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Random Wednesday Morning Thoughts

  • Texas hospitalizations. The trend continues.

  • Texas "new cases" set an all time daily record yesterday by blowing by all past numbers. (Wise County's dashboard, which is only updated once a week on Tuesday, shows 200 active cases with 507 tests pending. The 200, a conservative number at best, is easily a record.)

  • Nearby rural hospital news:
  • Hey, restrictions on how many people can be in a private home may have serious constitutional questions, but the 4th Amendment ain't one of them.  It's frustrating that in one of the very rare times that hard line conservatives even recognize the existence of the 4th Amendment that they completely screw up it's meaning. 

  • I'm surprised that due to his ongoing rage and depression he didn't go all Game of Thrones on the turkey and lop its head off. 

  • Extremely cool picture from near Celina last night. I can say "cool" because I don't think there was any damage because of that particular cloud:

  • Unlike in Arlington where there was a wild scene at the "Burger Box" (which is apparently pretty popular.)

  • Pete Delkus broke into WFAA programming last night to warn about the Arlington tornado.

  • I kept seeing this graphic yesterday. I wonder what it would look like if planes were sized to scale instead of being depicted with a 25 mile wingspans. (By the way, I stand by my firmly held belief that "the Thanksgiving holidays are the biggest travel days of the year" is Fake News.)

  • Hal Ketchum has died. I wore out the Sure Love CD back in the day. 

  • Williamson County proved it was still crazy yesterday when this very weird case made the news. It all started when the County Judge was doing a bit and ended up being photographed wearing fire gear lent to by another county official. That somehow led to charges of "abuse of official capacity" and "official oppression." From the best I can figure out, then his lawyer and a special prosecutor got very creative and came up with a deal where the judge pled to violating a "stay at home order" so the two charges could be dismissed.  

  • That whole story is an extension of my "Too Many Cops - Too Many Prosecutors" mantra. It's the criminal justice system just creating busy work at taxpayer expense. 
  • Speaking of, it's that time for new bills to be filed in the Texas legislature. Here's one:

  • Someone solve this for me

    Big government was trying to keep the location a secret.
    It didn't take long for the Internet to figure it out. 

  • The Dallas Court of Appeals is in a grumpy mood. This time they got after a paralegal for the alleged unauthorized practice of law from the very uniquely named "TrailBlazin’ Legal Services" in Leonard, Texas. (If you look at one of his filings in the case, including the attachments, you kind of get an idea why the court got a little bent out of shape.)

  • All of Trump's silly legal challenges have been a bloodbath so far, but it's about to get worse. In a filing this morning, we just learned Rudy wants to argue before the Third Circuit Federal Court of Appeals. Oh, my. 

  • I'll never understand the stock market . . . 


Random Tuesday Morning Thoughts


  • Texas Hospitalizations: Another new record for this Fall Wave. Decatur's hospital also set a record high yesterday with 33 COVID patients. 

  • Whatever happened to Trump's wonder drug, Hydroxychloroquine?
  • In what will be the closest to a concession by Trump that we will ever see, a spare federal government official yesterday finally recognized that Joe Biden is President-Elect. Biden's team now finally gets the money from the Trump Administration to aid in a peaceful transition of power.

  • After she made the announcement, Trump tried one last con to try to make us believe it was all his idea. 

  • But Trump went off the deep end again this morning. He's quote-tweeting crazy Randy Quaid!

  • Randy Quaid 10 days ago:

  • I've dogged Tarrant County DA Sharen Wilson a number of times, but she needs huge credit for a program she just announced. If you have a misdemeanor weed case, stay clean for three months and she'll dismiss it outright. No probation. No pre-trial diversion. No fees. It's just gone. Look, that lady is as conservative and as "law and order" as they come. If she's doing this, it's time for Texas to legalize weed. 

  • An actual quote from Cowboys' coach Mike McCarthy at yesterday's press conference: “We were just using the approach to honor the great comedian Gallagher. It’s an idea that came up, and we went for it.”  Imagine Tom Landry saying that. And is there a single player who knows who Gallagher is? Andy Dalton, maybe? 

  • I may repost it for "It's Friday - Let's Get Out of Here", but if you haven't seen the crazy Puppy Rescue From An Alligator video by now, it is too great to hold back.

  • Texas oil field news this morning: $43.55.

  • I finally watched Dallas Buyers Club after all these years. I had always presumed that the under-the-radar scheme to distribute HIV/AIDS fighting drugs was run by some high tone guy out of a Highland Park condo. I have no idea why I labored under that presumption, but I did. But my verdict: Two big thumbs up. (And Jared Leto as Rayon! Oh, my!)

