It's Friday, Let's Get Out Of Here

Most defense lawyers after their fight talk of, "I will take this case to trial!"

Cowboys offense.
We've got a female Charles Manson on our hands!
What a Rockette does after retirement.
A look at a guy after Thanksgiving dinner and watching Cowboy game.

The President Of The United States

He posted this at midnight, Eastern Time, last night.

Random Friday Morning Thoughts

  • Don't Google Rep. Joe Barton photos. Don't Google Rep. Joe Barton photos. Don't Google Rep. Joe Barton photos.
  • Some of his defenders (amazing that anyone would defend him) allege this is "revenge porn".  Trust me, there are serious Constitutional issues regarding any revenge porn law.  If someone tells you something, you can repeat it. If someone writes you a letter and says "don't share this", you can. If you voluntarily are dumb enough to send a naked pic of yourself to someone else, they can probably share it without repercussion. It's still a legal battleground which is just starting. 
  • And if an old fat man committing adultery and sending a pic and video of his junk to another woman tries to portray himself as the "victim", that's all you need to know about him. You are who you are. 
  • "The only person who has been exposed more than Dak Prescott in recent days has been Texas Rep. Joe Barton." - David Moore of the Dallas Morning News.
  • Roy Moore's communication director quit. 
  • In all seriousness, I know 2017 has been personally hard on many of you. It's hard to be thankful after a loss. I was thinking of you yesterday.
  • Texas new ridiculous abortion law was struck down. You could see that coming a mile away. But the Clown Car in Austin would rather past obviously unconstituional laws and spend your money defending them than doing anything worthwhile. Uh, like school funding.
  • Man to launch himself in homemade rocket. His goal is ultimately to prove the world is flat. Welp, see ya later. 
  • I watched a little bit of the Macy Thanksgiving Day Parade. That is no longer a "parade" in any sense of the word.
  • And Another. (Oklahoma.)
  • "Court documents say Gov. Abbott opened the package, but it failed to explode because he didn't open it correctly. If opened correctly, says "it could've caused severe burns and death." Let's make it weirder: Cat hair lead to the arrest.
  • The Tarrant County DA's office ended up with a hung jury on a capital murder case. How is that possible to charge someone with such a great offense and have a case that has so many holes in it and have such bad facts? 
  • When it comes to college coaches, not one single sports personality knows the difference between a "buyout" (what another school has to pay to school who lures its coach away) and a "contract" (what a school has to pay the remainder of to fulfill its contractual promise to a coach once they fire him.)
  • WFAA profiled a woman in Greenwood, Wise County who turned 107.
  • Trump told the Coast Guard yesterday that the F-35 could "not be seen by the enemy" even when the enemy was "right next to it" during a fight.  And the text of the quote, in itself, is not worthy of a Middle Schooler.
  • Once again, I'm a Sports Genius. way before the season started I told you take the "Under" for the total wins by the Cowboys. Honestly, I can't remember if the line was 9 or 10. 
  • The trooper killed near Fairfield is shocking. I expected the facts to be that he was killed when he walked up to the car (a practice which I've always questioned), but he was gun down via rifle when he returned to his car to run the driver's license. 



I got a little blowback for not posting this as I usually do. You know, I thought I discontinued the tradition last year, but I went back and looked and I had not. Things have changed in my life, but it is still good to remember.

Random Thursday Morning Thoughts

  • Still the hardest working man in show business.
  • And on this holiday, be thankful you are not Joe Barton. 
  • The halftime performer at the Cowboys game today is Thomas Rhett who has a hit single of "Beer With Jesus."  (And you think I'm kidding? Nope.)


Mike Leach Is A National Treasure

Random Wednesday Morning Thoughts

  • In my opinion, if creepiness is used as a major factor, I'd predict the next sex scandal would involve Bob Saget or Chuck Woolery.
  • Well, Trump went off script and came to the defense of Roy Moore yesterday saying that he needed to win the election. "He says it didn't happen and, you know, you have to listen to him, also." Well, that settles it. He also said Moore's opponent, Doug Jones, was soft on crime. 
  •  As a U.S. Attorney, Democrat Jones locked up Klansmen who murdered four little girls at a church. As an assistant district attorney, Republican Moore preyed on teenage girls at the mall. Alabama, let's see what you got. 
  • There is a chance, due to injuries, Decatur's own Grayson Muehlstein starts at QB against Baylor on Friday. But TCU could start me and still beat Baylor who might not score a point.
  • Did you see the "Grab 'em by the" P guy asked if he could touch the turkey he was pardoning yesterday? These are strange days.
  • When you blow up something like the Georgia Dome, it has to take a Herculean effort to make sure no one is hiding inside. A complete search. A wired fence on the perimeter. And full 24 hour security for at least a week before the detonation. 
  • If you are camping outside of Best Buy right now, you are one strange duck. 
  • 2017 strikes again: David Cassidy has died.
  • This video was floating around last night about LA traffic for the holidays. (1) Didn't we see this exact footage a year or two ago?, and (2) Doesn't it look like that every single work day rush hour traffic out there? 
  • We've had yet another military aircraft crash. Three missing.
  • Let's check in on Trump's mental health this morning: 
  • Every year every local TV station broadcasts from DFW Airport claiming it is the busiest traffic day of the year. That's just a flat out lie. Camera shots this morning show it basically empty. Years ago, when you could walk around the terminals without having a bordering pass, I went out to the airport just to see the crowds (and hopefully families reuniting.) It was a ghost town. 


