Oh, My! Live From Fort Worth!

And those two dogged Rubio throughout this press conference!

This Man Is Full Throttle

Moment Of Silence, Please

Still one of the greatest pictures ever.

Random Friday Morning Thoughts

  • There is a pot convention this weekend in Fort Worth?
  • I'm always caught off guard when I see one of those huge windmill blades being pulled down the highway by an 18 wheeler. I did an extra double take last weekend when I saw at least 20 of them on a train along 287.
  • Speaking of 287, it seems like every guard rail has been smashed into during the last two weeks. 
  • I went to the fishing section of a sporting goods store yesterday and my head almost exploded. There are a lot of options between lures, lines, poles, reels and side equipment. I almost called Jimmy Houston.
  • The Republican debate last night was insane. And insanely entertaining. It made WWE look tame. And I think Trump schooled both Cruz and Rubio (while the other two guys just seemed to sit in the corner).
  • WBAP's Hal Jay, Brian Estridge and a CBS political "expert" thought Texas was a "winner takes all delegates state" this morning. Incredible. How do I know that's not correct when "professionals" don't? 
  • Gov. Greg Abbott tweeted that he would "live tweet" the Republican debate last night.  I got my popcorn ready. Then he sent out two boring tweets over the next two hours. 
  • I watched a very clear Wise County DWI video yesterday which was taken via body cam. The driver was a crying girl and at times I felt like I was watching The Blair Witch Project because she was so scared and her face filled up the screen.
  • There are no local political ads more pandering, and more right out of the 1980s, than those of Charlie Geren. 
  • I stand behind my Erin Andrews comment from yesterday, but some of you guys seemed to be a little uptight. It's just a nude body. A hot nude body, by the way. And she wasn't doing anything wrong during the secret filming. It wasn't right what the guy did, he was a stalker and a pervert, but why the horror? If someone wants to secretly film me naked, I'd be honored instead of offended. (Although the filmer would probably end up offended.)
  • The Dallas police are referring the Johnny Football alleged misdemeanor assault case to the grand jury? There are so many things wrong with these news reports. First, cops don't refer cases to the grand jury -- it has to go through the DA. Secondly, grand juries have the right to review misdemeanors but 99.9% of the time they review felonies only. (There is some passing of the buck going on here.). Thirdly, if the victim truly has a ruptured ear drum, it's a felony case because of the definition of "serious bodily injury" (especially after the way it was interpreted last week by the Texas Court of Criminal Appeals.)
  • Remember my tweet about the water supply yesterday? Well, now Jackson, Mississippi has issued a warning about their water. 
  • The Republican debate started with the National Anthem last night. I've asked this many times: When did the hand over your heart thing begin whenever it is played? That was not the case when I was a kid. You did it during the Pledge of Allegiance but not during the National Anthem.
  • I still wouldn't let Ben Carson operate on my brain. He might be a genius surgeon but he comes across as someone who has no clue of how to get to a local 7-11.
  • Being a presidential candidate would be a beating. The travel alone would kill me.


Greatest City Council Meeting In History Of Ever

I have no idea what this is about other than a guy accuses a mayor of having an affair with his wife. It's hard to understand because of the thick accent. Jamaican? The mayor denies it (in the deepest voice ever) by saying, "I don't know this man!" But there's another council member which keeps calling him out like nobody's business.

Every Messenger reporter who gets beaten down with council meeting prays for things like this.

I'm probably over-selling this but I love the "Oh, no you didn't!!" moments from the audience.

(It's long but pretty dang entertaining.)

I, Robot. I, Now Insane.

This Might Be Over: Trump!

Story. And Florida is Rubio's home state!

This delegate gain is more complicated than it seems. Florida is a "winner take all state" which is huge for Trump. That's critical. In Texas, where Trump and Cruz are neck and neck, the rules are different. (Texas splits up the delegates based upon the percentage of the vote -- with some weird rules thrown in.)

