Little League World Series

I'm stealing this line: "The 'sinking ship' feel to the video when the kid goes down is a work of art."

(He's fine.)


Messenger Above The Fold

Dallas Cowboys News

Jerry just let us know that, "In my mind, I'm announcing Drew Pearson, Charles Haley and Larry Allen will go in the Ring of Honor."

Caption This Trophy

With all the reporters in Iowa covering presidential politics at the Iowa State Fair, one of them came upon  the press conference of some company displaying the new trophy that will go to the winner of this years game between Iowa v. Iowa State. It's a father holding an ear of corn in front of the family unit after a hard day's work.  The Internet has not been kind. My favorite so far:

Another one was along the lines of  "Son, I'm sorry, but the farm's lost. Now run on and go get you a football scholarship."

I've Mentioned These Kids For A While


If you like crime, justice, and documentaries, you've got to rent Paradise Lost: The Child Murders Of Robin Hood Hills (1996) and the follow-up Paradise Lost 2: Revelations (2000).  You can actually enjoy the second one (which is great) without watching the first. And, I promise, you'll never forget Mark Byers.

Fred Flintstone Driver Trying To Stop Car With Feet

(You've got to get past the cop yapping with the reporter to see the driving.)

I guess the generation raised on good old fashioned American cartoons is coming of (old) age. We're all broke, can't afford to get our brakes fixed, and have to rely on our childhood memories just to get by.  (And if this guy doesn't have a coyote in the back of that truck with a couple of Acme sticks of dynamite and an anvil, I'm going to be sorely disappointed. )

Nutty Arizona Sheriff Has (If It Is Possible) Just Gone Nuttier

I've got a very short list of people that put me over the edge. Nancy Grace, Ann Curry, and Sean Hannity to name a few.

But one guy who causes my Loony Radar to go off on an almost daily basis is Arizona Sheriff  Buford T. Justice Joe Arpaio. He's a fraud at best. A racist at worst. But he is, without a doubt, a self-serving panderer.

His latest "look at me" ploy is his announcement that he's going to investigate whether the President is a U.S. Citizen  -- something that seems squarely outside the jurisdiction of some backwoods Arizona sheriff. The Tea Party would do itself a favor if it would distance itself from people like him.

And, as a side note, his Twitter feed is a joy. He's normally telling you that he's about to go out and "round up some illegal aliens", how he's proud  that he has a "tent city" jail in 111 degree temperature,  or where his "DWI chain gang" is going to be.  But I loved this one the other day:

Yep. When a 109 year old lady dies, somehow Sheriff Joe knows how to make it all about him. But, then again, that's all he does.

Edit: Listen to the big man talk this afternoon!!!

Random Friday Morning Thoughts

  • The Random Girls(s) pic is from the opening of Bikini's sports bar in Arlington. More here.
  • One of my first trials as a prosecutor involved a Resisting Arrest case at Hooters. My first witness was the manager on duty who, when asked to describe the restaurant, took it upon herself to go into PR mode and describe it as"a family friendly environment." Good start.
  • Lake Bridgeport is 11 1/2 feet low and it looks like it is now on pace to begin losing a shocking two feet per week. 
  • I've heard that very few people have been on the lake this summer. Makes sense. Being in a boat on a lake in this heat seems like it would be absolutely no fun.
  • Our local Texas Ranger (the law enforcement one) played football for the University of Louisville during the team's glory years around 1990.
  • If you ever saw the documentaries on The West Memphis Three on HBO then (1) you loved those shows, and (2) you'll be interested to know those "boys" might be released today. 
  • We had a Wheel's Off Waiter at Texas Land and Cattle last night at a birthday celebration. That is, if you consider having your salad, appetizer, and main course all arrive within five minutes of each other as being Wheel's Off.
  • I'm not saying it is so, but the Paradise Murder case has the potential to be bizarre. And I think the cops now know the name of the deceased but I don't know if they've figured out where she is from.
  • Drove by the University of North Texas' new stadium yesterday. It looks really nice but it's also like a 5A high school stadium on steroids. 
  • Honor in odd places? So far in Wise County, if a prosecutor makes a promise or a representation, you can take it to the bank. It may be one of the last places in the state where you can say that.  Sadly, there will come a day when that is no longer true.
  • The Third Grader in the House told me the other day that she "had been in the longest line in the history of lines." Attagirl
  • I had no desire to watch Most Eligible: Dallas on the Bravo channel, but I'm going to after hearing about how pompous the guys on the show are.
  • Shouldn't we be a little bit nervous that Israel, in retaliation for the death of eight within its borders, has sent jets to bomb the Gaza Strip? That's not exactly the kind of tension you want to get out of hand. 
  • In other international news, the Georgetown Hoyas went to war yesterday with Red China during a basketball game. Video. Oh, my.
  • We're getting a new clothes dryer today. That appliance better be prepared for me to stand over it with a stop watch because I want to see some fast drying, and I want to see it today


