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Let's At Least Give Him Credit . . .

. . . If you're going to go -- go large.

We've Got Animal Chaos Right Now In Queens, NY

And there will be some video gold out of this once this thing finally comes to an end.

Edit: OH, NO! It's now dead!

Get Me This Fire Breathing Drone!

It's apparently used to clean power lines.

When The Beach Is No Longer Good Enough

They could have inadvertently had this shot:

Random Tuesday Morning Thoughts

  • I thought about doing a bullet point about Milo Yiannopoulos, Breitbart, pedophilia, and Trump's support of the guy but you either already know about it or don't care about it. 
  • Is this new Decatur store called Cow Girl Crap? 
  • I had not thought about this regarding solar panels: Hail storms.
  • An overlooked story of the weekend is the young guy who had been arrested for murdering his millionaire older girlfriend, Nicole Blahitka, in Fort Worth was shot and killed by police in Grand Prairie. 
  • If a hospital overbills an indigent person with no insurance knowing it will never get paid, do they get to claim the full amount as an expense against revenues for tax purposes?
  • How many times did the Republican controlled House vote to repeal Obamacare when they knew Obama would veto it? And they've not taken a vote to do since controlling the House, Senate and Presidency?
  • I'm not sure I've ever seen a longer length of time between a federal indictment and trial than that in the John Wiley Price case that starts today. 
  • I've got to research this story of the Dallas surgeon who received life in prison for a surgery which "maimed" someone. Something doesn't make sense. (Unless he was intentionally doing it time and time again.) 
  • Nothing like arriving for work early but forgetting your keys. That leads to an abbreviated Random Thoughts. 


Speaking Of Fake News

There's no way that is true. This has to be USA Today agreeing to be paid to do a story about NASCAR and/or Monster.

That's Funny

(The account calls itself Fake News so it's a pretty funny bit.)

Random Monday Morning thoughts

  • Trump's "tweet of the weekend": 
  • Chris Wallace of Fox News was none too pleased with this attack on the free press, and he torched White House Chief of Staff Riece Prebius on Sunday because of it. "You don't get to tell the press what to do." 
  • The Thunder Truck was in Wise County! (Several hours too early, though.) And, yes, I believe the Thunder Truck is a ridiculous bit.
  • It sounds like San Antonio had a monster storm last night: 
  • Trump: Six rounds of golf in 30 days. 
  • Prestonwood Baptist Church is withholding funding from Southern Baptist Convention and Trump is one of the issues why. Jesus would be so proud of the the modern day mega-church. 
  • We've got to deal with new weeds in February? 
  • This battle between Wise County and Weatherford College regarding the county wanting a voting board member is getting interesting. Wise County pays a ton of tax dollars to them but gets no representation (but does get a lot of arrogant attitude.) If this were 1776, we would just take the campus in Wise County. 
  • Our refrigerator, that isn't that old, is beginning to get loud. I'm guessing that is not a good sign. 
  • I had no idea that when the headline came out last week that Wise County would be paying almost $50,000 to study "Internet infrastructure" that they were talking about Internet access across the county in general and not just for government offices. Isn't that a private sector issue? 
  • I got to see the documentary The Tower this weekend, and it may now be my favorite documentary. It was gut-wrenching. 
  • Oh  . . . 
  • The "transgender wrestler" story gives me Tired Head. 


It's Friday. Let's Get Out Of Here.

 Mrs. LL had a motorcycle once. I'm investigating this footage. 
 Leaving this one alone. 
 If this guy is a Teen In The House and my kid, I'd be talking to CPS right now.
I blame her more than the good puppy dog. 

Speaking of Legal Nerd Stuff: The Fort Worth Court Of Appeals Just Told the Tarrant County DA's Office They Lied To The Court

The opinion was just released. It is long and no one will read it. But never before in my thirty year career have I seen a Court take out sections of a State's brief and, in essence, say "That's not what happened at all."

Let me paraphrase Simon and Garfunkel as I describe the current state of the Tarrant DA's office: "Where have you gone Tim Curry? Our county turns our lonely eyes to you."

