Another Reason The Internet Will Replace TV. Fired For Offending?

Link. (One of thousands.)

Break Dancing Assault

Bridgeport's Own Featured In Star-Telegram


OU/UT Cheerleaders in Dallas Yesterday

(Thanks, Keith)

Random Friday Morning Thoughts

  • What a great Aggie/Oklahoma State game last night. (Hey, Ags, your quarterback is a knucklehead, and you would have won that game going away if you hadn't turned the ball over a million times.)
  • Repaving on 287 caused traffic to be backed up for two miles south of Decatur late yesterday afternoon.
  • Now it's October. (I didn't get chewed out because the little kid got home late with her momma and announced that she was tired and going to bed.)
  • Wow. In a few days, Germany will make a final payment of $97 million to complete it's obligations for damage caused during World War I pursuant to the Treaty of Versailles signed over 90 years ago.  World War I? What's the bill for World War II?
  • "World War" is one ominous sounding name.
  • I lost the bet to Mrs. LL about Jimmy Johnson's length of existence on Survivor. I thought it was a set up deal and he would hang around until the end for ratings. Now I think he just cut a deal of, "OK, I'll do this for a krillion dollars but get me out of there ASAP."
  • Weirdest DWI trial yesterday in Wise County Court at Law: On the DWLI trial on Monday, the Defendant decided to let the jury decide punishment but no "Application For Probation" had been filed (as required) so the jury couldn't give probation if they wanted to. They gave him 30 days in jail for a first offense. 
  • Some of the best metroplex criminal defense lawyers who try cases in Decatur always make the same mistake: They are hostile and condescending to the arresting officer. That may work in the big city, but you can't do that around here. 
  • Crazy memory: When Cowboy games used to be blacked out in the 1970s, people in Wise County would go outside and manually turn their rooftop antennas to pick up a grainy Wichita Falls channel to watch it. 
  • Horrible accidental death in Burleson last night.
  • Got a vicious comment yesterday going after a couple of bloggers on my list to the right. Sheesh. Don't make it so personal, and I might have let it go through. 
  • A jogger on Dallas' Katy Trail was critically injured when hit by a bicyclist. Her last name was "Huddleston" which I had never heard of outside of the Huddlestons from Bridgeport.
  • Texas/OU prediction: I think OU rolls because Texas can't run the ball.
  • I couldn't get a screenshot of the paper I wanted so I just found a random one out of California. Those folks are accused of killing a 15 year old girl. Reminded me of the movies Alpha Dog or Bully.

Fort Worth Weekly's "Best Of" Edition

Love this stuff.


Tiger At Ryder Cup Opening Ceremony

See This Story The Other Day?

A World War II veteran from Wills Point was beaten and robbed in his own home last Friday. Cops were looking for the culprit.

Well, they found him. (Allegedly)

Ah, Another Love Story

I've had my share of mad exes of my countless number of girlfriends over the years, but I've never encountered anything like this. But then again, I'm not (1) an NFL player (2) dating a 19 year old former Jacksonville Jaguar cheerleader (3) who was confronted by her ex with a gun and a bag over his head (5) causing her to jump off the balcony and (5) me to jump out of a window. Oh yeah, the cheerleader and the ex then squared off with guns with laser sights.

Kinda want to click on that link now, don'tcha?

Oh, yeah, and the 19 year old cheerleader. (Hey, now. What a pretty young lady.)

Oh, Yeah. The Aggies Play Tonight

Edit: And the Big 12 2011 conference schedules were announced this morning. Hello, everyone play everyone. Goodbye conference championship.

Random Thursday Morning Thoughts

  • Oops: Forgot to hit the "publish" button 30 minutes ago. 
  • I posted a picture of Jamie Lee Curtis the other day and now her famous dad, Tony Curtis, has died
  • There was a Texas Monthly article a couple of years ago (or more) recalling the famous University of Texas shooter of 1966. I wonder if it is online? That is one fascinating story (and the Dallas Morning News has a brief article about it today.)
  • Does any magazine sell more advertising than Texas Monthly?
  • I kind of scoffed when I heard a Driving With License Invalid/Suspended was being tried the other day in Wise County. Then I learned he was convicted and given 30 days in jail. What the heck?
  • And a DWI case is supposed to be tried today. I'll stick my head in on it like I always do.
  • There's a murder case set to go to trial next week in Decatur. I think it's the one that was the subject of this editorial entitled "Justice Delayed."
  • Before 6:00 a.m. yesterday I was standing in my yard over a dog repeating the phrase, "go tee-tee-potty."  And I was wearing a robe. 
  • Is this naval ship real?
  • I tagged along on a parent-teacher conference yesterday. The only question I asked was, "Is she behaving like she is supposed to?"  Thankfully, the answer was yes. 
  • Elementary schools are sensory overload. 
  • Unemployment claims fell sharply according to the news release this morning. And it seems like more and more companies are turning quarterly profits. I'm telling you, if this economy turns around Obama will win re-election with ease.
  • It seems like every time I turn on a news show there's a reference to a new documentary called "Waiting For Superman".  Something about improving public schools. I love documentaries. 
  • I've heard of "walk off home run" but I've never heard of a "walk off strike out" that the Rangers won with yesterday. 
  • I told the second grader "It's October!" this morning. I suspect I'm going to be seriously corrected by her when I get home. 



