This Could Be A Christmas Card Nightmare

The great Roger Staubach. Jordan Speith. And, uh, some goofy Dynasty guy. 

Random Monday Morning Thoughts

  • We had Mrs. LL's side of the family over for the weekend for Christmas. One of them hates me beyond belief and just bludgeons me with passive aggressiveness. I spent most of the time trying to do the facial expression of, "Oh, no, you didn't!"
  • I finally got around to reading the article in Texas Monthly about Joe Jamail.  I have a very short list of people who I think are miserable human beings but he's close to the top of it.  The University of Texas should be embarrassed to be associated with him.
  • I almost want to see American Sniper but I'm afraid it does nothing but glorify the guy. I think everyone now agrees, after having lied about Jesse Ventura and lying about shooting two guys to death in a gas station in Texas, that he had a little trouble with telling the truth. 
  • I just looked up and saw Madonna on the news (she's releasing a new album). At 56 . . . dare I say it . . .  still pretty hot. 
  • I've convinced the Sixth Grader in the House that upon my death I should be cremated, my ashes mixed with glitter, and then shot out of a cannon from the Wise County Courthouse bell tower. She gives me a look and a smile of, "That is so weird but, between me and you,  I'm keeping this in the back of my mind because it's insanely funny." 
  • Shout out to Messenger sports editor Richard Greene. I had noticed that he ran the Dallas Marathon and finished at four hours and a few seconds. As much as I respected the guy for finishing the race, I wondered how he didn't gut it up and finish under four hours. I got my answer: In a column this week in the Messenger he revealed it was a malfunctioning running watch. 
  • I've finished 11 half marathons but cannot comprehend turning around at the finish line and going back to do it again.
  • Cowboys. Cowboys. Cowboys. But the game could have been completely different if that guy would have caught that fake punt pass in the first quarter. A crazy gamble that should have worked.
  • That field goal block by a Rams' player was crazy. He jumps over the center and then jumps again to block the kick. 
  • Mrs. LL wakes up with an alarm that plays weird Zen music which slowly gets louder. 
  • Mrs. LL got mad at me this weekend for watching the 30 for 30 episode on The University of Miami Part 2 without her. That's so weird. That's so hot. 


Someone Blew Up Aggieland!!!!

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Or maybe they are just doing renovations which will cost more than Baylor's new stadium.

My First Bowling Green Post

Because they look like thugs . . .

And then they win with a little over a minute to play . . .

Crazy Story

Link.  (And using the word "executed" is not hyperbole.)


Cindy Lou: Then And Now

(I'm actually a little late on this. More.)

Pat Robertson Speaking Truth And Speaking Crazy

We start off with a question from a gal in some crazy church. They can't date? At all? Ever? And Pat gives her some pretty good advice: That church is crazy so get the heck out of there.

But before that, for a reason that can't be explained, he throws out the hot opinion that gays will die out because they can't reproduce. Hey, I'm no scientist, but I think there's a flaw in that theory.

Random Index 1969

  • Bobcat killer
  • Were the "Harlem Stars" anything like the "Harlem Globetrotters"?
  • Sudden death of County Clerk

Crazy Russian Ex-Girlfriend Goes All NASCAR


Random Friday Morning Thoughts

  • To me, there's a distinct difference between the hacking of Sony and the threats if the movie was shown. The Interview was pulled because of the threats, not the hacking. The killing of the movie could have occurred because of the threats alone. 
  • But all of this North Korea controversy reminded me how shockingly funny Team America: World Police was. I remember talking to a Wise County prosecutor shortly after it came out. He thought the movie constantly made fun of liberals. I thought it constantly made fun of the Right Wing.  It actually did both.
  • The way ISIS has been quickly beaten back, they really were the J.V. A vicious little J.V., but the J.V. nonetheless. 
  • My outdoor Christmas lights have yet to  blow a single fuse or trip a single breaker. It only took me five years and a billion extension cords to get it right.
  • Mark Cuban is spending 90% of his time on social media this week promoting a silly app called Cyber Dust which is destined to fail. 
  • I get Slumped Shoulders when anyone involved in American sports yells "We just shocked the world. baby!" after a win.
  • The Star-Telegram has an editorial today encouraging a smooth transition between the outgoing and incoming Tarrant County DAs. What's the point of an editorial like that? Is there someone who desires the opposite? It's like encouraging civility during Christmas, respecting your neighbor, or safe driving. Not exactly a hot opinion. 
  • The Junior In The House had a female friend over last night and then two boys showed up.  (Ugh.) I was feeling pretty good about them until I went outside and realized they had arrived on skate boards. 
  • I'll be throwing up later after I read the new Texas Monthly article on Joe Jamail entitled, "The Greatest Lawyer Who Ever Lived."
  • Sports (1) Evil Empire news: I don't know who those two high school kids are, but the fact they announced they were signing with Texas caused my Twitter timeline to blow up this morning. (2) It looks like all the remaining Texas high school championship games will be broadcast on Fox Sports Southwest, (3) The Mavs trade for Rajon Rondo is the equivalent of going all in. If they don't win this year, it will be considered a stupid move. And they only win if Tyson Chandler stays healthy and Dirk doesn't peeter out. Good luck with all that.  (4) Watched the end of the Notre Dame/FSU again last night. Notre Dame got screwed. The announcers even incorrectly guessed at who was called for interference. Edit: The penalty wasn't on the receiver pushing straight back. It was on the receiver running the slant
  • Hey, they stole my catapult!!!! (If my catapult had turned into a functional monster)  . . .


