This Was My Day

Early morning: "I really don't need this."
The son of a bitch did not walk away and just cost his boss his job.
But I was forced to go to Austin

The Campaign For DA In 2016

 All of the above were created by blog readers who are creative and funny
  • How I ended up an Independent after a crazy weekend. (With an attachment of my reflections back in 2000 when I decided to step down as DA).
  • I'm going to need supporters to help me out in order to get on the ballot. I need 500 signatures. Here is what you can do. 
  • My legal background
  • Wise County Messenger interview on why I am doing this.
  • Jacksboro newspaper article on why I am doing this. 
  • Funny blog post where readers made suggestions on how to campaign.
  • Campaign donations? My goal is to not collect a dime and do this on my own. 
  • This is critical: You can vote straight ticket but still place a vote that trumps the straight ticket in that specific race. 
  • Oh, and this actual post from the official Texas prosecutor message board:
Edit: I forgot to mention that I have "appeared" (literally, at least) before the Supreme Court:

Reporter Breaks Leg During Courtstorming

That's the way college basketball go. 

Random Friday Morning Thoughts

  • I don't know anything about business, but there is news today that Dow Chemical and DuPont have agreed on a merger. For some reason, that makes me nervous. It's like a Chemical Superpower.
  • I anointed Baltimore Oriole Chris Davis the Official Liberally Lean Baseball Player a few years back. He had been with the Rangers but got bounced back and forth from the active roster and minor league. He could just never put it all together. He is now a free agent he has "a $150 million, seven-year offer from Baltimore, which would average $21.42 million a year." 
  • Mrs. LL recorded an old movie for me: The Life of David Gale. I had never seen it and it is really, really good (I still have some more to watch.) And we both agreed that we might need to consider Kevin Spacey the greatest actor of this generation. (Side note: I've always had a thing for Kate Winslet who is also in the movie.)
  • "Gov. Greg Abbott has agreed to spend up to $2.7 million in taxpayer funds to bring . . .  WrestleMania to Texas next year." I think government has lost its mind. 
  • In my first year as DA in 1993, I cut my budget by $5,000. I didn't ask for an increase in anything and there was a line item for attorney fees for appellate work to be done by "outside counsel." Outside counsel? I had been elected to work. Why hire someone else? I could do appellate work. And I did. 
  • Someone accused me of an ethical violation for the post below because they thought I was trying to influence a potential jury panel. So are you saying this blog could influence people?
  • So UT Austin is proposing banning guns from dorms but not from classrooms? That would seem to be a very complicated policy if you are gun toting dorm resident. 
  • I mentioned I was in Love Field a couple of months back and saw a couple of kids flying all over the place on "hover boards".  They are now in the process of being banned because they seem to be catching fire all over the country.
  • "Mark Cuban wants Apple to boot Twitter from its app store until Twitter finds a better way of removing 'objectionable' tweets, images and videos from its platform." He might want to focus on the Mavs, Shark Tank, or Jenga. (That last one is a huge call back joke which no one will get.)
  • Forbes: "Drug Kingpin El Chapo Guzm├ín Reportedly Threatens To Retaliate Against ISIS." There is some reports that it's a hoax but I hope not. That would be better than Wrestlemania.


And Stuff Like This Is What Has Made Me Livid Lately

A long term Wise County resident gets indicted for a felony for allegedly providing snuff  (!!!!) to an inmate who is a Trustee and on a work crew outside of the Wise County Jail.

You kidding me? That's your tax dollars at work.

This is my new client. I think I could try this tomorrow, not utter a word, and get a not guilty verdict in about five minutes.


This is NOT the Rhome City Council. Repeat. NOT the Rhome City Council.

And how about this Bears fan stopping this woman from putting a beat down on that guy?

