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Random Tuesday Morning Thoughts

  • Our DA's office (which also includes Jack County) has another murder case to handle unless a girl is just making it up.  I think they have two cases under indictment and another one just happened in Decatur.
  • The City of Decatur has three murder cases in its history: (1) James “Poncho” Bennett, a Decatur police officer killed in 1980, (2) the murder of Bettie Lou Walker in 2005, and (3) the recent aforementioned Toast Yur Bunz case.
  • The Clemson national championship was at the White House last night and Trump fed them fast food. This photo goes in the Smithsonian as a tribute to (1) Idiocracy, (2) the dinner in Talladega Nights, and (3) Lincoln in the background wondering how in the world did we get here.  
  • But this morning he confirms they were good "hamberders."
  • I might have to relinquish my title as hardest working man in show business when I saw this photo of the guy in the cold yesterday morning:
  • Book-In departments in jails were much harsher in 1944. (Background.)
  • My retire "to a jungle Costa Rica" took another hit over the weekend when I learned an American who moved there with his family was kidnapped, they paid $1 million in bitcoin for his release, 12 people were arrested, and the guy is still missing. 
  • House Republicans finally figured out something that was know for years: Steven King is a white supremacist. (Note: Local radio host Mark Davis is a holdout on the condemnation since he thinks it is "plausible" King was simply understood. Fox 4 gives Davis airtime once a week on Good Day.)
  • There's dueling documentaries (Netflix and Hulu) just released about the colossal failure of  Fyre Festival. I'm in. A failed "luxury music festival" on a Bahamian island might have me cheering against everyone.
  • Trust me, you've got to see the wild eye movement of the new Jets coach when he was introduced yesterday. It is freaky. (And then watch this tricked up version for quality comedy.)
  • For the second time in a month, a "suicidal man" was shot by metroplex police. Last night it was in North Richland Hills. Last month it was in Fort Worth around south I-35. Both cases went sideways and ended up in a police chase.
  • I had forgotten watching the last one minute of a college basketball game takes 30 real minutes with countless fouls and free-throws. It is unwatchable. 


Random Monday Morning Thoughts

  • In case you missed it: The FBI felt it necessary to launch an investigation as to whether Donald Trump is working on behalf of Russia. I never thought I would see that in my lifetime. 
  • And then, with little notice, Trump decided to call into Fox News on Saturday night and wouldn't even flatly deny that the report was true. (He also oddly said he he hadn't left the White House in "months".)
  • The following occurred in an unnamed Wise County courtroom last week. Really.:
  • That is true:
  • Everyone is driven nuts by the the lawyer/David Irving commercial that airs a million times during the Cowboy games, but Mrs. LL had a funny line as she deadpanned during one of them Saturday night and said, "I wish you were the winningest lawyer in Texas."
  • Obviously, they don't have civil rights in Wichita Falls! (Seriously, this story has received a lot of play but she wasn't arrested and her name wasn't released.) Hidden gem: It was 6:30 a.m. when it happened.
  • Trump was weird all weekend but last night he seemed mentally unstable. Take this one where he (1) Mocks Jeff Bezos' name like a third grader, (2) Makes light of divorce, (3) Says the National Enquirer is more accurate than the Washington Post, and (4) Seems to have forgotten that the Enquirer's publisher received immunity after admitting being paid off by Trump to catch and bury a story of Trump having an affair with an ex-Playmate after Melania had just given birth.
  • I've started out the new year with a pricey heater repair (I got to see a scorched mother board when I didn't even know the thing had a mother board) and a cracked car windshield. And both Mrs. LL and the Sophomore in the House went to the doctor last week. It's not even halfway through January. 
  • I see what you did there WFAA
  • I had totally forgotten that the NFC used to had a consolation game for those two teams which lost in the divisional round. If still in effect, that would mean Dallas would play Philadelphia after the Super Bowl for third place. The NFC was still technically still the NFL back then since the merger with the AFL/AFC hadn't yet been completed. The last Consolation Game had the Cowboys lose to Rams 31-0 in 1966. (h/t Bud Kennedy.)
  • The Chief of Houston PD issued a ticket for a big time speeder. Question: Houston still has handwritten tickets?
  • Stuff buried in the news: We aren't the only one with drones of death.
  • According to the Update, we've had another major wreck at FM 2123 and FM51. That's the second one this year, while a guy pled guilty and received probation last week for criminally negligent homicide for a wreck at the exact same location. (I'm on record of not prosecuting people for accidents when no drugs or alcohol are involved unless there are shocking facts. It's never been shocking when there is a wreck at that location.)
  • Legal stuff: The Supreme Court has agreed to decide the following issue in DWI cases: Having already determined that the government must get a warrant to obtain someone's blood if they refuse to consent (despite what any state law says), is a warrant not required if the person is unconscious so long as state statute says he has deemed to have given his consent? Texas has such a statute. This seems to be a no-brainer: Get a warrant. (This would kill the silliness of the term "implied consent.")
  • BagOfNothing has already spoiled a couple of videos that I planned to use for this Friday's Let's Get Out Of Here. The dog and gymnast are must sees.
  • Government Shutdown Day 24: #WhereAreThePesos.
  • Messenger: Above The Fold.
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It's Friday. Let's Get Out Of Here.

