Jodi Arias Taking You Into The Weekend

This gal is on trial for murdering her boyfriend, and Nancy Grace has been dogging her for two weeks straight. All we've seen are photos from the trial. Little did I know she had different looks. (And, I'm telling you, a google search on this trial reveals a gold mine.)

What A Curious Case


Wise County Piglet

I'm not sure about the details of this pig hunting contest, but we've got a new leader in the clubhouse.

Edit: Info here.

And Another - New Jersey

Story.  2013 better pick it up.

Kid Has Chance To Close School For A Day

Blake Harper, Mater Dei School first grader, must make a foul shot for the student body to get the day off from school on Super Bowl Monday.

The bad news, kid, is that it's all downhill from here. 

Random Friday Morning Thoughts

  • The Wise County Jury sentenced that kid in the Criminally Negligent Homicide case to the maximum of two years in the State Jail last night. That's day for day with no parole. That shocked me. The jury had sent out a note the day before saying they wanted to sentence him to 9 months in the State Jail followed by five years of probation. However, the verdict wasn't in the proper form and couldn't be accepted. 
  • I wouldn't mind being in a cozy home in Boston this weekend as the two to three foot of snowfall approaches. Of course, on Monday I would want to get out of there with no inconvenience.
  • When did we start naming snowstorms?
  • No cameras, purses, or backpacks will be allowed at Chris Kyle's memorial service at Cowboys Stadium. Man, that's going to be a mess at the entrances.
  • Picture of the hand of the man who lost a finger at the Perot Museum. 
  • Courtney Stodden is at it again
  • With UT sports struggling in multiple areas, I wonder if we are on verge of seeing the end of Athletic Director DeLoss Dodds. 
  • When I asked the other day about Wise County kids going on to play college football, you guys came through with a bunch of names I didn't know about.  If I were smart, I'd go back and compile a list for the future. Not a lot of Wise County historians out there. 
  • It's been ten years since "In Da Club" came out. Whatever happened to 50 Cent?
  • The sound of hairdryers running in the background is a big player in my life.
  • The cop on the loose in California left a manifesto which included messages to Larry David, Charlie Sheen, Gov. Chris Christie, Ellen Degeneres, Tim Tebow and Christopher Walz. Yeah, he's stable. 


Boyd Grass Fire

Saved By The Bell Mini Reunion

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I totally agree with BagOfNothing.com (who I stole this from), Kelly Kapowski does not look happy to see Mr. Belding.


A representative from Heritage Auctions in Dallas was with the Ticket this morning and brought along two items that will soon be up for bid: Curt Schilling's blood sock from Game 6 of the 2004 American League Championship Series, and Mike Eruzione's jersey/sweater from the 1980 "Miracle on Ice" game against the Ruskies.

Random Thursday Morning Thoughts

  • The WBAP crew was shocking as they discussed gays in the Boy Scouts shortly before 7:00 a.m. this morning: "Scout leaders would lead meetings wearing pink" and "It'd be hard to earn that Interior Design badge" to name a few. And they weren't laughing. 
  • The jury in the Wise County criminal negligence trial deliberated all day yesterday and went home without reaching a verdict. Based on the jury notes I saw, I think they know what they want to do but are having logistical trouble. I'll explain after the verdict. 
  • The Ticket has made a drop out of the goat scream from the Super Bowl Doritos commercial, and I laugh every time.
  • The fact that the post office delivers mail to the door of every home in America is really mind-boggling.
  • I turned over to see the final few minutes of TCU's upset of #5 Kansas last night after I learned the score had been 22-13 at halftime. (But, man, there were a lot of Kansas fans at that Fort Worth game.)
  • From today's Update: "REMEMBER NOT TO FORGET — The North Central Texas chapter of the Alzheimer’s Association meets 10 a.m.-noon today at the Decatur Civic Center."
  • The crazy Westboro Baptist Church might picket Chris Kyle's memorial service at Cowboys Stadium.  I think we might actually see violence if that happens.
  • The Family Pup had her boyfriend over yesterday. Mrs. LL sent a pic.
  • A former Los Angeles police officer is on a killing spree in that city.
  • I've heard more than one person say that the CSCOPE curriculum in school involves "Muslim indoctrination."   Mainly from Tea Partiers. 


A Twist On "And Another" - Cop Style


(Thanks Keith.)

This Guy Has A Tough Life

At 17, he became one of the youngest stars in the industry and posed in Calvin Klein ads for jeans, underwear and the Euphoria fragrance. He has graced the pages of Esquire, GQ and Vanity Fair, to name a few. 

But a lucrative and glamorous modeling lifestyle isn’t Crosby’s dream.

He’s putting modeling — and the money and fame that’s come with it — on hold to focus on college football. Crosby, 18, will sign a national letter of intent Wednesday to play football for SMU.  More.

Remember the old Seinfeld episode where Elaine is dating the good looking guy who goes rock climbing with George but falls off the mountain?  When Elaine hears of the accident and the injuries to his body she asks George, "His face?! His face! Tell me about his face!"  That'll be ol' Myles Crosby's modeling agent when Myles is down in a crumpled heap on the field.

