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Random Tuesday Morning Thoughts

  • I forgot to mention that John Gray, "who leads Relentless Church [in South Carolina] and is an associate pastor at Joel Osteen’s Lakewood Church", bought his wife a $200,000 Lamborghini. In a a now deleted Instagram video, he presented it to her saying,  "You light my fire, let this Lamborghini light your fire, baby." He completely defends his decision. I've leaned a new term: "Pulpit Pimp." And there are more and more of them these days.
  • UPS thought they would be funny yesterday. They quickly changed their mind and deleted this tweet:
  • Anyone else noticed that DPS troopers seem to be non-existent over the last couple of months in Wise County? I'm not complaining. I went to Denton last week and their Sheriff's office had three deputies in high priced SUVs protecting their border. 
  • This is great: Watch highlights of North Texas playing Florida State in the snow at Fouts Field on November 13, 1976. (I don't know what's more amazing: The snow or that there was a time when Florida State would come to Denton.) Here's more about the day. FSU won despite turning the ball over six times.
  • There was another coyote attack in Frisco yesterday. They've hired a man to go get him. Hmm, a town hires one guy to go after a predator to protect its citizens? I think I know the man for the job. 

  • Grandview will play in the 3A State Championship on Thursday. They will bring with them the most terrifying inflatable in Texas. 
  • Over the weekend Trump's Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke resigned (surrounded by rumors of a criminal investigation.) I forgot that the guy was such a nut that he had the practice of  having a
    security staffer go up to the roof and hoist a special 'secretarial flag,' which is emblazoned with the agency’s seal whenever he entered the building.
  • Now this is a War on Christmas:
  • Trump, during another incredible paranoid Tweet Storm this morning about the "Witch Hunt", threw in a message to the Fed regarding its intent to raise interest rates: "Feel the market, don’t just go by meaningless numbers." Incredible. (And now I've just had a flashback to Caddyshack where Ty tries to teach Danny better golf by mentioning Russia and, in essence, going on feel.)
  • Yep.
  • This is Times Square about 120 years ago. Wouldn't you love to be able to go back and show them what it looks like now? They would freak out. Scary thought: What if someone could come back from 120 years in the future and show you what it looks like then? With the speed of change now, we would freak out exponentially. (Assuming it's still there.)
  • Rush Limbaugh was at Trump's festive Christmas party. 
  • It looks like F-35s set off some sonic booms over Wise County over the weekend. I remember hearing them as a kid all the time until they suddenly stopped when civil supersonic passenger travel was banned.


Random Monday Morning Thoughts

  • I looked up and saw the Miss Universe pageant was on TV last night, and this morning I realized I missed this: 
  • This is our world today. CNN screws up and is called out by James Wood who also screws up and is called out by Yashar Ali of New York Magazine.
  • "A former federal prosecutor has been disbarred for posting anonymous online comments about cases being handled by himself or by his office . . . . [He] had posted more than 2,600 comments on, the website of the New Orleans Times-Picayune, between November 2007 and March 2012. Between 100 and 200 comments related to matters being prosecuted by [his] office."
  • Quick loading sports videos: (1) Decatur's QB getting killed on Friday, (2) The ol' I-Can't-Make-The-Interception-On-The-Sideline-So-I'll-Knock-It-To-A-Teammate-Trick gone wrong, and (3) Funny turnover from last night's Eagles win.
  • Of all the football games on TV this weekend the most entertaining was Allen vs. Duncanville at Jerry World. (All of the Texas high school finals are on Channel 21 this week starting on Wednesday.)
  • Trump, who is having trouble finding a Chief of Staff, picked Mick Mulvaney as an "acting" Chief of Staff. Within hours, a video surfaced of him calling Trump "a terrible human being." 
  • Who could have predicted all of this could have gone so wrong?
  • We've got another case now being decided by Texas highest criminal court where a trial judge shocked a defendant with a 50,000 volt stun belt, not for being a threat, but because he wouldn't show respect. I love this quote from Judge Elsa Alcala during oral arguments: "Believe me, I was a trial judge, I had all kinds of crazy people in front of me. And I was as frustrated as all get out. But, the remedy is not to put a shock device on him and shock him when they don't stand up. That is just, they even know of black and white, you don't do that." The judge was Jack Skeen out of back woods Smith County who has a pathetic history of injustice.
  • I'm finally getting around to watching Ken Burn's The Vietnam War. I'm about three hours into the seventeen hour documentary, and it's fascinating. And it makes me realize how little I know.  
  • Sometimes Christmas decorations make you do a double take.
  • The Weekly Standard , the very conservative and intellectually driven publication (and, thus, not surprisingly, anti-Trump), has gone out of business. "They were trying to get it to hire AM radio jocks to be the writers because they wanted sensational dumbness."
  • I'm seeing lots of stories this morning that Texas has a law requiring contractors with the state to sign contracts which  basically have a "promise not to do or say anything which hurts Israel" provision. Yep, it's a state law introduced by Rep. Phil King. It's unconstitutional and stupid. 
  • He just misspelled border again:
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It's Friday. Let's Get Out Of Here.

