Random Wednesday Afternoon Thoughts

  • I had an interesting evening loaded with lots of places to be. Parent/Teacher Meeting, Band Concert and a Meeting (that I missed). But before that -- this happened. Good times.
  • What a strange world I live in. During the band concert, my mother points to her Apple Watch. There's an update that Ted Cruz has dropped out of the race.
  • The dear, sweet BagofNothing guy tweeted this awesome gif of awkwardness.
  • Johnny Manziel is due in court tomorrow.
  • This is why I love softball because of plays like this. I would love to see more than just 30 seconds though. You know that crowd is going bonkers on both sides.
  • Be nice to truckers and also coworkers. This was one disgruntled employee and a very sad ending.
  • I get a lot of phone calls from coworkers that I wish would send an email instead.
  • Woman gets arrested for drug possession. They found heroin, meth, oh, and the remains of her unborn child. "All I ever wanted was to be a mother and a good wife," Bernadette said.
  • The random thoughts are a smidge late....I blame the car. Also, I'm incredibly lucky the tire didn't blow on my round trip to Austin Saturday. Sheesh.
  • Another Repeat RTG. You're welcome.
  • May the Fourth Be With You Today.

Remember When....


Random Tuesday Morning Thoughts

  • Bozo can be found here.
  • Yup, I'm late on the RT today. I'm not the hardest working woman in the business. I had to take the 7th grader in the house to school. Normally, that's the job of the 12th grader in the house or Mr. LL. I left 7 minutes later than she demanded. I got heavy sighs all the way to school.
  • From the Update today:   APRIL RAINFALL – Wise County received 6.84 inches of rain in April, making it the wettest April since 1998. That was also more than double the average rainfall amount of 3.37 inches. Temperatures in the month ranged from a low of 34 degrees on April 3 to a high of 87 on April 4.
  • And the very next line: SLIGHT RAIN CHANCE – After a sunny day with a high of 72 degrees this afternoon, a 20 percent chance of rain is in tonight’s forecast.
  • I'm not sure what I think about the bathroom issue. I'm leaning towards not wanting to see a male walk in behind one of my female children.
  • I'm thinking the Texas Tech boys behaved badly, but I also have trouble with an opposing team's cheer girls taunting from their side.
  • I got to watch a small portion of the Rangers game last night. Not as fun to watch as softball, but it'll do.
  • And for your strange news of the day, a woman born with two female parts.
  • That's all you get for now, if you behave yourselves, then I'll make up for it with more around lunchtime.  


Random Monday Morning Thoughts

  • It's still Mrs. LL blogging.
  • The 7th Grader in the House won State! Ok, maybe she had a little help from a few other girls. She even played with an eye injury. She got kicked in the eyeball accidentally by her bff during their "recess" time the day before. It looks pretty gross. I almost tweeted a picture. 
  • I will lock on to college softball game if I see one on tv. In a heartbeat.  
  • I understand The Cowboys drafted a Baylor basketball player. Yes, basketball. Who does Jerry Jones thinks he is, Jack Lengyel? I'll need The Self Proclaimed Sports Expert to explain that one to me.
  • I saw that Blackie Sherrod died. He was actually the inspiration for Mr. LL's Skattershooting that he wrote while DA. I never understood why he used a "k" instead of a "c". 
  • Ok, even I am stunned by Trump. How has this even been possible? Seriously. 
  • Shocking six dead in Palestine flash flooding. Sheesh.
  • I went for a walk in an Arlington Park (to look for a geocache) and saw an actual beaver swimming around. Two minutes later an armadillo crossed within five feet of me on the sidewalk. 
  • This month, the number of Texas residents that have a CHL will top 1 million. One million. 
  • This week we make final preparations for The Dreaded Prom. It's only dreaded because it's the same day The Senior In The House turns into an adult. I'm not the crier in the house, but I've done more than my fair share this year with all the "Last. ____". 
  • I can report from the Traveling Liberally Lean Gangster Automobile that traffic on I35 between DFW and Austin really sucks. Sucks, bad. Is the concept of "left lane passing only" such a hard thing to grasp? 
  • I'm told that there is not a single natural gas well working the Barnett Shale. Not one. Is that true?
  • Wise County Animal Shelters gets all sorts:

  • RTG: 1.) I cheated. She's a repeat. 2.) Don't expect that gender daily. 3.) Cute Animal. 4.) Hot guy.


