Cat Fight

Terrell Owens has been named in a Dallas civil court motion as a witness to a bar fight in East Dallas. According to court records, an ex-Eagles cheerleader named Tara Smith attacked a woman named Christi Proctor at the Candle Room, punching her in the mouth and pushing her down. Owens has been named in the motion because he knew her and might have invited Tara Smith to the bar. (Yep, that's her.)

I Haven't Seen Many Ads For Gateway Computers Lately . . .

. . . and things don't look like they are going well.

I'm Trying To Make Out That Logo On The Cap

Texas Tech Billboard

You'll only appreciate it if you know about the OU-Tech game of last year.

And They'll Be Sporting Some Grillz

For the first time I can remember, NFL officials will be sporting new uniforms this year (shown).

Hey, Those Are My High School Shorts!

Redskin's Chris Cooley goes Old School.

Does This Affect Football Season?

This guy is all over the news predicting that the current war involving Israel is the beginning of the "end of times." He keeps telling me to read two chapters of Ezekial. But I won't have to because you guys will explain it for me.

"Boom" ad nauseum

The Pro Football Hall of Fame inductions are this afternoon and we'll be forced to listen to John Madden utter the phrase "that's what football is all about" no less than fifty times. That guy drives me insane. And I still remember a quote from an old KLIF sports commentator that said, "He gets paid $2 million a year to tell me what I just saw!"

And They All Listen to KLIF's Darryl Ankarlo

And to think there are so many people that believe 9/11 conspiracies that a new book from the editor of Popular Mechanics has been published to debunk them. And I'm skeptical of everything, and a 9/11 conspiracy has never crossed my mind for a minute.

"Biggest Beating About Wise County" Poll Is Closed

The USA Today Coaches Poll

Yep, me loves me some college football and the USA Today has released its (normally meaningless) Top 25 poll. Of local interest: 2. Texas (Uh, Vince is gone) 5. Oklahoma (that QB problem might change this) 21. TCU (The Star Telegram has a story today about tailgaters not going into the stadium) 25. Texas Tech (I didn't know they had changed their name. See this page).


Voting Closed On The Police Agency Most Likely to Enjoy Writing You A Ticket

Hornbuckle Trial

I'm fairly interested in the criminal sexual assault trial of pastor Terry Hornbuckle going on in Tarrant County. He's hip, black, and a good dresser, but I digress. Earlier this week I saw a clip of one of the accuser's civil attorney, one "G. Lee Finley" - an attorney that was so concerned with justice that he sent a demand letter for $2 million before the alleged assault was ever reported to the police. I immediately perked up when I heard his voice on the news a couple of nights ago because he seemed to be the kind of guy that had been rejected for a part in a high school play called "Fake Righteous Indignation." (Please watch his five second rant here). As to be expected, Hornbuckle's defense attorney's had a field day today questioning the alleged victim as to why she wanted money instead of going to the police. And I don't know if G. Lee Finley was being referred to tonight when Fox 4 News' Lari Barager reported: "[The alleged victim's] civil attorney had been sitting in and watching the proceedings but he got himself booted today after he had an emotional outburst that was directed at Terry Hornbuckle. He's been told not to come back for the remainder of the trial."

Dog Day Afternoon

What: Yet another movie I've heard about for most of my life that I had never seen. About: Al Pacino robs a bank (well, his character robs a bank) for a reason that had to be shocking in the 1970s. Good?: Yeah, it really was. Finally: I have learned why I've always seen the clip of Pacino shouting "Attica! Attica!" for years. Observation: Watching movies from the 1970s lets you realize how much technology and society has changed over the years. A big part of the movie is listening to the crowd chant every time Pacino's character exits the bank. These days, they would be kept a mile away. Why I love the Internet: A background of the movie is here, a review of the guy upon which the movie was based is here, and actual photos are here.

Accused Of Sex Abuse - Kill Yourself.

And stories like this make me sad. If convicted or probated, they (1) have to register as a sex offender, (2) end up with a "Scarlett S" on their driver's license, and (3) will be regulated as to where they can live. Some of them are monsters, some are one time offenders, and some are falsely accused. So they choose to kill themselves instead. Yeah, I know you don't care.

