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Above The Fold

Oh, My

Jury awards ex-Minn. Gov. Jesse Ventura $1.8 million in defamation suit vs Chris Kyle's estate over sniper memoir


Something Doesn't Seem Correct

They Won't Shoot Kids, Will They?

 Tea Party flag
 Always has a back up job as a WWE wrestler
What's that flag?

UT Responds To Tech Pic (Below) With This One

So much swag.

Texas Tech Coach Prepping For The Season

Guns up.

Japanese Chick Just Smashing Bricks With Her Head Before First Pitch

And then I couldn't take my eyes off the mascots behind the catcher.

Random Tuesday Morning Thoughts

  • That "Settle down, Captain Happy" audio from over the weekend (a confrontation between pilots and an air traffic controller) was funny. 
  • Some days you just dread what is on your work schedule. Today is one of those days for me.
  • Got an email telling me that prices are rising for next year's Fort Worth Half Marathon. Early registration is $80.00 and they don't even tell you what the "late" (after 7/31/14) fee will be. Sheesh. That's a little pricey. 
  • A protester outside of Dallas County Judge Clay Jenkins' home on Saturday. Lady, you may have a smirk on your face but you've got a lot of hate in your heart. And you protest at his home on a weekend? Get a life. 
  • I love all of those who are vehemently anti-illegal immigration but say "we welcome those who wish to enter out country legally and are willing to go through the process." Yeah, so long as it takes fifteen years and those trying are likely to give up. Let's streamline the "legal" process to six months and see how that attitude changes. 
  • The case of the doctor dying from the Ebola virus is scary. I bet he is quarantined like nobody's business. 
  • I've never had a decal on the back of any vehicle I've owned in over thirty years. 
  • The opening line for the UT/North Texas football game is the Empire by 25. I think that's insane.
  • I doubt if any of you heard it, but "author" David Horowitz was on Sean Hannity's radio show yesterday and not only did he sound like a nut, he sounded like he was about to have a heart attack.  It was weird.  And Hannity commented on it. 
  • The sale of the locally owned North Texas Bank sure did fly under the radar. 
  • I still think someone will die on the field during an NFL game one day. And when it happens, everything changes.
  • Take a pig out to the front yard and you become an instant celebrity.
  • ESPN's Sports Center is almost impossible to watch. 


Random Saint Jo News

I'm surprised they even listened.


Hey, It's A Monday

New Dallas Maverick Girls

Photo gallery. (You don't have to read the CBA to understand it.)

Electric Selfie

Saw this on the news, and it really doesn't seem that dramatic to me.  But I'm just not sure why the guy thought the mask was a good look.

I Hope This Is The Weirdest Thing I Read All Week


Random Monday Morning Thoughts

Bonus pic from Star-Telegram's Rockin' The River. The heights confuse me.

  • One of my guilty pleasure movies is Executive Decision (which, frankly, was way before its time.)
  • I woke up sick yesterday but then something weird happened: Whenever I laid down, I would go to sleep. I slept all day. I mean all day. And when I woke up around 11:00 p.m. (an oddly decided to go outside and water the lawn), I went back to bed and slept all night. 
  • I tried to get the Sixth Grader In The House to watch Evil Roy Slade with me on Saturday. I pointed out to her that I had never met a female that thought the movie was funny but that guys loved it. (Baiting her.) As the credits rolled, she said, "Meh."
  • Weirdest moment of the weekend: Getting involved in a Twitter fight with the very grumpy ex-Dallas Morning News TV critic Ed Bark over Beatle songs. 
  • The pig won't stop growing. 
  • I found it odd once when I saw the statue of former Fort Worth mayor Bob Bolen at Alliance Airport. With news over the weekend that the Perot boys may be involved in the John Wiley Price scandal, I read that Bolen was instrumental of granting the Perots request to annex their Alliance land. Hmmmm.
  • Sometimes I feel bad for whomever has to write the Update. But they have plenty of material today. What a wheels off Wise County weekend. 
  • I watched the 30 for 30 episode on Greg Lemond and was pretty confused. Maybe it was because I couldn't see past his blue eyes and full upper body brace.
  • A five star running back recruit for OU allegedly punched a Euless girl in the face at 2:30 a.m. as he was out celebrating his 18th birthday. Nice start. 
  • The over/under line for total Cowboy wins is eight. I'm working on my "bet the house" prediction that made so many of your rich last year. I'm leaning towards the under (especially since Tony Romo couldn't even take part in the second practice.) 
  • I wonder if my Baseball Nemesis is currently in therapy after picking a fight with a Sports Expert. 
  • The Texas Bar Journal has a "short story" contest every year, and I've always thought I could win it. But, man, this year's top three finishers were really, really good and extremely dark. Although this sentence in the winner almost made me throw the magazine across the living room: "Wafts of fresh scone from the nearby bakery pirouette through aircraft doors deliberately cracked." How pretentious. 
  • “The idea that we can’t assimilate these eight-year-old criminals with their teddy bears is preposterous.” - George Will this weekend on immigration. There may be hope after all.