Random Friday Morning Thoughts

  • I understand any newspaper being behind a paywall (the industry's failure to embrace that concept from the beginning might have been their undoing), but if it is, it cannot have tech failures like this which could be fixed in five minutes. 
  • A Houston lawyer screws up a $2,000 purchase for tickets to Hamilton on so he sues them for a refund. (Looking at his website, I'm more stunned that a two man firm has four "paralegals" and one "law clerk".) 
  • I've heard crazier things:
  • Sports (and Baylor has a 1-11 season factored in there):
  • We learned where Trump found a big word yesterday.
    A Fox News reporter. (Note the time.)

  • Yahoo has some lifestyle advice for us all this morning. (Extreme side note: Are tapas a thing?)
  • The fact that the Tarrant County Republican Party took two hours to decide whether to kick out a member for simply being a Muslim (a trauma surgeon, no less) tells you all you need to know about that Tarrant County. Republican Party. And the vote was 139 to 49! Yep, 49! Here's one of the nutcases mocking Muslims last night:
  • In Kansas, the family of murder victims are footing the bill for their own lawyers to help the state prosecutors. That gives rise to a ton of issues -- especially ethical ones.
  • We had a directed verdict in district court in Decatur this week. (The defendant ended up pleading to a misdemeanor once the felony went away.) I think the last time that happened in Decatur was when I was a prosecutor. 
  • I don't know why I was looking at briefs filed in the Fort Worth Court of Appeals yesterday, but I saw both parties in a civil case say the right to a jury trial in a Texas county court-at-law was guaranteed by Article III Section 2 of the U.S. Constitution. It is a right, but that section dealing with federal courts ain't it.  Once again, both parties didn't know this simple fact.
  • Trump showed up at the border yesterday on his Failed Wall Tour '19, but this guy won the day:
  • Also quality humor: 
  • Before he left for McAllen, Trump proclaimed that he never said Mexico would pay for the wall. It literally was on his campaign site that Mexico would make a one time payment of $5 to $10 billion dollars. He lies to his base time and time again. #WhereAreThePesos
  • The half-Asian and self-proclaimed Vietnam expert BagOfNothing guy  has called me out on my Nixon/Treason/Vietnam revelation. It looks like he's been on it for two years. (Another side note: I may spend the rest of the day flying over his house in a Huey yelling "Get some! Get some!") 
  • We will get more on this bizarre story later today . . . 


