Random Friday Morning Thoughts

  • The hardest working man in show business
  • Maybe
  • Edit: what follows is a Random Thought submission Because some folks thought I was being a slacker :

  • Wayne Rogers from Mash passed away last night.  Trapper John McIntyre, rest in peace.  
  • Let's all take a minute and appreciate Houston Coach's hey now wife. 
  • The Dubai fire was intense. Terrorist related? LL news team will be following this story closely. 
  • Ethan Coach has been found. Now back to searching for El Chapa.
  • The Toddler in The House has given me the name of George. Do I remind her of Contanza?
  • Resolutions anyone?
  • 25 year old accused NYC terrorist arrested for planning an attack at a bar in Rochester. If you get one chance at am attack, wouldn't Manhattan be a more likely place?  
  • Now go eat some black eyed peas for good luck.  
  • Happy New Year, LL Nation!

The Son of the Lead Singer of The Cure?

sparky (@its_sparky)
@BSG Jason taking us into 2016 with strong mugshot then spikes the ball with the charges. pic.twitter.com/QaO2fswEfT


Oh, my!

Get Me This Blimp!

I Thought Something Looked Familiar

TCU QB Suspended For Bowl Game and Proves He Is Not Very Smart

Mark Schlabach (@Mark_Schlabach)
Preliminary details from San Antonio police dept. regarding #TCU QB Trevone Boykin. Has not been formally charged pic.twitter.com/69wEPLBaF7

  • Gary Patterson might get so mad he might catch a murder charge because he will kill this guy. 
  • How many people saw the news at a Las Vegas sports book and ran to bet on Oregon?
  • Which makes me think those sports books have to have someone monitoring all sports news so they can yell within moments, "Take that line off the books!"
  • If I'm reading the lines in Vegas correctly, TCU has gone from a one point favorite to a ten point underdog. 
  • Edit: Buddy, when I posted this he had been suspended. I'm the hardest working man in show business. Keep up. 

Random Thursday Morning Thoughts


  • Amtrak review: Fantastic. I'd love to commute every morning by train and then walk to work.
  • I posted a picture of Mrs. LL asleep looking like Bruce Willis in Unbreakable and got some funny responses. 
  • Mrs. LL and I are staying with friends. She spent the night having fun playing with a toddler while I got into a debate with a senior citizen over health care. She was feisty!
  • We are staying in a house in New Jersey. I did an informal poll of the people around me last night as to their political choice if it were Trump v. Hillary. It was 5-1 for Trump. Son of a gun, he might win this thing.
  • And I loved Trump's recent statement of "If I don't win this thing it will have all been just a big waste of time."
  • Speaking of Trump: Fetus necklace?
  • The mom of the Affluenza kid is back in the U.S. Picture. However, the kid is fighting extradition and is still in Mexico and may remain there for a while. I mentioned yesterday that juvenile law is complicated. Is it possible that the deadline to transfer him to adult court will run out before he gets back here? Just a thought.  
  • "Chewbacca actor Peter Mayhew invites 'Star Wars' fan's widow to his Texas home" Does he still live in Boyd?
  • The NFL had refile its appellate brief in Deflategate because the first one had a cover page which was the wrong color. That whole sentence screams Idiocracy.
  • Bill Cosby getting arrested is something I never expected as recently as ten years ago. 
  • Mrs. LL and I just spent two days in Washington D.C.   I'll do a seperate post on it but I've got some hot sports opinions. 
  • Year-end countdown: The 10 biggest North Texas criminal justice stories of 2015.


Random Wednesday Morning Thoughts

  • So the Affluenza kid got caught because they ordered a pizza via cell phone in Mexico? Buddy, just walk down the road and eat a taco. 
  • The Tarrant County DA was smart to hold a news conference. Juvenile probation law is incredibly complicated. At this point the best she can do to that kid is not revoke the probation as a juvenile, get him transferred to an adult court, keep the probation going to 2024 with a condition he spend a few months in county jail. Like I said, incredibly complicated.  
  • I'm beginning to believe this affluenza defense. With idiot parents like that, the kid never had a chance. 
  • I'm going to spend two and a half hours on an Amtrak train today, and I'm very excited about it. 
  • In a bizarre game, Baylor beat a very good North Carolnia team last night by running the ball for 645 yards. That's the most ever in any bowl game in the history of bowl game ever. And it was done without their top two quarterbacks, best receiver, and best running back. 
  • Oklahoma's quarterback took a verbal shot at TCU because of the way he believes he was treated during the recruiting process when he was in high school. TCU coach Gary Patterson fired back and I do mean fired. “If he wanted to blame TCU for 128 BCS schools not offering him a scholarship, that’s fine,” Patterson said. “But ask Kliff Kingsbury why he didn’t offer him a scholarship at Texas Tech. Ask about Baker’s dad. He’s an arrogant guy who thinks he knows everything. If people knew the whole story, they might not have a great opinion of Baker or his father.” Good lord. 
  • For Christmas, Mrs  LL got me a rope bracelet with a porcelain plate on it.  That small plate has GPS coordinates on it. And where do they go to?: A particular place in the jungle of Costa Rica.
  • Trump now says he will spend money on advertising and is prepared to spend a lot of money on ads targeting any candidate who attacks him. Genius.   
  • The Philadelphia Eagles coach was shockingly fired yesterday.  That team has been bad, he has made nutty decisions, but the firing was unexpected  If UT is not scrambling to hire him, then I don't know UT.  And it would be a great hire.
  • These are actual tweets from our Governer "1/2: I'm accusing Texas State Bar of religious discrimination for denying continuing education credit for Christian legal ethics programs" "2/2: The Texas State Bar leaders should be compelled to read my winning arguments upholding the Ten Commandments & One Nation Under God".  There's so much wrong with this but I can't get passed "compelled". Ok, My Fuher!
  • Tea Party darling Jon Stickland used to look for people to smoke "da green" with. At least according to  his cyber past was discovered according to a column today in the Star-Telegram. And you know what? It won't hurt him a bit. As that column says, nothing is normal about politics these days. http://bit.ly/1NV0mhN
  • My technical issues continue. 


