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Random Tuesday Morning Thoughts

  • Former Tech coach Mike Leach, who I've always been entertained by, went off the deep end this weekend posting on Twitter a doctored video of Obama. When the masses pointed out to him it was fake, he could only say, "Prove it!" He's at Washington State right now. He'll probably never coach a bigger program.
  • This "Separating Kids From Their Families" brouhaha has blown up in Trump's face. Late yesterday, Ted Cruz introduced an "emergency bill" to stop it. And now every living first lady, including Trump's wife, have come out against the Trump policy. 
  • Let's check in on Fox News who had Ann Coulter on. She called the crying migrant children "child actors" who had been given "scripts" and told Trump not to "fall for it."  Good lord.
  • Speaking of Fake News:
  • Funny (at least as funny as it can be):
  • For the life of me, I don't understand this Phil Mickelson outrage for hitting a rolling putt before it ran off the green. He was assessed a two shot penalty. (I just wish he would have made it -- and he almost did.)
  • Thanks for all the kinds messages and emails yesterday. I was surprised that so many people supported shutting the comments off. 
  • So Trump suddenly wants to establish a sixth military branch called "Space Force"? Any bets on whether he stumbled on an episode of Star Trek the night before? (He oddly said that is would be "separate but equal" to the other branches. That's a term the Supreme Court used to justify segregation of schools in Plessy v. Ferguson.)
  • The official Texas Republican Platform, revised last week, calls for the abolition of CPS, the return of an Confederate statue that has been removed, supports a "bathroom bill", and calls for the State to inform parents they can opt out of vaccinating their children. 
  • Hot sports opinion: Texas gets eliminated from the College World Series this afternoon, and Texas Tech wins to go to 2-0. 
  • The Supreme Court has announced that it will decide will hear (again) a case of whether the federal government or state governments get to decide if a moose hunter can use a hovercraft in a national preserve. I never thought I'd have to learn moose hunting with a hovercraft law. 
  • This implies the City of Dallas forced the "church" to take them down. Nope. The billboard company, a private entity, said "We don't want your business." It's kind of like a baker refusing to make a cake for a gay couple. 
  • Rapper XXXTentacion was shot dead in Miami. And with that, I just disclosed every single thing I know about XXXTentacion. 


As I Was Saying . . .

So what happened to me? Maybe a brush with death that was far too uncomfortable. Forget the "maybe," it was.

A few weeks back on Monday morning I was finishing up Random Thoughts when I suddenly, with little warning, felt a little sick. Thinking I couldn't make it to the bathroom, I grabbed my trashcan and threw up. What I saw perplexed me.

It was red. Blood red. I thought, "Did I drink tomato juice this morning?" "Did I eat somthing red? Nope. It looked like blood. Not vomit with a tad bit of redness but pure blood.

I had never had that happen to me before, and my reaction was that "This too shall pass." I was wrong. In about 45 minutes it hit again but this time I made it to the bathroom. Yep, it is blood. I told my one and only able assistant what had happened and she was concerned. "I'm fine," I said." I had a small district court docket at 9:00 a.m. and was not going to miss it. I told her, "I can go over there and fake it" in response to her suggestion I go home or to the doctor.

I went back to my desk and thirty minutes later it hit me again. Blood again.

I tell her I'm going home, and she scrambles to get everything reset.

I head out the door dressed in my typical white shirt and tie and it occurs to me that if I throw up while driving home my front windshield would look like the back windshield in Pulp Fiction after Travolta shoots Marvin in the face. I grab a cup for good measure and as a back up.

Halfway home the vomiting continues, and I fill up the cup. Now, a guy with half a brain would seek medical attention at this point but apparently I don't quality. I went home and went to bed believing this "had to stop" eventually -- bouts of vomiting always stop at some point, right? I made it maybe an hour when I threw up blood again. I texted Mrs. LL who told me in no uncertain terms to get down to, at the very least, the corner emergency room facility. She knew what was going on: I was suffering from internal bleeding. I told her I wanted to wait it out one more time.

