The Death Star Got Hit!

The last time UCLA came to Austin they won 66-3 in 1997.  I'm guessing Burnt Orange Nation thinks this is worse.

And UCLA only passed eight times. At one point, they ran the ball seventeen straight times. Wow.

OU next week.

Bridgeport, Why Have You Forsaken Me?

Valley View at19
Boyd at26
Pilot Point27
Bridgeport at27
Ranger at35
Iowa Park at28
Northwest at7
Denton Guyer50
Paradise at34


Free Lindsay!!!

She just got thrown in the hoosegow! (But I bet that in court video will be priceless.) She'll set there until a hearing next month regarding whether she violated probation.

Friday Morning Pick Me Up. Wait. What?

Sheesh! Finally we've got a super secret video released to the masses that proves you gals have been lying to us guys for years! Pregnancy is easy!

If This Is Real, It's Crazy

Kid is said to have survived. The other pictures are equally wild.

(Thanks, Lori.)

Random Friday Morning Thoughts

  • Lots of news stations ran a quick clip of the "botox bandit" because she was pretty hot in court. I'm pretty sure they ran it because, well, she was pretty hot in court. 
  • Motorcycle death at Northside and Main in Fort Worth last night led to arrest for Intoxication Manslaughter.
  • Mrs. LL had to go outside at 2:00 a.m. because the dog needed to "potty". I just had to take a break because the cat was tearing up a kitchen table flower arrangement.
  • All of a sudden I have a desire to see the movie Pet Cemetery.
  • Saw a press release yesterday where TXI lost a big bag of money last quarter. Is it still a big player over in Bridgeport?
  • Cowboys Stadium is turning into the premiere season opening venue for college football. Likely to open the 2012 season: Alabama v. Michigan.
  • I don't think I've watched a season premiere of a new sitcom in years, but I caught Outsourced last night that came on right after The Office. The premise? A young American is shipped off to India to manage the telephone help center for a U.S. novelty company. Verdict: Really, really funny.
  • And I love how NBC promoted it. The show fired up the second The Office ended with no commercials and then ran 20 straight minutes without any other commercial break. 
  • Did you know a second grader can talk your ear off?
  • Boy, I was wrong about the "dog scent lineup" case making the news. I haven't seen it anywhere. 
  • More lack of class from Dallas DA Craig Watkins in a debate yesterday when asked about the difference between himself and his opponent: "I have a backbone and a brain."
  • There was a bad wreck that shut down 114 at FM 51 yesterday evening, but I have no other details.
  • An H-E-B grocery store is opening in Burleson today. You go to Waco and on southward and you'll see them everywhere.
  • Elton John is playing at the Tarrant County Convention Center in November? That just seems weird.
  • I've always been skeptical of the "consultant" and UNT just paid one $2,000 a day for this.
  • Hot sports opinions: Rangers lose in first playoff series. Cowboys win this weekend. Arkansas beats Alabama.
  • Edit: I forgot to mention that the death of Eddie Fisher was all over the news this morning, and CNN even made it "breaking news." I'll admit, I've never heard of him. 


Ironically, Facebook Has Crashed This Afternoon

Forbes announced it's annual 400 Richest Americans list today. Oh, to be 26 and a billionaire.

Edit: And by "crashed" I mean Facebook was down for an extended period this afternoon.

Edit: Funniest Tweets about the downtime here. Example:

Get Me This Tattoo!!!

Random Thursday Morning Thoughts

  • It was a cleaning frenzy in my house last night. Yay! Benefits!!! (Then again, how did it get so messy in the first place?)
  • KFC pays college girls to wear pants that say "double down" on their booties to promote their crazy sandwich?
  • The local Fox weather guy this morning in reference to the "double down" story: "I'm not going to say a thing because whatever it is, I'll get in trouble for it."
  • The new kitten is bi-polar. We should get along fine.
  • That looked like a pretty good collision yesterday in Decatur when a couple of teenagers decided to run into each other.
  • Saw that Michael Douglas was on the cover of People with a headline about his cancer battle. Awful thought: What if he is overstating his health condition just to promote his new Wall Street movie?
  • That was one very intense and very brief storm that blew through Decatur yesterday.
  • The Shell convenience store across from James Wood Motors has to be the worst managed place ever. It seems like half the pumps don't have gas most of the time and several of the screens are absolutely unreadable. And it's been that way for a awhile 
  • Blockbuster filed for bankruptcy this morning.
  • Sigourney Weaver and Jamie Lee Curtis at movie premiere in same dress. (As in two dresses that look the same.) Still kind of hot.
  • Someone commented yesterday that there is no way that Dallas could beat the Houston Texans this weekend. No way? Hey, this isn't Baylor going to Austin. It's the NFL where there are no sure things. 
  • There was news yesterday that Fox had cancelled the new DFW filmed TV show Lone Star after one episode. That turned out not to be true, but most expect it to happen after the second episode. Short. Leash.
  • Dallas DA Craig Watkins is unveiling an ad attacking his opponent for representing someone on a felony charge? Really? 
  • "Rollback" Fail that I saw at Walmart last night. Edit: This will help.