  • Is it a bad sign when the Dallas Court of Appeals thinks you did such a poor job as a lawyer they refer you for potential disciplinary action?  Opinion

  • Don't look now, but I know for a fact that the great Skip Hollandsworth from Texas Monthly has now expressed an extreme interest in the Lauren Whitener unsolved murder case and the Wise County fiasco that has gone along with it. 
  • Messenger: Above the Fold (released a day early this week.)


Random Monday Morning Thoughts

  • Texas Hospitalizations:

  • I don't have an update on Judge Cude, and I didn't want to bug anyone over the weekend to get one.
  • Notable people diagnosed since Friday:
    • The Tarrant County Sheriff who keeps allowing inmates to die in his jail got some news. 

    • Junior!

    • In addition to insider trading to profit off of COVID, Georgia Sen. Kelly Loeffler was also diagnosed with it.

    • Legendary coach Lou Holtz joined the list. When teams were considering cancelling the season earlier this year, Holtz said: "Let's move on with our life. When they stormed Normandy, they knew there were going to be casualties and there would be risks."

  • Ted Cruz has not caught the COVID, but he was still being Ted Cruz over the weekend. Compare and contrast:

  • It's hard to summarize, but let me try. Here is what has happened in connection with Trump's hopeless and desperate attempt to hold onto power by a coup. 
    • My rant over the coronavirus on Friday temporarily distracted me from mentioning the insane Rudy Giuliani melting-hair-die-press-conference where it was announced that an "Elite Strike Force" team of Giuliani, Jenna Ellis, and Texas lawyer Sidney Powell were there to save the day. I want you to remember crazy Powell for a second. Her name is coming back up. 

    • Trump then invited Michigan legislators to the White House to try and strong arm them to change the election results. They declined and then drank $500 a bottle champagne at the Trump Hotel. (I wonder if Trump paid for it before he could cancel the comp.) 

    • On Friday, the Pennsylvania court in which Rudy Giuliani rambled in front of last week, dismissed the case in a scathing opinion. It was brutal. 

    • Trump golfed.
    • Remember crazy Trump lawyer Powell? I told you to! Anyway, she appeared on Newsmax and said that the reason Trump lost Georgia is because Georgia's Republican Gov. Brian Kemp has been bribed by a Venezuelan front company in cahoots with the CIA to throw elections to Communists. Seriously. She said it.  Watch it

    • Then last night, the Elite Strike Force team broke up when Giuliani and Ellis distanced from Powell because, and I didn't think it was possible, she was too crazy for them and Trump. 

  • Make no mistake about how dangerous Trump's election fraud claims are. America is young. And right now it, through Trump, America is acting like a reckless teenager behind the wheel. She should know, but doesn't know, how her life can all end suddenly. 
    • But people believe the fraud claim. In fact, a lot of people believe it. Get this: 77% of those who voted for Trump believe his baseless fraud claims. 

    • I did some number crunching: 77% of Trump's 73,775,569 voters = 56,791,788.  The total number of votes at this moment is 153,578,855 (79,803,286 voted for Biden + 73,775,569 Trump voters).  So 56,791,788/153,578,855 means that 36% of the total voting population believes the fraud claim. That's exactly the percentage of America who make up Trump's very hard core base -- the exact same people who would have voted for him if he shot a man of 5th Avenue. Those people are extremely gullible. 
    • I learned a frightening fact about America over the last four years: People believe what they want to believe.
    • A buddy was joking to me that the easiest way to win a DWI trial in the future is to simply suggest, despite having no evidence, that the Intoxilyzer machine was made in Wuhan, China and, thus, cannot be trusted. At least I think he was joking. 
  • This story got my attention. A DA in the Texas Panhandle is offering pre-trial diversion in THC cases (those cases involving legally purchased edibles in Colorado which magically become a felony, regardless of amount, when you enter into Texas.) There's one issue: The DA makes the defendant donate money to the DA (generally $3,500) to "enter" the program and then the DA turns around a donates the money to a various community charities. Apparently, she likes seeing her name on the checks to the charitable organizations.  The story questions its legality since "entry" fees to pre-trial diversion programs are capped at $500 by statute

  • There was lots of JFK posts yesterday including this photo taken seconds after the shooting. shooting. I'm not sure I was familiar with. (The Book Depository in the background is ominous.) But that got me thinking. Who was the driver of the limo? About 10 minutes later I was reading his testimony in front of the Warren Commission as to what he saw. You can learn anything if you want to. 

  • The NFC East is doing a bit:

  • I was little scarred by this yesterday. 

  • Decatur's high school volleyball team won the State Championship on Saturday. Here's a video of the celebration on the courthouse square late that night