A Golf Tournament for Charity . . .

. . . is the only reason in the world I'd be up at 6:05 a.m. on a Saturday.


I'm So Turned On

I'm Getting Me Some Pants Like That

There appears to be an odd trend of actresses wearing an outfits that are very sheer from behind. I found me some Ms. New Booty here and here.

Too Intense?

The Drudge Report has a story about theater owners getting a warning that the trailer for Oliver Stone's upcoming movie on 9/11 may be "too intense". I haven't watched the 2 1/2 minute clip yet, but I found it on youtube. Edit: I just watched it. Not sure what the controversy is about, but it looks pretty good.


In Case You Were Wondering What Your President Was Doing Today

Of All My Faithful Readers...

. . . one of them emailed me to inform me that this will be his future wife (pic taken from the Byron Nelson collection below). Sorry, buddy. She'll be Mrs. Green #5 and then you can have her.


This is a British test which basically estimates how many years in prison you would be subject to if every law of every country applied to you. Warning: Some of the questions are sooooo dirty. Triple Warning: I think I'm a good guy but I'd be subject to 94 years in prison.

Motherhood 101: Don't Drop The Baby

I Shall Call My First Born "Railucep"

ABC World News Tonight told me this evening that the fastest growing name is "Nevaeh" - that's "Heaven" spelled backwards. It's in the top 100 now, but it's popularity is growing faster than any name since records have been kept.

Maverick Chaos

Maverick Jason Terry was suspended for Game Six against the Spurs for punching Michael Finley in the dingus. Think he didn't? Fox 4 News has the proof. (youtube video) And I felt like I was struck in the dingus this afternoon when I heard Cuban called into ESPN Radio during the "Jason Terry Show" and say, and I'm not making this up, "Hey JET [Terry's nickname], this is MC [I suppose that stands for Mark Cuban]. I just want you to know that I've got your back [uh, meaning I won't cut you even though this event may ruin any hopes for an NBA title]." Kill me.

Winning American Idol Finally Paid Off

Ruben Studdard is a playa.


You'll see this on the news tonight, but remember the news story last month of the old man who shot and killed his wife of 60 years? Both of them were in horrible health and his plan was to kill her and then himself. The pictures of him leaving the jail after posting bond were incredibly sad. Well, he has died. Rest in peace, sir. Rest in peace.


The cops have released this photo of the "person of interest" (a made up phrase, by the way, found no where in the law) in connection with the alleged tainted muffin caper at Lake Highlands High School. I'm still not sure if marijuna was confirmed to have been found in the muffins. That might be Samuel L. Jackson from Pulp Fiction.

What the . . . ?

15 minute Yoga DVD I got a salad at McDonald's today. When I opened the sack, I found a 15 minute yoga workout DVD.

Good Baseball Stuff

For baseball fans only: If you want to see a college batter fake getting hit by a pitch and then taunt the umpire after he strikes out, you have to see this. Good stuff.


I'm So Sad I Missed It This Year

I wonder if there is a site with tons of pics of the famed Byron Nelson Pavilion?

Hot Sports Opinion

The Mavericks are up 3 games to 1 against San Antonio. If they lose at San Antonio tonight, I bet they lose the series.

Freak Show

I think Jim Cramer of MSNBC's "Mad Money" is incredibly irresponsible. I used to watch him make appearances on Fox's morning program of "Fox and Friends" (I watched because I thought E.D. was hot) and he was constantly making "Buy! Buy! Buy!" recommendations. However, this was BEFORE the dot com bust. There were a lot of folks that lost money because of him. And I was one of those idiots.

Kind Of Interesting

The top 50 most visited web sites of 2005 and 2006.

The Most Obvious Observation In The History of Ever

Stay with me here: CNN had a story today about how last week's new 100 meter dash world record had been adjusted. Justin Gatlin thought he broke the 100-meter world record last Friday with a time of 9.766. Under the official rules, the time had to be rounded to the nearest one hundreth second making the time officially 9.77. Since 9.77 was the old record, Gatlin tied the world record but didn't break it. So we all now know that TWO MEN hold the world record for the fastest time ever in the 100 meter dash. Let's cut to the video tape.