Those last couple of sentences kind of caught my attention.


Wheels Are Off

He jumped off the George Washington Bridge after the classmates secretly planted a camera in his room and broadcast it live.  Sheesh. (Link -- which includes a screenshot of one of culprits planning the event.)

Lots of sorriness out there lately.

Texas "Pee Wee" Football Brawl

  • Pee Wee? That kid running for a TD which prompted the melee looks like he has the speed of Felix Jones on a good day.
  • There's a close up of a sucker punch near the end of the video. Sorriness.
  • Sorry for the 30 second ad before this thing starts. I'll say it again: Those ads should be 15 seconds, max.

Random Wednesday Morning Thoughts

  • I don't know why I've been following this news but: Dallas filmed Lone Star was finally/actually cancelled after two episodes.
  • Sent to me yesterday: "The wrong way to test an air bag."
  • Give kids a bunch of oversized chalk and my driveway looks like a drunk Picasso got turned loose on it.
  • You're about to see two college football bullet points. 
  • Saturday's football schedule: Baylor at 11:00, OU/Tex at 2:30, Oregon/Stanford and Alabama/Florida at 700. Will I sit there and watch it all day? Not a chance. But a man can dream.
  • Little UAB went to U. of Tennessee on Saturday and took them into overtime. Which is (kind of ) amazing because UAB's kicker missed five (!!!) field goal attempts during regulation. So in the first overtime, Tennessee kicks a field goal and then, after UAB fails to score a touchdown, finds itself facing a fourth down. Do you send that college kid out to try a sixth kick in front of 100,000 hostile people? Yep, you do. He made it. (They still eventually lost the game, but my heart was so rooting for that kid.)
  • A phrase you don't hear much anymore: "He thinks he's God's gift to women." 
  • A deaf guy was exonerated yesterday in Dallas and D.A. Craig Watson Watkins was there to meet him and say a few words as he walked out of the jail. I'm shocked, absolutely shocked, that Watson Watkins couldn't have a private moment with the guy in any place other than on the public sidewalk in front of cameras. Edit: Sheesh on the name. 
  • Worst tattoo customer ever.
  • Hey, now.
  • Summer vacation plans anyone? I want to go somewhere not hot which has a combination of notable urban and/or historical things to see but within a quick jaunt to hiking and nature areas. Seattle? San Francisco?
  • Britney was on Glee last night and I didn't watch it. I promise.
  • Had a local lawyer tell me that he was at a horse race track last weekend and saw a jockey get killed right in front of his eyes. His kid just happen to be in the bathroom when it happened. 
  • The Dez Bryant "$54.896 restaurant tab" story seems a little suspicious. (ESPN reported it yesterday on a blog post and then it took off.)  I want to see the bill. 
  • And as I told the Mrs this morning, "That's one of the reason I don't like the NFL. We want to cheer for those guys?"
  • This has been in the Update for the second day: "ALUMNI MEETING – Eastside Alumni will hold its monthly meeting at 1 p.m. on Saturday, Oct. 2, at the home of . . . . " Uh, who are the "Eastside Alumni"?  Edit: A commenter says it is for those that attended a segregated school on the east side of Decatur before desegregation. Really? Where was it?


Tomorrow's Messenger Above The Fold

Tuesday Afternoon Pick Me Up

Natalie (Fox 4), Sybil (105.3 The Fan), and Fiona (Fox 4)

Edit: Hey, Sybil commented!

Edit: Fiona commented!!!! Hey, now.


Tonight's speech at the University of Texas from the author of "More Guns, Less Crime" has been cancelled  (as has all activities) due to the gun incident today.


Edit: He's got his guns back up --- speech moved and will go on. (As will UT football practice). Heck, they are right: "We're Texas."

Update: UT Official Email

Edit: And the official "All Clear" statement was issued shortly before noon.

Uh Oh

Edit: The Austin American Statesman is being updated rapidly. This was pretty scary.

