It's Friday. Let's Get Out Of Here.

 "Here, kitty kitt . . . "
 I don't know. Car just got a little loose on me. 

 Makeup = Magic.
 See what happens when Sgt. Hulka is in the hospital?
"Shimmy shimmy cocoa what?"

A Metaphor For All Of Our Daily Lives

We actually do this with The Family Pup and the coffee table. For some reason, the game was nicknamed "Gimmee".

Shark Week Post

And around the thirty second mark we have a "Now you ask?" moment.

Random Friday Morning Thoughts

  • In the Land of the Free, let's check in on what Denton considers illegal and will lock someone up for: 

  • For the first time in fifty years, no member of the Board of Regents at Baylor will be in the homecoming parade. The reason? They don't want to face the angry masses for their ridiculous mishandling of a crisis.
  • Trump sure was playing the victim of a "vast right wing/left wing/media conspiracy" yesterday. 
  • For the first time ever, I paid for lawn care this summer. The verdict: Why didn't I do this sooner? 
  • I didn't know that WFAA's Cynthia Izaguirre told John McCaa on the air that she was sad about the Rangers' loss "but golly, they are healthy and they've got great jobs and maybe there is next year." Hey, Izzy -- may I call you Izzy? - Don't try to cross talk about sports.  (I can't find a link.) 
  • "Police in Carrollton, Texas, were surprised with a choreographed dance routine when they responded to a noise complaint." Video. I thought that story was about a group calling the cops out for the surprise but, if the story is to be believed, it was a legitimate noise complaint and not guys trying to become famous via youtube. Maybe. 
  • After Ken Bone's popularity declined because of the Uber ad, it really took a hit when it was discovered what he had posted on Redditt. (He had a couple of hot criminal justice and porn opinions.)  I bet he'll turn into a Ken Bone broke bad meme today.
  • "The Chico Community Volunteer Fire Department is holding Dr. Demented’s Haunted House of Mayhem . . . ." I bet they sat around the table and argued about that name for a while. And, of course, not to be confused with Dr. Demento or this 2001 thriller:
  • Hey, I've never heard of that book but someone explain the two categories of paperback prices for it on Amazon. 
  • The Dallas Police and Fire Pension is going belly up with the $2.39 billion fund to become insolvent by 2028. The again, if any pension fund will get saved by the taxpayers, it will be that one. (Doesn't the Fund own the high rise that reflects sun onto the sculpture museum?)
  • Speaking of my healthy skepticism, the three Gainesville Clown Home Invaders were arrested. All were under 15 and the incident allegedly has something to do with the victim's son. (WBAP said this morning that the "lead" in the case came when one of the boys was identified by the victim by his clothes.  Cue the Serial theme.) And it looks like only one of them was wearing a clown mask. I'll continue my award winning investigation into these "facts". 
  • Speaking of WBAP, sports director Steve Lamb quizzed the crew on naming the seven Dallas Cowboys to appear on the cover of Sports Illustrated. Someone pipped up with "Emmitt Smith". Lamb said, "No."  After a brief awkward silence someone asked, "You sure this isn't a list of just quarterbacks?" Lamb said, "Nope. All time Cowboys." Oops. They eventually convinced him. 
  • That kid who threw the old governor's portrait out of the Texas capitol building is a TCU student. We will continue to seek justice for Gov. Fletcher Stockdale.


That Escalated Quickly

I'm guessing "EPO" means "Emergency Protective Order".

Man, when the judge kept doubling down on the sentence it was just like that scene from The Breakfast Club where Bender keeps getting a longer and longer detention.

Is Nothing Pure? Is Nothing Sacred?

The guy from the debate the other night embraced his new found fame and was having fun with it. Now he has sold out to The Man with this ad coming from his Twitter account.

Oklahoma CSI

And the strangest line from that story: "According to cops, multiple witnesses claimed to have seen a video of Saunders’s murder but no one has provided a copy of it." That's it. No more details. 