Random Thursday Morning Thoughts

  • With the Cowboys playing the Rams this weekend in the playoffs, past playoff games between the two teams have been revisited. Some QBs weren't always as great as we thought: In 1976, the Cowboys lost with Roger Staubach going 15 of 37 for only 150 yards with no TDs and three interceptions. 
  • The NBA is offering front row seats via virtual reality for $6.99 for a handful of games this season.  The technology apparently works like a charm. Will one day teams be playing in empty arenas but making just as much (or far more) money by selling virtual reality tickets?
  • Does this sound like a man who would throw a temper tantrum?
    That's right! No slamming!
  • I mentioned this on Monday and then this showed up on my timeline yesterday. (This whole story just came to light in 2016 so I don't feel so dumb now of just finding out about it.)
  • Pretty close call for those houses in Aubrey.
  • "A Waco man was placed on deferred probation and ordered to make restitution Wednesday for trying to bilk a cheating husband out at least $17,250 by threatening to release a video showing him having sex with a stripper." There's a lot going on there. 
    My investigation reveals this is the club where she worked.
  • Two men, utilizing Grindr, allegedly kidnapped, assaulted, robbed and beat at least nine men in Dallas because of their sexual orientation and . The indictment this week caught my attention because of a word I wasn't familiar with. For a second I thought I had been mispronouncing it "finagle" all these years. (Both are words and both mean basically the same thing.) 
  • The pastor in Fort Worth, who praised God about the mass shooting in the Orlando gay club, but had to resign because he hooked up with strippers while smoking weed, has issued a video statement. He says it all happened in a "casino" in Jacksonville. Google casinos in Jacksonville. That alone is enough to question his judgment. 

  • Dear Mrs. LL: Feel free to divorce me and marry this man. According to Texas law, you'll just owe me $1 billion once you say your vows. (Trust me on this -- no need to consult with anyone. I'll send you wire instructions.)
  • Is all this press about Bird Box a little weird to you? Reviews put it as nothing more than an above average movie, but we are inundated with references to it. 
  • When three Texas politicians have a press gathering on the governor's lawn and the family dog "just happens" to get loose and make an appearance in front of the cameras so they can lovingly shower it with attention. (If you don't think that was staged, you are very naive.)
  • He is detached from reality:
  • There is going to be some huge news regarding a Texas high school football player today according to this guy of Dave Campbell's Texas Football. He normally is just breaking news left and right this time of year about coaching changes. It won't be about college recruiting because he doesn't cover that. I can't imagine what it could be for him to promote it like this.


Random Wednesday Morning Thoughts

  • I heard Mark Cuban is do a radio commercial for some Low T center yesterday. How spare is that? I'd rather make the news because I bought a yacht.
  • Trump was pretty calm last night as he read off a teleprompter. Prediction: He won't like the reviews of him being "subdued" and a Twitter rant is forthcoming. That is, unless he is getting bored with the whole thing. 
  • The optics of the Democratic response weren't any better. 
    "Your mother and I want to talk to you about flag addiction."
  • Overheard in the DA's office from one out-of-town lawyer to another: "Are you one of the prosecutors or are you on the court appointed list?"  He seemed to have a good grasp of the landscape. (And, trust me, those people are everywhere in the courthouse come docket day.)
  • Also overheard from a different out of town lawyer to another: "If you plea the felony, they'll probably just dismiss the misdemeanor." It was all I could do to keep from saying, "You're new around here, aren't you?"
  • My award-winning rant yesterday of how we are developing into a society where we just believe what we want to believe and discard anything we don't like as "fake news" prompted one faithful reader to direct my attention to this book which pretty much sets forth that point.
  • Kliff Klingsbury as head coach of the Arizona Cardinals? I don't know if it will work or not, but that's one weird promotion after being fired by Tech. (Side note: I'm not sure Baylor's coach doesn't get named as head coach of the Jets in the next two days.)
  • This was from a random story in the Morning News yesterday about a tech company in Fort Worth being sold. Look at what they do. (And there's no way that technology is being limited just for that. We are all being watched and tracked.)
  • Trump in 1999:
  • I haven't mentioned the disturbing story of the comatose patient giving birth in the health care facility in Arizona, but a development yesterday also got my attention. A judge has ordered every male worker in the facility to give a DNA sample. That's flat out a 4th Amendment violation. The judge issues a search warrant because he thinks there is probable cause to believe that every male worker possesses evidence of a crime? (And, no, you don't get to search someone to exclude them as a suspect. That would be like a search warrant being issued for every home in Wise County because a TV was just stolen from Walmart.)
  • Trump and his associates have the dumbest lawyers. Yesterday, the lawyers for former campaign manager and felon Paul Manafort couldn't properly redact a pleading they filed which accidentally revealed that he is accused of conspiring with Russia. That's a big story.
  • Random smart guy stuff: Bridgeport's own Chance Pierce, a running back at Abilene Christian, has been named to the All Academic Southland Conference first team. (He has a 3.40 in Kinesiology.) Oddly, he played on the defensive line in high school. 
  • Is he OK this morning? 
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