I went maybe 30 minutes before it hit again. This time worse than ever.

I headed to the local corner ER.

Once there, they quickly put me on a bed, gave me a vomit bag, and I gave them an involuntary sample of vomit blood even though they didn't ask for it. The doctor was there quickly. Things changed dramatically for me at this point in terms of what I was dealing with.

The doctor, who was beyond firm in his delivery, said, "You have lost a lot of blood. You need blood, and we don't have blood here. We've got to get you to downtown Fort Worth."  I replied with some type of, "You sure it is this serious?" response. His retort was quick an resounding: "I have had more than one person die in front of my eyes after having gone what you have gone through. I'm calling an ambulance for transport."

I called Mrs. LL and she is there in minutes (she was already headed home to check on me.) I ask if she could take me to the downtown hospital and she replies for the medical staff, "No. They can monitor to you on the way there, idiot." (She didn't actually say "idiot" but she might as well have -- justifiably so.)  I'm loaded into the back of an ambulance (my first time ever) and a ton of wires are hooked up to me.

As we are moving at a pretty good clip down a large suburban street, the attendant in the back of the ambulance with me is looking at a monitor of my vitals intently. Very intently. I look over my left shoulder and see it, but I don't understand the numbers. About five minutes into the journey, his words terrify me.

He looks at the monitor and, without looking a me, tells the driver, "Jason, hit the lights!"

We are now running Code Three. Things have just gotten ramped up.

We headed into downtown Fort Worth, and I suddenly fear that construction and afternoon traffic will slow us down. We continue at break neck speed and then it dawns on me: The new toll road into Fort Worth has been completed.

We pull into Harris, and I'm rushed into the ER like you would see on TV. I've never seen so many medical professionals around me. At one point I pass out (they tell me for 45 seconds) as I simultaneously spewed blood. I'm feeling weak.

I've now got more needles stuck in me than I ever have in my life and they "stabilize" me as they run blood tests and quickly get ready to get new blood into me. Someone explains to me that I'll need a procedure -- a gastroenterologist will snake some device down my throat, find out where the bleeding is coming in, and patch it. (Extreme Side Note: Mrs. LL doesn't think a GI procedure where they repair bleeding constitutes a "surgery." That's why I'm referring to it as a "procedure.")

In addition to Mrs. LL, I had a couple of family members show up. While there, a nurse came in and said they were moving me to "Sub ICU". A family member, after she left, ask me what that was. My reply was, "I really don't know but it sounds like they are moving me to ICU but call it something different so I won't freak out."

I'll be honest, the next four or five days are a blur. They are big on drugs in that place. I have no memory of the surgery and very little of anything else.

But as the fog cleared, I had more than one doctor tell me I had been in a very dangerous position. The amount of blood loss almost got me.

And at the end, one had a suggestion that caught me off guard: If I could do it, take some time off and remove myself from anything and everything that causes me stress. I didn't like the idea, but the whole experience convinced me it couldn't hurt. Plus, if you've ever been in ICU for a few days, one thing is clear upon release: You can't walk for a handful of days. You are weak. And have your GI area operated on isn't exactly conducive to eating for a while.

So I did it. Mrs. LL helped me get back on my feet and then, after a few days, I had a variety of options and I used them. (A nice offer came from Mrs. LL's relatives in Arkansas who said I could house sit while they did summer traveling.)  But I was told to eliminate stress. I went completely off the grid. No blogging. No checking comments. No Twitter. No email. Heck, no Internet. The only thing I did was keep in contact with Mrs. LL and my office to make sure the world wasn't coming apart. I limited TV to fun stuff -- watching no more than 10 minutes of news every day.

It was frustrating at first but then became borderline glorious. I got to spend time reflecting on what happened and where do I want to go from here. Life is short. Shorter for some than others. I knew I almost fell into the "some" category.

