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I was getting some complaints about the pop up ads that had been appearing ever since I started using the polls. Well, I shelled out some cash to upgrade the poll service so that the pop up ads would be eliminated. It may take a couple of days for all the bugs to be worked out.

I Thought That Looked Familiar

The cover of the latest Newsweek had a picture of Billy Graham with the title "Billy Graham In Twilight." The theme seemed oddly familiar. I was right. It looks like Time magazine was trying to send him to the exit in November of 1993 with the cover of "A Christian In Winter."

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I Don't Know

Virgin Mary On Your Back?


I watched M. Night Shyamalan's "The Village" the other night. Bruther, since "The Sixth Sense", it's been all downhill.

"Yes, I Love Technology. But Not As Much As You, You See"

I just got a new wireless keyboard and wireless mouse. How in the heck can it work so well?

Who Was It? Eisenhower?

Dumbest thing I read in the sports page today: San Diego Chargers coach Marty Schottenheimer apologized Thursday for saying new starting quarterback Phillip Rivers will be tested "when the bullets start flying." A retired Marine colonel had criticized Schottenheimer's remarks in a letter to the San Diego Union-Tribune.

This Has To Drive Parcells Crazy

Terrell Owens yuked it up (he hasn't practiced for days due to a strained hamstring.)

Slow Morning Here

I'm off to Jacksboro. I thought about Cancun, but I settled on Jacksboro.


From Lollapalooza 2006 In Chicago Last Weekend

I think there's a girl getting crushed in there.

Now That's A Good Idea

Ford Motor Company is phasing out gas caps.

Unveiled This Week On The 2nd Anniversary Of His Death

And the picture of it supposedly doesn't do it justice - the thing is huge - weighing over 4,000 pounds.

Sounds Bad

The Star Telegram has a story on how the drought is killing, figuratively speaking, Wise County ranchers.

Poll Closed - Oh, My!

Someone Sent This To Me Today . . .

. . . and I suppose they thought I would think it was funny.

I'm Not Quite Sure

I'm Feeling A Lot Better About Myself

This pic of Val Kilmer has been circulating this week.

Hunter Wants a Do Over

This deer works for PETA (Google video.)

My 7th Wife

The Culture of Fear

In case you missed it, a bunch of folks in England were arrested in the last 24 hours for allegedly planning to blow up a bunch of planes bound for the United States. Officials were careful not to disclose too much information so as to not jeopardize any "ongoing investigation." But that didn't stop the Administration from these two statements this morning. (1) The plan is "suggestive of an al Qaeda plot" - U.S. Homeland Security Secretary Michael Chertoff says (2) "We are still assessing the links to al Qaeda; however, a plot of this sophistication is suggestive of al Queda tactics." - Attorney General Alberto Gonzales Translated: We have no evidence of al Quada's involvement, but let's throw that name out there to scare you even more. Michael Moore calls it the "Culture of Fear": The more the government keeps us afraid the less likely we are to question their actions.


Speaking Of Crime

With the passage of time, things don't look good for solving the case of the murdered Sarah Ann Walker, the realtor from McKinney.

Holy Cow!!!

Over the past couple of weeks, I've posted the videos of two violent crimes. One was about the guy who suckered punched the customer in a McDonald's line, and another (posted this morning) showed a guy hitting a clerk over the head with a heavy liquor bottle. Small world. Fox4News said tonight that an arrest had been made in both cases and, amazingly, it's the same guy allegedly doing both acts of violence: Tony Wayne Swinnie. (I'm working on a pic.)

From The DMN SportsSay Blog

At least he got to see a World Championship before he died.

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Senior Pics: I Think I Was Just Thrown Against The Wall And My Mom Took Out The Polaroid Camera

"Hey, now"

You See This Every Summer . . .

. . . but this time its a reserve officer in Texas.

Speaking Of Alcohol

The Ticket's funnyman Gordon Keith normally is a comic genius. Then, sometimes, he is just a genius. For those that have ever had an alcoholic in the family, you should print this out and give it to them. There are a couple of lines in there that need to be read again and again.

