Random Tuesday Morning Thoughts

Back in the day, lawmakers were suckers. Ten years ago it was revealed that Paxton lost $100,000 and King lost $46,000.

  • Oh, man. 

  • Wise County Judge J.D. Clark has posted on Facebook a series of great photographs showing the work at the top the courthouse. I'm feel like a kid watching those guys work whenever I'm outside and look up.

  • If this story recounts all the evidence they've got, that case is beyond extremely weak.

  • I think its a very bad look for the New York AG to tweet the daily interest that Trump is accruing after his fraud judgment. 

  • I'm also not a big fan of the optics of discussing a ceasefire in Gaza while holding an ice cream cone.

  • For a man who takes bribes and has affairs, he sure does hate all vices

  • Missed this sentence last Friday.

  • My favorite photojournalist, Fox4Terry, was on the job last night

  • Ken Paxton is waging a war against three Republican ultra-conservative judges on the Texas Court of Criminal Appeals because they said what has always been the law: Elected D.A.'s have exclusive jurisdiction to prosecute voter fraud and not the AG. It was a no-brainer of a decision. But Paxton has gone after them with a Trump-like lie that he had his authority "stripped." Now even Trump himself is promoting the lie.  (Hey, I can't stand all three of the judges because they never saw a prosecution case they didn't like and would not uphold. But they are being unfairly attacked.) 

  • If you want a deep dive on the guy who set himself on fire over the weekend, here's a gift link. (And whatever you do, don't search for the the video he shot of his final moments. Even the blurred out version with audio is nightmare material.)

  • This Business Second™. I bet the two chains give up on the merger instead of fighting for it.  

  • Legal nerdy stuff: In the Supreme Court yesterday, the Texas Solicitor General tried to defend the unconstitutional Texas social media law and actually uttered the phrase, "Sir, this is a Wendy's." If the following makes no sense, that's a pretty good indication of how bad of a job he did. 

  • If you drive through Bridgeport on 380, you better take a lunch because of all the excessively long red lights. 


Random Monday Morning Thoughts

I wrote that on 2/28/14.

  • We are headed to record territory today.

  • Cam Newton got jumped. Video.

  • Holy cow.  "Prior to setting himself on fire, the man said he would 'no longer be complicit in genocide [by Israel in Gaza]' and that he was 'about to engage in an extreme act of protest.'" This gives me flashbacks to the Buddhist monk who famously set himself on fire in Vietnam in 1963.

  • And another.

  • I watched quite a bit of CPAC last week and it was as nuts as I thought it would be. But this was a scary thought . . . 

  • A filing by Trump's lawyer may indicate that the fiery DA in Atlanta might have lied in last the hearing two weeks ago. If this is true, it's bad. Very bad.  They got the cellphone records with a simple subpoena. 

  • Trump won South Carolina easily on Saturday. 

    • Drudge has a different spin on it. 

    • As the graphic shows below, we are so doomed as a society. I've said it before: About 2/3rds of Republicans (who make up half all voters) are ultra-MAGA.  That's 1/3 of all voters which is exactly the percentage that the Nazi party received in 1932 right before Hitler was appointed Chancellor. And Trump's propaganda machine is far better than that of Joseph Goebbels.

  • Trump is sounds more and  more authoritarian with each passing day. Highlights/Lowlights from this weekend: 
    • Black people will vote for him because he's been indicted? Video. Side note: Show me a black person who has been indicted on 90 counts who is walking around free before trial. 

    • Translated: The minorities are coming for the white women. Video

    • Immigrants are so dangerous they are even speaking mysterious unknown languages! Video.

    • Good lord. Video

  • Legal political stuff: So what's unusual about Justice Clarence Thomas hiring this girl as a clerk? Quite a bit.


  • Legal nerdy stuff: Today the Supreme Court will hear arguments on a Texas law that is so blatantly unconstitutional that I can't believe it has gotten this far -- but it had to since the crazy Fifth Circuit ruled it was valid

  • The Business Second. Construction of high dollar property in Uptown is really amazing:

  • Former Cowboys receiver Golden Richards has died. For old guys like me, he is right in our wheelhouse. 

  • Sportswriter Peter King announced this morning that he is retiring from writing his weekly column (which I used to dog relentlessly back in the day.)  But I'll always remember him for odd tweets like this:

  • The mistrial in Wise County's district court last week sounds pretty tense. 


It's Friday -- Let's Get Out of Here

Random Friday Morning Thoughts

Here's what the case was about and what eventually happened with the prosecution. 

  • The most surprising thing about this case is that Texas even has a law that prohibits discrimination because of a "hairstyle associated with race." It somehow was passed in the last conservative session with overwhelmingly numbers.  Yesterday, a country judge just ignored it in this case and screwed the kid over.

    • I object to the judge's mustache.

  • This is the strangest proposition on the Republican Primary ballot.  No one "registers" in Texas for either party.

  • Have you seen this video? It is incredible. I mean jaw-dropping incredible. Both officer empty their clips, reload, and empty them again. And they have no idea what they are shooting at.  

  • Love it.


  • If you support Texas seceding from the Union, I'm sorry but you're a moron. 

  • Proof of being over-taxed in Texas:

  • We have the list of names for the the hurricanes later this year.

  • Good lord, I'm agreeing with Mark Cuban.

  • I saw this headline and wondered if there is something unusual about the case. I got my answer.

  • The Business Second™: The stock of computer chip maker NVIDIA has been insane over the last year. It's now the third largest company in America.

  • Time which has passed since the Wise County Sheriff's Office, despite having a full male DNA profile, has failed to solve the murder of Lauren Whitener in her home at Lake Bridgeport: 4 years and 242 days.