocking Ali to the floor in that famous fight.

Random Tuesday Morning Thoughts

  • Had my first full throttle rehab session yesterday and I'd like to say I slayed it by walking up stairs and lifting a 4 pound weight in exercise routines. But in all seriousness, my left leg which seemed to be going "dead" on me felts a heck of a lot better.
  • I even had a lady come in and give me a memory test. Trust me, I'm getting examined like I'm about to enter the NFL draft.
  • I mentioned that the most recent Texas Monthly article is dedicated to guns. One was written by a woman who was part of the mass shooting in Killeen in 1991. She normally carried a gun in her purse but had taken it out and kept it in her car because she feared arrest. Both of her parents were killed as they sat across the table from her. She went on to become a Texas legislator.
  • I don't understand anyone being excited about the Mavs making the  playoffs. (Yeah, that was a heck of a game but the Rockets could not have played any worse and still almost won - They'll probably win the next three). The best thing that could have  happened would have been to miss the playoffs and at least take a flyer in the lottery. And next year they won't be as good as they were this year which could best be described as mediocre.
  • It's New York election day and Trump will come within inches of guaranteeing his nomination. Incredible.
  • Lake Bridgeport is 2.79 feet over conservation level with a huge storm about to it the watershed this evening.
  • Texas fought the U.S. in the Supreme Court yesterday on immigration. Question: Why did we have to pay for AG Ken Paxton to go to D.C. and stay in a hotel when he didn't argue the case and simply watched?


Firing It Up

I Have A Baseball Post!

Ian Kinsler was genius on this.

One out. There is a guy on first who is as fast as Usain Bolt.  Since there is only one runner on base, the "in field fly rule"does not apply. Kinsler is actually smart enough to know this.  If Kinsler catches the ball, the fast guy stays on first and the batter is out. Instead, Kinsler intentionally lets the ball hit the ground and throws it to second for a force. Now the fastest guy on the other team is out instead of remaining on first.

Sneaky, but brilliant.

(Stuff like this was why I almost won Manager of the Year of a bunch of sixth graders who were lucky enough to remember to take their gloves into the field after they just went 0-fer in their at bat.)

It's Tax Day

Random Monday Morning Thoughts

  • Barry Held Hostage: Day 6. Ted Koppel has to be thinking about firing up Nightline again.
  • Other than one brief night in the hospital 15 years ago, I've never been through anything like before. 
  • It's insane. You get out of be and an alarm goes off.A sweet attendant will show up and will stay with you until you walk back to bed.
  • If you simply want to walk down the hall, one of them must come with you.(And they walk with you like your a toddler yet I'm fine!) Strangest think I've ever seen. (Then again when they give me dope at 4:00 and then I have to walk a ways two hours later I might look like a toddler).
  • If get to my feet and either Mrs. ll or the staff asks me for the billion time, "What are you doing?, Local law enforcement will have the joy of locking me up because I will go on a rampage.
  • I know why health care costs so much: I meet with doctors, aides, physical therapists, multiple nurses, a guy who draws my blood, a guy who monitors my blood pressure, a case manager, a CNA, etc. I even had a lady come in to watch me eat to see if I was "swallowing correctly." And that doesn't begin to calculate the cost of the analysis of the blood and other interpretations of the tests. 
  • Then throw in a MRI, CAT. EKG, and EEG and the price is through the roof. And that doesn't even factor in the hospital room and the extreme cost of a band-aid. Good lord.
  • Don't get me wrong, the health care I have received has been excellent, it is the cost that is out of control.
  • Yesterday, two different nurses asked me if Mrs. LL was my daughter.
  • I wish I had Anthony Bourdain's career.
  • Lake Bridgeport level is 2.5 feet over conservation level this morning and rising.And, by the way, the lake is CLOSED.
  • LAKE WORTH - Fort Worth police found a body in Lake Worth on Saturday morning."


My Rehab This Morning

This is what it was like:

After that we all bonded together to get a tatoo.
View post on imgur.com  (It's more like one minute than 10 minutes)

Random Sunday Morning Thoughts

Shout out to the bbq guy who comped my meal because I helped him out yards ago .
I've been moved to a different facility.  I feel like I've been transported from Huntsville to Middleton.
Who is that Pi lawyer with the hug
He billboard on 380?   I've never heard of him.
I've never had so many computer problems.
Bernie Sanders might just beat Hillary
More to. Come. My therapist is here.