[Updated] Man Booked In Wise County Jail For Alleged Murder In The Paradise Case From Yesterday

Disclosure: I was appointed this morning by the Court to represent the juvenile. However, it is my belief, after talking to authorities, that the juvenile will not be charged, is not connected to any crime, and will be released from detention this afternoon.  Obviously, the appointment puts me in a position of protecting the juvenile above anything else. Any posts and any comments will be moderated accordingly. (Above information is public record taken from the WCSO website.)

Edit at 4:55 p.m.:   This afternoon the juvenile in this case was released from detention with no charges being filed.  He is not considered a suspect, and has cooperated fully with the police and, specifically, the Texas Ranger assigned to the case and investigators with the Wise County Sheriff's Office. From the facts, it would appear that law enforcement became aware of the alleged murder prior prior to the juvenile learning about it.  Before his release, he was consulted with by Child Protective Services who took measures to ensure his safety and well being. As to the future, I expect him to be attending public school on the first day of class.

You OK Anderson?

It's Football Season In Texas

Hey, I didn't watch all of this, and I suppose there's no way this guy understands "brevity = good".  But this is worthy of a post because (1) Decatur attorney Mark Howell is actually from Knox City, Texas (I have it on good authority that he's about to run this video as a commercial with a new slogan of "Proof I'm A Common Man Lawyer Serving The Common Man" or "I'll Open Up A Can Of Knox City On The Opposition") and (2) I'm not going to let Ty Brickersmith get shorted (51second mark.)

Thursday Morning Pick Me Up

And to think all these photos are from a Texas lawyer's web site.

"Son, You Got A Panty On Your Head"*

A panty mask, a dress, and white go-go boots.  I like his style.

* Man in pickup to H.I. McDonough, Raising Arizona (1987)