But I'm back. However, I will change some things. Most are personal, but you'll see some of them on here. I'll get back to Random Thoughts tomorrow, but I'll probably turn off the comments. Having to check them throughout the day and read what is oftentimes the very worst from mankind it not the way I want to spend my days any longer. I don't know if I'll do any posts other than Random Thoughts with the exception of "It's Friday. Let's Get Out of Here!" which gives me great joy.

Side note: Thanks so much to the folks over at the courthouse for helping me out over the last few weeks. I'm eternally grateful that you came to my aide when I needed it. That doesn't happen in large counties. Instead of court staff screaming, "What do you mean he has to reschedule?!" I got a list of phone calls expressing concern.

One final note: Even though my cup did save me from vomiting blood all over the car, everything was not saved. A few drops of blood ruined a white shirt and my favorite purple tie was ruined -- a tie that I wore to two funerals last year which were very important to me. I may save it as a reminder. A reminder of a scary day, the delicate balance of life, and the words . . .

. . . "Jason, hit the lights!"


Random Monday Morning Thoughts

  • Mrs. LL made me watch Overboard for the first time this weekend (there's a remake coming out.) It was pretty, pretty good. 
  • I'm not the biggest golf fan in the world but the 17th hole at Sawgrass is fantastic.
  • I was contacted by the Washington Post this weekend. Let me tell you something. That will freak you out.
  • I've watched three episodes of the Dallas Cowboys special on Amazon. It is fantastic
  • Yep: 
  • This brought back memories. Jessica Hahn and Tamara Faye LaValley Bakker Messner.
  • There is now a shocking number of people trying to get into law school. An increase of 18.1%. Advice: Don't do it. 
  • The dumbest DA in the State of Texas has dismissed 60 more Twin Peaks biker cases. I'll say it time and time again: I saw this disaster from the very beginning. 
  • Clara Harris of Houston was released from prison after 15 years for running over her cheating husband. I remember exactly where I was when I heard the verdict. If I remember correctly, the jury found her guilty of murder but decided it was "sudden passion" yet sentenced her to the maximum of 20 years. 
  • Trump sent out a Happy Mother's Day message and did not smile once. 
  • From the smartest and most conservative journalist in America, George Will: “Trump is what he is, a floundering, inarticulate jumble of gnawing insecurities and not-at-all compensating vanities, which is pathetic. Pence is what he has chosen to be, which is horrifying.”
  • Watch a guy pole vaulting 18 feet at the Texas state track meet setting a record. 
  • I'm out of pocket today. No comments. 


It's Friday. Let's Get Out Of Here.

 That's a serious dust devil.
 Let me guess: He poured gasoline on it first. 
 Finally, a cat gets what he deserves.
 He had a little "panic face" there at the end. 
I almost killed the Youngest Kid In The House once on the trampoline by doing that stunt.

The White House Hosted Military Spouses Today

The military is 40% non-white.

Random Friday Morning Thoughts

  • "He's dying anyway" - White House aide Kelly Sadler yesterday about John McCain. How cruel are these people?
  • Great. Israel and Iran are firing missiles at each other.
  • What? And the story gets worse.
  • 35 years ago. It was a better time:
  • If Fox News will only take you at 3:50 a.m., you must be a star!:
  • I forgot to mention that I fell asleep on the plane on Tuesday on the way back from my seminar. When I woke up, I had may hand on the arm on a woman who just happened to be very large. Me: "Ma'am, I so sorry!" Her: "I don't mind at all."
  • Rudy Giuliani was fired by his law firm. Their official position is that he resigned but there is no question he was fired. Their statement regarding the Cohen/Trump fiasco which Rudy defended: “Speaking for ourselves, we would not condone payments of the nature alleged to have been made or otherwise without the knowledge and direction of a client.”
  • She is expected to walk away and resign because of Trump's treatment of her:
  • There was a body found behind a Fort Worth elementary school 
  • The NRA: "Protect the crown."
  • ATT paid Trump's lawyer $600,000 for "advice" on their merger with Time Warner. How's that Drain The Swamp working out for ya?