Random Friday Morning Thoughts

  • Trump's press conference yesterday was insane. No person with a brain who watched all one hour and fifteen minutes of it would disagree. He actually said that if he blew up a Russian ship "everyone" would love him. 
  • Even Fox News thought he was crazy:
  • So who does the President use this morning to tell us all it wasn't crazy: 
  • Since we are headed to Idiocracy, we might all want to go back and watch War Games which was nothing more than a fun little movie in the 1980s. Now think about the General in charge of Norad when he thinks a Russian nuclear attack is underway and says, "Get me the President on the horn." 
  • By the way, that guy is the most underrated greatest character actor of our time. From Urban Cowboy to No Country for Old Men
  • Wise County just approved $46,000 for a company to study its "Internet infrastructure." I've been preaching it for years: Be a private company and contract with government if you want to get rich. (And "infrastructure"? What does that even mean? Call ATT for a deal because you're the government and have clout, and then buy decent routers for WIFI and connect every desktop by WIFI via USB. Problem solved.) 
  • Mark Cuban got sassy when someone challenged him on his political views:
  • Trump's attack on all the media will be his downfall. When I was a young DA, I started to pick a fight with the Messenger about coverage that I thought was unflattering. My dad took me aside and told me, "You don't pick a fight with people who buy paper by the ton and ink by the barrel." 
  • If you watch any news channel you will see an ad to confirm the nominated Supreme Court justice paid for by a SuperPAC. That's just weird. 
  • Vince Young is trying to get back in the NFL? Not a chance. (I still believe he was the greatest college player ever.) 
  • Solar panels on houses? Is the financial benefit worth it to start with and what about the aesthetic value? 
  • This will only appeal to legal nerds: Watch an unprepared prosecutor get crushed in oral arguments in Georgia. 
  • "Imagine this: If the NFL tries to come down on the state of Texas, I might just pass a bill in the state of Texas mandating that all NFL players have to stand and put their hand on their heart when the National Anthem is played." -- Texas Governor Greg Abbott on the NFL expressing concern about the Bathroom Bill.  What should scare all of you is that he is a former Texas Supreme Court justice and knows what he said is 100% unconstitutional but he said it anyway to pander to masses.



I got out of an hour and a half meeting and learned that Trump spared with the press during that same time period. Everyone was contacting me with,  "You have to see this!" It sounds like a train wreck from what I've been able to piece together so far. The above is just a sliver of the beating he received.

Heck, even Fox News is beginning to realize he's crazy:

Get Me This Rescued Dog!

Random Thursday Morning Thoughts

  • "Michael Flynn is a wonderful man. I think he's been treated very, very unfairly by the media…as I call it the fake media.” -- Donald Trump yesterday on the guy he fired for illegally talking to the Russians
  • Is there a betting line in Vegas on whether the Russians actually have a seedy video of Trump? 
  • Indicted Texas AG Ken Paxton was the first to file a voluntary brief in the case challenging Trump's Muslim Ban. 
  • The Eighth Grader in the House and I had a discussion about the concept of light years. She was pretty good. Then I told her, "The stars you see in the sky are nothing more that a snapshot of what space used to look like." It took a second, but she understood. 
  • I watch a ton of DWI cop videos in Wise County, and I've noticed a pattern when the cop is kind enough to let the guy being arrested call his wife: They always seem to be kind and sad and loving and apologetic. And the wife is always not pleased. (Note to people being arrested: If you are in police car, you are being recorded.) 
  • I think we are still at DEFCON 2 or watching a sequel to Top Gun in real life.
  • Great question yesterday: Who is the most famous person you have came within 10 feet of? The best I could think of is when George W. came through the Wise County courthouse posing for pictures left and right before his presidential run. 
  • Let's check on Trump's mental health this morning. Yep, he is still scared of the free press.
  • Decatur's basketball team won a coin flip to determine post season playoff seeding. That's right out Friday Night Lights.
  • I just saw that one of my favorite teachers of all time from Bridgeport has died: Joyce Witty. She was an English teacher, and she would torch me for my grammar. But she was fascinated with my writing style and with the content of any fiction essay assignment I submitted to her. And, more importantly, she encouraged me to no end.


I've Never Needed More Information In The History Of Ever

What happened here?

Above The Fold

Random Wednesday Morning Thoughts

  • If I hear an ad that says, "Deals too low to advertise", I will never buy anything from you. 
  • Prediction: Trump's Press Secretary, Sean Spicer, will quit within three months. He has the worst job in the world. 
    "I've made a huge mistake."
  • And I'm not sure Kellyanne Conway won't leave as well.  (And I'll say again she looks like she is on meth.)
  • Mrs. LL learned about the "County Law! County Law" video yesterday. It is still one of my favorites. 
  • The Ticket spent a segment mocking Fox 4's "Viewer Feedback" yesterday. And I loved that it started out with the host saying,  "I'm always scared Steve Eagar will turn on me when we do one of these." 
  • The Westminster Dog Show has just concluded which always makes me think about the great movie, Best In Show.
  • You know what jumps out me about Abbott's quote below. His arrogance and elitism of referring to a human being as "low level" employee:
  • Let's check in on the President's mental health this morning.  He doesn't care about the truthfulness of the information. He cares about being exposed as he attacks our coveted government agencies: 
  • But wait! There's more!:
  • Trump won in Wise County with 86% of the vote.
  • Mrs. LL works in the front office of a school and during her first Valentine's Day there she was responsible for delivering every set of flowers sent to every teacher. I didn't send her anything to the school. Man, did I pay for it. And I learned my lesson. 
  • Hot opinion by the Dallas Morning News: