And I Just Thought The Walmart Greeter Was The Most Famous Person In There

You may remember the announcement about the new horror flick being filmed in Runaway Bay starring Chad Allen. I'm not exactly sure I know who Chad Allen is (his list of works here), but this gal spotted him in the Decatur Walmart and snapped a camera phone pic.

This Isn't Exactly CourtTV

Just heard that we have a jury deliberating on a DWI case. Trooper stopped him for speeding 95 on a service road with a .108 on the breath test. Edit: Guilty after 45 minute deliberation.

Frilly's Is Serving Fa-What?

Nothing Like A Goof Friday Tazer Video

Warning: Language But the guy may win an award for the number of Tazer blasts he takes. After the first one, I'd be crying like a school girl.

This Could Be Huge

The FBI is reportedly investigating an NBA referee who was allegedly betting on basketball games, including games he worked in the past two seasons. The New York Post first reported Friday that the year-long investigation is focusing on allegations that the referee bet on games and was making calls that affected the point spread on games. The newspaper reported that according to sources, an arrest of the referee was imminent and that NBA Commissioner David Stern is aware of the investigation.

Can you imagine? If this is true, this will be the biggest sports scandal in years. And what if he was a ref in the Dallas/Miami finals from last year? Do you think Cuban will go crazy?

It's Britney Friday

In her defense, this is an outfit from a video shoot yesterday. Although she'll probably wear it to church this weekend.


Can You Believe They Let Some Hindu Pray In The Senate?

That Freedom of Religion thing is kinda tricky. The protesters says: ""Lord Jesus, forgive us father for allowing a prayer of the wicked, which is an abomination in your sight. This is an abomination. We shall have no other gods before You . . . ."

If You Want To See Something Shocking

Watch the (very sick) Tammy Fay Baker's appearance tonight on Larry King Live. I just saw a preview a second ago.

Edit: Picture is up. Think what you will of her past, no one needs to suffer like that. Not only is she 65 years old, she says she is 65 pounds due to her battle with cancer. And here's a pic of what she used to look like:

Question Mark Forms Over Everyone's Head

I Hope The Evil Empire Isn't Recruiting Him

I can't believe I'm impressed by some Pop Warner football player from California. Except I am. The video does some MTV-ish cutting back and forth in the first 15 seconds then it becomes watchable. Maybe he's a good Baptist boy that would like Waco. Heck, he could start this fall.

Holy Crap

From the DMN:

Vinson & Elkins LLP, which has its largest offices in Dallas and Houston, said Wednesday it's raising its first-year annual salary to $160,000 and second-year salary to $170,000, up from $135,000 and $145,000. Industry experts say Vinson & Elkins is the first major Texas firm to match the salary that New York firms bumped first-year lawyers up to in January.

And later in the story:

The top salaries apply to only the elite law firms. Entry-level lawyers in Texas earn about $58,439 a year, according to the Texas Workforce Commission . . . .

I Wonder What The Crane Rental Fee Is?

Saw the County Clerk's office get three new a/c units yesterday. Not much you can do about it, and I like being cool as much as the next guy, but I bet that was an expensive day.

Hott 4 Hill

A big question mark formed over my head while I was watching this. But hot girls that can sing and run around in a bikini always have a place in my cold, dark heart.

Brit Says,

"When I can't find a bathing suit at Walmart, I strip down to my bra and panties and go swimming anyway."

Which she actually did yesterday. Man, it's a matter of time until we have another breakdown. High quality pic here.


Jerry, Draft This Man!

These pics were all over the sports blogs today. That's University of Arkansas running back Darren McFadden who is expected to be the #1 pick in next year's draft.

Dallas needs him here. Badly. And I am soooo getting me one of those cars for my rides to Jacksboro.

Troy Dungan's Dirty Little Secret

Channel 8 is whipping our arse with the Troy Dungan send off as he retires (kinda) at the age of 70.

Over the last couple of days, his "Greatest Weather Moments" have been appearing in various publications and the radio. His number one moment is when the "Fort Worth tornado" hit downtown. Troy, buddy, I was watching you that night. You had no clue.

Hey, I like the guy. He's hard not to like. Although I think all local weatherman are spares (I could do that - remember my prediction two weeks ago about the rains being over? Spot on, bruther), he had no idea what was going on the night the storm hit. Moments before downtown was beat apart, Troy was tracking a storm in northern Tarrant County on radar. Yep. it was a heck of a storm, moving from I-35/Western Center Boulevard due east over Haltom City, North Richland Hills and into Colleyville.

Then the tornado hit. It was an awkward moment on TV because someone told him about it out loud near the stage. He was confused but said something "big" was happening over downtown Fort Worth. (Yeah, he gave no warning of the tornado but I don't blame him for that - a tornado touching down isn't something you can predict.) But, as I watched the screen, downtown Fort Worth was now the hot spot. With the radar behind him, Troy pointed to what he thought was the tornado. But he was completely confused. He kept pointing time and time again to a storm north of downtown over Saginaw. It wasn't even close to downtown. If the video existed, you would not believe what you saw. The man looked like he had never seen a map of Tarrant County before.

I've talked to one guy who saw the same thing I did, and his reaction was exactly the same. You'll never see a video of it. It's buried in the vault of WFAA.

I don't know why this has stuck with all these years. My first and only wife (yep, I'll admit to only one) used to cringe whenever she noticed I was looking at at a Troy Dungan Billboard or Troy Dungan Commercial. She knew my rant was coming. "You have got to let that go!" she told me.

With his retirement, maybe I will.