Guy Casually Injects Heroin On A Bus

Random Thursday Morning Thoughts

  • This struck me as odd: A Dallas Uptown organization is paying Dallas police for extra patrol. Huh? I understand an off duty cop being hired by a single bar for security but an organization is paying for just general patrol on the street? Isn't that the job of the police in general?
  • There are Crime Stopper meetings in Wise County where you can learn the balance of the Crime Stoppers account? (That's based on a comment yesterday.) And a question: Is Crime Stoppers a private or public organization? And who is in charge of that account in Wise County?
  • Weird story: A Rangers pitcher sued Victoria's Secret for not getting what he paid for in his VIP package at a convention.  He had paid nearly $70,000. 
  • How in the world is reporter Erin Andrews going to claim damages in her lawsuit against a hotel for lack of security after a guy filmed her nude through the peep hole? It's the greatest thing that ever happened to her career and made her even more famous. Then again, as a defense lawyer for the hotel in that case, that's a dicey argument to make. 
  • "When Justice Antonin Scalia died 11 days ago at a West Texas ranch, he was among high-ranking members of an exclusive fraternity for hunters called the International Order of St. Hubertus, an Austrian society that dates back to the 1600s . . . . Members of the worldwide, male-only society wear dark green robes emblazoned with a large cross . . . . " Conspiracy!!!!!
  • I would like to announce that I wish to form the International Order of Liberally Leaners where we all fish for crappie while we wear bright robes with the image of Speedo Man on the back. And women, you will not be excluded.  #PossibleCampaignSlogan? #ButTooHardToPutOnBumperSticker #DangIt
  • Is everyone on here an English teacher? Good lord. I get kicked in the crotch before 9:00 a.m. every morning. I'll say it for the millionth time: I bang this thing out at rapid speed every morning writing about anything that caught my attention or anything that happened in my life. I then hit "Publish" and get to work for my actual real job. I'm not submitting these things for a Pulitzer Prize.
  • I had a blog post below about a Texas Court of Criminal Appeals judge who (with judges who joined) started his opinion with a quote from The Wire. That crazy Justice Willett is causing all of them to start doing bits.
  • Wanna feel old?: Ferris Bueller's Day Off came out 30 years ago this week. And when Ferris sang Shake It Up Baby, the song was "only" 23 years old at time.
  • WFAA is reporting that Trump is now tied with Cruz for the Texas vote. This is insane. 
  • A guy once told me that once the kid in your house gets a driver's license you will initially be scared to death. Then you will realize that you life has become so much easier because she will become the taxi for the younger one. True that. 
  • I dropped the 7th Grader In The House off at school for indoor softball practice yesterday at 5:50 a.m. (The taxi doesn't work that early apparently.) If allergies don't kill me, that routine might.
  • I've had Matchbox 20's These Hard Times stuck in my head for the last three days, and I can't think of a reason why. 
  • There is nothing funnier than seeing the First Dog In The House go up to the 22 Pound Fat Cat and look at her inquisitively only to see the Fat Cat, with no fear, haul off and slap her upside the head.
  • Snake Eyes is an underrated movie. My favorite scene is when Nicolas Cage mockingly and sarcastically holds up his hands and (I'm paraphrasing) says, "Shut the whole place down! It's a crime scene!" I do that from time to time when Mrs. LL gets on to me. One of these days it might turn into a crime scene when she kills me for doing that bit.


The Texas "Crime Stoppers" Mascot Will Haunt Your Dreams

By the way, I've asked this before: What is the balance of the Wise County Crime Stoppers account since everyone on probation has to pay $50 into it, and I've never heard of a dime being paid out.


Rick Perry Vindicated By Texas' Highest Criminal Court


But not all of the judges are pleased:

Edit: And a concurring opinion starts off with a quote from The Wire:

Edit: A faithful reader reminds me of a clip of Omar being on the witness stand (that I have posted before). Greatness. "I got the shotgun. You got the briefcase."

"Omar's coming!" (Cue Farmer in the Dell.)