Random Thursday Morning Thoughts

  • We have a home invasion by clowns story coming out of Gainesville where the victim was reportedly shot in the face with a BB gun. I cannot begin to tell you how many red flags are in this story. Something doesn't add up. 
  • Trump has women coming out of the woodwork making accusations. That oddly doesn't seem like it should be news. I just kind of assumed they existed. 
  • The Johnson County Sheriff's Office lost a bunch of guns and ended up paying "a deputy killer's wife" $20,000. I bet the police evidence room in general is a lot more of a wheels off place than we realize.
  • "The former Texas DPS trooper who arrested Sandra Bland wants a second grand jury to reconsider his indictment." Uh, it doesn't work that way. 
  • Trump is the Republican nominee and Bob Dylan an hour or so ago won the Nobel Prize in Literature. These times they are a changin'. 
  • "I've done an informal poll of most of most of the offices in the courthouse and almost every woman is still going to vote for Trump" - A buddy of mine yesterday.
  • Strangest metaphor I heard on the radio from a caller regarding this election: "If my daughter is at the prom and she needs a ride home and there are two choices, one a guy who is known to be a speeding and reckless driver and had a car that's beaten up or, two, a guy who is known to be sexually aggressive and has alcohol on his breath, I know which one I want her to choose." I've never been more confused in my life and the talk show host, Mark Davis, was equally confused. I still don't know which one he would have chosen. 
  • Stolen from Junior Miller of The Ticket - the top five theme songs from TV: (5) MASH, (4) Magnum P.I., (3) The Rockford Files - which does sound like Styx plays it, (2) The Sopranos, (1) Sanford and Son.  That list is a total disaster. I'd start by putting the theme from Law and Order in there. 
  • We've got another missing woman story in the metroplex where some man she knew is a suspect.  
  • I wonder how we've never heard of any of the the hundreds of kids whose faces are on the posters in the front of Walmart. 
  • I hate hockey. I don't watch hockey. I'm a hockey idiot. But even I understand the crazy news from last night that Auston Matthews, the nineteen year old #1 pick for the Toronto Maple Leafs, scored four goals in his first game.
  • Speaking of magazine covers: 
  • You don't see this very often: A Dallas judge resigned "after other justices said his work had suffered and he had anger issues while battling alcoholism and depression." (He was on the verge of being removed.) It's even odder when you learn he was an appellate judge and not a trial judge.


There's A Very Good Argument This Is The Way It Should Be Done

The great Malcolm Gladwell had a podcast this summer discussing that, from a physically logistical standpoint, the underhand free throw gives a person much less chance of error, and he brought in the great Rick Barry to explain.

The fact that the underhand free throw isn't used today can basically be traced to one thing: People are fearful of being made fun of.

Some Details

FORT WORTH - The former Rhome police chief and candidate for Wise County sheriff is accused of threatening to climb the Rhome water tower and shoot the ex-Rhome mayor.

Brandon Davis, 41, of Justin, also is accused in a Wise County indictment of telling the ex-mayor, Louis Godfrey, that he was going to “kick” or “beat” “his ass.”

Full story.

One very interesting aspect is that "Officials with the Texas Attorney General’s Office investigated the case and presented it to the Wise County grand jury" and not the local DA's office.  The AG's office has an ominous sounding name but (1) those guys aren't day to day prosecutors and can get in over their heads way too quickly and easily, and (2) the chances of them understanding Wise County and/or Rhome are next to nothing.