In Bush's speech the other night, I noted (thanks to a radio talk show) that the president altered the oft-heard phrase of "jobs that Americans aren't willing to do." He said: "This program would match willing foreign workers with willing American employers for jobs Americans are not doing." (Source)

Courthouse News

Looks like a civil suit wrapped up today at the courthouse where the jury rejected the plaintiffs' wrongful death claims. It appears that a newborn of Mellisa Ann Casillas and Dewey Peters died shortly after birth of "DiGeorge's Syndrome". They sued claiming that metroplex doctors Anissa August, Michael Willcuts, and Chanda Simpson were negligent in failing to diagnosis the ailment. The jury, voting 10-2, didn't agree. A courthouse filing on 1/10/05 stated that the Plaintiffs had offered to settle with Dr. Willcuts for $1.3 million. He rejected the demand. The suit was filed in Wise County because the child had been born at the Wise Regional Hospital before being transferred to Cook's. Edit: A loyal reader calls my attention to the fact that Dr. Anissa August is local.

How'd You Get Here, MeeMaa?

Would you know if your grandparents were illegal aliens? Somebody close to the President doesn't.

Crazy College Kids

Lots of pics of college athletes being hazed. (Hey, I heard about it on ESPN).

Yankeeeeeees Win

I actually watched most of the Rangers blowing a 9 run lead last night to the Yankees - a game that culminated in a walk off home run by Jorge Posada (a name which makes me think of the Mexican restaurant.) Pretty interesting graphic is this win probability chart that was updated throughout the game.

Kids Are So Funny

Ramonce Taylor, the UT running back busted for marryjuuuuwanna possession last week, has a myspace page.


So Wrong . . .

. . . for a photographer to get on his knees just to catch a glimpse of Katie Holmes' post-pregnancy belly. It is so wrong that you wouldn't look, would you?



My Eyes Are Playing Tricks On Me

If you have ever read Jacquielynn Floyd's column in the Dallas Morning News, you'll get a kick out of this.

Now Why Doesn't the Fort Worth Zoo Have That?

Photo A bear eats a monkey at an Amsterdam zoo and, at 1:02 p.m. today, it is at the top of Yahoo's Most Viewed Stories. Isn't there some plague or pestilence going on somewhere that should be more important?

"I'm calling from my MObyle phone"

It looks like former Dallas minister Walker Railey is alive and kicking in a California chamber of commerce (based upon this photo taken from an April 28, 2006 newsletter). And I think that's Roy Eaton on the far right.

Random Odd Ad

Enter Your Date Of Birth

for interesting people and events references. (And more stuff at the bottom of that page).

Britney And Her Baby


Immigration Thought

I don't care if you are a right-winger or a tree-hugging-liberal, President Bush's plan to put a few thousand National Guard troops (temporarily) on the border is nothing more than spitting in the wind. This is a perfect example of why he may very well go down in history as the worst president ever. If you believe illegal immigration is going to lead to the Spanish-Speaking-Downfall-Of-Society United States, then quit wasting billions of dollars in bureaucracy and/or the war in Iraq and build a wall on the border and enforce it with troops. At least on immigration, he has a big bag of nothing.

CNN Emergency Brake Of The Week

Sorry to be so video intensive, but you'll get a chuckle out of CNN inadvertently cutting to President Bush tonight 45 seconds before the network was suppossed to. We got to see the President briefly rehearsing his speech. You can get there from here. Edit: Sheesh, it's already on youtube.com here.

Saving Private High School Mom

Fox 4 News had a clip tonight on some Alvarado 5th grade teacher showing his class "Saving Private Ryan" at school. Of course, you had to have the very dramatic Jeff Crilley (reporter) talk about all the damage done to the young kids. But I couldn't take my eyes off of one of the mothers that was outraged. I'm forcing all of my dates to grow their hair like that and use the same eyeliner technique. Fifteen second YouTube.com video here.

