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I May Have A New Official Liberally Lean Girl

And It Didn't Even Take A Golden Calf

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And, compare and contrast:

Above The Fold

Random Wednesday Morning Thoughts

  • There was a robbery in Houston. What kind of gun is this?:
  • And Another (Missouri): 
  • There was a campaign this season where TCU fans could pledge $10 (or other amount) for every home run for the Micah Ahern TCU Baseball Scholarship in honor of the kid who died of cancer last year. The season is over and all pledges have been tallied. The number?: $50,000.  The amount collected?: $15,000.
  • First there was the Wiener Mobile. Now there's the Wiener Drone.
  • If you care about the press and the First Amendment, you have a new hero as a  correspondent finally stood up to the White House's "Fake News" narrative at the news briefing yesterday. (Side note: The only person who would be less equipped to hold a news conference than Sarah Huckabee Sanders is her daddy.) 
  • Trump was at it again this morning. Incredible: 

  • And in the greatest moment of irony, Trump is having to remove fake Time magazine covers from his properties since the cover never existed and he's infringing on the magazine's copyrights and trademarks. 
  • Nothing says Authentic Cowboy like a Bentley: 
  • There have been three road rage shootings this week in the metroplex. I'm telling you, people on the road are getting crazier and crazier. 
  • The Knicks have fired Phil Jackson. He will be paid for the remaining two years on his $12 million a year contract. 
  • I'm not sure I had ever heard the phrase, "constitutional conservator of the peace" until today. (See Update.)


I Saw One Of These On 287 Between Decatur and Rhome

There's even a news report about them.

Mrs. LL said I should put one up that says ""

Let's Check In On The Tarrant County Courthouse

Compare and contrast:

Random Tuesday Morning Thoughts

  • A judge on the Texas Court of Criminal Appeals deleted his Twitter account. One person pointed out that his Wikipedia page had been edited to reflect he took it down after posting a picture of "whiskey and ammo." Then someone deleted that Wikipedia edit.  I don't know what really happened but the Austin American Statesman and/or Texas Tribune needs to find out. 
  • I didn't know there was one. It's in Kentucky
  • Yesterday evening Trump banged the drums of war in an ominous statement warning Syria: 
  • Uh, isn't this the Syrian airport we "destroyed" with 59 Tomahawk missiles? 
  • After threatening Syria, Trump then woke up this morning and got mad at CNN: 
    (Would a "Fake News" organization admit it made a mistake?)
  • And then Trump went crazier by retweeting remarks (originally posted by the Fox and Friends account) from Mark Levin and Sean Hannity, and a book promotion of Eric Bolling's "The Swamp." 
  • Good grief. As soon as I wrote that bullet point he fires off more evidence of severe mental instability: 
  • The Family Pup showed tremendous mental stability and restraint yesterday: 
  • Re: That 14 year old, Kaytlin Cargill, who was found in an Arlington landfill. Is this a suicide in a dumpster that no one is willing to talk about? Remember all the schools who sent out warnings about Thirteen Reasons Why
  • How do young people afford a house these days? Heck, how does the average American afford a house these days? 
  • This is the horror version of Where the Heart Is:
  • The Supreme Court did a very odd thing yesterday on Trump's travel ban: (1) It agreed to hear the case in the Fall, (2) It allowed it to go into effect unless a refugee can show a "bona fide" relationship to a U.S. person or entity -- a seemingly easy, yet ambiguous, standard, and (3) Noted that the executive order expires in 90 days which will certainly make the case moot by the First Monday in October. 
  • Let's check in on Taxpayer Dollars At Work this morning: (EDIT: Do you guys not realize the social media employee in on the taxpayer's dime?)
  • Wow: The Supreme Court just announced it will take up the issue of sports gambling. (It literally happened a couple of minutes ago. I'll update when I have details.)


Cue The Six Flags Music

A teenage girl escaped serious injury Saturday evening after falling 25 feet from an amusement park ride in Upstate New York — and into the arms of a crowd that had gathered below to catch her.

The dramatic fall and rescue was captured on video by at least one bystander at Six Flags Great Escape in Lake George, N.Y., about 60 miles north of Albany, where the incident took place. More.

(1) How in the world did she get herself in that predicament?
(2) That's not 25 feet.
(3) Does that woman not possess the most annoying voice and attitude in the history of ever? 

