Random Football Results

Decatur......Done (The Abilene Wylie Curse continues.) Bridgeport.......Hanging Around Also done (I could have sworn the Messenger listed Bridgeport as winning last night. But maybe I'm wrong.) Link.

Blacklights, Gloves, and Christian Music

Credit: Emailer.

Wow: Life Not Death.

Verdict just in. The death penalty is becoming a harder and harder sell in this State. Ten years ago, the intentional killing of a cop would get you The Needle. But it's not automatic any more. Not even in Fort Worth.

"... Hank Nava was a good officer and a good man. When we send them to the streets, they are representatives of the law, of the legal system. When they are gunned down, that it is not an attack on a single man, that's an attack on every member of society," Prosecutor Alan Levy said.

"You know what the evidence shows and you know what has to be done and I hope you will do it," Levy said.


This is an 8 minute 911 call. (Video is irrelevant.) The story behind this here. What a crazy case. Your average Texan who kills someone for theft is normally in pretty good shape regardless of what the technical laws are. But when this guy left his house to go shoot two burglars of his neighbor, I considered him a killer. But, the one fact that may save his skin, is his after-shooting-statement that the guys were coming into his yard and "I had no choice." He, amazingly, may have a defense in trying to stop a burglary of a neighbor, but he may have a better self-defense claim to save him. Credit: MzChief

Mickey Mouse Reprimanded

Earlier this week:


Edit: To Gorilla -- That was funny but I can't post that comment, sir!

Chick That Almost Got . . .

. . . kicked off a Southwest Airlines flight for being inappropriately dressed, is now appearing on Playboy.com . I don't know if she is neekid are not.

These Random People . . .

. . . celebrate a Boyd Yellowjacket playoff victory.

Go Team. Yeah. Two-bits.


My Emailers Have Produced Some Gold Lately

"Are You Smarter Than A Fifth Grader?"

I rarely watch this show, but someone tipped me off that Kelli Pickler (of American Idol fame) was on it tonight and that it's a "must see."

I've watched most of it, and I now believe: (1) Pickler is putting on an act, or (2) Pickler is the dumbest woman in America. It's incredible. But she's hot, so she needs to be forgiven.

Now That's A Good Comment

The Dallas Morning News mentioned today that Troy Aikman took his daughter to the Hannah Montana concert last night. On another blog, appeared the following comment.

That, my friends, is quality.

Breaking News!!!! Oh, The Humanity!

This is what we've got: A white pickup was headed west on N. Main in Decatur and veered into the Just Like New parking lot. He struck four five cars before T-boning the fifth sixth one. My high ranking sources in the Decatur PD tell me the driver of the white truck, 32 years old, may have suffered from a seizure.

Edit: On an unrelated note, there's a tanker truck on fire on I-35 between Denton and Dallas that has the interstate completely shut down. For the time being, Fox 4 has a live feed here.

Nice Wand

Oh, yeah, there is a reason.

Party Boat Hits Iceberg . . . Or Something Like That



(Star Telegram story.)


Ok, I almost distance from this. I've never cared for marching bands, but I do like marching bands doing schtick. This is the Oklahoma Sooners band breaking out into the Michael Jackson "Thriller" dance. It happens with about a 1:00 left in the video and goes on for about 30 seconds. Ever since Jennifer Garner recreated that dance in 13 Going On 30, you're seeing it more and more. (Link.) Like the wedding dance video.

Auto Mechanics 101

I had a headlight go out on my SUV a couple of days. (Beating.) Now since that would be an open invitation for the local cops to pull me over, I figured I'd better fix it ASAP.

Since I'm capable of changing tires and changing batteries (and even famously changing my own oil when I was a teenager), I popped the hood to take a look at the back casing of the headlight to see if I could do it myself.

Not a chance.

Sheesh, it looked like I'd have to pull the engine to get to it. So I had to drop it off at James Wood's this morning to get it fixed (and it's already ready at 10:19 a.m. )

But that felt so wrong.

Edit: $47.12 (includes a really good car wash.)

That Cheerleader. . .

. . . from Heroes says, "I love it when cold weather blows into Wise County, and the guy on Fox 4 this morning mentioned that it may be only in the 40s on Thanksgiving. Me loves me some cold weather when I get my turkey from the IGA in Boyd."

(Hey, it's a quiet morning. A man struggles for content some time.)


Hannah Montana Tickets: Another Reason The Terrorists Are Winning

All from Fox 4 News tonight:

(Above.) Just a mom and her daughter getting out of a limo at the concert tonight. Mom's wearing a hot dress. Maybe.

"I paid $355 for two." (Actual quote.)

"Well, we got some T-shirts and some programs. Ya know, we just spent $20 to park. Once you get here and you've gone this far, what's money?" (Actual quote.)

Get Your Drink On

Dallas County Judge Bruce Priddy was arrested on "suspicion" of DWI early this morning after leaving a bar at 2:45 a.m. (Side note: No one can ever legally be arrested for "suspicion" of anything. It's supposed to require "probable" cause. But I digress.)

Memo to Judge: I don't care if you're stone cold sober. Hanging out at a bar at 2:45 on a Wednesday morning is not conducive to "good judging" in court that day.

But this should make the right wing happy: He was the first judge to impose an injunction against the city of Farmer's Branch for their anti-Hispanic . . . uh . . . anti-immigration . . . uh . . . how do they say it? . . . oh, yeah . . . anti-illegal-immigration ordinances.

"Oh, Minnie, You're So Fine"

Decorations went up today at the "old" post office in Decatur which is now owned by the city. Is Mickey saying, "Hey, now!"?

Credit: Email submission (pure gold)


A Cold Front . . .

. . . has just moved through Decatur.

I'm Glad YouTube Wasn't Around When I Was A Kid

This video is everywhere today, and at first I thought there was a slight chance she might be mentally handicapped. But no one else thinks that. If she is, don't laugh. If she's just a goofy kid, then I'm pretty sure it's ok to laugh. I face these moral dilemmas every day.

Do You Enjoy Your Gig?

A few of the comments posted over the last month have used the phrase, "Where's the 'Hammer'?" That question refers to Boyd's own Greg "The Hammer" Williams who has been missing from his regular gig at KTCK, The Ticket.

Finally, some answers.

Wise County Has A New Pope

The "Blessing Of The Socks And Underwear Department" will occur at noon. Fellowship at the in-store McDonalds immediately thereafter.


Ticket personality Craig Miller said he saw Jenna Bush and a bunch of girls eating dinner last night at Terrilli's on Greenville Avenue. Since I've eaten a Terrilli's (on a wheels off first date about 10 years ago) and since Terrilli's kinda sounds like Decatur's "Frilly's", I'm wedging the story in here.

Still hot.


Tila Tequila

MTV's "A Shot At Love With Tila Tequila", where guys and . . . uh . . . girls compete for the love of myspace phenomenon Tila Tequila is simply awful.

My life is crumbling around me if I can't appreciate junk like this any more.


Credit bagofnothing.com.

Potential Wise County Beauty Queen

Although she's from Louisiana.

My Brush With Fame

D Magazine has a blog that I steal from all the time called "Frontburner." Today they unveiled a list of blogs on their homepage they considered interesting. Lo and behold, little Liberally Lean is listed among some heavy hitters. (Listed on the right under "BlogRoll".)