Boyd turf from sky

Texas Justice

I bet this is going to make the news today. The guy above was convicted of murder and sentenced to 75 years in prison. The first appeals court affirmed the conviction.

Today, Texas' highest criminal court, which is sickeningly conservative, actually reversed the conviction and ordered him set free.

The opinion ends with: "It cannot be denied that the jury and the court of appeals found the dog-scent lineup evidence in this case to be compelling. In 2004, two different dogs alerted only to the scents of appellant's son and daughter. In 2007, three different dogs alerted only to appellant's scent. But, the question essentially presented in this case is whether dog-scent lineup evidence alone can support a conviction beyond a reasonable doubt. And, while this evidence may raise a strong suspicion of appellant's guilt, we nevertheless decide that, standing alone, it is insufficient to establish a person's guilt beyond a reasonable doubt."

A "dog-scent lineup"? That was it? Really? How scary.

The Perfect Video

Hot chicks running in high heels with a comedy ending.  Even James Cameron couldn't envision something like that.

I Wonder If There Is Any Truth

Story.   The story is that it wouldn't happen this week but would if they lose to the Texans and go to 0-3.

Random Wednesday Morning Thoughts

  • Someone emailed me this video in the middle of the night adding that they think they found one of my ex-wives. 
  • Kids in the house cause strange neighbor kids to start hanging around. Who are these people?
  • The Chico Dragons haven't won in their last 20 football games in a row. 
  • Mrs. LL's car is making a weird noise. Kill me.
  • It's amazing how your first place Texas Rangers became and afterthought once football season started. (And their magic number after the last three games has been 6, 6 and 6. Uh. Oh.)
  • Heidi Montag in a bikini again.
  • Watched a little bit of the Channel 8 morning news show this morning. That group has the worst chemistry ever. And Cynthia Izaguirre drives me nuts with her "serious news woman" reading voice.
  • Jay Leno actually had a funny line last night about the Iranian president saying Iran will lead the world "into the future" at the UN yesterday: "He would have elaborated, but he had a stoning he had to get to," Leno said.
  • I would think the funeral for the trooper killed in Montague a couple of days ago will be quite the production. 
  • Whenever I see former UN Ambassador John Bolton on TV, I know I'm about to hear some Crazy Talk.
  • Fox News is already going bonkers over this quote from President Obama in a new book coming out:  "We can absorb a terrorist attack. We'll do everything we can to prevent it, but even a 9/11, even the biggest attack ever . . . we absorbed it and we are stronger." Not sure what the big deal is. 
  • I'm glad easily injured baseball players don't play football, they'd be in intensive care (with Josh Hamilton and Ian Kinsler having full time rooms.)
  • Lady with baby gets in fight on bus. Idiocracy.


Headline and Author Giggle


Not Much Privacy In This World

Just a couple of interesting twitpics that went up. One is of Braylon Edwards (the Jets receiver arrested for DWI last night -- caught before driving) and the other is Tom Hicks trying to get something done in NYC this afternoon (probably trying to unload the Liverpool soccer club.)

Not Only Are The Alleged Drugs Odd . . .

. . . what's that on his face? A spit protector?


Ain't This America, It's Something to See

We've got hot girls, a fat guy, a MMA fight, and the worst national anthem I've ever heard (other than Carl Lewis and Roseanne Barr.)