Above The Fold

Random Wednesday Morning Thoughts

  • Trump wins Nevada! (And yesterday he said, "I love the poorly educated.") Greatest. Political. Race. Ever. Oh, and Ted Cruz finished third.
  • And Trump will be at the Fort Worth Convention Center at noon on Friday. I kind of want to go. 
  • Random musical thought: The first time I was ever at the convention center was when I was a Junior in high school and me and my buddies went there to see Boston in concert without tickets. We bought them from a scalper for $7.00 each. That was below face value. 
  • "JoJo" from Dallas is still a finalist in The Bachelor. (I live in a house full of females. I know stuff like this.) But when I hear the name I think of the Beatles song, Get Back, and/or the young female singer.
  • BagOfNothing is on drugs!!!
  • "But I will say this: Any police agency is a paramilitary organization." - Sheriff candidate Brandon Davis at a Wise County forum yesterday. You kidding me? Good lord! 
  • "Texas Gov. Greg Abbott endorses Ted Cruz for president." That just might sink him. 
  • I have a friend who worries about water poisoning. She thinks that is the way terrorists or rival nations attack us instead of bombing. I laughed at her. Well, we had the water shut down around Bonds Ranch Road a couple of weeks back and now we have this: "Dallas ISD plans to have the water tested at Lakewood Elementary as parents continue to have concerns about whether their children are safe at the school. The district had a third-party vendor check Lakewood’s air quality on Monday after parents complained of sick children. A teacher also fainted Monday for reasons not immediately made clear." I always love a good conspiracy theory.
  • Of all the people we have held at Guantanamo Bay for over a decade, the number of them which have been afforded an American jury trial is: Zero.
  • The Senate Republicans yesterday announced they would not hold any confirmation hearings if President Obama nominates a replacement for Scalia. Are they trying to lose the election? If I'm President Obama, I nominate a moderate Hispanic. If they won't hold a hearing, I hold a press conference to dog them and then I nominate a female moderate. If they won't hold a hearing, I'd do another press conference. Then I would nominate an African-American. Ditto. And then the Democratic nominee gets to dog the Republicans through out the summer and fall. Politics 101. (Right out of House of Cards.)
  • The Liberally Lean Weather Center would like to announce it did not foresee that weather yesterday evening. Man, rain and wind and cold made for a miserable day. I need to re-calibrate my instruments to protect my dear readers. 
  • Once again, I may die of allergies. 
  • Up at the courthouse yesterday, I was hanging out with a professional divorced couple (who shall not be named) who always argue. They are both friends of mine and we joke all the time. She thanked me for talking to her on the phone the other day, and I looked at him and jokingly said, "We got a little sumthing sumthing going on." His joking response was, "You aren't the only one." She then jumped up and beat his shoulder repeatedly while he laughed uncontrollably. Just when I think this job is a beat down, I get wildly entertained. Love 'em both.
  • There's a new on-the-scene reporter for Fox 4 News. Who did she replace?
  • "Jacksonville Jaguars defensive end Dante Fowler apologized today for his role in a fight between who TMZ describes as his girlfriend and the mother of his child." And that was one serious fight


Oh, My

Oh, my.

It's The Anniversary Of The Bobby Knight Chair Throw

I'll admit, I had never seen the full version before today. It's so insane. The ref "called for the athletic director!"

Bernie Sanders Volunteer Cries Over Trump Supporters Being Mean To Her

Girl, I'm not sure you need to be involved in politics.

Random Tuesday Morning Thoughts

  • I saw a white car yesterday on the way to a hearing in Fort Worth that was white, had the Texas seal on it, and a with logo that simply said "Texas Law Enforcement". What the heck was that? Why wasn't the agency named?
  • Then on the way back I saw a Fort Worth police car which had "Abandoned Car Division" on the side of it.  Faithful readers know what I'm thinking right now, Too many . . . . 
  • One part of my job is to watch a ton of DWI videos from various agencies around the county. I'm going crazy because they now all have their own program which I have to install before I can watch it. That's a little scary to start with but practically the applications rarely work. Boyd PD and Decatur PD are the worst. Just go back to the simple DVD.
  • The Dwaine Caraway and John Wiley Price fight was gold.  I'd bet on Caraway on humor but Price in a fight.
  • I keep saying that if Trump wins Florida, it's over. But it looks like the election is in mid-March. Didn't it use to be earlier? The vote for Texas is March 1st. That's changed, right? 
  • In Dalworthington Gardens, a mother got shot and called 911. Her daughter answered the call. I'm not saying the 911 tape of that incident should be released but the police are refusing to so so since it involves their dispatcher and her daughter. You cannot justify that on that basis.
  • Josh Hamilton is hurt even before spring training begins. The most fragile body in the major league.
  • I don't do many jail visits these days (because I rarely have any clients in jail awaiting trial) but when I do, I'm greeted by the greatest Wise County employee who screams out, "Barry!!!! Where have you been?!!" That happened last Friday afternoon when I was really beaten down. It cheered me up immediately. I love that woman.
  • Hey, to you goofballs who think you don't need any instructions on using a kayak: If it takes on water, what do you do? Are there drain plugs? What about the paddle? Do you attach it to anything or do you risk letting it get away? What if you fall out or want to jump out to swim? How easy is it to get back in it? The fin? Is that the first thing you need to protect most when getting it in out of the lake? How about storing it if you have to outdoors? Does it matter how it is positioned? What about fishing pole attachments? I appreciate my readers but a couple of you are absolute morons.
  • One thing I've learned in life: Listen to people who know more about a subject than you do regardless of what that subject is.
  • Speaking of, I might need some rod and reel advice.
  • How the Republicans don't understand that Trump or Cruz cannot win the presidency is beyond bewildering. If Rubio doesn't get the nomination, it's over. Rubio, however, could win.
  • Cruz firing his communication director after a series of lies shows one thing: Chaos. 
  • Call back from yesterday: You guys really see guys riding horses in Wise County on the paved shoulder?
  • A home on College Street in Decatur looks like its garage (and more) was destroyed by a major fire. When did that happen? 
  • The accused Bridgeport ISD bus driver has made the Dallas Morning News.
  • And to the person who commented yesterday that "you are no Atticus Finch", you have no idea what my life is like on a daily basis. It is gut wrenching day after day if you care about the people who are scared and have put their faith in you to help them. By the way, don't hide behind your "anonymous" status. Come say that to my face.