Random Thursday Morning Thoughts

  • I spent more time and added more Christmas lights to the front house lawn yesterday. As I was on a rickety ladder to put up way too many tree lights and then walking across the street time and time again to take a look at my perfection, it dawned on my that I am Clark Griswold.
  • I haven't been snow skiing in forever. And now I think I'm too scared to do so because I fear I'd break every bone in my body. (Colorado/New Mexico is about to be buried in snow, by the way.)
  • There's is a commercial on the Ticket for a company which can remove load bearing walls in your home to create more space. But the commercial begins with Reagan famously saying, "Mr. Gorbachev, tear down this wall." That's bad taste, right?
  • A federal judge in Dallas denied a state of Texas request for a second temporary restraining order to halt the settlement of Syrian refugees here. I wonder if the Order read: "The court finds Texas Attorney General Ted Paxton is a moron. It is so ordered."
  • Mark Cuban complained about the refs yesterday after another Mav's loss.
  • One of TCU's offensive coordinators turned down an offer to take the same job at Texas with a raise. He said no.  Man, have times have changed.
  • Bloomberg poll on Trump's "ban all Muslims" position: Republicans: 65% support, 22% oppose; Democrats: 18% support, 75% oppose: Overall electorate: 37% support, 50% oppose. Those last numbers might be the election results if Trump wins the GOP nomination. 
  • The Supreme Court yesterday heard, once again, an Affirmative Action case regarding the University of Texas law school. Justice Antonin Scalia  suggested that "most black scientists in the U.S. benefit from not being admitted into top-tier programs . . . . They're being pushed into schools that are too advanced for them . . . . Most of the black scientists in this country do not come from the most advanced schools." 
  • And then it gets crazier. The Twitter account of "@TexasExes" wrote: "Although we take no position on the Fisher case, Scalia's comments today were racist and offensive. #BlackTexasEx"." And then, out of the blue, a Texas Supreme Court judge (Jeff Brown who must not be very bright) tweeted, "@TexasExes You speak for too many Texas Exes to behave this irresponsibly. You've unjustly smeared a U.S. Supreme Court justice." (And did he tweet that on a government computer or government phone while the taxpayers were paying him?)
  • Speaking of Austin, am I going to be forced to drive there tomorrow? Seriously?
  • This is yesterday's cover, but I like it:


First Amendment vs. Police Protection Of Gay Rights Parade In Fort Worth: Who Ya Got?

This opinion was handed down this morning from the Texas Court of Criminal Appeals. 

I'll be honest: I haven't read it yet but that first sentence indicates this is going to be good legal stuff. "Skirmish line?"

(Side note: Every Wednesday morning I look at the opinions handed down by that court.)

Bald Eagle vs. Donald Trump: Who Ya Got?

Video and story.

Buzzer Beater

Random thoughts:

  • That's a big ol' boy at the free throw line
  • What's up with that voice at the end?
  • Oman Oman? Keep an eye on him. (See Sirhan Sirhan)

Random Wednesday Morning Thought

  • I received an insurance check yesterday for roof repair on our rent house payable to "Barry Green and Katrina Green and United States of America."  Explanation? Do I have to have President Obama endorse it?
  • Anyone know any roofing contractors in Decatur?
  • The Ticket's Gordon Keith doing a Mark Levin impersonation makes me overjoyed. It is spot on. 
  • As nerdy as I am, I have never had even a remote interest in Star Wars. And I've seen all of the movies to try to get interested.
  • BagofNothing posted a picture yesterday of a Monday Night Football game.  I had one and loved it. I would try and explain how it worked but it's almost impossible. (But I do remember if the defense called a blitz and the offense called a draw, "TD" would light up.)
  • The Seventh Grader In The House is sick. I hope I'm not the reason for it because I'm still at 80% and I can't kick this thing. 
  • The Dallas Morning News had an article on how Winstar is killing DFW concert venues with concerts. They bury the artists in money and then have a provision in their contract which basically say "you can't play in Dallas before or after this" for x number of days. 
  • "German Chancellor Angela Merkel named Time's Person of the Year." Honestly, I'm not sure why until I read the article.
  • Donald Trump immediately responded: "I told you @TIME Magazine would never pick me as person of the year despite being the big favorite They picked person who is ruining Germany."
  • Idiocracy.


Random Tuesday Morning Thoughts

  • I always thought it was true, but yesterday I learned that this blog can kill a political campaign if the readers want it to happen. (Maybe I possess those elusive weapons of mass destruction.)
  • I meant to mention yesterday the Arizona Diamondback signing pitcher Zack Greinke to a 6 year and $206,500,000 contract.  That's  over $34 million a year. If he falls down the stairs this morning and blows out his shoulder, he still gets the money. 
  • Despite my sickness (I'm upgrading myself to 80% or perhaps 79%), I put out Christmas lights on the lawn yesterday evening. The fact that there were no lights out there drove me crazy. 
  • Baylor's bowl game will be in Orlando. Since the announcement, this song has been stuck in my head (despite the fact that Disney Land is actually in California.)
  • In a campaign statement, Donald Trump called for "a total and complete shutdown of Muslims entering the United States until our country's representatives can figure out what is going on". He got a standing ovation. If he wins the GOP nomination, you will see this biggest beat down since Reagan won 44 of the states in 1980. And Trump wouldn't be on the winning side.
  • Radio guy Mark Davis said this morning that Trump "might have won the presidency" with that statement and theorized about how the policy could be implement. Buddy, you have lost your freaking mind.
  • Special note to my Courthouse friends which includes the County Attorney's Office, District Clerk's Office, County Clerk's Office, County Judge's Office, Sheriff's Office, Maintenance Staff, and Probation Office: If one guy does not walk away he may cost his boss, who is a good guy with a wonderful family, his job. Buddy, walk away. Do the right thing. After all, you are a Protector of Children. This is all about you
  • I'm beginning to realize most people have never seen me pissed off before. Honestly, it rarely happens. But when it happens ..... Oh, my. 