"The Government Do Take A Bite Out, Don't She?"


Caption reference (Raising Arizona):

Ain't No Smoking In An Alabama Stadium

I'm surprised there is such a law.

Officer body cam.

Fan cell phone video.

That's A Funny Caption

Speaking of sorcery:

Above The Fold

Random Tuesday Morning Thoughts

  • Who will fall due to past sexual misconduct today? Charlie Rose was thrown out yesterday (and he basically admitted it.) Don't you know there are thousands of entertainers, politicians,  and news people scared to death during these times. 
  • What a strange story: A female UNT story student was found shot in her car and she had crashed (presumably post shooting) in Corinth. I say "presumably" because no one knows what happened.
  • Ms. LL and the Freshman In The House went to a DPS Megacenter yesterday morning. They were given #4099. They were serving #4035.  On a Monday. And they got there around 9:30. 
  • One DPS office that needs serious upgrading is the one in Denton on the loop. It looks like a human ant bed with cars parked everywhere -- even on grass.
  • 2017 continues to fight: Former Cowboys receiver Terry Glenn died in a car wreck in Irving. He was 43. 
  • Update from yesterday: A newspaper has many of his text messages. What a perv. 
  • A border patrol agent was killed in Van Horn (not exactly right on the border.) Some believe he was attacked. Some say he might have fallen.
  • Yesterday Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders told a room of reporters to say what they're thankful for before asking her a question. It did not go well. Some refused. Others said the were thankful for the First Amendment. 
  • And this is just a fraction of the new Texas attorneys. That's all the profession needs. 
  • Judge Jeanine is law abiding. Who goes 119?
  • I watched Arrival yesterday. Good stuff. 
  • There is no way Philadelphia QB Carson Wentz did not receive a concussion on that play against Dallas. Not only was he hit in the head by a helmet, but when he went down and caught a knee to the head. Troy Aikman's most famous concussion came in an NFC Championship Game against the 49ers which was a knee to the head. 
  • Mrs. LL watched Get Out last night. I watched about 15 minutes of it. It was weird, but I was lost as to the plot. But, man, it has made a fortune despite having a tiny budget to produce it. 


That's A Tough One

Random Monday Morning Thoughts

  • This is a former Texas rep and former Bridgeport guy who, incidentally, I talked to in Brookshires during the summer:
  • I found Ivanka Trump's twitter account and it is shocking because all she does is try to sell crap. Then, over the weekend, she told us this is how we should decorate the Thanksgiving table. What am I looking at? 
  • A very cursory glance at the Texas high school playoffs revealed that 24 teams (maybe more) scored at least 60 points. And and that does not include 6 man games. 
  • There was an Intoxilyzer Manslaughter in Wise County where a man received 5 years (the range of punishment was probation to 20 years.) That's one year above the standard offer for DWI-Third or More when no one is hurt. 
  • College football: (1) Tech had the worst field goal attempt ever, (2) OU's Baker Mayfield went nuts but he had more than one reason, (3) Coach Bro has no idea what he is doing at Tech. When they actually started running the ball against TCU, he reverts to the pass with a horrible QB, (4) Texas won at West Virginia but, make no mistake, the game was over when WVU's fantastic QB fumbled at the one inch line and left the game with a broken finger. OU plays WVU this week and that game just became a layup. They are a 23 point favorite. (5) LB Hager for Texas is a punk. He was ejected for targeting and, no, the grabbing of his facemask did not cause it. His attitude walking off the field was a disgrace to the 40 Acres. (6) Good for UNT. But they have to face Lane Kiffen and Art Briles' son in the conference championship game. (7) Hot opinion: Auburn beats Alabama. (8) That punt return by USC was the greatest punt returns in the history of punt returns. (9) UCLA fired Jim Mora? He was 46-30. And they fired him on his birthday. (9) The Dallas Morning News didn't realize TCU, as I predicted, rolled at Tech: 
  • Sen. John Coryn is very upset that Trump hasn't authorized more dollars for Harvey victims. Man, that "no big federal government" is hard to figure out. 
  • "Albertsons buys stake in Latino grocer El Rancho Supermercado with plans to open more stores." Just like if you know the future of Texas politics, Albertsons knows the future demographics of grocery buying. 
  • Opening the home windows when a cold front blows through is one of life's greatest joys. Mrs. LL does not agree. 
  • Oh, Alabama: 
  • Told ya! Told ya! (And you guys thought I was crazy): 
  • It is that time of year where Lexus runs ad where one spouse buys another a Lexus. I told Mrs. LL that I would (figuratively) kill her if she bought me a Lexus and put it in the driveway. She then said what a great bit it would have been just to find a friend who has one, borrow it, put a bow on it, and walk me out and say, "Merry Christmas, honey!"
  • The great David Cassidy is in critical condition at the age of 67, When I was a kid, there were girls on my street that had his poster up in their rooms.And if you are around my age, if you don't have, "I think I love you. But what am I so afraid of?" stuck in your head all day, I invite you to go somewhere else for your blog reading. 
  • Charles Manson is dead.
  • This is insane. The guy had a court order ignition interlock device. Those things actually have "rolling tests" although I think the manufacturer/installers instruct drivers to pull off to the side of the road to blow into it. But I've always thought that was a horrible idea.
  • Let's check in on China's Chief Warden's mental health: 
  • And news from Ohio: "No Way!"
  • I don't mean to be to hard on Alabama so often over Roy Moore. There are decent and good people there. Especially the staff at The Birmingham News