Rabies Alert

Two Stories On This Morning's Today Show

Nothing starts your day like a liquor bottle over a clerk's head (it's brutal) and a thrown chair (not brutal). But please wait until the end to see Ann Curry make the very insightful comment of "people need to calm down relax."


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Fair and Balanced

Brief summary: Ned Lamont and Joe Lieberman are involved in a primary election today for Lieberman's senate seat in Connecticut. Lieberman is for the war in Iraq. Lamont is against it. The smart people of Connecticut will throw Lieberman out of office for supporting the war and elect Lamont. This scares the heck out of the Republicans because some believe that a Lamont win will signal that many other pro-war incumbents will be thrown out of office in the mid-term elections this fall. Today Fox News threw up this graphic. (Click to enlarge.). Not very fair. Not very balanced.

"Hey, sweetie, ya wanna be my co-counsel?"

Story. My favorite paragraph: [The lawyer] also identified a woman who accompanied him to court as his ex-girlfriend, and called her Christine. Questioned by the judge, the woman identified herself as Josephine and said she just met [the lawyer] about 20 minutes earlier at a nearby bar and grill.

I'd Be Confused, Too

I accidentally heard Rush Limbaugh try and get his listeners to fork over $35.00 a year to receive his newsletter. And, guess what, he'll throw in a "Rush Baby On Board" car sticker for your order. Say what?

I'll Choose [typo fixed] A Beach Somewhere

The overly uptight Jacquielynn Floyd of the Dallas Morning News has a column today about how the "Beer Bongers" (I don't think Floyd is over 65, she just writes that way) have taken over the the float-down-the-river culture of New Braunfels. I haven't been down that river in 20 years, and I doubt if I'll ever do it again. But I wonder if it has become a bad scene down there.

Media News

The rumor on the web is that the Dallas Morning News, which has admitted that layoffs or "buyouts" are in the works, is going to let 120 people go on Thursday and 30 of those will be from the sports department. Of course, this comes from the same paper that thinks it is a good idea to include a CD-ROM in its Sunday paper full of “movie previews, music samples, video games, comics, celebrity interviews and advertisements.”

Speaking Of Lake Bridgeport - Dropping About A Foot A Week

Oh, No


I'll Ask Alan Greenspan . . .

Taxes down?: From today's Update: Decatur school district property owners could feel significant relief from taxes next year after the school board voted 5-0 last night for a proposed tax rate of $1.5503 per $100 valuation. That’s a drop of nearly 19 cents over the current rate and it is projected that would save the owner of a $165,000 home more than $600. But taxes up?: From the July 25th Update: BOOM CONTINUES – Wise County’s tax values are up almost 22 percent according to final figures released Monday by Wise County Appraisal District Chief Appraiser Mickey Hand. Total county values stood at 5.4 billion, up almost $1 billion from 2005. Aside from the county, Decatur ISD has the highest tax values at $1.6 billion, up 26.5 percent from last year. I'm a little math challenged, but I would think the increase in appraisals would wipe out any tax rate drop.


Sometimes I Worry A Great Deal About Fate

From the story published tonight in the DMN: Two Texas A&M University-Commerce sorority sisters were killed and one was injured over the weekend when their SUV was hit by a trailer that came loose from a truck and crossed the Interstate 30 median just east of Royse City.

Denise Richards Lobbying For "Mother Of The Year"

Godzilla and King Kong Were Married Today

I Almost Forgot Happy 31st . . .

. . . to the hottest lady on the planet. And if you've never seen her catfight with Teri Hatcher in 2 Days In The Valley, go rent it. And for the greatest make up job in the history of ever, you need to see her in Monster. And for the mother lode of pics of her, see here.

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Name The Last Time You Saw The Phrase . . .

"U.S. Congresswoman holds up a possum"?

From the MySpace page of Dallas' new "Ghost Bar"

Something doesn't look quite right. (Source)

I've Missed Britney

Remember When Gas Was Just $2.50 A Gallon?

Me At Lake Bridgeport This Weekend

I Hate To Say It, But This Looks Pretty Funny

Maybe Baseball Isn't So Bad

Jennifer Lopez.