Why Cable TV Was Invented

Back in 1976, somebody thought it would be a great idea if the Brady Bunch had a variety show on prime time TV. Every Brady signed on to the project with the exception of Eve Plumb who played Jan (and who was much smarter than we ever knew). A clip of the show is here. Two words: Train Wreck.

That's Crazier Than Aggie Swaying

If you think college football fans are crazy, check out this youtube.com video from a soccer match in Brazil last weekend. I wouldn't feel very comfortable being in that crowd - especially if I had an aversion to open flames. (It's five minutes long but you need only watch the first sixty seconds.)


The "lets-get-all-the-waiters-and-sing-happy-birthday" ritual at restaurants is like fingernails on a chalkboard to me. I had to experience it today as our entire office when to Chili's. I'm traumatized now. (And it wasn't even my birthday.)

And I'm pretty sure this is not a picture of today's event.

That Was Fast

I just got this via email regarding the OU quarterback scandal. Edit: A bunch of new pics are showing up here.

Two Very Random Thoughts

  • The Morning News has a blog on the Cowboy's training camp. I don't think even the most hardcore Dallas fan would care about the minutiae over there (Example: "Solid performance by Lenny Williams, the cornerback who spent the spring playing in NFL Europe.") . And the three contributing bloggers don't read each others post - All three pointed out yesterday that Rookie Skyler Green has switched from No. 6 to No. 10.

  • Yesterday on the Today Show Matt Lauer actually asks Al Roker, in all seriousness, whether the heat wave was due to global warming. It may be or might not be, but I'm not relying on Al Roker for the definitive opinion.


Another Link . . .

. . . sent to me that I refuse to post because it disrepects women.

Everyone That Wants To Be Referred To As A "Has Been", Raise Your Hand

Background: The White House press briefing room is being closed for 9 months for renovations. The President made a surprise visit today to greet the press corp on the last day of that famous room. It was supposed to be fun and frivolity. The very famous Sam Donaldson asks a very funny question of "Should Mel Gibson be forgiven?" Your president responds (after a few seconds) in a way that makes many of us think he has no clue on how to deal with humans.

This Pic Doesn't Do It Justice . . .

. . . but on Saturday take a look at how much Troy Aikman's Hall of Fame bust looks like Donald Sutherland.

Mel Gibson Seeks Counseling

(Idea stolen from here.)

Just Experimenting With This Thing

(And I did it so quickly that I'm not sure the names are spelled correctly.)

Every Sooner Just Had A Heart Attack

And just after the Sooners were picked to win the Big 12 South over Texas. I'm sick. Story here. Edit: The premiere longhorn blog is triple happy because of the news. (And if you want to see the TV scheduled for this year's college football - and have your head spin - click here.)

The Morning After Pill

I can't believe I'm saying it, but this isn't a bad discussion about the Morning After Pill on "The View". Such questions as: If an egg has been fertilized, is it a "life" before it becomes implanted in the uterine wall? And I'm curious as to what is the percentage of fertilized eggs that never make it to the implantation stage. Of course, the conversation had to get muddled with the "rape and incest" debate. And what's Lisa Loeb doing on the show?

Football Preview Issue

The Messenger sent a proposed ad over to our law firm for the high school football preview issue that read: "Good Luck To All Wise County Football Teams." After years of seeing silly slogans like that, we finally drew the line. Our ad will instead read, "May All Your Wildest Dreams Come True." Seriously. I feel better already.

The Award . . .

. . . for most creative use of treadmills in a music video goes to . . . link.

So Wrong


The Greatest Street Art In The History Of Ever

And it, and others, are real.

This . . .

. . . showed up on the Internet today as allegedly showing Mel Gibson one hour before his DWI arrest. Actually, it is just a regular guy at Frilly's last Friday.

For . . .

all you guys that are thinking "she's hot" and for all you gals that are thinking "I wish I had that body", you might want to click here. I'm so disturbed that I won't be able to go to sleep tonight.