Breaking: Man Has Been Called By God To Run For Wise County Sheriff

Photo stolen from the great Joe Duty

Excerpts from this week's Messenger:

On deciding to run for office "He didn’t hear anything for a few weeks, but while driving back from his mom’s house in Slidell one day, listening to a Christian program on the radio, Brandon Davis said he got his answer. “It said this was the platform I want you to use to spread my Gospel,” Davis said. “And I can’t argue with that.”

“If God wants me to be the sheriff, I’m going to be the sheriff, it doesn’t matter who votes. That’s just the bottom line. And it may not be His mission for me. But nonetheless, I’ve been called to do it,”

(Credit to the person who emailed the article with the subject line being: "Welcome to Crazy Town")

P.S. Everyone go buy a copy of the paper in order to keep them from suing me.

Random Monday Morning Thoughts

  • The Senior In The House walked by the  TV while I was watching Pulp Fiction and saw the long haired John Travolta. She asked me, earnestly, "Are you watching Dracula?"
  • Watching President Obama address the nation last night and thinking that Trump is the leading GOP candidate made me also think the election is already over. 
  • The Star Wars promos intertwined with commercials for Christmas is getting beyond painful.
  • I think I'm becoming obsessed with Keith Craft and his Elevate Life church. In my opinion, that guy is a fraud of the highest order. And, by the way, a horrible preacher (and a worse dresser).
  • It sounds like there was a huge Police Presence at the Toy Run yesterday in Wise County. Law Enforcement and Santa. What a very odd mix. Edit: The Update says that DPS brought a helicopter. You kidding me? 
  • Sports: (1) That 22 play Michigan State drive may be one of the most amazing things I've ever seen, (2) Hey, it broke my heart to see the Empire beat Baylor, but I'm not sure I've ever been more entertained. Baylor had no quarterbacks left and had to just line up a running back or receiver in the shotgun and have them just take off. And Baylor would have won the game but for a fumble, (2A) The brawl in the Texas/Baylor game had me on my feet. Yes. I was entertained! (3) I actually got interested in the NFL yesterday because of some wild finishes. (But I only watch the Red Zone channel which drives Mrs. LL crazy), (4) I told you Michigan State would replace Iowa in the final four and everything else would remain the same. #SportsGenius. #TakeMeToVegas
  • Special message to the Troll who mentioned my mother yesterday in a comment: Keep your head on a swivel. I know who you are. (You are an Internet idiot. I, on the other hand,  am an Internet "pioneer" and know how to track an IP address down. ). Someone is coming to visit with you.  There are some people in this world you do not screw with. And one of those is me. Get ready. In my business, I have, let's say, connections.
  • Ok, I feel better.
  • I watched more of Fargo. Fantastic. And it is very Pulp Fiction like in that it constantly references "things of the day" from back in the day.
  • "A federal judge has ordered the state of Texas to pay more than $600,000 in legal fees after losing the court fight to preserve its ban on same-sex marriage." I don't know if I'm more offended by the amount of legal fees or the State of Texas for fighting a battle they could not win. 
  • Liberty University's president Jerry Fallwell, Jr.: “If some of those people in that [California Massacre] community center had what I’ve got in my back pocket right now, then…Is it illegal to pull it out?" OK, very John Wayne like. You are a Baptist bad ass! But does he have anything else? Oh, yes. He does:  "I always thought that if more good people had concealed-carry permits, then we could end those Muslims before they walk in and kill."  Like father. like son. 
  • I don't talk on the phone much, but I spent over 30 minutes yesterday with a former employee of Wise County who worked on the second floor of the Wise County Courthouse. I did so while walking outside in wonderful weather, but I think I may have scared some of the neighbors by saying too loudly, "Are you kidding me??!!!" time and time again. 


Cat On Ralphie Violence!

Edit: So I check the post online to make sure it loaded, and The Family Cat becomes enthralled with that cat attack . . .

Be On The Look Out For The Waco DA!

He might arrest all of you (including reporters) for being involved in Organized Crime!