Random Wednesday Morning Thoughts

  • One day there won't be magazine covers:
  • Trump said yesterday  at the fundraiser in Dallas (per this radio gal) that our state congressperson Kay Granger sent her regrets for being unable to attend. I don't know what's going on. The Texas Tribune says her call for Trump to quit was unequivocal.: 
  • To the Trump supporters who keep referring to his comments as "private", give me a break. He was mic'd up, on a TV show's bus, and in front of strangers and Billy Bush.
  • I keep seeing the Parker County district attorney’s office expressing outrage at the Board of Pardon and Paroles for paroling a man "who served six of the 20 years he accepted for causing the death of his infant son." Hey, the DA's office knew exactly that he would have been eligible for parole by now. In fact, before now.
  • Once many years ago the Messenger and I got on the same page for me to write a blog for them. They even went so far as to create and run this ad to mimic the cover of a novel. 
  • The arrest of the former chief of police of Rhome was off of a "sealed indictment".  That is, instead of a warrant being issued, an arrest made, the case reviewed by the DA, and then presented to a grand jury, the case was simply presented to the grand jury and, once indicted, a warrant was then issued. It's "sealed" to prevent the warrant from being known by the person to be arrested. Once the arrest is made, it becomes "unsealed."  
  • How is Robert Jeffress still the pastor of the First Baptist Church of Dallas?
  • How can this be possible?:
  • These are showing up on top of utility polls in Houston. What are they?:
  • That's three questions in a row. I need answers. 
  • The White House just released a report named "Preparing for the Future of Artificial Intelligence" which means I won't read it yet am now reminded of how bad the Spielberg movie A.I. was.
  • It might be in the Republican's Party long term interest for Trump to get crushed. If he wins (not gonna happen), can you imagine future elections when others try to duplicate his style because it worked? 

Read more here: http://www.star-telegram.com/news/local/community/weatherford-star-telegram/wt-news/article106367602.html#storylink=cpy


Let's Check In On A Texas Representative

It's over. Just stop. Republicans: Save yourself from Trump. 

Edit: And then he panics . . .

Man Survives Running Across Highway And Getting Tased While Doing It

Former Rhome Police Chief Arrested On Wise County Warrants?

Parker County records search.

That looks like a local district court cause number on the warrant.  And the name matches. Other than that, I'm trying to confirm it.

Referee vs. Aggie Cannon. Who Ya Got?

Trump Unchained!

Get ready.

Edit: He's really mad.

Edit: Hey, I made a Silence of the Lambs reference this morning and then I see this:

Random Tuesday Morning Thoughts

  • It's October 2016 and we still haven't seen a single resolution in any of the Waco Biker Twin Peaks cases. But there is one less defendant: One of them was killed while allegedly running from police on a stolen Harley in Gatesville.
  • Gatesville trivia: It has four prison facilities and one state jail facility -- all of them house women only.
  • Anyone watched the new Vice nightly news show? I forgot that it debuted this week. 
  • College Sports: (1) Aggie tried to choke that game away against Tennessee but it was fantastic to watch. (2) No one saw Tech almost have an insane last second comeback if their QB could have got that last throw off. (3) TCU better wake up. That was Kansas. A Kansas team that turned the ball over four times.  (4) That will go down as one of the least remembered OU/Texas games ever, and I hate that being the case. (5) Charlie Strong managed to accidentally get under the skin of two upcoming opponents when he said yesterday regarding the hurry up offense/spread: "When people saw what Baylor and TCU was doing with lesser athletes, everybody jumped on board." (6) I missed Kirk Herbstreit going off on UT ("who would want that job?" and it is a "cesspool") on ESPN's College Game Day. That's weird coming from ESPN. 
  • I get depressed when I think about how ALL CAPS guy's vote in the upcoming election counts the same as mine. Then I cheer up when I realize I can at least do my part to cancel out his attempt to participate.
  • I'm on record saying that virtual reality technology will change our lives in dramatic ways and it is coming soon. They talked about it on The Ticket this morning and brought up health consequences: Can you imagine kids coming home from school and putting on a headset with a visor and sitting there for three hours as they travel the globe and  time?
  • Blue Bell announced more recalls this morning. You know, I think they'll bounce back from this again. We've now reached the point that we believe anything on the grocery store shelf won't kill us from a contaminant. And who doesn't believe that?
  • Radio talk show host Mark Davis, who apparently would support Jame Gume so long as Hillary was on the other side, has for months been yelling at Republicans: "All hands on deck!" to support Trump. He now has changed it to, "If you aren't on board, get out so we can know who you are."  (This Republican stuff is like a kid seeing mommy and daddy fighting.)
    Jame Gume
  • Speaking of, he's at it again this morning: 
  • Paula Jones' incredibly odd appearance with Trump before the debate on Sunday made me recall James Carville's statement about her from a few years back: "Drag a hundred dollars through a trailer park and there's no telling what you'll find."  I don't know about that, but her voice could destroy a trailer park. 
    Not Jame Gume
  • And you guys yell at me for typos: 
  • A guy yelled bad words during Pete Delkus' forecast and that made Pete angry. They said it was just some drunk guy outside but Delkus' years of bad forecasting might have created the seed of what will soon be an angry mob outside the wall of windows of WFAA. 