Random Friday Morning Thought

I was actually still awake last when some of the Laremy Tunsil ordeal was happening.
Question: If Trump was physically in California, why send a white powder substance to his office?
  • Kitten available here.
  • An unreal legal headline was submitted by a faithful reader. Let's just say it involves consent for a particular act and alcohol.
  • We're officially road tripping this weekend to watch the 7th grader in the house play some softball with a state trophy on the line. I have a feeling, it's coming home with us. We're undefeated.
  • Of course, that's assuming there's not a lake on the field tomorrow.
  • I'm not a fan of guns in the house. Actually, I'm not a fan of guns at all. I know, I know a gun will win in a battle over a pink t-ball bat any day, but I'm still not a fan. My time in EMS in my 20's involved more than my fair share of gun shot victims....both young and old.
  • I'll admit, I didn't read this article and am basing my disapproval solely on the headline but, Sir, was that really necessary?
  • How did Johnny Manziel spend his evening during the NFL draft?
  • I feel like I haven't been as successful as I wanted to be this week while blogging, because I didn't once get a response out of Worldkyle. I'll work harder next week. I think I've gotten the hang of it.
  • I also spent 30 minutes last night looking for an RTG, then realized I spent 30 minutes looking through pictures of barely dressed young women. What has my world come to?
  • I also had a moment at about 30 minutes of looking when I think I figured out why the picture needs to be enlargeable. Ew! Back to cute animals. (and probably more hot guys)


Random Thursday Morning Thoughts

  • Look! I finally found a girl picture, and according to the University of Washington, that is what a cheerleader should look like.
  • I'm not sure the bloody shirt in the Midlothian case is going to amount to much. I think it is what it is.
  • Michael Phelps: "I know I probably have moments where I have gone off the deep end where I shouldn't." Uh, ya think?
  • Someone knocked on one of our windows before 6am this morning. Time for cameras. And, yes, the baseball bat came out.
  • Anybody got a sheep this gal can pet? I love the crazy Craiglist postings. So many weird people out there. 
  • Has anyone else in the history of presidents campaigning named their running mate this early in the process?
  • Now that we have all mocked the lack of weather a couple of days ago, you know we'll get horrible weather tonight and tomorrow. Also, this ain't looking like I'll get that burrito.
  • The Senior In The House is driving me crazy with her lack of concern on how little time left she has before college to get stuff done. I'm feeling a little stressed. Ok, a lot stressed.



Random Wednesday Morning Thoughts

  • I need that pig, but I think we have enough animals for now.
  • Fox 4 showed images of cars being covered up before the storm to protect from the possible hail. It reminded me of the Egg Drop Project from Elementary School.
  • To the police in Midlothian, let me solve this for you. The husband has a girlfriend and they planned the attack together. Finally, all those Dateline shows and Lifetime Movies have come in handy.
  • The storm system was mostly a dud, except for Grayson County.
  • I'm a little slow getting these RTs out today. Another night of getting home late and getting up super early.
  • Happy Administrative Assistant's Day!
  • For the record, Channing Tatum is not that young. He is in his 30's. Thank you very much!
  • Johnny Manziel was indicted yesterday. Let's fast forward about eight months. I have a feeling his punishment, if found guilty, will be light. There's your HLO (Hot Legal Opinion) for the day.
  • I'm hearing that Lake Bridgeport will be open at noon today. The 7th grader in the house frowned on my idea of kayaking last weekend. "The lake is closed to ALL water traffic," she said.
  • How's One Stop? I need to know that they'll be open so I can partake of my Saturday morning breakfast burrito with their homemade salsa. (Not an embedded advertisement, just a hope.)
  • I think it's almost time for the NFL draft, that I care very little about. Now College Football, yes, I love it.
  • I really miss this guy! I'm sorry if you had happily forgotten about him. (The next video in line was a camel giving birth. My head nearly exploded.)
  • Sometimes the best part of my day is the comments. Thanks for making me laugh and the explanation on shade.
  • The two mistakes on made on Friday were (1) Not using block form and (2) Leaving Random out of the title.
  • 32 days till school is out. Hello, Summer.