Anyone Want To Save A 21 Pound Cat

He's in a shelter today and we've learned that this is the execution date. Holy cow!

We promise we will pick it up on Sunday.

Info: kat@wisecounty.com (that's Mrs. LL)

Edit: Cat saved. Not sure what the heck we do now.

Random Tuesday Morning Thoughts

  • Due to a dead battery on my laptop, we are having some Liberally Lean technical issues. 
  • Of all the places in the world to hide, the affluenza kid is found in a tourist resort In Mexico. Momma doesn't need to be arrested for harboring a fugitive, she needs to be arrested for being dumb. 
  • And he looks hammered 
  • I finally flew on Virgin Airlines. Greatest. Plane. Experience. Ever. 
  • I forgot to mention in connection with The Big Short and the mortgage crisis: It might be building  again right now. 
  • Commercials on The Ticket seem to focus on divorce, vodka, rehab and cars. 
  • From earlier @NBCDFW: LIVE: Wise Co. authorities work to rescue people trapped in a truck stuck in water in Rhome https://t.co/t2U3W7MiCo https://t.co/RSDueH8iSg
  • I don't know who country singer Craig Stricland is but he has gone missing and his frien was "found dead"
  • Writing this on an iPad is a beating. 
  • I'm in an undisclosed location but l'll just say Frank Underwood has walked these streets. 


Sad News To Old Guys Like Me Out There

Random Monday Morning Thoughts

  • That was a pretty big snow storm for Decatur this morning. It caught me by surprise, my car got stuck, and I had to walk the last quarter mile to work. (I left very, very early.)
  • I saw a true Idocracy commercial this weekend. It was for something called "Emergen-c" and it actually claimed to have "more electrolytes!"
  • I saw The Big Short this weekend. I had read the book but that stuff is still complicated. But it is a fantastic movie and did a great (and funny) job of explaining it.
  • Mrs. LL got me a tiny drone for Christmas. I told there was no was I was going to try and fly it and end up destroying the thing on my first try so she got the first shot. There was nothing funnier than her flying that thing around the house trying to figure it out -- with the high points being when she crashed it into the fireplace and later into her chin. And I had to duck once or it would have smashed into me. 
  • One of our dumb dogs stole beef jerky out of a stocking, removed the wrapping, and ate it. 
  • A very funny bit that I had never seen was John Oliver's segment on how insane it is that how most judges have to run for election. (And he threw in some insane and hilarious commercials they had found.)
  • Very, very underrated movie: Saving Silverman
  • Mrs. LL and I used Uber for the first time yesterday. It was fantastic. 
  • Old school weather guys: Here's a photo of Harold Taft, Scott Chesner, and David Finfrock.
  • Pete Delkus did a good job during those crazy storms but he almost seemed to apologize for having to mention their "free" weather app all the time (which I'm guessing has ads on it). And that concept of him and the new guy staring at a computer screen which we cannot see explaining breaking weather developments just screams of the work of a consultant. 
  • And apparently people were dogging Delkus on Twitter. There was a bowl game going on and WFAA went to a split screen but some of the bowl watchers were not happy with him. I could swear that I  heard him say, when they went to full screen, "the game is over so you guys can stop the death threats." 
  • Washington Redskin's quarterback taking a knee instead of grounding the ball was almost painful to watch. The clock then ran out.
  • I always talk about too many cops and too many lawyers. The Dallas Morning News jumped on that concept with a story of an escalation of cops and lawyers in the Texas AG's office and, more shockingly, how their salaries have skyrocketed -- primarily in the white collar crime unit which rarely has exclusive jurisdiction over anything. It's the local DA's job normally. And get this:  Under AG Greg Abbott in 2014, you, the taxpayer, paid for $50,000 in ammunition for that white collar crime unit. They may spend more time having fun at the gun range than working. 
  • Randy Galloway had his "final" column (and began it by saying he had a few final "random thoughts"). One interesting one was his rant about why there is no legalized gambling in Texas. One explanation he wrote about: Goofy (my term, not his) Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick has received over $250,000 in contributions from people who make money off the fact there is no legalized gambling in Texas. And Rep. Jane Nelson is also guilty of accepting contributions and fighting legalized gambling.
  • Shout out to the Messenger for referring to the Liberally Lean blog as "infamous". That was funny and made me smile.


"The Most Amazing Interview Ever"

This is from last night's disaster in Garland.

From an interview standpoint, this is like the Zapruder film.

Edit: If you don't understand this post, like one commentor  at 11:34 AM, you might want to reconsider your understanding of how this blog works, hoss.