Random Thursday Morning Thoughts

  • We've got a dead body and a "who done it" in Wise County (two posts down)  and we can't get the story on any metroplex TV station? What do we need? Two bodies?
  • The Family Clothes Dryer no longer drys clothes. Ugh. But I've hated that thing from the day I bought it -- And I'm thinking of going Industrial Size this time. Suggestions?
  • The remodeling of TCU's stadium is continuing. Did I hear correctly that there aren't any lights so two September games have been moved from evenings to the day, and that majority of the crowd will be forced into the east stands which (obviously) looks back into the sun? It'll be a nice stadium when completed but for now: Beat-Ing.
  • And the death of the child in Bridgeport a couple of days ago was due to a gun accident. No foul play. Just a horrible and tragic accident. 
  • My first club experience ever: Seeing a new wave band called The Telefones in a club called Tango on Greenville Avenue in Dallas. I was pretty sure I wasn't in Wise County any more. 
  • I know you don't care about the current scandal at the University of Miami but you have to like the reason given for blowing the whistle on the school by the incarcerated ex-booster: "Straight up revenge." (And the story, investigated and broken by Yahoo! Sports has been said to be the "finest piece of online sports journalism in history.". Take a look at the story where they list the implicated players to the side with hyperlinks taking you to the allegations and supporting documentation.)
  • "The Texas Commission on Environmental Quality said Wednesday that it has levied a $212,500 fine against J-W Operating Co. of Wise County."
  • Nice moment when I woke up in the middle of the night: A quiet house, The Family Pup asleep under the sheets, the Family Cat amazingly asleep on the covers above my feet, and Mrs. LL quietly asleep as well. I tried to stay awake just to enjoy the picture. 
  • Tony Romo said that his bachelor party consisted of a no alcohol evening in a cabin in West Virginia with a bunch of guys playing Hide and Seek in the dark. He's kidding, right? (The no alcohol part seems believable  but the rest of it is down right weird.)
  • It's a little long, but if you want to read about a lawyer suing his ex-law firm this is really funny. Preview: Before he was fired, he sent an email to his bosses in the firm that said he had "a superior legal mind to most I have met." That'll get you points. 
  • Little Miss Sunshine is growing up.
  • Man, I should have made the Wise-County-Teachers-Get-Trained-On-Abuse-By-Watching-Shocking-Video a post all its own. (Tons of comments about it under yesterday's Random Thoughts.)


Liberally Lean Forecast

1) We're dying here.
2) We would be killing the 100 degree streak record right now but for your prayers for rain last weekend. Thanks a lot.
3) Should we start getting on the bandwagon to break the 69 days of 100 degrees or better?
4) If there is a bus in the sky on Monday, my life is complete.

We Got A Murder?

Messenger is on it.

What's the word people?

Edit at 7:30 p.m.: It has been confirmed that the body is that of a female although badly decomposed due to the intense heat. Body was found wrapped in a tarp tied on both ends which had been drug into a barn with what was presumed to be a tractor. A tip from a citizen of gunshots being heard a night or two ago led to a search warrant which then led to the body.  The owner of the home is being detained and interviewed.  A car with out of state plates is for sale on the property which might be unrelated to the incident. A juvenile is being detained.   The property will be kept secure overnight with a more detailed search tomorrow.

General area:

Constitutional Law Headline Of The Day

Even Forbes is getting into the act.

Liberally Lean News Across The Nation Report (Garbage Truck and My Favorite Trooper Edition)

In New York, we've got a garbage truck crashing through a building:

In Oregon, we've got a trooper who stops a car for going over 100 mph, finds a couple of star University of Oregon football players in it, asks who has the marijuana because he smells it, hears someone respond, "We smoked it all," and he lets them go without searching the car. Story.

Random Wednesday Morning Thoughts

  • The Arlington City Council created (a more accurate word than "approved") an ordinance banning texting (but not talking) on a cellphone while driving. Listen, just because you are elected to a rule/ordinance/law making authority doesn't mean you have to act.
  • Based upon Rick Perry's initial comments (questioning whether the President loves America; calling the Federal Reserve Chairman's actions almost "treasonous"), he needs to learn he's not in Texas anymore. (But the President was pretty funny when he said we should "cut him some slack" since Perry "hasn't been at this very long.")
  • Wise County teachers being trained yesterday saw some over-the-top child abuse photos?
  • I suppose its the heat, but I don't think I've ever had to dodge the remnants of so many blown tires on the highways.
  • Michelle Bachman urged the crowd yesterday, on the anniversary of Elvis' death, to wish him Happy Birthday. I don't fault her for the screw-up. I do fault her for any reference to Elvis.
  • I don't eat hamburgers very often, but the the thick patty kind drive me nuts. Give me a skinny one -- like Sonic's.
  • "Creepy Game Show Hosts Likes To Kiss Young Girls On TV."  And we thought Richard Dawson used to be bad on Family Feud. Oh, my.
  • How have the Ecclestone Sisters not replaced the Kardashians, Paris Hilton, and every other fake celeb? How have I not heard of the Ecclestone Sisters? "Hey, now." 
  • The Stray Dog is still with us. The only problem is that he starts barking at night until he is happily placed in the utility room. 
  • Sports: (1) I might have to rethink my Rangers prediction. The lead over Angels is now at 6 games. (2) The Evil Empire has a big quarterback problem. (3) The Cowboys defense is going to be horrible this year. (4) I'm not sure what is going down at "The U", but that school is about to be killed. (5) Jim Thome hit his 600th home run this week. I saw him hit a home run in my only trip to Yankee Stadium in the mid 1990s. 
  • An 11 year old from Bridgeport is listed in the Update's Obituaries. 
  • Anyone remember when the Update would list those who were admitted to and released from the Decatur Hospital?  Talk about Gossip Central. 
  • With the goofy electoral college (no need for any presidential signs in Texas, for example), the next election for the White House  is probably down to about 10 important states. Anyone know an objective website that identifies them? Edit: Thanks, commentor. Great breakdown is here.