Edit: We've got some Austinites updating us (click to enlarge) :

Random Tuesday Morning Thoughts

  • George Lopez and his wife are getting a divorce after 17 years. I blame her for putting up with 17 years of bad humor. 
  • The elderly lady from Titanic died yesterday at 100 years of age. I'll never forgive her for throwing that necklace into the ocean. 
  • Funny animated GIF of Longhorn coed reacting to the Empire's destruction this weekend.
  • The new movie, The Social Network, seems to be the perfect storm: It's about Facebook which is used by millions of Americans, it will appeal to the young, and every reviewer so far over at Rotten Tomatoes has liked it. A box office bonanza is coming.
  • Replaced the Mrs LL car last night with a slightly used Chrysler 300. Observations: Car buying is a beating. Driving that car makes me feel like a gangsta. I think the rims are 20 inches which is just asking for them to get stolen. 
  • Saw the most smart arsed kid yesterday in district court who might have been high. I thought the judge was going to throw him jail. 
  • And there was a very odd Driving While License Invalid being tried to a jury in the County Court at Law. Not sure I've ever seen one of those taken to trial before. 
  • Amazingly clouds over the Kansas State stadium on Saturday.
  • Remember when every kid thought he was going to be rich by collecting Beanie Babies. 
  • NFL legend George Blanda died yesterday. He was the first non-Cowboy I really remember as a little kid, and I recalled yesterday sitting in my brother's room and watching Blanda kick a last minute field goal for Oakland to beat the Chiefs. Last night I saw one of those replays -- nostalgia set in. 
  • Fox Sports Southwest enters into a 20 year TV contract with the Texas Rangers for $1.6 billion? Really? They could have bought the team for $600 million and broad casted them forever. And would you have any faith in what "TV" will be like even ten years from now?
  • Cops getting tazed as practice -- all of whom sound like Chewbacca. 
  • Drove by Decatur High as it was letting out yesterday.  Isn't that a traffic design nightmare? One long. backed up road leading up to College Street that's not controlled by a red light.
  • Ages of deaths mentioned in the Update this morning: 38, 46, 22,  and 39.


Not Sure What I Think About The T-Shirt

Winning a four team division with a (current) 56% winning percentage is an accomplishment -- I guess. But I don't think you'd catch a Yankee fan wearing a "division" winner T-shirt.

Walk By This Every Day In Decatur

If I had caught all of it, you would see that it reads "Please God show me how to help my liberal friends to think RIGHT."

"Excuse Me A Minute"

Kind of funny yesterday.

Random Monday Morning Thoughts

  • Can we have this morning weather every morning? Fantastic.
  • "Tomorrow we'll take the dog out and talk some more like we always do. But this time even longer." - Second grader to me last night. Awwww.
  • Cowboys' prediction = Win. Arkansas prediction = Close but no cigar. Rangers' prediction = I'm still confident.
  • Might have to break down and get a new/used/whatever car for Mrs. LL today. Her's is close to giving up the ghost. (As vain as I am, I've never cared much for what I drive.)
  • Bridgeport motorcycle death. Awful.
  • Late Saturday night I heard loud music coming from down the street. I'm not irritated but I am nosy so I grab the new pooch and walk around the block looking for the source. I think I've found it when I look back and see the pooch take off like a rocket the other way and around the corner. I take off running after her in a panic because I'm a dead man if I lose the dog. Fortunately, she was sitting at the front door without a care in the world when I get back to the house. Dumb dog. Smart dog.
  • Those miners are still trapped in Chile.
  • The commercial where the tiny giraffe kisses the rich guy on the cheek causing him to laugh crazily makes me giggle.
  • I was sent to the grocery store to get "regular" Doritos. Talk about Confused Head as I stared at the chip aisle for five minutes. Did you know they stop making them years ago? But apparently the default regular Doritos are now nacho cheese flavor -- at least to someone in the household. (I bought Tostitos to the chagrin of the Family Unit.)
  • I think the Rangers won the East, but Josh Hamilton (because of his addiction problem) had to stay away from the clubhouse where champagne was flowing. If you listen to that guy talk, you can tell his brain is fried.
  • Does Roy Williams performance for the Cowboys make me think he's great? Nope. Makes me think how he must be dogging it 90% of the time. 
  • Oklahoma is a 4 point favorite over Texas. They both look awful. 
  • Stephen Colbert testifying before Congress on Friday is the closest thing to Idiocracy that I've seen. And I don't think that guy is funny for a second. Jon Stewart, yes. Colbert, no.
  • Guy in wheelchair gets run over in Florida game.