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I'm Not Saying It Is Right. I'm Not Saying It Is Wrong.

But while watching a video a Wise County Sheriff's Deputy pursuing an alleged reckless driver, that speed got my attention. Everything, and I mean everything, is recorded these days.

(This is the top portion of the video. I've edited out the date.)

Another deputy will show up later to do field sobriety testing. He tells the person to walk over in front of his "nice Charger."



Above The Fold

Full page PDF.

Random Wednesday Morning Thoughts

  • It was horrible that two Dallas police officers were shot yesterday. (They, at this moment,  survived). But what happened later was ridiculous. Having a ton of officers run from the hospital in a frenzy to get into a police chase for the suspect is 100% irresponsible. They are too emotional at that point to be involved. 
  • Concerning the suspect, Fox 4 got an interview with his grandmother who said, "He was raised in a Christian church. He's so sweet, and I've never seen him do anything wrong."
  • The Dallas Chief of Police is not politically astute for doing this. 
  • Alright. Alright. Alright.
  • The President of France and Trump spent the day together. This is my favorite photo. 
  • And I stole this from BagOfNothing. This is amazing. The First Lady's outfit is right out of Scarface
  • But at least she is classier than she used to be when Trump decided to make her his third wife.

  • I used to be skeptical about whether sex trafficking exists. Now I'm 100% convinced it does. 
  • The NFL draft in Dallas this weekend will be insane. (But don't worry about how the majority of players drafted are black men who will be forced to take a designated salary without any bargaining power. It reminds me of something. Nevermind, I'll go back to watching Roots right now.)
  • Trump thought this guy, with no experience, would be best to lead the VA. There is no way he gets approval. What did Trump tell you? "I'll hire the best people."
  • Mrs. LL had an amazing ability to never cry. As she gets older, that is changing. The lyrics from Fleetwood Mac's Landslide come to mind: "But time makes you bolder. Even children get older. And I'm getting older, too."


Jerrry Jones Drops an F Bomb

Edit: A previous version of this said Jason Garrett dropped the bomb.  The research department at Liberally Lean regrets this error. People will be fired.


There Is No Commercial That Drives Me Crazier Than This

How do you want to be remembered? Being a decent person, not a bad guy, or a good friend? Nope. That is not enough. You need a big truck.

The ad firm which created this knows exactly what America is becoming.

Random Tuesday Morning Thoughts

  • I had heard of "Purple Drank" before but I learned yesterday of basically the same thing called "Lean" is going around. 
  • It's allergy season which is killing me, but, believable or not, it is causing some "vertigo, or dizzy spells" in Austin. 
  • If you haven't gone down 287 to Fort Worth to see the flowers in the median, you need to. But they aren't bluebonnets, they are pink. (Unless I'm color blind.) 
  • I completely missed that Major League Baseball had a batter set a record for the longest at bat of all time which lasted 12 minutes and 45 seconds. The batter fouled off 16 pitches, including 10 in a row before finally flying out.
  • There are a lot of new faces on Fox 4 News. Something is going on over there. 
  • I'm now reading Elmer Gantry (yep, I had never read it before.) It is completely different than I expected and pretty hard hitting. The prose by Sinclair Lewis are beautiful, but I wonder if that book would even get published today. 
  • Grand Prairie police shot and killed a man at Ikea. 
  • Alabama closed state offices yesterday for "Confederate Memorial Day." Those people won't give it up. 
  • How I've never been to the Civil War Museum in White Settlement (pause), is a mystery to my own mind. The great Robert Wilonsky did. 
  • Any chance this is the first time Trump has ever picked up a shovel?:
  • Mrs. LL and I have a bit about who can create the best hummingbird water for a feeder. She now says, "Say my name!"


Make America Great Again?

He'll tweet when he gets his feelings hurt. But now silent. I wonder why?

Edit: BREAKING: Nashville Waffle House shooter, Travis Reinking, who was part of a right wing extremist movement, "Sovereign Citizen" has been arrested.

Album Cover With A Wise County Reference

I know I've posted this before but can't remember the background of the story. If you spell a destination "Rhome" you are talking about Wise County.

(Credit: A Houston lawyer who once successfully ate a 72 oz. steak at The Big Texas Steak Ranch in Amarillo.)

At Barbara Bush's Funeral

Obviously, Trump was not there. His wife was.

But if you want to go down a rabbit hole, start researching whether a sitting President normally attends the funeral of a former First Lady. They don't. It's an American tradition. A tradition of treating women as second class citizens.