Messenger Above The Fold

Another Pulitzer Prize Winning Photo

Yep, a once in a lifetime gem. That's what traffic looks like when a big rig loses its load near Rhome, southbound, on 287 this afternoon.

On a more relevant note: Cops are everywhere on 287.

New Rasmussen Poll: The New Golden Boy


I Don't Know If "Heated" Is The Right Word

But the President was probably right when he told the guy that he didn't seem to be interested in listening. Link.

Edit: Sheesh, that guy has already been on Rush Limbaugh's radio show today and didn't go a minute before he fired off "Bill Aires" and hanging out with "terrorists".  He also said he used to "work for a car dealership before Obama shut down those."

Random Tuesday Morning Thoughts

  • A career as a lawyer is constantly (and understandably) being discouraged due to the glut of lawyers going into the system over the last 10 years. But if you're an "elite" graduate (or come from the right bloodline), your starting salary next year at a high-tone law firm will be $160,000.
  • One high-tone lawyer is in the D Magazine "The Most Beautiful Women In Dallas" contest, and the blurb about her says she can sometimes be found working at her desk at 2:00 a.m. on a Saturday night. That's probably true. And it's probably grunt work. 
  • Someone asked me about this: On Sunday night Fox 4 had a story about a guy who was killed while with a woman in a car crash. They interviewed his "estranged wife", who we only heard from for just a quick sound bite, but she said something along the lines of, "At least he's done a good thing."  Huh? That video is not on the station's web site. 
  • From the You've-Got-To-Be-Kidding Department: The guy who fell out the stands at the Rangers' ballpark and killed himself is getting a statue near the front gate. I'm speechless. We've got big problems when even Nolan Ryan, who has to be behind the decision, has lost his mind. 
  • From the Did-You-Know Department: There is a monument on the Wise County Courthouse lawn which says our county voted against seceding from the Union during the Civil War. 
  • I've heard almost universal good things about "The Help."
  • Mrs. LL is in love with "Black Swan." We rented it again this weekend (for some reason it wasn't available of off Netflix downloads.) 
  • Final movie point: The latest "Transformers" movie comes in at  #2 this year with $347 million in receipts. Really? I, mean, really? (And if you look at the Top 20, which that link will take you to, you'll note there's not a legitimate movie in the bunch.)
  • I don't think this is the way it supposed to work: The minister of an 8,000 member congregation in Florida is found dead in the W hotel in Manhattan with a "white powdery substance" located in his room. (And he kind of looks like Will Smith.)
  • A great line I heard yesterday as to why the Aggies should join the SEC: If you had a co-worker you hated (which Texas is supposed to be) or a boss you hated (which Texas actually is), wouldn't you do exact same job for someone else especially if they agreed to pay you more money? (By the way, the Messenger puts the blame at the foot of UT as well.) 
  • Reese Witherspoon has a belly tattoo?
  • News that a constable in Jack County had found a chupacabra made me roll my eyes. The report that the  game warden over there confirmed it to be a chupacabra is down right strange. (The confirmation is strange, not the animal.)
  • I remember Rick Perry speaking in Decatur in 1992 in a school cafeteria. The Chamber of Commerce banquet perhaps? Anyone?

