Bloom! The House Is On Fire

Kinda reminds me of that "It's fun to do bad things" kid.

Rankings Released: Is Our Children Learning?*

Search on your own.
* Proof that this is correct grammar


Tornado Kick To The Head Kevin | MySpace Video Once the kick lands, he does a walk which is exactly like something I've seen on TV before. But I just can't place it.

Email News

Edit: I'm getting some reports questioning the suicide angle.

Weiner Goes Crazy

We need more of this. The Brit's have it right.

Random Friday Morning Thoughts

(Bonus pic since the one below is apparently a repeat)
  • Is this a mistake? Jarhead's blog is open to the unwashed masses!
  • I rarely mention it but, Crazy Texas Mommy's blog is funny.
  • I'm driving a small U-haul truck this weekend. I expect tragedy.
  • A story that makes me cringe every time: Toddler run over in his own driveway in Saginaw. I cannot imagine.
  • Shocking Time cover this week.
  • Hottest weekend of year coming up. Then next week will be a beating as well.
  • You know, if you attach one of those broom stick handles to your paint roller, it makes your job a heck of a lot easier.
  • I mentioned the crash of Flight 191 at DFW Airport a couple of months ago but I was reminded this morning that it killed the driver of a car on highway 114 when it crashed. (It's the 25th Anniversary.)
  • The UIL tested 3,308 high school students last year for steroids. The results released yesterday: Not a single one tested positive. Can we stop the testing now?
  • Gary Cogill says Inception is the best film he has seen in two years. (The director also didMomento Memento so I bet it will make your head hurt.)
  • I'm craving home grown tomatoes. Are there any sellers in Decatur?
  • Richie Whitt ranks the Top 50 "Power Brokers" in DFW sports.
  • The Collin County District Clerk and a lot of her staff get indicted for Organized Crime? If every county employee were indicted for campaigning on county time, we wouldn't have much of a county government left.
  • Remember that NY Giants' receiver in the Super Bowl who caught the desperation pass from Eli Manning against his helmet? That was his last catch. Ever.


Book In Photo Of The Week

Nothing like driving with three kids in the car and three times the legal amount of alcohol in your system to give you Pouty Lip.


Got a report about yet another wreck by the Sheriff's Office on 380. Hey, one of you guys in the building run out there and snap a pic and send it to me. Chop! Chop!

Thursday Afternoon Pick Me Up: Work Out Edition

Wise County Pee Wee Football

If you want the impression of how a recently transplanted city gal thought of her first ever attendance at a Wise County Pee Wee Football practice, go here. Pretty funny.

Random Thursday Morning Thoughts

  • Reports from the Dallas Cowboys training camp are extremely boring. And I seriously doubt if some reporter truly knows if a backup tackle "struggled with his footwork in the morning session."
  • Fox 4 News at 9:00 has started experimenting with live debates with Steve Eager playing a major role. Sometimes it's great, but last night's heavily edited one (obviously not "live") covering the Arizona law was awful.
  • OK, painting was fun but I'm ready for it to be over.
  • I'm insane now.
  • Shout out to contractor/Wise Countian Scott Chapman who has bent over backwards helping me solve some home improvement problems.
  • Vintage 1975 NFL photos. (You've got to an older guy to enjoy those, but there are some pretty good memories in there.)
  • There was a time I would eat a cheeseburger and cheese fries at Snuffer's on Greenville Avenue. (The Morning News just published their "best burgers" article.)
  • Homeownership rates had steadily risen since 1995 but now they are plummeting -- currently the rate is 66.9%.
  • I'm absolutely convinced there is NO WAY Jane McGarry is writing for her twitter feed. Maybe a son? Daughter? Young producer at the station?
  • Everyone is catching "Ranger Fever" but few remember that the last time they made the playoffs in the 1990s that they didn't even sellout their home playoff games.
  • I looked for the handout comparing the budgets for Wise County Departments for last year and this year online but didn't see them.
  • Sports Media News: Fox's Daryl "Moose" Johnston and Jay "I Spoke With The Coach A Second Ago" Glazer are moving to the NFL Network.
  • Mexican violence bleeding over into the U.S.? Not so fast. As of May 26th, the number of murders in Juarez had reach 1,000 this year. The number across the border in El Paso? One. And it wasn't even drug related. (Texas Monthly, August 2010, p. 111)


Wreck at 287 and CR 4421

Obviously Some Crazed Left Wing Conspiracy

But I don't see "destruction of the planet." I see "high electricity bill."
And in other Crazy Headline News:

Breaking News That Will Not Make You Happy


If You Can't Beat 'Em

The pics of the Plano "spy" that are all over the news.

