I never watch hockey. I find it beyond boring. But I woke up early on Saturday (as I always do) and tracked USA vs. Russia* down on some NBC Sports channel (why it wasn't on network NBC is beyond comprehension.)  I had never heard of a single player on either team although I suspect many were household names to NHL fans.

A shootout? I didn't even know the rules. But that was riveting.

And that's a cool picture, no?
*It would have been cooler if I could have typed "USSR".

Above The Fold


Some Guy Trying To Make The Rest Of Us Guys Look Bad Taking You Into The Weekend

Dale on Ellen (Even Before It Airs Here)

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The Art Of The Handwritten Note

This was stolen from Facebook.

It was posted by a lady that I know -- it is a note written to her son by, I assume, a Decatur High School administrator.

I'm sure she posted it because she is proud of her son. She should be. I would be thrilled. However, I was struck by the time given by, and kindness of, the author of the note. (I don't know the person. Promise.) But what a better world it would be if we just took out a pen every once in a while and jotted down heartfelt thoughts of encouragement and praise.

Texas College Flow Chart

There's something to offend everyone.

Random Friday Morning Thoughts

  • There was a news conference yesterday by the severely injured Joshua teen, along with her parents, whose parachute didn't open. Key sentence: "Now, her parents say they are turning their attention toward regulations governing skydiving." Hey, dumb parents! You let your daughter skydive in Oklahoma because Texas requires someone to be eighteen years of age before they jump out of a plane. (And she was uninsured.) 
  • Channel 8's Dale Hansen, whose gay tolerance Unplugged segment has gone viral, will be on Ellen today. (I promise I saw a photo last night of Hansen on stage with Ellen, but I heard this morning the interview was via satellite. I'm so confused.)
  • This Hansen-going-viral is a social science phenomena right out of Malcolm Gladwell's Tipping Point. Hansen has been doing those bits for years - and they are great - but for some reason this one takes off.
  • Has there ever been a bigger and quicker cultural shift in America than its attitude towards gays?
  • Ten years ago today we had over three inches of snow on the ground. I'm trying to remember it without success. 
  • Sting and Paul Simon performed at American Airlines Center last Sunday, and Sting did a couple of songs with Simon as he, in essence, assumed the role of Art Garfunkel. That would have been great to see. (But it is crazy to think that Sting is in his 60s and Simon is in his 70s)
  • You kind of get the impression that everyone competing in the Winter Olympics grew up as a rich kid. (At least those raised in a free market.)
  • I'm very confused by the story of Olympian Katie Uhlaender (the artificially red-headed skeleton racer). NBC ran a story two nights ago of how she had taken over her family's farm in Kansas -- with the obligatory footage of her driving a tractor on the farm. But last night, KXAS 5 had a story profiling her "hometown" of McGregor, Texas and how the town was so excited about her success. To confuse matters, all official sites list her hometown as Breckenridge, Colorado.
  • As I was falling to sleep last night, I swear I saw an Olympic sport of team ice skating racing around a very short track with about a krillion skaters on the ice at the same time -- many of whom ended up busting their arses into the sideboards. Fun. 
  • Tomorrow's hockey game between Russia and the U.S. is pretty historic. It's the first rematch on their soil since the 1980 historic Miracle on Ice. 
  • I always write about the NPR radio show This American Life, and today Google's home page pretty much has a new episode of it featured in candy hearts. I clicked on the first one and heard the familiar voice of Ira Glass. 
  • SI's cover for this year's swimsuit issue has been released. Always a "Hey, Now."
  • Gordon Keith's column today in the Morning News is about Valentine's Day and Those Who Have Divorced. There are so many gems in there. Read it.
  • I've watched a lot of Teen Jeopardy this week because I can actually answer some of the questions. 
  • There's a strange case of a woman found dead yesterday who had gone missing last month after going for a walk in a San Antonio suburb. She had just finished spending two years traveling around the world with her husband and blogging about it, and some family members have speculated that she was having trouble facing "regular life". That's the story lead story below. (I noticed the side story was about a judge who will resign after allegations surfaced he reduced bail in exchange for car repair services. Good grief.)