Wow: He Was From Boyd

And the Star-Telegram reports it ended in a fatality.


Rick Perry Is Going To Have To Learn There Are LOTS Of Cameras On Him

Today (or yesterday):

Speaking Of Burn Bans

Did you see the Wise County Commissioners enacted one last Tuesday, repealed it on Friday, and re-enacted it today?

Not The Family Cat. Promise.

But the blog post is interesting as to whether it's mutilation or just the result of other animals (as in real animals.)

Congressional Redistricting For Dummies Like Me

I think the Bridgeport Index got it a little wrong because the west of Wise County will be included in the newly realigned 13th congressional district. (Assuming no legal challenges.)  And take a look at that map below. We'll be lucky to ever see the congressman for that district.
(Be careful of that guy in the tie. He looks a little shady.)

Wise County is in the blue outlined box. The proposed new 13th district goes all the way to the panhandle.  Man, that's a lot of land.

The brand new 33rd district takes Decatur and loops through Parker County and into Arlington in Southern Tarrant County. I don't think we'll have much clout there, either.

Cops Chase Guy Drinking Beer And Driving Forklift (?) In Fort Worth Yesterday

I'm not saying its the most exciting video in the world, but you'll probably see it on the local news today and it does qualify as unusual.  The youtube video is in two parts, here and here. (Warning, the guys filming it cuss like sailors. I'm not exactly sure when that became a requirement of any youtube video.)

(Thanks, Lari.)

Wise County Might Want To Consider Killing Cellphones Like San Francisco . . .

. . . once the locals find out that this sign on the courthouse door proves that we don't honor a "If you come to America, learn how to speak English" policy.  There will be rioting in the streets!! Rioting, I tell ya!!!

President Obama's Approval Rating Drops Below 40%

He's in good company.

Random Monday Morning Thoughts

  • Well, now I'm no so bummed about the 100 degree record falling on Thursday when that fluke thunderstorm came through. Saturday would have killed it any way. 
  • I don't know if much will be made of it, but the government in San Francisco shutting down some cellphone towers to prevent the organization of protests should bother you greatly. Cue the "What is this? Communist Russia?" theme. 
  • ESPN had a lot of little league games on this weekend. I think the kids are getting cockier with each passing year. 
  • Michelle Bachman wins the Iowa Straw Poll, Sarah Palin shows up in Iowa just to sign autographs and say "Aw, shucks", and Rick Perry joins the race. I bet the President Obama haters couldn't turn off CSPAN this weekend.  
  • An age that surprised me: Michelle Bachman is 55. That's a hot 55.
  • An age that surprised me #2: Al Sharpton is 56. I would have thought he was in his 70s.
  • Did you know that a Third Grader is capable of telling a very long story and then, without missing a beat, tell the same very long story over again when her momma enters the room? 
  • Idiocracy: There's a kids' game named "Doggie Doo". (Thanks, Thomas.)
  • Still no results in the search for the owner of the Stray Dog. We've put up posters as well as a listing on Craig's List without luck.  Did I mention that he'd been neutered? 
  • And I gave him a bath this weekend. I think Mrs. LL is distancing from the doggie. 
  • Hey, I'm no PR expert, but if I'm a Dallas cop who gets arrested outside of a strip club, I don't think I'd have a strip club picture as my facebook profile pic
  • You always see a pretty big turnout whenever a firefighter is killed regardless of the cause of death. (i.e. the guy that fell out of the stands at the Rangers game.) It'll be interesting to see the response to the funeral of the Dallas firefighter this weekend who actually died while fighting a fire. 
  • The Dallas Cowboys defense from last Thursday night: A pic showing 14 men on the field.
  • Not much in the Update today but I still get to be bothered by the death of a 32 year old from Chico and a 43 year old from Bridgeport.
  • Edit: Motorcycle death.