Random Friday Morning Thoughts

  • When Michael Cohen appeared in federal court this week, you would think that they could have found a sketch artist who at least didn't have a second job has a horror artist. (In addition to being bad at his job, check out out the gal in the background.)
  • It's long but great: A behind-the-scenes oral history of how, 25 years ago, a little known network called Fox shockingly paid and obscene amount of money to obtain the rights for the NFL's NFC away from CBS. And the larger scheme as to why they did it. (Who among us watching the Cowboys back then didn't think, "Hey, that little down, distance, and time graphic is annoying --- No! No! Wait! It's fantastic!")
  • This is really cool: When the Aggies played LSU a couple of weeks back, the game appeared lost when an interception was thrown. Listen to the boys controlling the big stadium screen (and see the screen simultaneously) as they madly scramble to get the video up which showed the QB's knee was down before the interception was thrown.  Their quick work led to the play being reviewed and reversed. 
  • Sports news was a buzzin' yesterday about Stephan A. Smith's ill-informed and laughable comments about the upcoming Charger/Chiefs game as he referenced players who would not be playing. Here's a great slowdown of the reaction of his guests. (Smith is paid $3.5 million from Fox Sports and $1 million from his SiriusXM.)
  • Photoshop and Mike Pence:
  • The National Enquirer/Trump relationship news this week caused me to remember something I posted on 5/24/17. I sensed back then that something was going horribly wrong, and I was right. Now we know the Cohen/Trump/Porn Star/Enquirer investigation was ramping up behind the scenes, and the Enquirer was starting to distance from all things Trump.
  • No snow. Check. No ice. Check. High winds. Check. I'm a weather genius. Compare and contrast someone else earlier this week: 
  • Speaking of being right, I was very wrong about something else. The lawsuit against the defunct Beamer's nightclub over the Josh Brent wreck led to a $25 million verdict yesterday. But someone try to make sense of this to me. Brent was found 48% responsible, the club an equal 48%, and the guy who ended up dead by deciding to get into the car with Brent only 4%. I'm still surprised the club was found responsible at all because the Plaintiff faced an impossible burden of having to prove that "it was apparent to the provider that the individual being sold, served, or provided with an alcoholic beverage was obviously intoxicated . . . . "
  • Random (and silly) stuff in the Texas Constitution which is in direct conflict with, and an obvious violation of, the U.S. Constitution:
  • Every life is precious unless it's a child who is poor, has brown skin, and isn't an American. She died in El Paso.
  • And it seems a good time to remind you of the Border Patrol's history of  pouring out water left on trails. #MAGA
  • Random order out of a federal court in Houston this week: 
  • Whatever happened to Craig James (SMU star, star college football analyst, failed Senate candidate, Mike Leach thorn, and a guy who did not kill five hookers)? Yahoo Sports tracked him down