Tuesday Random Morning Thoughts

  • The 7th Grader in The House had a softball tournament last night. We made it to the 8:00 pm Championship Game....yay! And we're going to State! I could do a whole post on my evening....I carpooled four middle school girls, got Subway in between games when 911 had to be called for a guy that passed out in front of me in line and I was also the scorekeeper for both of our games. So much drama in my evening.
  • I heard an 8th grader use the phrase, "I don't want to throw shade his way, but....". I officially feel old because I have no idea where that came from.
  • Berry White was on the news again. Another storm is a brewing.
  • I meant to make the crazy shootings in Ohio a bullet point yesterday but didn't quite get to it. That has to be the craziest story yet. And, oddly, yes there was marijuana involved.
  • Update on Barry? He's doing really well. He did spend a couple of weeks in two different hospitals and was discharged late last week. He'll be back at the blog before you know it. He's an oddly private guy that blogs publicly. I'll let him post on what he's been through. I will give ya updates though.
  • I'll apologize now for the slow approving of comments. I, thankfully, still have a job during the day.
  • I like posting pics of available cute dogs at the Animal Shelter, but be warned, the female portion of the Liberally Lean Nation wouldn't mind some Man Candy. It'll happen.
  • I actually have a sports post. I listened to the The Cowboys Pre-Draft Press Release on The Ticket before the softball game. Jerry did not disappoint. Listen. 
  • Hey! We have reader submitted bullet points! Thank you, Caleb!
  • The Republican candidate for Denton County Sheriff stepped into this weekend when he waded into the “bathroom debate” on Facebook. (http://www.dallasobserver.com/news/denton-county-gop-sheriff-candidate-tracy-murphree-calls-for-violence-against-transgender-people-needing-to-pee-24013) What this has to do with his Sheriff duties is a mystery.
  •  Ted Cruz and John Kasich have teamed up to try and stop Trump from winning Oregon, New Mexico, and Indiana. Cruz will make a play for Indiana (where he is behind in the polls) and Kasich will take Oregon and New Mexico. You can’t make this stuff up.(http://www.nytimes.com/2016/04/25/us/politics/ted-cruz-john-kasich-donald-trump.html)
  •  Connecticut, Delaware, Maryland, Pennsylvania, and Rhode Island vote today. Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton lead their races – by double digits. Remind me how they’re going to #StopTrump or the public is #FeelingTheBern.

Random Monday Morning Thoughts

  • How cute is this pup? You can find him and maybe even give him a different name than Bozo. Then again, he does have pretty big looking feet. 

  • I can't tell you how much I appreciated all the positive comments yesterday....on my grammar. A little insight into the Liberally Lean Headquarters.....his grammar mistakes drive me bonkers. All that said, I'll admit to two mistakes. Anyone catch them? One is not grammar related. 
  • We have chances of severe weather again this week. I'm not sure Lake Bridgeport can handle it. I may have to fire up the Liberally Lean Weather System. 
  • I went for a jog today and saw a Mama Duck with her tiny baby ducks. A little later I stopped to see another Mama Duck with bigger ducks and a male duck. I appreciated the Daddy Duck for hanging out with the family. I never see that. Abit more during this jog, I see four males ducks hanging around one female duck with tiny babies. I actually stopped and pulled out my head phones only to realize this was not a friendly scene. I'm not sure I've seen anything so violent in nature.  
  • A DFW elementary school is taking submissions to rename the school. They'll take this seriously, right? Surely.
  • Next month The Senior In The House will turn 18, experience prom and graduate. I'm in full panic mode. I'm being told there's nothing legal I can do to enforce an agreement that she signed at the age when she was five that she would never grow up.
    • Speaking of Prom, this story makes me very nervous. 
  • Pennsylvania, Delaware, Connecticut, Rhode Island, and Maryland go to the polls tomorrow. Political Progress on my part.
  • I have a non Wise County relative that is a HUGE Bearnie supporter. She started posting articles about him last year.  


Friday Morning Thoughts

  • This blog has been temporarily taken over by Mrs. LL. He's on Wife Enforced Rest. Give him a couple of weeks and he'll be back. In the meantime, if you have any news tips, please send them to me at kat at wisecounty dot com. I'd love the help. But, seriously, how hard could this be?
  • (I can do this.) Barry basically blogs about Sports, Politics, and Local News with a mix of entertaining headlines to get you coming back the next day. Surely, it's not the barely dressed RTG you are focused on. At any rate - I promised to "not screw this up". (Generic promise.)
  • Some of you guys were pretty mean to Prince yesterday. Ok, I didn't admit this to my coworkers when the news broke, but I wasn't a Prince fan. I've always found him a bit too odd for my taste. Did you know he was only 5'2"? 
  • Sheesh, Bridgeport's park is under water. I was just at this park with the kids in the house.
  • I think I need to install number eight on this list in my shower. It would make me laugh and make Barry cringe.
  • I'm guessing Bacon doesn't like the pic, but anyone else that does can possibly adopt it through this group. Maybe I'll do better Monday with an actual RTG.
  • Mavericks lost yesterday. (Sports topics are going to be a little hard. I'm guessing you don't want softball updates everyday.
  • Politics. Go here.
  • Someone once commented that I'm not much of a blogger. This may be harder than I thought. 