That Was Some Serious Traffic In Raleigh, NC Yesterday

I saw this on some newscast, but I can't recall which station.  Looks like the Apocalypse.

Gun News

Everyone seems pretty excited about a case that just came down -- and it concerns an issue that you would think have been decided: What do the words "right to bear" arms in the Second Amendment mean?   Specifically, can government pass a law that prohibits you from carrying a gun for self defense or does the "right to bear" arms trump that? If not, what restrictions, if  any, can the government place upon that right.

In the newest case, San Diego County enacted rules that allowed for concealed carry but the one rule contested was the one requiring a showing of "good cause". Basically, wishing to generally protect yourself was not enough. You had to provide some proof that set you apart from the mainstream (i.e. a police report where you had been threatened, a protective order, or a letter from a prosecutor discussing how you were in danger.)  So under the rules of the county, you could be a completely law abiding citizen who is willing to go through all required training to obtain a concealed carry license, but if you had no need for self protection that wasn't any different that everyone else, you could get a concealed handgun license.

Can the county do that? No, according to today's opinion.  But courts all over the nation are divided on the issue.

It's amazing this hasn't been decided by now.

Curling: The Next Concussion Crisis

Courage, young man. Courage.

Au-stral-ia! Au-stral-ia! Au-stral-ia!

Silver medalist in the halfpipe: Torah Bright.

Random Video Of A Pack Of Wolves

I have no idea.

Random Thursday Morning Thoughts

  • The Senate followed the House and raised the debt ceiling yesterday. Ted Cruz attempted the equivalent of a filibuster but, with the help of Sen. John Cornyn, he was slapped down. (They ain't got time for that.) Then the Senate passed the measure with every Democrat voting for it and every Republican voting against it. It's all about practical realities over grandstanding. 
  • Hey, Mrs. LL! Read this!: "He’s corny, homophobic, manipulative, creepy, rude, boring, and not as attractive as ABC tries to convince me he is. [The Bachelor's] Juan Pablo is a special kind of mean disguised as a nice guy."
  • The Northwest teenager who was killed in the wreck on icy roads this week attended Wise County's Aurora Baptist Church.
  • And it is sadly refreshing the girl's parents haven't been on the news giving interviews. I was beginning to wonder if real grief was slowly disappearing.
  • The Fifth Grader In The House asked if Dallas would ever host the Summer Olympics. You know, I thought it was crazy when Dallas submitted a bid many years ago, but not so much now. We currently have a facilities gold mine consisting of Cowboys Stadium, SMU's football stadium and a renovated basketball arena, TCU's renovated stadium and soon-to-be renovated basketball facility, The Ballpark in Arlington, Baylor's new stadium, and UNT's new stadium. Heck, there wouldn't be much to build. But the summer heat and those multiple "paddling sports" (invented name) would be the biggest problems.
  • There's an Outlaw Monster Truck based in Decatur?
  • I heard a political ad this morning that said, "And I'm a former U.S. Attorney. So I know a little something about defending the constitution." Huh? I've never met a prosecutor who was a big advocate of the Fourth Amendment. 
  • The NCAA is proposing a new football rule that prevents offenses from snapping the ball with more than 30 seconds on the play clock. They claim it's for safety. It's really to slow down the up tempo offenses that the old guard is scared of. (Those offenses of Oregon, Baylor, Tech, and maybe TCU next year.) Case in point: The proposed rule doesn't apply during the last two minutes. So they don't care about safety in the last two minutes?
  • In Mark Davis' most recent Morning News column, he tries to explain why he is against the legalization of marijuana. One of his points: "Most people consuming alcohol are not looking to get drunk; everyone smoking pot is looking to get high." The vitriolic comments he receives make me feel loved by comparison.
  • That composite video of the women's downhill, showing what it would look like if two competitors raced at the same time may be one of the coolest things I've ever seen. (And that was a heck of a crash yesterday involving Marie Arvier-Marchand in the women's downhill -- but I can't find thed video of it.) 
  • Hey, it's now the United States vs. Russia in hockey very early on Saturday morning. 
  • I received a spam email intended for family law lawyers. The user name is "Divorce Marketing Group?" Sounds like a name for someone selling divorce.:
  • We knew when UT's Mack Brown resigned that he would assume some new vague position at the school with a salary of $500,000 annually. But yesterday we learned he will also receive a severance of $2.75  million. Wait. Don't you get a severance only when you are fired? 
  • Dale Hansen's Unplugged this weekend (he signed the screen!) about the Missouri college player coming out as gay before the NFL Draft has gone viral. (But I'd like to point out that he delivered it as WFAA was scrolling the school delay/closing ticker at the bottom of the screen. Wise County towns are now famous.)
  • Bad cops: (1) Fort Worth cop fired in traffic ticket scandal, (2) Dallas cop suspended over road rage incident, and (3) Ex-Arlington cop gets a year in jail for tipping off an illegal steroid dealer. 
  • Heck of snow storm in the South and Northeast. The Duke/North Carolina game, which those people are crazy about, was cancelled last night. 