Random Wednesday Morning Thoughts

  • Actually caught the Rangers first "walk off" home run last night. Fantastic. Rangers now with an 8 1/2 game lead.
  • Fox 4 kept leading with some dumb "spy" story last night/this morning about some chick attempting to smuggle night vision scopes to Russia. But it seemed like an excuse to show about 15 hot pictures from her Facebook page.
  • I'm not sure how it was announced earlier this year that Wise County tax values would fall short of last year and now it's not so bad.
  • The House authorized another $33 billion for the was in Afganistan yesterday. Get us out of there.
  • Mrs. LL jumping off a cliff in Jamaica.
  • If the "Bush Tax Cuts" expire, I don't consider that to be a "tax increase" by the Obama Administration. But it's tricky.
  • Old Timer's Thought: Former Oakland Raiders Jack Tatum died yesterday. That guy was a thug. 100% thug. (And here's his five "greatest hits".)
  • A pedestrian was hit and killed by a vehicle in downtown Fort Worth yesterday. Honestly, I'm surprised that doesn't happen more often.
  • I was reading this story in the Star-Telegram about Intoxication Manslaughter charges being swapped but got bogged down on the age of the mother and her children.
  • KXAS's Kim Fischer blocked me from following her on Twitter! (But I can still go to her feed and read her posts. Weird.)
  • Edit: An acoustic cover of Outkast's "Hey, Ya" with 6.1 million views.


What The?

Potentially Viral

Walmart Moonwalking Guy.

Little McLovin Doesn't Like Airhorn To The Face

Calm down there, hoss. Just put the briefcase down and no one gets hurt.

Ellis County Tea Party Meeting

(From Bud Kennedy's Facebook page.)

Random Tuesday Morning Thoughts

  • Dallas Cowboy Marty B. thinks it's a good idea to photo himself neekid. Hey, kids. That's always a bad idea.
  • And I think that guy is a huge spare.
  • If Home Depot doesn't turn a profit this quarter based upon my purchases alone, something is wrong.
  • Someone that hypothetically drives to work with me might always hypothetically put on makeup in the car and she might have hypothetically forgot her makeup bag this morning meaning she's very natural this moment at work. I laughed. She didn't.
  • The Star-Telegram's web site officially went down this morning.
  • Fox 4 News web site goes Idiocracy?
  • There's a Commissioner's Court meeting on Wednesday where they will provide a handout of each county department's budget from last year compared to their proposed budget from this year. Somebody send that to me. I want to publish it.
  • Eighteen year old from Bridgeport killed in car crash.
  • This Dez Bryant/Roy Williams shoulder pads thing is silly.
  • It's the 30th anniversary of Caddyshack. Fans will probably appreciate this piece. If you don't, you'll get nothing and like it.
  • When I was a kid, every dog in the neighborhood was neither fenced in or on a leash. And none of them ever ran off and got lost.
  • Random "Hey, now" mug shot.


Proof Of A Slow News Day . . .

. . . when I'm posting some crazy frisbee game but, I have to say, that may be the greatest catch in the history of ever.
And the fact that he has a balding head makes it awesomererer.

Let Me Guess: This Will Drive You Crazy

Someone Kill Rowdy

Random Monday Morning Thoughts

  • Dez Bryant balks at the concept of rookie hazing by refusing to carry Roy Williams' shoulder pads. Good for him. (But there is a heck of a split of opinion on this based upon radio chatter this morning.)
  • That Mineral Wells girl is still missing. That is not promising.
  • "Bring your dog day" to the Ballpark in Arlington doesn't look to appealing to me. At all.
  • Miami Heat Dancers tryouts.
  • I found free "Video On Demand" on my TV system which, after looking around, included Season Four of The Wire. After watching four episodes of it, I'm prepared to back off calling it the greatest drama ever after Season One.
  • And this week will be another year in my streak of not going to The Wise County Reunion.
  • Let's have a nice lunch at a NYC patio restaurant. Wait! Look out for that flying chair!
  • Watched a little of The Jersey Shore last night on MTV. Are all those reality shows the same?
  • I've got two pleas this morning where defendants' are going from bond to short prison sentences. Man, I hate doing that but it's the only realistic option.
  • Paris Hilton on a boat. She's still got it.
  • Cowboys open training camp and it's Big 12 media days this week. Good times.
  • One bird caused Kings Of Leon stop a concert over the weekend. They don't make bands like they used to.
  • Painted, mowed, and cleaned on Saturday. Didn't move much on Sunday.