Not Exactly Court TV

It'll be a little slow today. They are making me work. As I type this, I'm sitting at a table with two prosecutors about to begin a DWI trial. It's also awkward as I have 32 potential jurors staring at us. But it'll be a short trial. One officer. No video. Makes it tough from the defendant's standpoint. Edit: Jury selected. Four women. Two men. Went about as well as could be expected. Edit: Officer's direct examination is over. Now lunch. It's hard to get a feel for this thing without the video. But when an officer says "he was intoxicated", it can cause some problems. Edit: And as eat my crummy microwave sandwich, I just heard on the news of a "rock spill" at 287 and 114, That sounds not-a-good . . . . Back to courthouse. Edit: Jury went out to deliberate at 3:35 p.m. Quick case. It went well but it's always a tossup. I hate this time. The waiting. My client is a good guy which makes it even more stressful. Edit: 4:37 p.m. No word yet. Not even a note. I really thought that if I was going to win this thing that it would be a quick verdict. I'm getting a little worried now. But you could try a DWI case to two different juries and get two different results. I argued to the jury that the lack of a videotape (which was admittedly the fault of the State) was enough to acquit my guy. The jury was forced to pass judgment on someone else, I told them, and wasn't provided the necessary tools to do their job. "You have a right to want the tape. But you also have the right to be a little angry for being put in this position." I meant it. Edit: 5:23 p.m. There is now a jury note, "We are not unanimous. What is the next step?" Judge releases jury for the night. Will resume at 9:00 p.m. -------------------------Wednesday-------------------------------- Edit: 8:50 a.m. Headed back to the courthouse. This will be a bit tense. Oftentimes a jury will announce it is hung, be sent home for the night, and then come back and have a verdict within 30 minutes. It's a strange phenomenon. If it ends up in a hung jury, it's kind of a hollow victory. Yeah, there's no conviction but the State can retry the case. Edit: 9:15 a.m. We've learned that they are deadlocked 4-2 (but we don't know which way they are leaning.) The judge read them a "dynamite charge" which only benefits the majority. Edit: 9:58 a.m. Another note: "Does the FST [field sobriety tests] prove intoxication?" The judge can only give them a generic response to that one which is neither yes or no. Frankly, that's an odd questions since a great majority of the defense was arguing that the standardized field sobriety tests are silly and don't prove a thing. Not sure what to think about that. Edit: 10:15 a.m. Wow. The jury has reached a verdict. Waiting. Edit: 10:25 a.m. Guilty. Disappointing. I wasn't very optimistic going in but felt pretty good during deliberations. Once again, disappointing. Edit: Noon. Can't end this post without saying congratulations to the County Attorney's Office and Decatur officer Delvon Campbell. Both did a good job. And Judge Melton Cude, as always, gave me a fair trial. That's all I can ask for.


The Most Evil Person In The World

Heather Mills is crazy. Paul McCartney married her a couple of years ago, and I remember them appearing together on Larry King Live. Even then, I thought she could suck the life force out of anyone - including a Beatle. The greatest Beatle, I might add.

Anyway, if you don't know the story I won't bore you with it. Suffice it say, they are going through a divorce and she's trying to rob Paul in a divorce settlement. She was giving interviews all over the place last week in an effort to do some damage control over her horrible (and justifiable) image. Even her lawyers quit on her this week because she's so nutty.

I'm strangely turned on.

A Blog For The Common Man

cash advance The site has you enter your blog's URL and it will "analyze" it to determine what educational level is required to understand it. I didn't know you needed a high school education to appreciate Britney pics.

Saw This On Channel 8 Tonight

A garbage truck goes through a brick fence and ends up in a pool in North Richland Hills.

Monday Afternoon Pick Me Up

Mavs Dancers. And the only interest I'll give to the Mavs until April.

Taken This Weekend Near Montague

"It was just walking across the road." That's Assistant County Attorney Thomas Aaberg. I don't know the dog.

Edit: Getting reports that the turtle might be a missing Decatur resident. I'm working on it.

Edit: Well, I've got the feel good story of the year. A lady left a message for me today saying that was her lost tortoise in the picture. I told Thomas who tracked her down and they went back to the scene of the Big Turtle Sighting. Couldn't fine the monster. But Thomas knew one the people that lived in the area so they checked in with that homeowner. Amazingly, he had seen the tortoise and picked it up. Result: Tortoise returned to its rightful owner.

Edit: Sheesh, we've now got Turtle-Gate going on. We've got four different people claiming the turtle. Developing . . . .

Good Stuff

Ate here on Friday night and really liked it. Did some experimenting by ordering the quail. Those little suckers are hard to cut up.

But be prepared to be distracted by a slew of wide screen high definition televisions.

In Honor Of The Orange Bowl Closing . . .

. . . I bring you this melee from last year.

But the funniest bit is how the sports blog Deadspin isolated "Ned" - a player who entered the fray on crutches - and made him a folk hero.

Trouble In . . .

Ok, I'll admit I did that for shock value. It's not our dear little Paradise, Texas. But the first sentence is a doozy:

The head cheer mother of the Paradise Junior Bobcats Cheerleading team was arrested Thursday afternoon on suspicion of molesting a 14-year-old Midget Bobcats football player.

Jump Start

The courthouse is closed, and it's a slow news day (it seems.) But Verne Lundquist did a little dance this weekend. I love Verne.