Two Texas Lawyers Running Against Each Other For Congress Out Of Dallas Are Less Than Truthful

First comes this handsome family man who definitely lied to the Dallas Morning News (despite the author's defense) about having never being arrested.  (He may also have lied about being involved in a "criminal proceeding" thereafter depending on the nuances of Virginia law -- at least per the comments.)

"And to think I just wanted to take a selfie"

And then comes this Ted Cruz looking guy who says he has been issued a "probationary law license" because he disclosed to the Board of Legal Examiners before he took the bar that he had decided to "abstain from the use of alcohol." Huh?

His first name is "Chart". Really

I don't know if this is a lesson of "always be truthful" or "who would want to run for public office and put up with this crap."  And the icing on the cake may be that the Dallas Morning News endorsed the guy at the top without disclosing that he's done legal work for the paper.

Johnny Weir's Outfit Of The Day

Random Wednesday Morning Thoughts

  • The Republican controlled House of Representatives voted yesterday to raise the debt ceiling -- no strings attached. 
  • I don't mind a 15 year old edging out Shaun White for the silver medal in the halfpipe - a "sport" that looks like it belongs in the X-Games instead of the Olympics.
  • One thing about Decatur football coach Kyle Story's new Frisco Independence job: It should be relatively stress free. Taking over as head coach for a school that has absolutely no history or tradition doesn't exactly load you down with expectations. (And the fan base of your typical 5A or 6A school doesn't take football near as seriously as your typical rural small Texas town.) 
  • Frisco High's coach makes $104,000. Frisco Centennial's coach makes $103,000.
  • Callback: Someone challenged me on thinking it was surprising that Dallas Carter, of Friday Night Lights fame, has now dropped down to 4A. Baloney. Consider: 3A was recently renamed as 4A.  So, under the old naming system, Carter has gone from 5A, where they won a state championship in Texas' then largest division, to 3A. 
  • AG Eric Holder is urging the lifting of the ban on felon's being unable to vote saying the current law is "a vestige of the racist policies of the South after the Civil War." WBAP brought the issue up this morning with Hal Jay and Brian Estridge. They first said it had nothing to do with race. Then Hal Jay suggested that the ban maybe should not apply to things like "white collar crime." Then Estridge suggested the repeal of the ban would help the Democratic Party. This prompted Hal Jay to ask if most felons vote Democrat and Estridge replied, and I'm not making this up, "Yeah, just look at them." 
  • A "wire fox terrier called Sky" won Best in Show last night.  Want to know what Sports Illustrated's Peter King tweeted this morning about it? "Q: 'Sky, what was the Best In Show competition like out there?' Sky: 'Ruff.'" And you wonder why I think that guy offers nothing.
  • The Kids in the House have an afternoon snack which is typically big enough to be a meal. I don't think that's typical.
  • I wonder if there is a story behind the Northwest High School girl involved in the fatality wreck being named "Shyann" instead of "Cheyenne". 
  • Mrs. LL got a new vacuum cleaner. You would have thought she acquired a diamond watch based upon her excitement. 
  • Based upon a brief experiment, you can watch VH1's Top Twenty Countdown and pretty much be caught up on the playlist of KISS radio for the next four months.