Very, Very Funny

Here is the set up. A BBC in-studio reporter is sitting down to do a quick interview with Guy Kewney, editor of Newswireless.net, regarding some verdict that had been handed down aboutApple Computer and downloadable music. But here is the funny part: The guy who gets interviewed is actually an innocent cab driver and not the aforementioned Guy Kewney. The producer simply had the wrong guy in the wrong chair to be interviewed, The interview is pretty odd in that the cabbie tries to answer the questions in broken English and he has no idea how to answer. He just tries to fake it. But the first few seconds of the video are priceless. Look at the cab driver's face when he is introduced as Guy Kewney. Huge giggle. (You can stop the video at any time and take it back to the beginning by clicking on the little circle with a square black box in it near the lower left hand corner.) Video here. (And here is the real Guy Kewney's take on what happened).

How Not To Get Your Arse Kicked By The Police

A four minute bit by Chris Rock. (youtube.com video is here). It has been around for years, but it's still hilarious. I think my favorite part is the girlfriend yelling, "He got weed! He got weed!" (Language warning).

If I Were A Mexican, I'd Vote To Ban Bull Fighting

Photo Source

Aggie News

Former Aggie QB Reggie McNeal has been moved to wide receiver with the Cincinnati Bengals.

Christina Aguilera . . .

. . . is in GQ this month. The pics are a tad racy.

That's Faster Than Colin Jones

While one UT football running back was getting arrested, another one was doing something sensational (in a good way). Freshman Jamaal Charles won the outdoor 100 meter Big 12 Championship with a time of 10.23. (Although he can be a little difficult to understand as can be demonstrated here: an interview during a high school All Star game from the spring of 2005).


Who Were "Joey Dee & The Starliters?"

If you were born after 1952, you can find out what was #1 on the music charts on the day you were born. Link.


Call It a Blog - It's Just Brain Dead Space

I noticed columnist Steve Blow of the Dallas Morning News announced today that he and his bore-me-to-death feature columnists will start a blog Monday morning at www.DallasNews.com/boldtypes . He began his column with "Just call me Steve Blog - cyberdude." Kill me now. And to think he gets paid to write stuff like that. The Belo suits monitor everything they say (see The News' sports blog which is painfully boring), and they won't allow any comments.

It's A Mother's Day Special At PostSecret.Com


I Don't Get It

Some 2,000+ people showed up last week at the Nokia Theater to hear Rush Limbaugh speak. You can read some of his pearls of wisdom here. I think ushers were replaced with sheep herders.

(I don't know if the picture is real, but I'll assume the answer is yes.)

I Think Something In The 10 Commandments Won't Let Me Do This

Movie studios have balked at technology that would allow you to download a movie and then burn it to a DVD. I wonder what industry would embrace such a concept - starting Monday. I think I'll create a "Butterfield Stage Days Gone Wild" movie.

Fast But Not Fast Enough

Just noticed that Colin Jones of Bridgeport finished 7th in the 100 meters at the State Track Meet with a 10.95 second time. And I can't neglect Paradise's Loren Hodge who won two gold medals and set a state record in the 1,600 meters. As a junior in high school, a UIL official told me that I couldn't run the 100 meter dash at Burleson until I removed my fake gold necklace. I then proceeded to finish fifth in the third heat. Should have kept the necklace on.

Hook 'Em / Smoke 'Em

Do not celebrate scoring 15 touchdowns in a national championship season by getting caught with a train load of weed.

I Had Heard 8 Of Them

Rock's 10 Biggest Myths.


The real Al Gore opened up Saturday Night Live last night pretending as if he had won the election in 2000 (instead of the Supreme Court giving the election to Bush). You can watch it here or read the transcript here. Good stuff.