You Want To Be A Teacher In Public Schools?: Girl Beats Up Boy

Video link.

ABC7 San Francisco – The fight between two students happened at Sonoma Valley High School in Sonoma last week.

Let's Just Say I Might Retire And Play 3rd Base For The Red Sox

I'm in better shape. (And other than the fact I can no longer hit or field, I'm a shoo in.)

106 Year Old Meets The Obamas

The Rangers Had A Great Promo

The Texas Rangers came up with a great promo. Hit a home run and win season tickets. (You could not have been a prior or current professional or a college player.)

Video. Home run comes at 2:25 mark.

Random Monday Morning Thoughts

  • I would be remiss if I didn't give a shout-out to a guy who only knows me through this blog who responded to my thoughts about wanting to buy a kayak. He had a used one, offered it at a below market price and then delivered it before 9:00 a.m. on Saturday at Lake Bridgeport. And he threw in a life jacket, a fantastic paddle, and (importantly) instructions on how to use the thing. 
  • And, in the middle of it all, he asked, "How is your dad doing?" You, sir, have a heart of gold. 
  • Mrs. LL immediately got on the kayak and, get this,: She paddled from Twin Hills to that small little island next to the 380 bridge as you enter Runaway Bay. (You have to be from Wise County to understand that.) And people think I'm crazy. Side note: A friend of the 7th Grader In The House stared out the window and said with a defeated voice, "Your mom is much more adventurous than my mom."
  • I forgot that you have to have a fishing license to, uh, fish in a public lake. Think about that. You have to have government approval to fish? And a legal question I don't know the answer to off the top of my head: Does that apply to fishing off of your own private property? 
  • Me to Mrs. LL this weekend: "It's hard to catch a fish in February but come April I'm going to slay it." Her expression: "I don't even know you anymore."
  • Trump wins. Cruz comes in third. Jeb quits. Hillary wins.  It's on. 
  • The author of To Kill A Mockingbird has died. Perhaps my favorite line, and I'll admit I'm biased because of what I do, is:  "Miss Jean Louise," kindly Reverend Sykes gently admonishes [after the guilty verdict]. "Jean Louise, stand up. Your father's passing."  You fight the good fight that only some people can understand. Video from the movie.
  • Then again, the O.J. Simpson mini-series is campy but great. 
  • Terrell Owens gave an interview at "Ticketstock" this weekend and he actually sounded sane. But he called out Jason Garrett for leaking false information to the media back in the day.
  • Steve Martin, one of my favorites, gave a surprise stand-up routine. His first joke was along the lines of (and read it with his voice and pauses), "I was was in the bathroom before I came out here, and I must say I'm a little angry.  I saw a sign that said, 'Employees must wash hands'. I want to tell you, I could not find one employee to wash my hands!" 
  • There are so many commercials and billboards about varicose veins. Why should you care? If you are alive and healthy, the last thing you need to worry about is how your legs look.
  • Weirdest thing I saw yesterday: Someone riding a horse on the shoulder of highway 380 just outside of Bridgeport.