Random Thursday Morning Thoughts

  • Decatur plays Waco La Vega tomorrow at Jerry World. Fun Confusing Fact: The school is located in the city of Bellmead and is part of the La Vega I.S.D so I'm not sure how Waco got slapped on its name. Another fun fact: Waco La Vega beat Decatur in the area round in 1987 and there are four players from the La Vega team who have sons playing for the current La Vega team.
  • La Vega, and this guy, runs the ball. A lot. 
  • Trump's personal lawyer. Michael Cohen, is going to federal prison for three years for doing something Trump directed him to do. And you know who first found out about Trump's payments to porn stars funneled through the National Enquirer to keep the affairs from being exposed before the election? The press.
  • And he just declared a War on Christmas!
  •  Flashback to 2015:
  • Flashback to happier times with a Trump mouthpiece:
  • Here's a fun bit: Ask someone who is under 40 the name of the person who killed Abraham Lincoln. (My brief experience yesterday indicated that the 40 year old cut off line has some significance for a reason I don't readily understand.) 
  • New morning tweet: The Wall was in our hearts all along. Sheesh.
  • Man, between that Baylor kid being banned from UTD's graduation and graduate school and other developments, we've got a social media lynch mob going on. 

  • I don't care about it, but the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame announced their inductees this morning. Here's a Jeopardy Question: What band was inducted whose hit song was performed by Bill Murray's character in the film Lost in Translation
  • The First Lady was welcomed with open arms for an interview with Fox News yesterday where she called authors and journalists covering Trump "opportunists." Yep, a gal who came from Slovenia to "model" in hopes of landing a billionaire just called journalists a bunch of opportunists.
  • Very random great fake punt by the Houston Oilers back in the day.
  • Jeopardy answer: Roxy Music whose hit More than This made an appearance in the karaoke scene.


Random Wednesday Morning Thoughts

  • The AP's "Quotes of the Year" starts off with some very memorable quick hits:
  • No, she didn't. She just wants money from a defunct club's liability insurance company. She testified yesterday and was a monotone scripted cliche machine.  (Prediction: I'm leaning that the club is going to be found not liable.)
  • Traffic Alert: New traffic lights are going in on W. Hale in Decatur near the new QuickTrip. This means we will have three, count 'em three, sets of traffic lights within 1000 feet of one another. That's a first for Wise County.
  • The meeting between Trump, Pelosi, and Schumer yesterday in the Oval Office was high entertainment. (I don't count Mike Pence because he looked like he might have passed away when we weren't looking.) Watching Mr. Art of the Deal being tricked into taking responsibility for any government shutdown was golden. 
    This is like Jim looking at the camera in The Office
  • Liberally Lean Action One Weather First Expert Forecast: Ice/Snow: No chance whatsoever. Wind: This is going to be the story. Beginning tomorrow around 7:45 p.m. we will have insane winds throughout the night. Your house will shake. Then, beginning late Saturday night, we will have almost no wind whatsoever for the next four days. Book it. I'm never wrong.
  • If a movie is showing in theaters and it is, say, two and a half hours or more, how about we bring back the "Intermission"? Audience gets a break. Concession/Kitchen makes more money. It's win-win. 
  • I'll given you a million guesses who this is. Give up? UT great Vince Young
  • Man, that plea deal of the former Baylor fraternity president blew up all over the news yesterday. Prosecutors across the state even defended the deal pointing out, accurately, that if you don't know all the facts and aren't aware of proof problems, you are in no position to pass judgment on the deal.  Yep, that's correct. 
  • And despite all that publicity from one courtroom in the Waco courthouse, this happened right down the hallway: "A man accused of raping a 4-year-old walked free from a McLennan County courtroom Tuesday after prosecutors failed to persuade a judge to postpone the trial." (That's a misleading lede, however. The prosecutor, after being caught in a bind, simply dismissed the case and will refile it. It's still a wheels-off situation.)
  • But one thing does seem clear: Since the Worst DA in the State became a lame duck after losing an election because of the Twin Peak Biker Fiasco, that office has gone from a ship with an incompetent captain to a ship without a captain. 
  • I mentioned Ray Liotta on Monday and now I see this. I have no idea what is going on. 
  • Did some middle school kids in Decatur get locked in their class after school? That's what I'm hearing. Some mommas be trippin'. 
  • This is a little unsettling. (Here's the link to get your data.)
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