Random Monday Morning Thoughts

  • Funniest thing I've heard lately about those who hate the Confederate statues being taken down: "You should have won the war."
  • Anyone else notice that some cars were driving very slowly on 4/20?
  • As a guy who now has seen two kids experiencing high school, watching The Breakfast Club seems much different than when I first saw it. John Hughes was a master at understanding the human condition. 
  • Mrs. LL and I are now five episodes deep into Green Acres. Mrs. LL loves it. 
  • Ted Cruz writes an article praising Trump in Time magazine? That after what Trump did to him in the election? ("Lyin' Ted"). And Cruz once said we would "plunge into the abyss" under a Donald Trump presidency. Crooks and Liars. 
  • This should freak us all out
  • Mark Cuban once said: If you can't spot the sucker in the room in a business meeting, that person is you. That's the dumbest thing ever said. It presumes you are the smartest man in the room. 
  • This photo, posted by a former NFL kicker, caused controversy this weekend. I'll cut him a break. #BitsAreFun
  • This was in the Messenger this week and it referenced one of the greatest articles of all time that they published. One of their young reporters went and ran naked at a Wise County nudist colony.:
  • I watched Gladiator again this weekend. This line stuck out to me: "Fear and wonder. A powerful combination." (I'll put that movie in my Top 10.)
  • Trump went on a crazy Twitter rant this weekend. It is too much to keep up with.
  • You have to love politics to do want to see this, but Kellyanne Conway losing it over the weekend during a CNN interview borders on bizarre. 
  • My father disclosed yesterday that as a young man he was paid $1 to dispose of a dead dog at the request of Bridgeport's Chief of Police, was allowed to take the Chief's car, and decided he would do comedy by firing up the siren as he came back into downtown Bridgeport. I'm still laughing. (He pulled up behind two DPS Troopers' cars -- the only two troopers assigned to Wise County at the time.)
  • Four people were killed, and many more injured, by a white naked guy with an AR-15 this weekend in Tennessee. The insanity was stopped by an unarmed black guy.  
  • Sean Hannity uses government welfare and prays on the poor? Who would have thought? And the fact this came to light because he is one of the three clients for the Dumbest Lawyer In America is gold. 


It's Friday. Let's Get Out Of Here.

 On a scale of 1 to 10, I'll give her an E for effort. 

 Get me this . . . goat. 
 I hope the crowd is coming out to beat him senseless, but I don't think so.
 Life comes at you fast. 
I may divorce Mrs. LL for this woman.
And just because of her golfing abilities, of course.

This Is A Great Photo

For those of you who have ever followed high school level baseball or softball, you'll appreciate this photo. The joy of being "safe."

Random Friday Morning Thoughts

  • A few months back I said there was a First Amendment issue with "revenge porn" laws. I was taught that by reading what a Houston lawyer, named Mark Bennett, wrote. Yesterday, he won an appeal where the court held the Texas revenge porn law is indeed unconstitutional. Some people have commented that Bennett, who I have never met, is arrogant and a jerk. Let me say this: If true, we need arrogant jerks who are smart lawyers to protect and defend the Constitution. 
  • Rudy Guiliani is now a part of Trump's legal "team." He is an arrogant jerk but not smart.  This will not end well.
  • I'm confused, too:
  • Presented without comment: 
  • The only people who have ever blocked me on Twitter are hard right wing conservatives. But I'll always give credit to Mark Davis (radio), Robert Jeffress (shyster pastor), and Ed Bark (TV critic) for never blocking me despite me disagreeing with them. (And never mess with Ed Bark. He will engage and destroy you.)
  • That being said, everyone should consider giving up social media. 
  • Throw in that Texas congressman Farenthold quit because he used taxpayer dollars to settle a sexual harassment case, and this story becomes something right out of the National Enquirer. I present to you the party of family values: 
  • I'm all set to get my picture taken with Stormy Daniels tonight in Fort Worth but the club's website and Twitter feed says nothing about her being there. Is she still coming? They are still selling tickets via a third party but they are non-refundable. 
  • The Yellow Pages Directory was on my porch yesterday. It is a fraction of the size it used to be. If you advertise in it, you might want to rethink your advertising strategy. But I glanced through it to see the typical insane attorney ads. I found one from Tim O'Hare. He's the former mayor of Farmer's Branch which cost the city millions in his stupid immigration fight which they lost. And he is the former head of the Republican Party of Tarrant County. But he will come to the hospital to visit you!
  • Bet: Trump will never meet with the Kim Jong Un despite his "promise" to do so.
  • Yesterday was a first for me: A good person and county employee was obviously sick. I suggested she go home. She refused because she cares about her job and is loyal. The last time I saw her she was going home, and I hope she stayed there. 
  • Photo below: Christian values, family man, and conservative Fox News host Sean Hannity at a brothel in 1990. Remember when I said I hate hypocrites and liars? 
  • I had the funnest experience of my professional career yesterday morning. I represented two rappers who just happen to be black and from Wisconsin (yep, I'm confused, too). They entered a plea to a penny-ante marijuana case. They were the most respectful and gracious clients I have ever had. I could not get them to stop saying, "Thank you, Mr. Green" because they were scared to death what a small Texas county would do to them.  But having two black guys dressed incredibly cool with dreadlocks in the Wise County courthouse caused more crazy looks from other county employees than you can ever imagine. I loved every moment. 
  • There was a meeting yesterday about a "Veterans Court" for Wise County to deal with vets' issues when they commit criminal offenses. I'm 100% for the concept. But what about a "Poor People's Court", a "Previously Sexually Abused Court", a "Discriminated Hispanic From Bridgeport Court", or a "Police Officer Who Suffers From Stress Court"? There is a huge Equal Protection issue that will eventually take down any court which gives protection to one class of people over the other. 
  • Trump will not attend Barbara Bush's funeral. That honorable family hurt his feelings during the election.  #Snowflake


Every Single Person Should Watch This

In the very, very near future, no one will know what is real and what is fake. (I know most want wish to play it because it is Barak Hussein Obama but it is not what you think.)

And with the dumbing down of America, this could get scary.

(I'll give BagOfNothing guy credit. He was all over this a long time ago.)

Presented Without Comment