Prince Has Died

Age: 57

Random Thursday Morning Thoughts

  • The Lake Bridgeport level is 4.88 above conservation level and I bet it will crest above 5' today with the runoff. Do they have the flood gates wide open? I bet not or Eagle Mountain Lake would flood.
  • Nevesta Jones of Bridgeport and Berry White of Runaway Bay were interviewed on Fox 4 last night (via tape) about the flooding.
  • You think MADD isn't in it for the money? They get paid $800,000 for a two year contract from "many" states to monitor and report how DWI cases are handled. In Texas, there's an official publication by the State every year which already does it 
  • The Supreme Court heard arguments yesterday whether a person arrested for DWI who refuses to give blood or breath can be charged with a crime for the refusal regardless of whether the person is eventually acquitted of DWI. In Texas, a refusal normally causes a driver's license suspension up front but in several states the refusal is an actual crime. Those were the cases before the Court. The defense argued, correctly, that some states were making it a crime to assert your constitutional right not to have your breath or blood searched. If the cop wants your blood, get a warrant. 
  • The trial next week of the assassination of a Cartel lawyer in the high tone Southlake Town Square sounds like it will be fascinating. 
  • The killing of the fitness instructor in Midlothian by a person dressed as a swat team member is equally fascinating.  That was a designated hit, right? 
  • I missed a Supreme Court case from March where, amazingly, prosecutors are still hiding evidence which cause cases to be reversed. The rule is simple: “[T]he suppression by  the  prosecution  of  evidence  favorable  to  an  accused  upon  request  violates  due  process  where  the  evidence  is material  either  to  guilt  or  to  punishment,  irrespective  of  the  good  faith  or  bad  faith  of  the  prosecution.”  And that has been the law since 1963. (And the rule was later modified that the evidence had to be disclosed even if the defense lawyer didn't request it.)
  • My health has improved dramatically but I've still got a ways to go until I get a full release. But this is the best I have felt in over a year or more. And I'll never again mock someone who is hospitalized due to stress/exhaustion. 
  • The Texas Hammer is now running commercials with his lawyer son who also yells at the camera. I cringe for my profession every time. 
  • Man, Amazon hires a lot of people in North Fort Worth and the explosion of businesses and restaurants in the area of 287 and 35 and North Tarrant Parkway has been nothing short of mind blowing.



Pic From 380 At Runaway Bay

I heard that the water had reached the One Stop convenience store but that's unconfirmed.

Edit: It's getting close.

I Hope That Happened During An Infield Pop Fly

380 Near Runaway Bay Bridge Over Lake Bridgeport CLOSED

The Messenger has a list of all road closings. And we've got more rain coming tonight.

Fan Picks Up Live Ball -- Immediately Considers Suicide

[Video would not embed but can be found here.]

Was that a security guard that got them out of their seats? I'm guessing they weren't getting kicked out but taking them somewhere safe just in case the crowd got rowdy,

Random Wednesday Morning Thoughts

  • In Houston, someone was indicted for creating,with intent to harm, a Twitter account where it was not identified as a parody account but a real account.
  • Trump crushed Cruz in NY last night but it'll be close if he can get enough delegates to seize the nomination. We may be headed for a brokered convention and it will be the most entertaining political event in history. 
  • You think Ted Cruz regrets his derogatory "New York values comment now?
  • Hillary destroyed Sanders. That race is over. 
  • Johnny Football's new agent quit on him. And yesterday Nike severed ties with him. What a moron.
  • Lake Bridgeport is 4.07 feet above conservation level this morning. Who would have believed that 2 years ago?
  • Gotta go. My physical therapist just showed up unannounced.
  • Edit: OK, I'm back. The therapy is about my left leg that I felt like I was "losing" -- so much so that I had developed a limp. But, I'll be, therapy has improved it. And I came up with a  genius idea: Put a two pound ankle weight around the "bad leg" only. That made me work it harder even when simply walking.
  • People Magazine has named Jennifer Aniston "The Most Beautiful Woman In The World." Did you know she is 47?