John McCain, A Captured War Vet, Is Dying Of Brain Cancer

But Fox will let people say things like this on the air. 

Random Thursday Morning Thoughts

  • A Tarrant County man who was wrongfully convicted and spent 19 years behind bars was finally set officially free by the Texas Court of Criminal Appeals. The State used evidence that was not true. 
  • I'm glad I'm out of the dating business.
  • I'd pay money to see this: 
  • There is a person who is attempting to run as an Independent for the DA's position in Waco. But it is not going to happen: He "reported Wednesday that he discovered he mistakenly filed his intent to run for office with McLennan County Judge Scott Felton’s office instead of the Texas Secretary of State’s Office." He works for Baylor Law School. Good grief. 
  • A McKinney City Councilman was arrested for not signing a traffic ticket. That is, indeed, the law. I'm more surprised McKinney elected a black man with dreadlocks. 
  • This Cohen case (Trump's lawyer) is insane. He was paid by major companies, including ATT, for access to Trump, and now we learn one of the companies registered a bunch of white nationalist domain names. 
  • "A dozen TCU students have been suspended during final exams week after being accused of using a popular study app to cheat, according to the school."
  • I've learned a faithful blog reader was on that Irish Traveller's case I mentioned a couple of days ago. (For you Ticket fans, there was a constant reference to "Fat Joe" during the trial, and he wanted to laugh every time.)


Above The Fold

Full page PDF.

Random Wednesday Morning Thoughts

  • Alvord made the news! Both on CBS and The Ticket!:
  • Sports will put you in the hospital in more ways than one: 
  • Another obscure law I learned about at my seminar which proves the Texas legislature is insane: 
  • Also at the seminar, a conversation came up about providing to the defendant everything the State has in its possession per the Michael Morton Act. Someone piped up and said, "That Act only applies to lawyers and not pro se defendants." I almost became unglued. (Frankly I don't know if it does or it doesn't because the District Attorney and County Attorney in Wise County turn over everything.)
  • Nothing to see here: Trump's lawyer received approximately $500k after the election from a company linked to Russian Oligarch with ties to Putin.
  • Something weird is going on over at Fox 4:
  • What the heck? This is early May!:
  • Stormy's lawyer is baiting him. And Giuliana might be dumb enough to to take it: 
  • Southwest, you have a problem: "A Southwest Airlines flight headed from Nashville to Dallas-Love Field on Monday night had an issue getting one of its wing flaps extended and made an unscheduled landing at DFW International Airport, about 20 miles short of its destination."
  • s


Random Tuesday Morning Thought

  • This seminar is nothing like I thought it would be. The speakers are energetic and fantastic.  The whole theme is to follow the rules and treat people with respect. 
  • Did you that there is a defense to Public Intoxication if a doctor has prescribed alcohol to you? Anyone else confused?
  • I haven't been to the pool but when I walked by it they were playing the Margaritaville Station off of satellite radio. Kill me.
  • This is a crazy story:
  • Oil hit $70 yesterday.
  • I haven't done a Tucker Carlson dumb face tweet in a while. I saw one last night: 
  • The New Yorker publishes an article about the abuse of women by New York's AG Eric Schneiderman abusing women. He resigned within four hours. Who would have thought that a Democrat would take immediate responsibility?
  • Flashback from the President of the United States. At least he doesn't have fake hair:
  • Your federal government:
  • I am now of the belief Tony Romo is the equivalent of a millennial. He "sent a sincere message" to Jason Witten but publishes it on Twitter. And he called him "bro". Talk to him in private instead of doing a "look at me" message". 
  • To all Texas state government employees: The state is probably making pension/retirement promises that they won't be able to keep.