Random Tuesday Morning Thoughts

  • I whining kitten is driving me crazy right now. And if you chew through that electrical cord I'll be seeing your skeleton like in a cartoon in a second. 
  • Just saw that a trooper was killed in a crash in Montague County last night. (I check my database and saw that I was in a hearing with him in 2003.) WBAP says it involved avoiding cow and being hit by an 18 wheeler on 287.  Edit: The newspaper in Bowie has some info.
  • Wow. Bleachers collapse at a Brazil race injuring 111. Video. (It's like falling dominoes of people)
  • I live in a house where 75% of its members are giddy over the Glee premiere tonight. What?
  • Is being a 23 year old NFL player who hasn't got on the field for his first two years due to injuries enough to kill yourself? Maybe so for a Denver Bronco yesterday. Good grief. 2010 is the year of the suicide. Edit: I stand corrected. He was placed on injured reserved last year but played a little before getting hurt.
  • Everybody got all excited about In-N-Out burger coming to 7th Street in Fort Worth. Me? Meh. (But that 7th Street development is really cool.)
  • Nine American soldiers died in Afghanistan this morning. Get. Us. Out. 
  • Hey, Tea Party folks: Christine O'Donnell will end up hurting your cause.
  • College football fans: Have you ever seen Crunch Time on ESPNU? Fantastic.
  • Yesterday Lindsay Lohan has a warrant issued for a failed drug test and Paris Hilton admitted to using drugs in open court (photo). What's happened to the women in my life?
  • Sportz: Reggie Bush has a fractured fibula and Jets Braylon Edwards got arrested last night on DWI. Fantasy Football owners panic across the nation. (I'm 2-0 in our Wise County league, by the way.)
  • For most of my life I've been a night owl --- rarely getting to bed before midnight. Over the last year I've made it a point to go to bed before 11:00 and shoot for 10:30.  It's made a world of difference.
  • And one thing I don't suffer from is insomnia. I'm fast asleep within five minutes of my head hitting the pillow. 
  • There's a crazy Twitter virus this morning. I think it's so bad they are shutting down the site. 
  • I may start using the New York Post for the "above the fold" feature  -- it's far more entertaining. (And I figured this one would please the masses.) I'm shocked -- absolutely shocked -- that Fox and Friends had her on this morning.


Mascot on Mascot Violence

I really don't think much of this, but it's being posted everywhere this morning.

(And the attacking mascot better be careful doing that in Ohio State's stadium. Those people are crazy.)

Edit: Man, I missed this more violent tackle by the Oakland Raiders yesterday.

Somebody Call The Twitter Police

The Messenger is abusing it!!!!

Big Tex Looks Like He's In Critical Condition This Morning

Random Monday Morning Thoughts

  • Bill White has received a ton of money from Trial Lawyers. Regardless of the amount, the bad press that goes along with it isn't worth it. 
  • The chance of getting in the playoffs after starting 0-2 is slightly higher than 10%. 
  • Is there anything more defeating than looking at Wade Phillips on the sideline?
  • Unluckiest man in the world? North Texas coach Todd Dodge. With a good showing against Clemson, his star quarterback dislocates a hip on the last series of the game. Then this weekend he loses his backup to a broken leg. 
  • I guess those miners are still trapped in Chile.
  • AnObiter's blog has been mentioning a kid that was beaten by other kids from his high school school. And her latest update has the shocking statement of "he probably won't keep his teeth." The best I can tell, the cops are involved. It has to be either Northwest ISD or Boyd. Not sure which. Anyone?
  • I'm not sure what's more amazing: Delaware Tea Party golden child Christine O'Donnell admitting to dabbling in witchcraft or that she was on a show with Bill Maher in 1999. 
  • I wondered when this was going to happen: Guy almost gets killed by the sharp end of a broken bat. 
  • Funny video of NFL officials trying to get a Giant's helmet back from the crowd after the goof ball threw it in there. (But, man that's one ugly gal that appears halfway threw it.)


The Gutsiest Call In The History Of Ever

It's overtime. Notre Dame has kicked a field goal and you need to do the same to send it to the second overtime.


And to make it more bizarre, Michigan State's coach suffered a heart attack after the game.

It's Official: I've Lost Control Of My House

Who are these people? How did they get control?

Spot The "Oh, My" Paragraph

This Made Me Think

This stopped me down.

During the Cowboy game I browsed around Facebook and came across this. Beth Hutto Costner died this week and the news hurt. She was a classmate of mine and lived one street over. We played together as kids, we talked about life, we talked about religion.  I remember her smile.

She was a good person.

But there was a little bit of controversy on FB when someone posted this picture. Is it offense? Is it distasteful?

Honestly, I don't know.

Interestingly, the Dallas Morning News photo blog tackled the same issue a couple of weeks ago.