Above The Fold

Breaking? This True?

He's a reporter for the Times Record News in Wichita Falls.

Edit: Yep, true.

Snowflake Alert

At 2:45 p.m., we are receiving one heck of a snowstorm. Not sure it's sticking, but those are some big time snowflakes coming down.

And Another

2014 is coming out throwing haymakers.


Edit: A repeat? Some Liberally Lean reporter is getting canned.

The 16 Year Old Northwest High School Student Who Was Killed Last Night In Car Accident

Her friends have taken to Twitter with #SmileLikeShyann

Awkward. Pauses.

But give him credit. When given the opportunity to bail out, he bails out.

Ex-Skater Johnny Weir Is Just Killing It As An Olympics Commentator

Random Tuesday Morning Thoughts

  • Closed: Decatur ISD, Chico ISD, Alvord ISD, Boyd ISD, Slidell ISD, Bridgeport ISD, Paradise ISD. #IceForceLevelOne
  • The tough call for schools this morning is the possible second wave of ice after 10:00 p.m. And with at least four deaths in the metroplex in the last 12 hours (including a Northwest High School student), I'm glad it's not my call. 
  • Shirley Temple has died. 
  • For you Bill O'Reilly fans, how long have they been doing that  "The Watters Factor" bit with Jessie Waters?  Although he is basically stealing from The Daily Show, I'll agree it's well executed. Not clever. But well done. 
  • The high tone Keller lady, who was first charged with murdering her husband, but later pled guilty to only Tampering with Evidence and Deadly Conduct, really screwed up her case by talking. Since she had not yet been sentenced, once she proclaimed openly that she wasn't guilty, the judge had no choice then to reject her plea of guilty. Now the murder case is back on the table. But the prosecution has already expressed doubts about the strength of that case -- that's why they initially agreed to a lesser plea. What a mess. 
  • There never has been arrest in that "hit", likely orchestrated by a drug cartel, in the Southlake Town Center.
  • Junior Miller on The Ticket raved about The Americans this morning. Better than House of Cards?
  • The Lego Movie has a 95% approval rating on Rotten Tomatoes and grossed $69 million on its opening weekend. (It more than doubled The Monuments Men which doesn't look nearly as good as it should.)
  • Look at this couple who ranked second in a list of "Texas Most Generous Families in 2013". He looks like a teenager. 
  • BagOfNothing made a reference to Neil deGrasse Tyson this morning. That made me feel a little dumb in that I've never heard of him.
  • I watched the Olympics on and off last night, but I did perk up when a guy won the gold medal in a speed skating event and then was booted down to the silver medal less than thirty seconds later due to a "timing error". Truly, the guy spent half a minute in sheer joy believing he had won the gold medal. 



What Exactly Are These Things?

The Joys Of Running In The Snow

Wait for it.

(I completely missed this yesterday.)

Bobsledder Trivia

The bobsledder who destroyed a bathroom door is (1) From McKinney, (2) used to play football for the University of North Texas, and (3) was almost killed by Baylor's punter.