Back To The Dog Theme

From yesterday's Tour de France.

And Brit Is A Photo Machine!

Keeping With Today's Dog Theme - A New Pic Of Whatserface

Inadequate Protection

Somehow I caught a minor computer virus but it didn't turn out to be fatal. Cost me $29 to find a program that would wipe it out. The whole thing was a beating.

From the Update

MORE TROUBLE - Animal cruelty charges have been filed against former Decatur animal control officer Sherri Jo Berend. Wise County animal control officers, responding to a citizen’s complaint, found close to 40 dogs living on Berend’s property. Officers said that violates an agreement made with the Wise County Attorney’s office last summer following an earlier raid where 247 dogs were taken to SPCA animal shelters and later put up for adoption.

Uh, we do have some animal chaos going on in the county right now.

Tara Reid says,

"Feeding my dog a nerf football is better treatment than those dogs got at the Wise County Animal Shelter."


Things I Care About . . .

. . . that most people don't.

Today, Atlanta quarterback Michael Vick was indicted in federal court for taking part in dog fighting.

One thing that makes me shake my head is that the federal government, through the office of the U.S. Attorney, has filed the charges. Not the State of Georgia, not some county in Georgia, the United States of America is using your resources to prosecute this case. (Uh, fellas in the U.S. Attorney's office, you've got a bunch of guys down in Guantanamo Bay that need to be prosecuted (maybe). And you're wasting your time on this?)

It's a local matter. If Vick did something wrong let the local County Attorney or District Attorney file charges. But federal? Please.

Edit: Since the "dog pile" is beginning in the comments, let me clarify. The federal government may be able to legitimately stretch the meaning of "interstate commerce" to gain jurisdiction, I'm just saying that you would never (practically) have seen this type of federal prosecution 10 years ago.

Greg Louganis Probably Got Started That Way

Back when I was a kid, the city pool in Bridgeport had the greatest spring diving boards. I'll swear, the Olympics didn't have that quality of boards. The town must have called a bond election to afford the dang things. But the life guards would always get on to us if we jumped more than once at the end of the board. Now I know why.

Oh . . .

. . . my.

Say What?

The first paragraph of a press release from a Dallas County sheriff candidate:

DALLAS COUNTY – Dallas County sheriff candidate Lowell Cannaday has raised $40,000 for his first fundraising event to take place Monday evening, an amount he also reported in his quarterly campaign finance report filed earlier Monday.

Read it until your head spins. All I can think about is Donnie Darko-like worm holes and time traveling.

Things Are Hot and Heavy In Runaway Bay

Got a report that the electricity is out in some parts of Runaway Bay. "Might" be back on by 2:00 p.m. Yep, the news can get a bit slow in the summer.

More Mug Shot Fun

I'm never a fan of T-shirts with "slogans" on them, but they can be entertaining in mug shots. Ten of them begin here.

A Genuine Award

Ok, I give up. Who is Bert Ford and why is an award named after him?

And would it be inappropriate to go hit Sixth Street after the award ceremony?

Ralph Is Either Drunk Or Stupid. Or Both

It's a little hard to see him when the clip first starts. You'll find him at the top of the ladder.

Britney says,

"Don't worry Precious. I won't let you near that nasty ol' animal shelter in Decatur."


47 Days Until College Football Season

The pic is a screenshot I took during last year's Baylor v. The Evil Empire game. Baylor had just scored on a bomb and a field goal and then followed it up with an interception. This girl was caught looking at the scoreboard with an expression of, "We are playing Baylor, aren't we?" I was so happy at that moment, but I knew the game would end as horribly as a date with Christina Aguilera. And it did.

I'm Rethinking . . .

. . . my desire to run with the bulls.

Phoebe Cates is 33 44 Today

This should be a national holiday. For many guys across the nation, that 15 seconds of Fast Times at Ridgemont High may be the greatest moment in the history of film. How she didn't win an Oscar for that scene alone is a tragedy.

Searched Flickr . . .

. . . for "Bridgeport" and "Texas" and this came up.

Random Cowboy Note

His name might be in the Cowboy's Ring of Honor but it is not on his grave site.

Hey, Now

Britney from this weekend. (It's clickable.)


I don't know where "Duke's" is in Bedford, but the cops sure do. I was at a driver's license hearing today in Fort Worth and heard two cops talking about it. The Bedford cop was proclaiming how busy the cops had become since it opened up (meaning lots of DWI arrests). Bedford cop: "In fact, I'm here today on stop out of Duke's." Saginaw cop: "Me, too!"

"They Tried To Make Me Go To Rehab"

Lindsay Lohan got out of rehab on Saturday and then went to some club in Las Vegas called "Pure". (That her in the pic.) No drinking. Just Red Bull. Lots of Red Bull. I bet she still hasn't gone to sleep.

And I think my fifth bride wore that exact same skirt to our wedding.

Bullish On Bulls

Man, you have to watch this short CNN video (after a very short commercial) about the Running of the Bulls last week. Apparently, one of the bulls did a U-turn and caused some major carnage. And if you hate carnage, you do NOT want to click on this link. (He's OK, by the way. Saw him on The Today Show this morning.)

Kim Kardashian says,

"I picked up this towel at the Dollar Store in Decatur. Women must be smaller in Decatur than what I'm used to."

Sorry For The Slow Weekend Posting

I spent my weekend dressed up as something riding an ostrich amongst cheerleaders that can't dance during a Mexican baseball game.


Actually this is a headline from the Star Telegram in the 1940s. The story really isn't very interesting, but I had never heard of it.