Pregnant Dancing Gals

Nothing says Christmas like that.

Uh, "Hey, Now"?

"Elizabeth! I'm Coming To See Ya!"*

Two Florida men were dying to own a Barbie car so desperately that one of them faked a heart attack to create a diversion to allow the other to steal it from a Walmart. Tarus Scott, 30 and Gerard Dupree, 27, were arrested after their alleged ploy to steal the girl’s toy was caught on tape, reports Wesh.com. Surveillance footage from the Lake Wales Walmart on Tuesday shows two men loading a cart with a power wheel Barbie car, a Leap Frog tablet, and a Barbie Glam vacation house before trying to dupe store security. Scott appears to roll the stolen goods out of the store as the man who police have named as Dupree fakes a coronary to distract customers and employees from the theft. Concerned passers-by stop to help the suspect in apparent distress and one even appears to make a 911 call.

*Very dated Sanford and Son reference.

Gal Gets Car Booted. Won't Be Denied.

Random Thursday Morning Thoughts

  • If you object to restoring relations with Cuba, you are living in the 1960s. Doing what the President has proposed seems like a no brainer for at least the last 20 years. 
  • It will take decades, but Cuba will eventually have a ton of beachfront hotels and casinos which will be huge destinations for Americans. Win-Win. 
  • Sony's decision yesterday not to release The Interview came after the top five movie chains announced they would not show the movie. I still think my civil liability theory I proposed yesterday is behind all of this (as opposed to "bowing to terrorists"), but I haven't heard anyone else mention it. 
  • A good movie would be one about how the making and releasing of a movie caused an international incident after computer hackers got involved. 
  • Mark Davis this morning said that every theater should have released the movie even if it took "six cop cars" around every one of them and if "anyone so much as looked crossways at you they would be taken down." Good grief. Talk about "terrorists winning". 
  • Starting today, there will be ten state high school championship games at Cowboys Stadium this weekend.
  • It'll probably be in the Update, but southbound 287 out of Decatur was shut down this morning because of a wreck in the construction zone. Completely shut down. 
  • The death sentence, even in this era of rare death sentences, was pretty much expected in the trial of the Ex Kaufman JP. 
  • I can kind of understand the post verdict "victim impact statements" in that case (although I'd never give one -- what's done is done), but I don't understand a judge grandstanding after the sentencing (which he had no control over.) The judge said, in an effort to pander for the cameras, "You murdered a little old lady, and you would have murdered two other innocent people if you would have had the opportunity. That puts you right there with Charles Manson and Jeffrey Dahmer and Richard Speck. But the people of Kaufman County know you've been scared for the last couple of years. There's no reason to be scared anymore."
  • And I'm not sure those last two sentences make any sense. 
  • I suspect most people don't know who Richard Speck was. He's been dead for almost 25 years. 
  • And the post verdict prosecutor/investigator photo op drives me nuts. There's a great phrase I've always loved for those engaged in public service: "Do your job and then go home."
  • Mrs. LL recorded Survivor and watched it when she finally could last night. I woke up near midnight and she was still downstairs. 
  • I have no control over whether that crazy Captcha keyword requirement appears for comment posting, but it sounds like it is gone. 
  • Beginning right now in 1983, the metroplex would experience 295 straight hours of temperatures below freezing. Man, I remember that. 
  • Hey, I don't care about the Armed Forces Bowl in Fort Worth, but how would you like to be a player for the University of Pittsburgh? In the last 24 hours, your coach resigned to go to coach Wisconsin and the school then fired the Athletic Director. Now go out and practice!
  • No injuries this morning, but this is a pretty crazy picture after a school bus T-boned a car in Grand Prairie. 
  • It snowed on Christmas here about three or four years ago.  I was smart enough to sit back, relax, and watch it realizing I might never see that happen again. 


We've Got Us Some Wise County Heros Right Here If Wise County Were In Alabama

 Pink handle on that gun.
 Hey, now.
Not daughter and father. Also not Mrs. LL and me. 

Someone drives by who you recognize from your surveillance tape as the people that broke into your home. Do you call the cops? Not in Alabama. No siree. You draw down on them.

P.S. Does everyone have surveillance cameras these days?

1982 Channel 4 Christmas Commercial

There's Dale Hanson in there before he got fired.  If interested, [Grumpy] Uncle Barky has some background on this.

Back then, Channel 5 was still with NBC and Channel 8 was still with ABC.  However, Channel 4 was actually affiliated with CBS, while Channel 11 was an independent station.  Then at some point (the 1980s?), Channel 11 become an affiliate of CBS and Channel 4 became a Fox outlet.  So suddenly one day, the Channel 4 news crew had "Fox" instead of "CBS" in its graphics. (I'm pretty sure this video was when Channel 4 was still part of CBS. That Fox 4 News graphic in the corner seems to be added later.)

Deer vs. Bicyclist: Who Ya Got?

I guess that's really not much of a contest.