NBC Guy Is Not Impressed With This Luge Gal's Pre Race Routine

And Another - Washington State


Random Monday Morning Thoughts

  • I'm not sure how it can be misting in Decatur this morning with the temperature at 29 degrees. 
  • Does everyone else think it's ridiculous when someone seeking a state elected office has an ad which says "I'll stand up to Obama."
  • I'll never not like Aerial America.
  • With the end of football, I watched too much TV this weekend. But I'm glad I did. I'm three episodes into House of Cards which, based upon politics and the media -- with an edge, is beyond fantastic, Despicable Me made me laugh out loud at times. And the documentary Mitt, about the two Romney presidential campaigns, is a must see for any political junkie. Finally, I've got the CBS Beatles special from last night on my DVR.
  • More thoughts about Mitt: (1) From what I've heard, he pretty much let a friend film non-stop. That's what makes it great. It seems so real. (2) We should all have a family like that. (3) He never seemed to get angry whenever he faced harsh criticism. (4) There was a scene of him listening to the This American Life podcast. That was pretty surprising. (5) During any presidential campaign season, CSPAN or CSPAN2 will just follow a candidate or a candidate's wife during a campaign stop. No narrator. Just film. I recall watching it six years ago as Mrs. Romney went into some Podunk coffee shop to meet with about 50 people in New Hampshire. What a beating. I thought about that a lot as she teared up several times at the end of the movie. (6) It was fascinating watching the Romneys' say good-bye to their Secret Service bodyguards. "Thanks for protecting her," Mitt said after his wife hugged one guy.
  • "The Wise County Republican Party will host a candidate debate 6-8 tonight at the Decatur Civic Center." A debate? With all the candidates? This has potential for comedy gold. Someone record it!
  • I warn you Tarrant County, you do not want Sharen Wilson as D.A.  Dallas County has Henry Wade in its history. You don't need her. (That being said, one of her opponents has the most horribly written web pages in the history of ever.)
  • A Dallas district judge, already accused of domestic assault, is (maybe) in the news again. The Dallas Morning News reported that a sexual assault allegedly occurred at his condo but carefully danced around saying he was involved.. (Oddly, there's a lawyer "representing" both the domestic assault and sexual assault victim even though they technically don't need representation. The State is in charge of the prosecution.)
  • The lawyer fees in the American Airlines bankruptcy are ridiculous. I've worked in a "big firm". I've seen how it is robbery.
  • There was a link on the Drudge Report this weekend to the Jacksboro gas/heating problem (the local CBS affiliate got the jump in web traffic). Someone commented as to whether a Wise County town had ever made Drudge before. Good question.
  • Shout to a guy in the Wise County IT department who pretty much hacked, with the prosecution's permission, a DVD for me with surveillance tape video on it. Smart guy.
  • The Messenger had a story of a former Bridgeport football player, Blake Mahon, who broke a vertebrae during his freshman year. He signed with Baylor last week. I had no idea.
  • Someone explain to me this Twitter picture from the Bridgeport men's team basketball victory on Friday with the caption "Flint, Michigan Mega Bowl Champions"
  • The Olympic opening ceremony was fantastic. That floor which served as a video screen was fascinatingly bizarre.
  • The finish line of the women's biathlon (the odd combo of skiing and shooting) looks like all the contestants have been taken out by a sniper. 
  • A college football player who should be drafted comes out as being gay. Yawn. 
  • Great lines from an article on the death of Phillip Seymour Hoffman: "Heroin addiction, like a lot of addiction, is secret. Addiction is like a secret club where you don't even know the other members until something bad happens to them."
  • Complete Time Waste: The Family Pup vs. The Family Turtle.


A Segment Last Night On "60 Minutes" About Philip Seymour Hoffman

Beginning question by Steve Cross "[One of your past director says about you] He works himself into a state of crisis and distress worrying that people are going to know he is a fraud and that his career is over"

Hoffman first laughs then drinks from a water bottle. He then jokes by saying, "He talks too much" and his face suddenly evolves into this incredible expression of internal pain.

I know people like that.

How Twitter May Have (Wrongly) Changed A Texas Tech Fan's Life Overnight


Edit: Oops. Accidentally deleted a comment I did not intend to.