And The Lynching Begins

School Rankings Released Today

Decatur ISD Bridgeport ISD Boyd ISD Chico ISD Alvord ISD (elementary ranked "exemplary") Paradise ISD (elementary ranked "exemplary")

I'm Getting My One Glove Out

So now there's a site that lets you record your own karaoke song and then share it with others. Please, please, please check out this guy's version of "Beat It" and please, please, please stick with it at least through the chorus. Triple good times.

"Let's Get Ready To Ruuuuummmmbbbblllleeee"

It looks like we had a girl attempt to run out of the courthouse yesterday once she learned there was a warrant for her arrest. She was subdued by the district court bailiff Dick Wood on the courthouse lawn but not until a County Attorney staff member (who will remain nameless but happens to be young, female, and blond) ended up in the skirmish in her skirt. Good times. Edit: There is no way I'm gonna let you guys comment on this. It would be a feeding frenzy.

Tinsel Town

My sources tell me that Fox's Prison Break will be filmed in the Decatur courthouse on Friday. If that turns out not to be true, I will expose my sources.

Don't Do Drugs If You Are The Husband Of A High Profile Weather Gal


Crime In Grapevine Must Be Bad

Why else would they need a "Mobile Command Center" this big? (Spotted outside of Armando's at lunch).

What A Hang Over Looks Like

Who Knew

9 of 12 Wise County residents polled referred generically to a soft drink as a "coke". Now you know.

Ambulance Talk

The Ticket was discussing the 40th anniversary of the UT Tower shootings (and, man, the new issue of Texas Monthly sounds fascinating), and they mentioned that the ambulances involved in the case were run by funeral homes. You know, as a boy in Bridgeport, I remember Hawkins funeral home being dispatched to traffic accidents. I had forgotten that odd bit of history.

Legal Stuff

I just think this is weird. Scenerio: Guy gets drunk, drives, and kills a pastor's son. The State prosecutes the guy for Intoxication Manslaughter. That's the criminal case. The pastor sues the establishment that sold the guy the alcohol. That's the civil case. The prosecutor (who is the same one that prosecuted Rebecca Simpson) cuts a deal in the criminal case for 12 years in the pen for the defendant. Here is the weird part: As part of the criminal plea bargain, the drunk driver agreed to testify in the civil suit against the establishment that the pastor is suing. Net result: This will help the pastor get a big bag of money. You never see civil and criminal cases get mixed together like that.

15 Minutes 5 Seconds Of Fame

If you want to see Decatur mentioned on The Today Show this morning as well as a five second interview with Preston Cocanougher, you can at youtube.com.


There's Something Wrong . . .

. . . when Yahoo's Most Emailed Photos are more shocking than what I post. For example (and do not click on these links): There's a picture of my future sixth wife A piece of art that I have in my den There's a picture of my future seventh wife

Please Don't Ever Let Me Accidentally Walk In Front Of Penelope Cruz . .

. . . as this guy did yesterday (and end up in a photo sent around the world.)

Funny Emails

I hate the funny email. I hate the joke email. I hate most emails. But I got this one today which sucked me in. 1. While sitting at your desk, lift your right foot off the floor and make clockwise circles with it. 2. Now, while doing this, draw the number "6" in the air with your right hand. Your foot will change direction!!!

The "Liberators Of Iraq" Crowd . . .

. . . should not click here.

I Caught A Glimpse Of This Gal This Morning on Channel 4

And I was completely infatuated with her hair.

A YouTube.Com Error Message I Just Saw

Tomorrow is the 40th Anniversary . . .

. . . of the shooting tragedy at the University of Texas. As a kid, I was fascinated by that story. Wikipedia has the story here.

Preach On

A Case Of The Moooooondays

If you liked the movie Office Space then you'll get a giggle of this youtube.com clip which depicts what the trailer would look like if the movie had been a drama. The rest of you, carry on.

And To Think She Was A Sweet Cuddly Baby At One Time

Home Shopping Accident

Google video here. (And the guy at the end seems to want a career in stand up.)

Saw This On A Museum Wall Yesterday