Fort Worth Guy Hates or Loves Old Governor?

The object of his daring caper in the middle of the night?: Gov. Fletcher Stockdale. I was just talking about him over breakfast.

Professor Arrested For Yelling At Arkansas Coach

Once you get past the "he's a professor?" story line, you might want to be a little scared that they will arrest you in  Arkansas for saying something which, although offensive, is constitutionally protected.

Above The Fold

Full readable page.

Random Monday Morning Thoughts

"You buy me zee furniture?"

  • I have seen two things in presidential politics I never dreamed I'd see: (1) The Supreme Court decided, on a 5-4 vote no less, who would win, and (2) a political campaign explode in one single hour of one single day. And make no mistake about it, it's over. 
  • I said over one year ago, time and time again, that we were watching the implosion of the Republican Party on the national level because of Trump. I couldn't believe what I was seeing. "Implosion" no longer accurately describes it. 
  • It was amazing to see Republicans distance from Trump over the weekend including Wise County's own house rep Kay Granger who says Trump should quit
  • As for the tape, I didn't know a playa's "go to" move was to take a gal furniture shopping. (The most overlooked comedic aspect of his remarks.) 
  • Billy Bush's little "How about a little hug for the Donald" after he had just heard what Trump said makes him worse than Trump. NBC has suspended him from the Today Show, and he may never work on that network again. 
  • That belated and begrudging endorsement by Ted Cruz could not have come at a more inopportune time.  And, lord, doesn't he want this photo op back:
  • Down ticket elections will be interesting. For some reason I'm interested in a Houston district court judgeship held by Ryan Patrick who is the son of Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick.   It's basically a Democratic county to start with and now he has to deal with his dad, who can act crazy any way, being Trump's campaign chair in Texas.
  • And I wonder if the "aww shucks", Twitter loving Texas Supreme Court Justice Don Willett will someday have an opponent say, "And even Donald Trump had this man on his short list for the U.S. Supreme Court! Donald Trump!"
  • Defenses that don't work: (1) It's "locker room talk". It's not.  At least I haven't heard guys bragging about sexual assault.  And that's what kills him. He was referring to past acts. (2) "But what about Bill???!!!" (3) He was just a young man of 59.
  • Trump has now offended every single demographic of our great country with the exception of the older, uneducated white man.
  • This guy became an Internet celebrity after the debate last night: 
  • As did this combo:
  • I wonder if Trump's fundraising stop for tomorrow in Dallas is still on? And how comfortable do those attendees feel writing out that check now. 
  • Changing gears now.
  • The Tarrant County DA's office lost what had been at one time its DWI guru when prosecutor Richard Alpert announced he was resigning. He had been with the office for around 25 years and was making $178,458
  • The bang-to-hype ratio of Hurricane Matthew was way out of whack.
  • If you want to see a crazy millionaire, watch Showtime's documentary Gringo: The Dangerous Life of John McAfee. 
  • I predicted the Rangers wouldn't make the playoffs. I was three games off. Not bad once you put pen to paper. 
  • The Voice of The Longhorns, Craig Way, missed Saturday's game against OU because he spent it with his wife who died of cancer that evening.  I remember way back when he was on local DFW radio but I can't remember what station. KRLD?