Random Wednesday Morning Thoughts

  • The AP is reporting that the U.S. Postal Service will announce later today that Saturday mail delivery will end. The Messenger concerned about this?
  • It's National Signing Day. Any Wise County kid signing with a smaller college? And has any kid ever signed with a bigger school than TCU?
  • Interesting case going on at the courthouse. The kid involved in the multi-death crash a couple of years ago has pled guilty to Criminally Negligent Homicide and is going to the jury for punishment. The range is 180 days to two years but the jury could grant probation. The families of the victims have been very vocal during the case's pendency. 
  • The new Klyde Warren Park in Dallas (over Woodall Rogers freeway) will get a synthetic ice skating rink this fall. I have never heard of that. 
  • The preacher calling out the guy in church video I posted yesterday reminded me of the time I was sitting down front as a teenager with one of my buddies and we were yucking it up. In the middle of the sermon my dad got up, walked down to the pew behind me, and motioned me to get up and come sit beside him. 
  • The kinkajou story made not only Fox 4, but Channel 5, and the blogs of D Magazine and the Dallas Observer
  • I watched a PBS show the other day on the Texas Board of Education, its powers over the content of text books, and some of the nuts who are on it. 
  • Thirty school superintendents in  Texas made over $250,000 last year
  • I've completed the four week Nike program on the Xbox (28 sessions.)  It now will put me through another test and design another four week program. Really cool.
  • Ron Paul sure is catching a lot of heat for his "die by the sword" tweet about the American Sniper, Chris Kyle. By the way, Kyle's memorial service will be held at Cowboys Stadium on Monday. 
  • Drive 287 into Fort Worth and you can see that the housing boom is on again. 
  • The President's office released a photo of him firing a gun last weekend which immediately backfired as it was photoshopped beyond belief

Above The Fold


Drugs + Dumb = 30 Days

A What?


(And wikipedia has more on the little fella.)

That Would Be Awkward

Truck Jump Fun

A "Saint Jo" ambulance shows up at the end, but I'm not sure this is from Texas.

(S-bomb warning.)

Random Tuesday Morning Thoughts

  • They saved that little boy being held in a bunker in Alabama but they haven't disclosed the details of how they did it.  One reporter asked the Sheriff last night if an explosion they heard in the afternoon had something to do with it but he wouldn't say.
  • Attorney General Greg Abbott and Ted Nugent, among others, were on Piers Morgan last night "discussing" guns. Man, it made me cringe.
  • This morning Nugent said, "Did I dance on his skull with an intellectual pirouette or what?” He might want to re-watch the tape.
  • February Fog?
  • Facebook page of the Boyd man killed yesterday in a traffic accident on 114.
  • The murder case where Chris Kyle is the victim will be tricky. Decorated war veteran killed by war veteran driving crazy by war.
  • I've had clients who have suffered from PTSD. There's no myth about that. It's very, very real. 
  • The Neighbor's Cat was catting around in our back yard in the middle of the night causing The Family Cat to go crazy. I got up and let The Family Pup out to go chase it. The Pup launches out of the back door like a cruise missile when I do that. 
  • The Update notes that the man who was injured in a home invasion last year has died from his injuries. Will the invaders now be charged with murder? Not likely. All of the suspects have already pled to Aggravated Robbery and have been sentenced. 
  • I think the correct term is "pleaded" instead of "pled" but no one uses "pleaded" because it sounds so weird. 
  • Johnny Depp as the Lone Ranger just sounds cool.
  • The Internet was abuzz yesterday about the bones of Richard III being found under a parking lot in England.  I hope I'm not the only one who wasn't sure there even was a Richard III.
  • Note about the Mavericks "keeping their powder dry": They got drilled by Oklahoma City last night while former Mav Tyson Chandler had 20 rebounds for the Knicks. 


Oh, Boy. Here We Go Again.

This Guy Never Holds Back An Opinion

Gotta Love A Lady Getting Launched

From halftime last night.

Good Grief

And Another - Georgia


Random Monday Morning Thoughts

  • I can't take another second of Ray Lewis.
  • I didn't know the Ravens lost four of five games in December. 
  • The lights going out at the Super Bowl was beyond bizarre and for a second there I thought they all had gone out. 
  • The game is tough to watch because when you also want to see the commercials you feel like you never get a break.
  • Thumbs up to Beyonce. (Didn't she and Destiny's Child play the halftime at one of the Cowboys Thanksgiving game one time?)
  • Phil Simms seemed clueless as the game entered its final minute last night. 
  • Mark Davis was going off this morning on the Jeep commercial narrated by Oprah which was dedicated to the military and entitled "Whole Again." Some how he sees that as an attack on the "war" in Afghanistan. 
  • The police chase listed in the Update sounds crazy.  And I think I've seen the name "Shannon Hood" a few times on previous criminal dockets. 
  • Wrong way driver on I-30 in Fort Worth last night caused the death of two people. 
  • The news finally came out about the body found on the Wise County line.
  • I've criticized the "world's deadliest sniper" by trying to capitalize on his military service by writing a book, but his death at a gun range this weekend is simply awful.
  • I'm getting the feeling that the murder of the prosecutor in Kaufman County may not be solved. 
  • That Daddy/Daughter Dance held Saturday night in Wise County is turning into a pretty big deal.
  • After watching Daytripper this weekend, I want to go to the Guadalupe Mountains.
  • Even I'll agree that Chuck Hagel did a horrible job at his Secretary of Defense confirmation hearing. 
  • Mrs. LL went to sell girl scout cookies yesterday and took her mandolin. I have no idea.