Weekend Sports

Not a motorcycle death (but close):

Josh Jackson is the #4 pick in the NBA draft:

Above The Fold

Random Monday Morning Thoughts

  • This morning, the WBAP boys (Hal Jay, Brian Estridge and Steve Lamb) spent a whole segment snarkily laughing at California's public "travel ban" of Texas because of the Bathroom Bill. Uh, guys,  it's not because of the Bathroom Bill. 
  • We're full time out at Lake Bridgeport now, basically my "residence", and you sure see a lot of odd things. One of my favorites is a "Monster Boat" which appears sometimes around midnight with six to eight massive floodlights. The guys in it are bow fishing. 
  • If you want to know the answer to Trump's following question, read this Washington Post article from Friday. It's the most comprehensive article about Russian meddling to date.  (And Trump is ranting about the Russian investigation  again this morning. Every right winger wants the subject to die, but Trump just keeps it front and center.)
  • Pete Delkus was being mean to a Twitter follower, and someone came to intervene. Here's what happened: 
    This is how it started
    Michael to the rescue. (Delkus then blocked him.)
  • I saw the first episode of The Keepers. I'm hooked. A very Making of a Murderer feel to it. 
  • What's going on with that 14 year old Bedford girl found dead in an Arlington landfill? The Chief of Police said on Friday: "“Our information ... does not indicate a further risk to our community.” Huh? This may not have been an abduction at all. 
  • Trump appeared on Fox and Friends. Here are the questions. This is almost like Chris Farley interviewing Paul McCartney.
  • I don't know why I follow WFAA's Todd Unger on Twitter, but it didn't take long to realize he's a little Rush Limbaugh. Man, he has some hot conservative opinions. 
  • Another lake observation from Saturday: Two guys in a $40,000 bass boat (250 horsepower) showed up on the shore right below me (fishing in the rain during a tournament), and then one of them caught one of the biggest basses I've seen. He then measured it and threw it back. 
  • The Koch Brothers held a three day conservative summit retreat at the Broadmoor Resort in Colorado over the weekend: Those in attendance included: Greg Abbott, Ted Cruz, and John Cornyn. Do their campaign funds pay for that trip? Any taxpayer dollars?
  • How the press just accepts cameras being banned from the White House daily briefings is amazing. 
  • Oh, my: 
  • A World War II vet who survived Pearl Harbor had his ashes returned to the U.S.S. Arizona. If you want to see a moving video, watch his family members hand those ashes to a diver above the sunken ship.
  • The Houston Police Department now has a "Rainbow Cruiser". 
  • There's a death notice in the Update of a young man who has the same name as a guy who spent 70 months in federal prison for buying too much pseudoephedrine at CVS. What a screwed up War on Drugs we have. (And, yes, I know the purpose of the law.)


It's Friday. Let's Get Out Of Here.

 And it's Big Bear with the Diving Crossbody move off the turnbuckle for the pin. 
 They should be awarded for not laughing. 
(Quite the tats on that one guy.)
 Rubbernecking 101.
 Laugh at the dive then worry about if she resurfaces. 
Funny bit. Except for all those post event ACL surgeries.

Sequel: "Planet Of The Apes: We're Having Fun Here, No?"

Random Friday Morning Thoughts

  • Texas college sports money:
  • Any Supreme Court opinion is flawless. No typos. Always grammatically correct. Every case cited down to the page is always spot on. That being said, a case released yesterday had a glaring error. (It was taken down and replaced within an hour.) 
  • Oakland Raider QB Derek Carr received a 5 year deal at $25 million a year yesterday making him the highest paid NFL player. Sixteen years ago, the Rangers agreed to paid Alex Rodriguez $25.2 million a year for 10 years. Buy your kid a baseball.
  • The NBA draft was last night. Let's flashback to pre-draft in 1984:
  • I apologize that it took me 48 hours to link to the Official Liberally Lean Girl on the beach
  • It's been a while since I've dogged Dennis Prager (which always angers his one fan which reads Liberally Lean.) I saw this yesterday. I always prefer that if an angry, old white man is going to lecture me on race relations that he be holding a cigar as he does so.
  • I've had two people tell me I should watch Netflix's The Keepers because it will get me riled up. (Side note: There was a time when we wondered if Netflix or Blockbuster would win that all important DVD rental war.)
  • Well, the Senate rolled out their revised TrumpCare bill yesterday, and it's already in trouble. The left hates it because it tries to kill Medicaid. The far right hates it because it is basically a slightly watered down ObamaCare. (Ted Cruz is against it. Mike Lee is against it. Radio host Mark Levin was screaming about how it was 95% Obamacare. And local radio host Mark Davis said it wasn't a conservative bill.)
  • And another (Bridgeport . . . . . . ., Connecticut):  
  • And Another (Kentucky):
  • Hey, Bridgeport is getting an Arby's. 
  • So on May 12th, Trump tweeted: “James Comey better hope that there are no ‘tapes’ of our conversations before he starts leaking to the press!” So why did it take him until yesterday to say the following? What was the purpose of the May 12th tweet? 

  • Uh, what?: 
  • Former Arizona State coach Frank Kush died yesterday. He had accumulated a tremendous 176-54-1 record in 21½ seasons when he was fired for allegedly covering up striking a punter on his team. Eventually all was forgiven and he had an office at ASU up until the time of his death.